Buttsniffing 606 by Dizzy


  1. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Hey I commented about this once. What happened to that thread?

  2. The thread is kinda buried, you have to click on the pic and that takes to to the “stampin up thread” or something.

    That picture is freakin’ me. Like, I can discuss issues like degradation of women without wanting to LOOK at it. OK?

  3. I mean, click on the pic from the PT discussion board . . . not the icky pic

  4. chineseambassador said

    ok that picture really is weirding me out. ew.

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Ok you sensitive hookers, the picture has been changed.

  6. Holla CDSS! said

    Ok, I’m confused, there’s two threads here for the same topic or am I missing something?

    Anyway, does she go on to mention that you have to put in $300 every quarter? Of course that’s before your 20% discount but you are still required to place an order every 3 months. If you don’t hit that $300 then you have the following month to place $100 in addition to what you missed the quota by.

    At one time, SU was recommended as a good product driven mlm but it wasn’t long before all those things started to change and they began to offer more for recruiting. I’m seriously amazed that Tracy hasn’t put a smack down on this thread.

    I have no problem with what’s her name being a rep, obviously I know too much to be an innocent bystander, but knowing what I do is what has me amazed that this thread is there.

  7. I was a demo for SU…man, it was like dealing crack for me! It was such a tease to think I was getting product for 20% off but in reality, I ended up spending MORE ack….I gave her karma today though because I DO like SU stuff….I’m craft challenged, I need the box sets of stuff. LOL

  8. Holla CDSS! said

    You’re like me Mrs. “Someone just show me a picture and I’ll make it myself, oh, that’s a good picture…”

    It doesn’t matter what brand of stuff you use, it’s ALL expensive and very much like crack only in pretty colors.

  9. yeah, especially those “seasonal” colors they have now that you can only get for like a year and then they go away…MAN…they are sweeet lookin’

    oh shoot! there I go again!

  10. I’m sorry, I do not understand PUR’s response….how does she know that this person made an “informed decision?????”

    I admit I don’t read many threads on PT anymore so I guess I may have missed it somewheres…

    Now that I cannot receive KARMA anymore…well, that’s just IT now, isn’t it…you know I’m all about “words of affirmation” that’s my love language and that’s been taken AWAY…I don’t know how I’ll go on. I’ll just have to be affirmed someplace else. wah.

  11. Oh dang….now I can’t GIVE karma either on PT…I guess they are phasing me out….that’s too bad. I know this is because I threatened to give PUR good karma every day til she admitted that she likes me. I know that’s why.

    Either that or they are afraid I’ll start giving karma to new people who will say, “who is this metaphor person? she seems like the coolest chickie evah…where can I find her?” and then that will lead them to Duh and this band of merry making fools who don’t know WHAT they are talking about.

    Or maybe I’m disrupting the peace on PT by giving PUR and my friends there good karma. I did NOT post links to Duh or anywhere else so I can’t figure what “law” I broke to have my karma revoked….

    oh well…instant karma gonna get cha PT…

  12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Not only is someone once again promoting their business, but it’s a fucking MLM. I thought Tracy was AGAINST MLMs?????


  13. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    *rolling eyes* PUR what is up with you? Now you think it’s ok to join an MLM?

    Mrs you can’t give karma? HAHA you are so bad giving that good karma away. You naughty, naughty girl.

  14. Yeah, I do NOT see how this is any different…in fact, it looks like the thread was moved and a NEW CATEGORY was created called Stampin Up…under the MLM/Pyramid Scheme tab…lol…is that some sort of subtle commentary or WHAT?

