Psst. Tracy. Apple Berry told me to tell you…


(I’m not as talented as some at finding interesting pictures.)

Found this in my inbox. 

Tracy, way to be an adult… so instead of banning me… you will just take away my ability to start a new post, reply, read/send karma??  So now when people ask where I am, what will you tell them? I left of my own accord??  Cuz’ I didn’t actually…

Seriously, I wasn’t stirring a pot before, and I am sorry you felt personally attacked.  I figure I will send this to duh so that it gets posted (or at least someone will see it) somewhere for people to see… I guess it is good that I could already find some of my friends.  That will take some of the burden off of you to explain where I am.

You know what is really funny about that?  I wouldn’t have even known about duh had you not complained about it.  YOU were the one who told me about the blog!



  1. Rooster said

    Apple Berry, I also found Duh from something Tracy said. Ironic isn’t it? Wonder how many others are driven away from something that started out so good *at least I thought so* and has now turned so rotten. Your posts were always so thoughtful and considerate. I wish you much happiness now that you are PT free.

  2. ChineseAmbassador said

    yay! let freedom ring!

    pass the HeMan fur panties and liquor, cuz it looks like another fun weekend…….

  3. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    I found Duh from stuff that Tracy said. Thank you Tracy. Pt was really good and now thanks to many things, with PUR at the top of the list, it isn’t at all what it used to be. of course i don’t know what to think anymore. The whole thing really sucks. WHEN BLOGS GO BAD

  4. Dana said

    Welcome, Apple!

  5. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Welcome Apple Berry

  6. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Hey apple! I’m ROFL at your comment about “way to be an adult Tracy”.

    Congrats to not-a-beeliever – her name’s not on the mavens list anymore.

  7. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Welcome Apple Berry!

    Oh looky is almost the dawn of another weekend and the shit fest on PT just seems to be warming up again. *Sniff Sniff* Yet another one bites the dust, and another one bites the dust as the song goes. My the Queen runs through members like she changes her pantyho’s.

    Oh and by the way Tracy ~ Queen Fuckwitt, if you hadn’t been whining about DUH and PTlies, I might never have seen the light. Ya kinda shot yourself in the foot there from all your winjing and whining. My 2 year old doesn’t freaking whine as much as you and she does know how to place nice and isn’t a bully like you. So what happened did someone take away your toys when you were a kid and hold em just out of your reach??? As someone on here has said before Karma’s a bitch isn’t it.


  8. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Welcome, Apple, I always did like you!

  9. Marvie said

    Hooray for Apple, you little pot stirrer, you! What a motley crew that has come to Duh’s blog … pot stirrers, drama queens, the mentally ill, the inconsequential, trouble makers, misfits, mugs, pugs, thugs, and MAVENS! LOL! Oh, this is such a funny place!

  10. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Hey apple! Thanks for the karma while you could!

    Welcome to duh’s blog!

  11. foxspirit1 said

    LOL Well I might as well out myself now hey. Fox=Apple.

    I apparently was limited b/c I started a new thread re: one that was closed… I am sure I have a copy of it. Tracy pulled it down in no time. Never mind that she locked the thread so I COULDN’T respond b/c I have a job and can’t access PT from my job. So, now I have the choice, do I want to move forward, or do I want to continue to create drama.

    What is really truly sad is that I got a lot of info I needed from PT re: MK. My team members have benefited from PT’s posts about MK. The questions I asked were never meant to really stir pots… I can do that (as you can see from the email above) Thank you Duh for posting it so people could see…

    At this point almost everyone I spoke to on PT is either here or can find me anyhow, and it is nice to let them know that they can not PM me, and I can not reply.

    Yep, I knew posting a thread about one that was closed would be taken as drama. But why ask questions (remember PUR asking specifically Marvie and I??) if you don’t want an answer? What is the point.

