Pointing out the obvious.

 Time for a little lesson on semantics and manipulation.  PTer’s, this one is for you. 

Here’s the manipulation: 

Yes, Tracy has stopped banning people.  I think that we all saw that coming.  She couldn’t continue to ban people without others thinking SHE was the lunatic.  So what can she do that brings the same result?  How does she drive the undesirables away?

1. She takes away privileges.  By taking away karma, the ability to view profiles, the ability to post, etc. she is punishing the “bad” person without actually banning them.  This is quite an obvious punishment, so I suspect that she will lay off the privilege revoking pretty soon.

2.  She treats any concerns the person voices with scorn and disdain.  She hides behind her “I’m a sarcastic person” mask which gives her an excuse to be rude and shitty.  These “sarcastic” comments are only made toward people who have all ready been deemed a troublemaker. 

3.  She gets PUR, Raisinberry, or any other PTer that feels like kissing her ass to fight her battles for her.  Tracy’s comments are short and usually don’t answer the question put forth.  She leaves that to the others so she can then claim that SHE never said that.    The “troublemaker” never gets a thorough response from Tracy, which leaves her open to claim whatever she wants later when the situation has resolved itself. 

So the “bad” person questions something.  Tracy responds “sarcastically” and then claims that she didn’t mean it.  (Uh, passive aggressive.  Am I the only Dr. Phil fan here?)  Or she claims she’s misunderstood.  (Also passive aggressive.)  The others jump in to defend her, and she quietly watches as THEY scorn the person.

Here’s the semantics:

 The “bad” person finally gets sick of it all and leaves PT.  They aren’t banned.  They are driven out.  That way, they can all say, “She CHOOSE to leave.”  Of course she did. 

If someone questions that person’s leaving, a new “bad” person is tagged and the process starts all over again.

See for yourself PTer’s.  This crap will never end.  It will happen again and again.  The air of suspicion and paranoia will NEVER END.  Pink Truth is a manifestation of Tracy’s mind for all the world to see. 

Pity her. 


  1. foxspirit1 said

    Yeah, I really think that, sadly, this is all true. I guess though if people are willing to stick around and deal with it, then it will force more of the crazy into the open. At least then newbies will see the crazy.

  2. Left the Freakshow said

    point in case, foxie, her response to you on the karma thread … she’s showing crazy all over the place … the newbies are getting quite the show. someone, pass the popcorn, will ya?

  3. Run, Forest, Run!!

  4. ChineseAmbassador said

    This was the problem with Tracy that finally made me realize I needed to cut and run. These nasty, shitty, evil little remarks to people under the guise of being “sarcastic”. And she NEVER EVER answers the question/problem.

    She’s passive agressive and such a bully. I couldn’t stand it. I TRIED SO HARD to make her see what she was doing, and I begged her to try to be “nice”.

    You all see where that got us. LOL

  5. Duh said

    She knows exactly what she’s doing. That’s what the PTer’s don’t get. All her bullshit crying about people not understanding her is just that… bullshit. That’s why good people (i.e. Julz, Mrs. Metaphor, etc.) feel the need to defend her. But then they realize in the end, that she’s not misunderstood. She’s not hurting people’s feelings on accident. It’s intentional and ruthless.

    BTW, if Tracy hurts your feelings, you have to ask yourself what the deal is. If Tracy has ever made you cry, or doubt yourself, or made you really mad, you need to stop being a loser.

    Be a winner. Like me!

  6. Yep, that’s what got me. I finally just told her to cancel my membership, ban me, whatever. Now here’s the real thing to remember if you are still a PT fan. Why is there no venom like this for PinkLighthouse (except from Tracy and the legions of Tracy?)

    How many “ex-members” does PL have? (besides Tracy?)

    Pinktruth is a case study on HOW NOT to be in community with one another, even online community.

  7. Yeah, this is exactly it…let’s look at Sickie as an example, (sorry babe) Yes, there are a few people who are not happy with happy and might be a little leery now still but OVERALL…oh my gosh, she has A TON of cyberfriends from PT days…STILL! How many does Tracy still have?