    What I think is interesting is that this poor woman was not asking for advice on how to run her business or even seeking business…this thread WAS on the hobbies board. So, basically by moving it they are saying “Yeah, well, your hobby sucks and is not welcome on our nonMLM hobby board”

  15. Whew. Thanks for changing the picture! I like the kiss-butt cartoon, it’s funny and kinda cute.

  16. You know, Free…the karma I gave to PUR this week and last week…it wasn’t a lie or false. I really did think she liked me, at least a little. I thought she really did get who I was and wanted to be someone who had a sense of humor. I think what I hate the most about this whole thing is that I was wrong about that. Don’t read this as sarcasm people…seriously, I am really disappointed that it went down like this.

  17. PT is Smokin'........Not! said

    So, in essence PUR is “feeding the beast”. Yes?

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    So they move the thread to the hobby board? But she’s still promoting her MLM. And Tracy is SO against MLMs and she is clearly breaking the rule of no promoting of your business on PT.

    None of it makes any sense.

  19. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I know you believed the best in PUR mrs – that’s not what I meant by my comment. I also believed the best in her at one time and to be disappointed.

  20. Diz…NO they moved it FROM the HOBBY board and created NEW BOARD called Stampin Up…she was putting it up there as a hobby of hers. THEY are making it into a “business” post by putting it up on the MLM category instead of the hobby category…does that make sense? it’s late, I’m tired.

  21. Free: I know it…no worries…I knew what you meant. I hate to think I got it wrong about PUR…she’s GOT to have a sense of humor in there someplace.

  22. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Man, the moving of threads and the banning and the taking away privileges must be exhausting. When DOES Tracy work?

  23. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Mrs, PUR does have a sense of humor, I’ve witnessed it myself. I hated it when I was wrong about her too. Time marches on and she made sure she did her part to get me banned. It’s cool – life has never been so free and I have more people reaching out to me now than ever b4. What’s to hate about that?

  24. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    So very exhausting. No matter what thread it’s under, it’s still promoting a business which is against the rules at PT. Whatever.

  25. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Dizzy, ya know how some contractors have what I like to refer to as “flexible pricing”. Well PT has “flexible ruling”. It’s different for everyone.

  26. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL Free. Good way to look at it! It’s just getting really old, the way it’s ok for Tracy to do one thing but not okay for anyone else. The double standard is astounding. And people put up with that shit? For what? Stupid.

  27. I prefer to think of it as “revisionist history.” New people coming in only get the history that they are fed…kind of like new people coming into MK, right?

    So, this person makes what seems to be a “misstep” by posting her MLM fed hobby (and so freakin’ what?? it’s her stinking money, isn’t it?) and probably her FIRST thought is to be EMBARASSED…because she’s “done something wrong” so, like ShayinNC…she apologizes up and down and defends her actions with “Oh, please…lovely queen, I didn’t mean to do anything against the rules…blah blah blah” and thinks, all along, that it is HER problem and not a problem with the leadership.

    Well, you know what?…WRONG. Shay…it’s WRONG….HINEYCREAM Lady…it’s WRONG…don’t let them push you around!

  28. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes, and it’s not like any of us give a shit if someone wants to promot their business. That’s what business owners do. What we have a problem with is Tracy picking and choosing who is allowed to talk about what. There is no standard. Only what Tracy wants. Fuck that shit. How do people not SEE that? How more obvious does it need to be until these people realize Tracy isn’t there for them? She uses them in her sad effort on becoming famous.


  29. bluehairedbebe said

    ROFLMAO!~~~~ You guys are tooooo funny. I saw this post this morning first thing when miss butt paste put it up (no offense, HineyCream, I’m just havin’ fun) in the hobby thread and only 1 other person, who was NOT PUR had responded. There had already been other mentions of it here too. SO, what’s the uber-disgusting pic you all can’t stand? Is it that one of the headless statue w/ the scary-teeth-monster-ass? Awww, c’mon, you bunch of wimps! I thought that represented TC very well! You know, try to kiss her ass and you just get bit! hahaha
    Here that Tracy, even the ones who bow down to you – you go behind them and fark them in the arse! hehehe I love this freedom of speech over here, it’s just too much fun!

