Don’t Listen to the Negative Stuff!


Written By: ScrewU

I can’t believe anyone would say that brainwashing is not happening on Pink Truth.  All you have to do is read this post to see it does.  I would say that hers is complete.

New Attitude

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Re: Don’t Listen to the Negative Stuff!

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Don’t listen to negative stuff…..

You mean the negative stuff that Mary Kay says about Pink Truth??  Ok will do – shutting out the negative PT talk.  Only thinking positive.  I’m positive PT is helping, I’m positive I don’t want to do MK anymore, I’m positive MK is a MLM.

How’s that for NOT being negative.

(Sorry to be off topic, but I couldn’t resist)

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  1. mkrealist said

    Does she really believe MK is saying “negative stuff” about Pink Truth?

  2. Hte PT/MKC relationship strikes me as the kind that nearly every large company has. You work in product support for a company. And no matter what product Jack Smack from Cooperstown buys, it has a problem. And the company does talk about that guy. But not in a very pleasant manner. But do they do anything to try to get rid of him? No, they don’t bother. Because there’s always one, you know?

  3. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I don’t know if New Attitude meant it in in general terms. To me, she meant it in terms for herself by saying: I’m positive PT is helping, I’m positive I don’t want to do MK anymore, I’m positive MK is a MLM.

    I take that as what it did for her personally (PT is helping her, she doesn’t want to do MK anymore and she is aware MK is an MLM) but I don’t know what the previous statements said, so I’m not sure.

    ScrewU – clarification please.

  4. Rooster said

    Hi all, been lurking/roosting for awhile. I’m a vet of PT, so now find myself looking for double meaning in some postings. My suggestion is that she might be posting what she doesn’t really think, kinda double-speak…so to speak! Just pulling someone’s leg. Ya think?????

  5. Oh, see I thought they were talking about US saying negative stuff about PT….it’s a lot more likely they’d hear the negative stuff from people who have some experience with it than with MK people…lol

  6. ScrewU said

    The rest of the thread was just talking about how they were told in MK not to listen to negative and blah blah blah. I’m not going to dig the rest out of Pink Truth because it’s not interesting and I don’t want to make my cornea’s bleed.

    I’m not going to tell you how you should interpret this post. I see it as a woman whose saying she won’t hear the negative things that people say about Pink Truth. Regardless of who’s saying it.

    So you make up your own damn mind. That clear enough for you FFPT?

  7. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Jeez ScrewU have another cigarette. 😉

  8. Dana said

    ScrewU needs to get laid……

  9. Duped said

    You know, I for one absolutely DETEST all the “postive thinking” mentality that is so rampant today.

    Guess what? Life sucks sometimes, shit is going to happen to you, not everyone is going to like what you say/do/sell and you are going to have to deal with it, head on, not in this “I’ll just think positive and all will be okay” bullshit. If shit happens to you, admit it, then move on. This repetitive mantra fucking bullshit is driving me insane….ARG. LOL Just because you “think” positive does NOT, I repeat NOT mean that life is going to come up roses from here on out. *headdesk* You are just buying into the newest trend…ugh.

    Sorry, I know – kind of off-topic…well, really off-topic, but I just about choked on my lunch reading this post. LOL Had to get it out…*taking deep breaths into paper bag* 😛 Duped needs a smoke to from the sounds of it…getting laid is out of the question. We have a 1 year old at home…’nuff said. 🙂

  10. Willie Lump Lump said

    Damn Duped. What ‘stinky thinking’ you have. Kudos! LOL 😛

  11. colleen said

    Just to show you how crazy they are I went to youtube a few days ago and anything that had to do with MK on youtube there were people putting on the comments section the URL to PT. They had to stop invading the Unitnet sites so they went to youtube it was horrendous!!!!

  12. Dana said

    Duped, I got so annoyed with my co-worker always talking about that bull-crap book “The Secret” that I was very tempted to tell her “The only person who made money off “The Secret” is the author!” She printed the blank check like they said and filled in an amount and left it where she would see it, just like she was told. Guess what happened? Nothing! 🙂

    To some degree, positive thinking is important in if you don’t do things because you’re sure they’ll fail, you won’t succeed. But thinking “I’ll be a millionaire by Christmas” every day won’t produce anything either……

  13. I'll have a Cosmo said

    You are so freakin’ right! In my particular work setting I listen to people bitch and piss and moan all day. Me me me me me, blah blah blah. So many times I wanna say “get over it, you pussy!” But, I would no longer be employed.
    If ya got lemons, make lemonade or at least pass me some salt and tequila!
    I wanna smoke so bad!!!! No no no no………I quit……..11 days ago.

  14. Good for you! I’m very proud of you!!!!!


  15. gothchiq said

    positive this, positive that. I believe in REALISM. Everything else is delusion.

  16. ScrewU said

    Congrats on 11 days. Pretty soon you won’t want to kill yourself OR others. I’m officially 2 wks today. Ya me

    How are you doin with your quitting?