    I would like to think that I could go back to PT and expect adult behavior, but I realize that is expecting too much. I guess I will have to join the rest of the “not really banned” b/c banning causes drama…

  12. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    not banning makes tracy look like a … honest human being. because she isn’t REALLY lying about those member numbers.

    maybe it makes her feel better knowing that she didnt really BAN you guys so she’s not really lying…right???

    HAHA who am i kidding. what a bitch.

    you’re the last person I thought would be bitched out by tracy like that, Apple.

    I tried to help you with that, but alas, PUR and Tracy had a meeting and outed you because you were going against groupthink.

  13. foxspirit1 said

    Yeah… against group think… Here is the post that got pulled so quick, and was so offensive it resulted in my loosing privileges “until (TC) could get back to a computer.” Yep, I was snotty, but honestly, was this *that* horrid?? I doubt it. I realize I was questioning authority though, and that is apparently against the rules.

    You mean they had a meeting to try to oust me? I guess she figured she couldn’t reply on me to leave anymore, so she would have to do something.

    Thanks Duh for posting my email to her. 🙂
    Oh my!

    Ok, since the karma thread is locked, I am starting this new one. This morning? Yesterday? When I asked about karma and Not’s question, I was asking an honest question. For the record I responded in kind to the snarky message that was left when I repeated Not’s actual question. I can deal with sarcasm, and use it frequently. It doesn’t bother me. However, I don’t normally use it when someone is asking me a real question.

    PUR mentioned hundreds of graffiti like messages from a former member. WTH? Seriously where did this come from? Is that the Karma harassment you were referring to earlier (and never explained??) I apparently hit a hot hot button here, and given my gift for finding landmines I am not surprised, but I still have no idea what you are talking about.

    I don’t know who had privileges removed. I don’t know why.

    It seemed to me that Not was concerned that she would get in trouble for giving karma. If that is really the case (and I admit I did take that at face value), I think that is a problem. I mean if you don’t know if you are going to get into trouble for something, that is an issue. If you are pretty sure you will (like me opening up a new thread b/c the other one was locked while I was at work, and I never was able to respond to the questions asked of me, as I am sure this will be taken as “stirring the pot”) well, then you have to deal with that, but if you don’t even know, that is an issue. And if you take me opening up this thread to respond, as I couldn’t earlier while the previous thread was still open, then I am sorry.

    Not knowing what “karma harassment” was referring to, I had a hard time picturing someone being harassed through positive karma. It is important to know that if you have privileges removed, you could get them back. I think you are assuming I have some stake in what is going on, or that I at least had a clue what you were talking about.

    I am even less sure how this got back to a discussion about “a member who left of her own accord.” Where did THAT come from here??

    I have not used PMs or Karma to create drama. I also do not think I have asked questions only to stir up drama. Seriously, do I seem like I am that petty? I’ve asked questions when I was looking for answers. How does asking if someone can earn privileges back count as creating drama??

    As far as the question that was asked, specifically to me/Marvie from PUR, I do think that Marvie gave a good response before it was asked. Open honest discussion seems to do the best for any type of discord. As I have no idea how PM and Karma were used to disrupt the community I can’t answer any more specifically. You see, I still don’t know what is going on, as there are only references to something that occurred with no examples. It would be helpful if you shared this information. Although you can accuse me of stirring the pot, you should at least le me know what is in the pot I am stirring!! I also think that Raisin’s idea of an email being sent to explain (to the person) about what is happening, BEFORE sanctions are taken, is a good thing. I would have though that was already happening, but if it isn’t I do agree it should. I also think people should be told what they can do to get those privileges back.

    I hope, honestly, my starting this thread is not taken as more than it is, my response, as I couldn’t respond to a locked thread.

  14. Another one bites the dust…..welcome Appleberry

  15. Apple,

    Welcome good friend! It is good to see you again!


  16. PC said

    Lord it’s nice to see Apple here. Wasn’t she one of the ones who was cheering on Tracy and believing that I’m jealous of Tracy? LOL Or was that Marvie?

    woo hoo! Join us on the dark side. Where all the jealous sluts reside.