  30. bluehairedbebe said

    Yessss, *doing a little dance*, I figured out how to make my av show!
    lol that could sound a wee bit naughty, somebody slap me

  31. I can’t believe I missed the picture – where can I find it?

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I”m glad SOMEONE appreciated the original picture. Blue…you got it exactly right, that’s what I was trying to represent with the picture but all these sensitive bitches didn’t like it. So I changed it. 🙂

  33. Left the Freakshow said

    dizzy … when i saw the first pic, all i could think was “she’s a maneater! watch out boys, she’ll chew you up!” made we want to shout out a warning to FS, Suzy Q’s son … poor guy!

  34. Ok, I admit. I am wrong and I’m going to admit it to you guys. It was not PUR that got mad about my karma to her. I jumped the gun on that and I was wrong. Since I don’t really care what Tracy’s reasons might be I’m leavin it at that. I apologize PUR. I have no good excuse for accusing you without asking you first. That was wrong of me.

    The reason I reacted so strongly IS because I didn’t want to think that she would do that and no matter what you guys say, I just have always liked PUR…I just have. I still do.

  35. Roger Ballsman said

    Many years back, I stepped through the doors of my first Mary Kay event, completely uncomfortable by what I saw. I thought it was me, since they appeared to be so close and having so much fun. I must have had “issues”. They were so happy and warm and huggy and supportive. I lived outside their world, and some part of me wanted what they had, while at the same time, I distrustedwhat I saw.

    As a child, I learned not to trust my own instincts. When you grow up in a crazy dysfunctional home, you pick whatever coping skill works for you, and denial and humor were working for me. By the end of the event, I was interested in the ca$h these gals were making, but the huggy stuff still freaked me out. Something just wasn’t right.

    For some of us, the Mary Kay environment initially looks strange and kind of juvenile, yet we are curiously drawn to it, and are suspect of it at the same time. Mary Kay looks us straight in the eye and says,”You are safe here! Safer than you have ever been.

    You can trust us…more than you could ever trust anyone in your family. You will grow here. More than you were able to grow inside, and you will be loved and supported here. More than anyone ever showed toward you, the entire time you were growing and struggling and feeling alone. You have landed in the safety net of all things good and right and noble, in stark contrast to the life you had, the stress you knew. This is the sisterhood of support. You can trust us.”

    In dysfunctional homes, appearances are everything. Nothing is as it seems. Gambling addiction, violence, alcoholism, authoritarian dominance, sexual abuse, mental illness, religious abuse, and more are all a part of the list that characterizes, “dysfunctional”. Does anyone escape this?

    And today, psychologists report that 1 out of two families would qualify as living in a “dysfunctional” environment. If you come from a crazy dysfunctional home, you can function really well in Mary Kay. You are used to doing something for approval or attention or to avoid conflict. Since you usually are starved for attention when other family members have problems, anybody who throws you a dog bone gets strong loyalty and support. In Dysfunctional homes, sometimes you have to “raise yourself”, so being a strong “D” personality develops and you are used to getting things done without help. In dysfunction homes, according to The Counseling Center, at the University of Illinois, children “experience “reality shifting” in which what is said contradicts what is actually happening (e.g., a parent may deny something happened that the child actually observed, for example, when a parent describes a disastrous holiday dinner as a “good time”).

    In such cases, it is easy to see how a Adult child, with unresolved issues from childhood, could respond to the Mary Kay environment in complete comfort…denying that her finances are tanking while those in authority around her declare how great Mary Kay is and how much money is being made.

    Getting involved and participating in Mary Kay slowly woos your guard down. You can begin to get caught up in the hoopla, and goofiness of a business sororiety where your mentors are classy rich women who say they love and support you and can’t wait to see you at the top. You start to believe them. They are not your old life. They are faithful and true. They are women of their word…women of excellence who do the right thing, always, even to their own detriment, for the sake of honor and righteousness.