    Suck it

    I do. I’ll have to work on that with Mr. Screw
    You would think with a name like that, I wouldn’t have to work so hard. Damn

  17. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    ScrewU – that’s the best you can do? Bwahahahahahaha…oooooohhhh I’m shakin in my boots.

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I”m SO glad one of you bitches brought up “The Secret”. I am so fucking tired of hearing about that bullshit. They’re saying that what happens to you is because you put out that vibe into the universe. So basically all the people who have cancer have asked for it? Fuck that shit. There is basic logic that if you think positive, you exude it. If you think confidence, you exude that. If you are a negative nilly, you exude that. You can’t think yourself into a million bucks or whatever else you think you’re going to fucking get. There is truth that if you are sick, and you think positive you can get better, WITH medical intervention or alternative medicine. You can think yourself sick too if you are a hypocondriac and are convinced something is wrong with you. I think they took that whole thinking positive shit and blew it WAY out of proportion. Get real yo!

    Besides, sometimes I like to wallow in my own negativity. I wallow, then I get over it. Reality is shit happens. You deal with it and move on. That’s it.

    In the wonderful words of Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. And the making lemonade out of lemons, I’m with Cosmo…pass the tequila!!! Everything is better with booze.


  19. Ok, since someone else brought up “The Secret” I’ll bring up my pet peeve. I can’t stand it when something bad happens and people say it was God’s plan. I can’t stand it when survivors of 9/11 say that their guardian angel was looking over them. What is up with that? What about all the other people – where was their angel? Why wasn’t God watching out for them?

    I think bad things just happen. Period. Sometimes people can be fortunate and get out of those situations, and sometimes they can’t. I realize the survivors might feel guilt FOR surviving – but we wish everyone could have been a survivor that day.

    Thanks for letting me rant

  20. GOTH – shout it out – how is the quitting going? Any luck?


  21. It’s impossible to be truly positive about everything that happens in this pretty fucked up world. People who are like that are completly fake and annoying.

    There are times when being positive can help. At least helps your mood. Remaining positive about a [hopefully] good outcome of someone diagnosed with cancer is usually at least a little good for your spirit. Sometimes, so is a real good cry. Feel what you feel and don’t be ashamed of it.

    P.S. I prefer tequila over lemonade any day!

  22. PPPJ:

    I read a post by gothie this weekend over at Pink Lighthouse – her boyfriend was burned on Saturday – his car radiator blew up and spewed hot hot water on him. And then they got treated like shit at the emergency room! Screaammm!

    She was asking for good thoughts and stuff. I don’t have an email address for her. I just checked the thread on PL – in the “General Discussion” section – and she hasn’t updated it with any new information.

    If anybody has her email address, or even IRL info, she might appreciate a kind word about now.

  23. OK, I copied and pasted Gothie’s post on PL, dated September 1 at 3 something pm:

    “Mr. Gothboy’s radiator blew up on him today. The car overheated, he pulled over and popped the hood to let it cool…and as soon as he opened the hood the radiator blew up on him, exploding boiling steam and water all over him. I rushed him to the hospital. there was no one triaged ahead of us, yet they sat there picking their noses and aimlessly waddling around while he screamed in pain for AN HOUR and his skin was peeling off while I watched. They did nothing for an hour. No pain meds. Nothing. He had lost half the burnt skin (right arm, wrist to elbow) by the time some lazy woman came waddling in with a weak shot even though we begged and begged. They wouldn’t even give him cold water. I had slipped him some pain meds I had on me while their backs were turned, but it wasn’t enough. And the prescription they finally gave him was ridiculously small and weak.

    “I will have revenge. I don’t know what it will take, but I will find out who their regulatory authority is, and I will make them pay for this.

    “No one knows I am awake freaking out right now. I have to be strong and stuff. I can’t let him see me crying and ripping my hair out because it would upset him. I have to bathe him, dress his wounds, give him his medicine and I can’t look weak.

    “I swear, I will make them pay.

    “Whatever you do…prayer, meditation, candle burning… please do it. He is in so much pain. So much flesh is destroyed. I don’t know what we are going to do.”

  24. Oh hell, I can’t read. *headdesk* Gothie’s message was posted at three something AM, not PM.

    Meaning Gothboy was burned on Friday sometime. Anyway here’s the link to the message thread

  25. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That aint right! I’ve heard those stories over and over again about ER visits. The hospitals here are so overwhelmed people can sit there for 6 hours before they even get triaged! People will avoid going to the hospital because they don’t want to wait for hours and then get treated like second class citizens! Damn hospitals!


  26. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    On Gothie’s personal blog – she said that goth boy’s dad had passed away after this happened.

    I’ll go read the details again and update ya.

  27. Thanks, FFPT!

  28. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Goth Boy’s dad passed away on Friday night/Saturday morning.

