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The Day Dennis Leary Became My Hero

Written By: ScrewU 

I remember the day that I first heard this song.  It was the day that Dennis Leary became my hero and ScrewU was born.  I was riding in my brother’s car and he played it for me.  It was amazing to me how unpolitically correct a human being could be in 1 song.  Absofrickenlutely brilliant.  Some might say that these days DL has gone a little soft.  That he sold out.  But to me, he will always be the original A-hole. 

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I’m actually scared for my life for posting this.

PT Lies is anonymous.  According to emails I’ve received, Tracy still has no idea who’s running it.  Since I don’t work under such protective anonymity, my ass is on the line here.  But I love you guys SO MUCH that I’m willing to risk my life for you. 

Here’s the link to the beginning of an amazing series over at PT Lies:

People of Christiandom, pray for me.

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What Dizzy thinks

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Google makes me sad.

70 people found my blog by googling “fat girl”. 

I went through about 10 pages without finding my blog and then I clicked “images” up at the top.

70 people liked what they saw so much they decided to click and find out more.


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ScrewU’s Happy Song

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What ScrewU Thinks


Written By: ScrewU

I just wanted to get all my thoughts out on all the sh*t thats been going down lately.  As always, interesting things and big doins are abound.  I can’t even get caught up on all the comments because things are just so BIG!  Who woulda ever thought that PUR would come over to the land of the heathans to apologize.  So that will be my main topic of discussion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Apologize here please.


 I’m sorry that all you bitches are a bunch of whiney babies that need everyone to apologize to you. 

“You need to apologize for this”

“Well you talked shit about me so you have to apologize”

“Well I talked shit about you because you did that.  You need to apologize first.”

So just get that shit all out here.  I’m going to clean my house. 

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