    The only reason you start doubting what they say, is that you start to see a few things that don’t quite square up. As long as you are doing what you are told, there are no indicators that something just isn’t right. But over time, the “pink bubble” begins to crack. Things like, a cross town Director who knows you are in DIQ, encourages her DIQ to recruit your customer. An inactive consultant friend that you know well, suddenly shows up in the newsletter as your Directors recruit, when you know she has no intention of doing the business. Your recruit is “tops” on the year to date sales leader list when you know she hasn’t held class one! You decide not to attend meeting for whatever reason, and the guilt call comes the next morning. The syrupy sweet Director is asking ,” I am so worried…are you ill, because surely, you wouldn’t intentionally miss a meeting?” Those creepy feelings are coming back. You remember well how manipulation and deception sounds. Oh forget it…people are human. Your denial knows how to enter right “on cue”.

    ‘What do you mean I can not afford to miss it? I really have to be at my husband’s event.”

    “Why would our National want to see me?”

    “Really ? She has been watching me? She wants to talk to me? Okay…I will make arrangements…somehow.”

    At the guest event, you listen and wait and watch until all the photos with the National have been taken, and as you approach and introduce yourself, her brief comments to you make you realize YOU have been taken. A woman who manipulates you to be somewhere so she has “numbers” to impress her nsd, or who believes her nsd will speak and appear as if she really DID want to meet you, is taking a huge chance. She believes in her own twisted way that you will forgive her for the coercion for the sake of the motivational POP you will receive. Directors begin to believe that if they mimic their NSD, and do whatever it takes to “get people there”, all will be worthwhile. People who grow up in dysfunctional homes are very used to lying and manipulation. They are equally good at denying the impact of that manipulation and lying as well. They prefer to believe in a world they create, rather than the one they are living in. The twisted emotional manipulation that is used, by all those on the Mary Kay career path becomes an all too familiar flashback into childhood. We don’t like it, but we can do it. We can function with it.
    Directors lie to themselves and other Directors. NSDs rehearse the lies and scripts we are to tell our people. Everything is supposed to “look good” on the outside, so nobody knows what’s going on in the inside. That’s what positive mental attitude-never be negative behavior produces. Fostering a culture where truth can not be exposed or expressed is the hallmark of the dysfunctional, twisted family unit. Labeling “negative” situations or events as something to be stuffed inside, denied and ignored, is the power play of the abuser. Calling a deliberate abuse of credit cards, “achievement”, is the kind of reality shifting that is textbook dysfunctional.
    What we who are Directors know, that consultants do not, is that Mary Kay is a dysfunctional twisted sisterhood that pretends to be the savior of women. And to the degree that many American households have some kind of operating “dysfunction”, that will determine how comfortable you are within it…and how long you will stay before noticing how twisted it really is.

    As time goes on, you discover that your National encouraged a fellow Director to “put in the production” over and over, so that now she is facing bankruptcy-only the National shares that “so and so” didn’t work her business. The National does not want you to see any “failure” on the part of her mentoring. It has to be the fault of the Director. This is twisted.

    Your Director tells you to “find a way or make a way” as you face needing 3 more to finish DIQ on the last day. You humiliate yourself begging friends and family and finally make deals to activate them. You kick in 3-200’s plus agreements, and your Director praises you on Monday night in a big celebration. This is twisted.

    The company finds out that prominent NIQ’s and Top Directors have a scheme that gets large orders in, and reach large Unit Production goals by less than ethical means. They not only get to receive their “honor” they get to speak before a Seminar full of bright-eyes believers and completely distort the truth. The music plays as they walk off stage and the crowd is asked to give them one more round of applause! This is twisted.
    The corporate staff discovers that agreements and orders go in by people who have no knowledge an order is being placed, and they do nothing to alert or change the system, while acting incredulously that such a thing goes on. Why? Because Corporate wants the production. This is twisted.