    Gothie updated it again at 2:45 today and said that she and Goth Boy’s dad were also very close and they had all gone shooting several times (a fav pass time of gothie’s).

  29. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Her e-mail addy is

  30. Gracias. Just emailed her. You’re the tops.

  31. Duped said

    My God…that is just HORRID. I don’t blame her for wanting someone’s head on a fucking platter. If that were my dh, I would have lost my fucking mind in anger. And then to have his father’s death to deal with on top of that is just cruel. So sorry, Gothchiq, so sorry.

    At least we get treated marginally better up here in Canada (we still have long waits, but mostly, we get treated with a bit more respect and urgency in these situations). 😦 I am disgusted that this “emergency department” would do something like that.

    Fucking retarded fart knockers.

  32. Ack…that totally sucks. I wish there was something I could do to help them out…

  33. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    Hey all, I am sure their medical expenses are going to be high. With son’s wedding this month and kids going back to school, and seems like our money tree isn’t producing alot right now but I would love to make a donation, maybe if we all gave a little it could help.

    I don’t know how we could organize it (and I know I’m sort of an outsider here) but I will be glad to send a money order or check (I could leave the payee blank so that they could put in their names.
    I am sure they bank migh quesion a check made out to the Gothies.

    Does anyone else think this might be a nice idea? Tell me where to send money order and I will get one out tomorrow – if someone wants to collect them all it might be nice if they got them all in one package.

    This is just bs (nope not b*ll Sh*t) – black sheep

  34. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    Damn, sorry, need sleep

    should read:
    I am sure their bank might question ……

  35. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Blacksheep – YOU ROCK! Let me see if what I can do.

  36. Thanks, FFPT! I too would like to help.

    Dayum. I’m gonna ruin my image as a nasty rabid squirrel ho if this crap keeps up. Oh well, best to save the rabid squirrel ho talk for the appropriate subjects.

  37. gothchiq said

    Thanks guys! I just logged in and saw this. It’s If you spell it without the q, I don’t know who will get it lol. Feel free to email me.

  38. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Oh crap – sorry about that gothie. 😦

    Take care of you.
    I have information for anyone who wants to help gothie and goth boy out. You do need to e-mail me – I don’t want to list the info in public. ( )

    Of course you can always e-mail gothie – I’d just like to take care as much as I can for her so she can concentrate on her family.

  39. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    FFPT (S/h2bm) – Can I ask if you would send the address for me to send something to by sending the address to Duh or Me and ask them to forward it to me. I know they both have public emails and they both have my email address.

    At the risk of sounding paranoid, I have enough drama in my life with teenagers, that the risk of going thru what ME went thru with TC and what some of y’all went thru just isn’t something I have the time or desire to deal with.

    Gothie, I am so sorry you are going thru this tough time, didn’t think you would have time to get online – this was suppose to be a surprise for you but know you have alot of caring and support from your cyber friends from BFBF, even he pukey pink ones.
    -Gothie – love your sense of humor.

    Now all, don’t loose your lunch but got to run, I am off to do one on one training for a new unit member. Yes, I said training and not on recruiting-

    This is just plain ole b.s. (nope not b*ll Sh*t) – Black Sheep

  40. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I don’t have a physical address for gothie – I just have a paypal e-mail address – and SURE! I can forward that to Duh – no big deal. Be sure to e-mail Duh and ask for it – you know hat a slacker she is. 😉

  41. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    MK4ME I just e-mailed the info to Duh and Dizzy both.

    I miss bologna – where is she?

  42. gothchiq said

    just email me at if you would like to get my home addy.

    Thanks a million!

  43. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    Attention Gothie, I just remembered I have an
    email address that I haven’t used since I got GMail for a group I am on.

    Would you be okay with mailing your physical address and first name to – I truley want to send a little something.

    Sickie if you read this would you send me the paypal address to that email address, still haven’t received anything from Duh yet. Thanks

  44. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Black Sheep – done. 😉

  45. Duh said

    What? Am I supposed to do something? I get so confused.

  46. MK4ME – you posted the wrong email addy for you (I think). Isn’t it Got2bEmk…..?

  47. Nevermind MK4ME. I get the email addy now. I need to get some friggin sleep.

  48. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Oh looky there – duh arrives when the work is done. What a surprise – ya big slacker.

  49. Duh said

    Sorry guys. I’ve been distracted. My hot water heater blew today.

  50. OMG, I just went back and read over this thread trying to find out what happened and when I did, my heart sank.

    Gothie, I am truly sorry to hear about Gothboy’s accident and his father’s passing away. I know it’s tough to remain strong, but I bet you can do it. Although I only know you from your posts online, I get the feeling you are a strong willed woman. It’s OK to let it out, too. You have all of us here behind you, praying, lighting candles, etc. Please keep us informed on Gothboy’s progress of recovery. My sympathies to you both and wishes for a speedy uncomplicated recovery of Gothboy’s injuries.

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