    So, what? We’re ALL wrong? We’re ALL idiots and troublemakers and want to “destroy” PT? Why on earth would we? Most of us WERE FANS OF PT when we started…you have to ask yourself, you really do….WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? We are not evil people. We do not have an agenda which will make us millions of dollars. Now, ask yourself this…who DOES stand to gain from PT financially?

  8. Rooster said

    I’ve been a good little girl on PT, for the most part, but I think I’m ready to do more to poke pins in the TC doll. Problem is, I am not an in-your-face kind of person, but hey, with you all as examples, maybe I can learn. I can take the heat over there because I think TC is nuttso. So far I still have ‘privileges’ so I guess I need to take advantage of them! here a poke, there a poke, everywhere a poke, poke! Old McDonald had a rooster, e i e i ooooooooooo.

  9. Duh said

    Raisin and PUR both have said things like, “with such a large community, this kind of thing is expected.”

    Uh…no. I think there’s a pretty big “community” *cringe* on this blog, but I’ve yet to have a problem with fighting. And some of the people here really dislike each other.

    For example, Melissa has stated on her blog that she wasn’t going to hang around here as much because she’s sick of it. That’s fine. I still read her blog. I kind of miss her around here. Maybe someday we’ll peak her interest again. What you don’t see is her SLAMMING me on her blog. If I had treated her badly, I certainly would expect that she would since she has the outlet and a fabulous mean streak! But nope.

    If it were true that people just don’t need PT anymore because they are strong enough to move on, I wouldn’t have any readers at all. People’s interest in discussion boards wax and wane. Tracy better ask herself why they are all coming here.

  10. Left the Freakshow said

    psst, tracy, the answer can be found in my name … FREAK!

  11. That’s kind of a no brainer…if one stops to think about it. If ONE person had an issue with how PT was run that’s one thing. But how many stinkin sites are OUT THERE now in regard to PT and it’s crazy making?

  12. ChineseAmbassador said

    and once again, Pinklighthouse is a perfect example. There are almost 900 members on that forum, and NO FIGHTS. none.


  13. Well if there is a disagreement, it gets resolved pretty quickly.

    There used to be drama at PLH, and then Tracy left…

    “duh – as in, it’s obvious, a no brainer”

    Love that commercial!

  14. foxspirit1 said

    LOL I have seen 2 threads go up now, and get pulled. Apparently TC is just going to pull threads now instead of banning LOL

  15. ChineseAmbassador said

    rooster, I can’t wait to see what you do with your priveleges…. hee hee

  16. I'll have a Cosmo said

    There is still more butt spanking going on over on PT. Whatever you do, do not state your opinion because you may hurt someones feelings. At least that is what Mistress Maven “Rachel” thinks in her response to several posters on a debt thread. Naughty SoozEQ and Mindi……you should know better, girls!

  17. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    Rachel has been pretty ruthless in SEVERAL of her responses. I guess it’s hard to see that when you’re crying your eyes out over all those nasty comments that hurt your feelings.

    Poor girl.

  18. My Daisy's Better than Your Daisy! said, said

    Thank you Duh for hanging in there with this blog. You are completely right, but it sucks that you ruined all my fun. I used to think that PT rocked and now I see why it sure as hell doesnt n e mor.

  19. Ok correct me if I am wrong but it SOUNDS like what Tracy is saying is that basically someone (ahem, Sickie, right?) is to blame for all of this…(or it could be PC I guess) and then a bunch of this person’s friends decided to go thug on the PT people for no reason except to stick up for Sickie/PC/whomever…

    Is THAT what she is saying, seriously? I could have it wrong, I often do.

    Here’s your problem on PT…paranoia, fear, doubt, control issues…and it’s all in the leadership, so, what else can you expect?

    For the record…I like Rachel as well. I didn’t read any snarky comments from her on PT, if they were there I missed ’em. She always seemed pretty even keel to me.

  20. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Yeah mrs, I’m sure she’s blamin me or someone else she banned – she’s gotta blame SOMEone. When’s the last time SHE took responsibility for HER actions?