    What is even more twisted is it takes a detoxification process before you begin to REALIZE just how many distortions and lies you have been told and have repeated. You have to be de-toxed from a company that works SO HARD to convince you how righteous it is, all the while lying through its proverbial teeth! You were wooed into a culture than promised to fill your greatest need, and kept you in, by your greatest weakness. Denial. Those of us who have experienced the path of dysfunction are able to stay in Mary Kay long past all warning buzzers going off. We can pretend. We had to, to cope. And we are completely comfortable with chaos and madness behind the curtain, while we smile and sing and make all kinds of appearances that all is well.

    The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem. Facing the fact that Mary Kay was not your savior and never was, you can begin the detox that will first, expose our use of denial as a coping strategy, and second, speak the truth without denial, about exactly what Mary Kay is:

    Mary Kay Cosmetics is a sophisticated and honed, multi-level marketing scheme, which has used recognition and praise to coerce women into pursuing the satisfaction of their deepest needs of stability, security, friendship and appreciation, while denying the financial wreckage that is created in the process. Mary Kay uses manipulation and blameshifting to clear their own company of wrong-doing while employing National Sales Directors and Directors to drive the production orders by which it financially survives. Mary Kay promotes a culture of secrecy concerning full disclosure, under the guise of being “positive” and avoiding “negative” thinking, which traps women into destructive patterns of financial entanglement and guilt. Further, Mary Kay promotes the use of Spiritual manipulation to create the illusion that Mary Kay Cosmetics can be trusted.

    Mary Kay is a sheep is wolves clothing. And ladies…that’s twisted.

  36. Roger Ballsman said

    A long-time director whose sense of ethics led her to seek out the Pink Truth.

    I have felt lost for several years because Mary Kay has become as bad as Quixtar and I think everyone in the world knows that’s really bad.
    When I first began to wonder if there was any help for Directors like me, I found so many blogs by using Google I couldn’t believe it. The more I read, though, the more I felt like never commenting on any of them because I saw them talking so hatefully about women. They were even using the real names of people (or maybe what they thought were real names.) This seemed more unethical to me than what I was trying to get away from in Mary Kay. What I like about Pink Truth is you read about true issues and get help with them, not bashing people for their opinions. This seems like the only safe place to say how you feel and get support.

    I don’t want to give much information about myself because I have read about MKC terminating Directors for any reason. As it is, I am getting the cold shoulder from long time director friends because I have hinted I am not in agreement with what Mary Kay has become. I have been a director a little over 10 years, and a consultant for a long time before that. I am going to do what I have read others here do, which is to receive my director checks as long as there is any production left, then get rid of every sign of Mary Kay in my house. I have been looking for a real job and have a couple of interviews next week.

    This experience with Mary Kay has caused more heartache for my life than I can explain. I want to see us all work together to expose the truth until there isn’t a guest left who will listen or attend a recruiting event.
    My National is one of the most deceitful people I have ever met. It took me a long time to come out of the fog, and believe me I fought it for a long time. I thought I would be a Director until I died and was buried in my Director Suit. The ladies here are right though, once the scales fall from your eyes you can hardly believe how clear you can see.

    It sure isn’t fair that the most evil women can be paid so much money and still be worshipped by all the women who are still foggy. It seems like every time I saw a Director debut as a National she morphed into this new person, and I don’t mean in a good way. They are plain women like anyone else, but act like they are mini gods. Most of them don’t have enough education to do anything but frontload and lie. I may not have a lot of degrees either, but I know the difference between right and wrong.

  37. ScrewU said

    Hey Roger
    Do you have an original thought? Or are you just a Tracy wanna be? We have no problem getting our own copies of what we want on here so why don’t you STFU if you have nothing new to say?

  38. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Mrs Metaphor – I’m gunna call attention to your coment again cuz Mr Roger so rudely interrupted this thread.

