Caption that Photo Aug 31


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

I always thought the energizer bunny is so cute.  Thats why I was glad to see it on Pink Truth.  Thanks Tracy


  1. Duh said

    My Caption:

    Oh look. It’s the Energizer bunny.

  2. Caption: Kids, someone run out get Mama some more C-batteries before she becomes a very unhappy Mama.

  3. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    “Damnit, my Energizer AA batteries are all worn out. Time to throw them out with my unused condoms and get some new batteries.” by Tracy

  4. “My BOB goes so much longer now that I use energizer!”

  5. flycat said

    SNORT I wonder if you buy enough batteries, do they give you a free bunny?


  6. flycat said

    Time to throw out the unused condoms. ROFLMAO!

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes, SWMNBN said BOB. Anyone know what that stands for? Ok, for you bitches that don’t:

    Battery Operated Boyfriend

    Can ya dig it?


  8. flycat said

    That is what makes it so funny that she buys condoms and throws them out unused. Still snickering over that one. That would be good for a scene on law and order when the cops find them in the trash with the batteries. LOL



  9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL Fly….that would make an even funnier episode on HOUSE! LOL


  10. Dominatrix said

    Me lurves House!!

  11. House and Law & Order are two of my favorite shows. Can you tell I only get to watch tv late nights?? Late nights TNT is House and Law & Order reruns.

  12. Oh and as for the damn bunny, my drunk neighbor just ran him over and the batteries won’t help him anymore.

  13. I think my husband is energizer bunny. The guy has so much energy.

    Also, I LOVE law and order and watch it on TNT. I love it although the guy from Criminal Intent law and order freaks me out


  14. Dude, I freaking LOVE House!

  15. Semi – do we share a brain? (Hope not, for your sake.) I love me some House, and some Hugh. And Law & Order? Fuggedaboutit, tho I never remember to watch the new season – I’m a “TNT during dinner” kinda gal.

  16. gothchiq said

    Babes. Batteries? Oh no. That ain’t enough for gothchiq. It doesn’t have enough power unless it plugs straight into the wall.

  17. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL gothie!!!

  18. Dana said

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    The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

    Re: Caption That Photo – Aug 31
    « Reply #27 on: Today at 09:20 AM » Quote

    Quote from: pinkydinkydoo on Today at 12:15 AM
    Silly Pink Wabbit – Trix are for Directors and NSD’s.

    Okay, this is quite possibly the best caption EVER that I’ve seen on Caption that Photo!

    (Am I the only one missing something? Is it really that funny? That the queen would declare it the best? I think she’s alienated so many people that she’s trying to seem so nice.)

  19. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Dana, I don’t see the humor in that either. Cereal and batteries????

  20. Geez, Gothie you are SO high maintenance…sheesh.

    Dana: Yeah, it’s a mixed metaphor at best and just not funny at all at worst.

  21. flycat said

    No Dana, I don’t think you are missing anything. It’s lamer than a dead duck. I think she is just trying to kiss that poster’s ass or something. Either that or she had a shot of laughing gas and attributed it to this post. I don’t know what kind of dosage you need to make that funny and I hope I never have to find out.


  22. High Hopes has left the Building said

    I’m seeing trademark infringement, maybe someone should email energizer about that one. Quick Duh, make it disappear…….

  23. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Gothie, TMI !!

  24. DIZZY – even though we are the only ones who know about BOBs doesn’t mean we are the only ones who love BOBs.


  25. Gothie, no worries, I am with ya! Batteries are friggin expensive.

  26. princessed – I hope we don’t share a brain…..I need all I got!

  27. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I think she was referring to caption the picture of herself – The Queen, Her Majesty of Royal fuckwittedness, cuz she’s like the energizer bunny bopping all over her blog doing damage control, zapping posts and privileges. The fuck ups keep going and going and going and going. You just aint funny. Belly button lint is more entertaining than your low level blog.


  28. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    SWMNBN….good point! I KNOW we are not the only ones with a BOB, or that we like BOB. BOB can do things that Robert can’t. LOLOL


  29. I thought all those “caption this” deals were so lame. Guess it wasn’t just me.

  30. Willie Lump Lump said


    Big Willie is lurvin’ Bitchzilla already! 😛

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