    The only thing Tracy knows is fear, doubt, paranoid and to control. Without those thing to do, she may as well not get up in the morning cuz she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

  21. Me said

    Why on earth would you say I have a “fabulous mean streak”?? (Is that a compliment, by the way? “Fabulous” and “mean streak” are so seldom used together). And thanks for missing me…..I found I missed you too a little.

  22. PC said

    bahahaa – SHE LIVES!

    (and reads too)

  23. mkrealist said

    MrsM says ~ Pinktruth is a case study on HOW NOT to be in community with one another, even online community.

    Your comparison with PLH is right on target. It only took me a week or two of browsing around PLH to see the simple secrets of their success.

    1. It’s not all about the Owner, it’s all about the members. It’s not the LJ Show. In fact, if you were new, it might take you a few days or even weeks to identify who the owner of PLH even was by name…she just doesn’t brag on herself and make everything all about her. And no one is in there offering up fake sacrificial worship to her electronic personality and claiming that she saved their lives.

    2. It’s easy to navigate and its mission is positively framed (helping people heal and find answers) instead of negatively framed (we’re gonna bring down MKC and make everyone still in MK feel horrible about themselves). The gracious welcome and warm treatment of women still in MK serves to make EVERYONE feel comfortable participating there, even if they cannot agree with every sentiment or opinion voiced.

    3. People are expected to act like adults and they are TREATED like adults. Generally, most people rise to the level of expectation you set. TC dislikes people SO MUCH and thinks most people are STUPID that she has created an environment on PT that thrives on disliking SOMETHING and/or SOMEONE and stupid behavior prevails as normal.

    Blogs and internet forums are strange inanimate creatures, but basic rules of success apply. While these venues are NOT democracies, most people will quickly discard a blog where censorship is palpable and they fear being able to voice their opinions freely. And while most people can watch a train wreck once a month or so, most of us cannot stand to see this every day for weeks on end. Marvie is absolutely correct in that PT is fraying horribly at the seams and the person weilding the seam-ripper is TC herself.

    Her insecurity has completely taken over her basic sense of self-preservation (which is quite a feat considering she puts herself first in everything) and it is destroying her creation from the inside out. Evil intention and lack of meaningful purpose will do that.

    Every time.

  24. eyesicle/la la Lo-la said

    1) “Yeah mrs, I’m sure she’s blamin me or someone else she banned – she’s gotta blame SOMEone. When’s the last time SHE took responsibility for HER actions?”

    Ummmmm….isn’t that part of the sociopathic personality, though?

    2) Nice post, MKR.

    3) Hi, Me! (Waving at Melissa) I have followed your blog for a long time. I posted a couple times as MK Josa. I sent my MK back and am sad that it isn’t the company MKA wanted it to be, but I still like your blog! Glad to see you back! =) See? MKers and Anti-MKers can get along!

  25. eyesicle/la la Lo-la said

    Oh, and 4) I love PLH!

  26. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    *Big evil grin*

    ME, I knew you couldn’t stay away from our bitchfest for long. You’ve missed us haven’t you? You missed our sarcasm and our fucking bad language haven’t you? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It’s ok, we missed you too.


  27. throwinguppink said

    Thanks, Realist! What a nice thing to say about all of us over at the Lighthouse… We always hope that is the way we come across, so it is really cool to know that we do.

    For those newbies who are already tired of the “truth,” come check us out…

    Slut #1

  28. All right, who is foxie? Is she “out”? I can’t keep all you skanks straight!!

  29. Keep reading, P-Dam – found it. Hi Apple! Welcome!

  30. foxspirit1 said

    princess, foxy=apple…yeah, no point in being secret. Now I am so evil I can’t even VIEW the blog.

  31. Not a Bee-liever said

    Duh, it is so funny that you said this, “BTW, if Tracy hurts your feelings, you have to ask yourself what the deal is. If Tracy has ever made you cry, or doubt yourself, or made you really mad, you need to stop being a loser.
    Be a winner. Like me!”

    We were so happy to be called losers by the pro-MK folks, we missed the fact that we really were losers!

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