    Mrs said (last night at 10:32 while I was fast asleep – you need to go to bed earlier mrs LOL)

    Ok, I admit. I am wrong and I’m going to admit it to you guys. It was not PUR that got mad about my karma to her. I jumped the gun on that and I was wrong. Since I don’t really care what Tracy’s reasons might be I’m leavin it at that. I apologize PUR. I have no good excuse for accusing you without asking you first. That was wrong of me.

    The reason I reacted so strongly IS because I didn’t want to think that she would do that and no matter what you guys say, I just have always liked PUR…I just have. I still do.

    Mrs – that’s what I love about you – you set the record straight if you feel it has been wronged even when it’s not the popular thing to do.

  39. Thanks Free…I appreciate that.

  40. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    You’re welcome Mrs.

    For the record I feel that PUR did everything in her power to make sure my privileges were taken away (and I wasn’t karma-spamming anyone or smiting anyone).

    A week later I could no longer view my own profile and my message tab (to receive and send PMs) went MIA. I’d bet $$ that PUR had her hands in that too.

    It’s funny cuz the last two privileges were taken away AFTER a POSITIVE thread about me was posted by someone I had done consignment work for on PT and several commented on it. The thread was deleted at the same time my privileges were taken away. At that moment I decided to I log out and never looked back.

    The next day around noon (I hadn’t logged in to PT) I got an e-mail from Tracy that IMO was very obviously written by PUR and modified by Tracy.

    If I am wrong on any of these comments, PUR can certainly contact me. She has my e-mail (both hotmail and my real e-mail and home phone # – we were good friends at one time or so I thought) and can set the record straight at any time.

    Until then, I will go with what I believe in my heart to be true. Don’t get me wrong – Tracy is the one who spawns these thoughts in people’s heads, then sits back and watches someone else do her dirty work. I get that, I do. Tracy used me for her dirty work too and I am ashamed at my actions.

    PUR – you know where I am if you want to set the record straight.

  41. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Free, I wonder what PUR thought she would gain by having you gone?
    I’m glad you are setting the record straight. It seemed really strange to me that you were there one day, then gone the next. And FYI, when you were banned or whatever, all the PM’s you sent people (or at least me) were deleted too, along with karma you had given. I know for a fact I had several PM’s from you and they were gone. And the karma you gave me was also gone. I thought the karma was odd and made myself believe that I had deleted your PM’s. But I know for a fact I did not. I’m glad I’m no longer part of that circus.

  42. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Hey strawberry shortcake. Thanks for your comments.

    If we shared PMs, I must know you (your PT screenname). Would you be interested in keeping in touch by e-mail? sicknpink@hotmail.com

    If not, I’m not offended. We can chat right here on duhs blog.

  43. ScrewU said

    If I live to be 1000yrs old, I will never understand what could possibly be likable about PUR. I suppose it is possible that all those traits that make me want to bludgeon her with a nail laced bat are endearing to you. I suppose stranger things are possible.

    Even though you said that, I still think it was her whiny, crybabying to Tracy that caused your karma button to go defunct. To say that you were harassing members is just the stupidest thing I think I’ve heard of. It’s like charging a 2yr old with indecent exposure for peeing in his front lawn. Completely rediculous and idiotic.

  44. Oh crap, ScrewU…did you see my 2 yr old peeing in the front lawn? ack…I thought nobody saw.

    And in regard to PUR, I dunno…I don’t expect you to understand it…and that’s OK. I really have seen her heart and I do believe in the better part of her.

  45. Justplainoldme said


    I’ve never seen my name/screen name mentioned in a blog before – but here it is in the thread! LOL

    I am not sure whether I feel honored or….something else…it’s kind of odd to be talked about and not know it….:o)

  46. Not a Bee-liever said

    Hi Justplainoldme! Please, feel honored. It is odd to be talked about and not know it, but sometimes it’s because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. No hard feelings, okay?

    mrs, I’m with you. I believe in PUR too. I like her a lot. She’s the reason some people leave PT, but oddly, she was the reason I stayed so long.

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