    SLUT #4

  17. PC said


    I screwed up. I am not Slut #4 – I’m SLUT #2!!!!


  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Welcome Appleberry. You will find that you can do/say/believe/discuss whatever you want to on this hear blog. Just be sure you pepper your comments with the occasional fuck or shit or slut. You’ll fit right in.


  19. I think that if you do not stir the pot the food will burn, yes?

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL mrs….good one

  21. Marvie said

    PC, it’s pretty safe for me to say that I went through a period of time when I thought everyone on the “hate blogs” was a two-headed bitch! I was wrong … my apologies for hatin’ y’all and sayin’ nasty things … I was a TCShithead!

  22. prdiva4 said

    Hey PC!

    Are you trying to take my SLUT SPOT! i don’t think so missy! LOL

    TO marvie you forgot to mention us SLUTS here and About this whole think with Apple..Right on for speaking your mind! All I can say about this is LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Yo Willie! Want to go to Vegas?


    SLUT #4

  23. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Don’t worry Marvie, when you’re in the TC fog you always think haters of PT are losers. I think we were all there at some level. WElcome to reality and welcome to some FUN!!!

  24. PC said

    okay well, we can think PT sucks, but I still think MK sucks too. So can we just have one big hate fest? We’ll kill two birds with one stone here. 🙂

    Marvie – what happened to make you go from such a believer of TC, to hangin out here with the sluts????

  25. Willie Lump Lump said

    Thanks Prdiva for the….RELAPSE. Luv ya for that! 😛

  26. prdiva4 said


  27. foxspirit1 said

    PC, I don’t remember saying you were jealous. I’m not super sure who you are. LOL I was the one asking who the mole was, and now I guess I know there are certainly more than one that was cutting/pasting threads!

    When I first met Tracy, honestly her talk about hate blogs about her didn’t make much sense. I couldn’t figure out why there would be hate blogs. It sounded paranoid. It sounded like High School drama. I guess that was all true though. There certainly are hate blogs. Only, until that time, I didn’t even know they existed. I had to look b/c, well, curiosity and cats…

    As far as people knowing why they were sanctioned, I don’t remember sending members harassing PMs or “misusing” karma. I did post on a topic that PUR asked me a question in. I knew it wouldn’t be welcome, but pulling all privileges makes no sense. I guess I shouldn’t try to figure out the why though…it’s awful early.

  28. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Does anyone know what happened to Havurah over on PT??? Thanks.

  29. You know it’s comical in a way. While we’re in MK we’re told not to go to Pink Truth which we do…when we’re in Pink Truth we’re told not to go to this blog..and we do.

    So, where else “shouldn’t” I go?

    So great to have you here Apple. The fun ones are leaving!


  30. No One said

    Ha ha pppj! It is like your “don’t read this” thread!

  31. mkrealist said

    I think Havurah got booted months ago but before this blog appeared.

  32. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Last time I corresponded with Havie, she was still on PT just not posting.

  33. mkrealist said

    Oh ok.

  34. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Apple!!!! Glad your here! It really sucks that you get treated like that for asking questions. When things got really rocky when I was on PT she posted “if you have a question pm me” I think most were afraid to pm and ask the questions because they would be treated just the way you are. I know what you mean about her complaining about all the other hate blogs, it got the best of my curiosity, so I started being a looky loo.

  35. No one,

    Exactly! We don’t always listen to directions!


  36. NoNoNoNoIDontSmokeItNoMore said

    I did.. and I asked about the hate blogs.. and she told me not to worry about it…. and I went and drank my koolaid and shut my yap…..

  37. Marvie said

    PC, to answer your question from last night … I had pretty good second-hand knowledge of TC’s behavior behind the scenes, but nothing first-hand UNTIL she started bullying my peeps on the boards … I freakin’ hate bullies! And that bullshit about “send me a PM and I’ll answer your questions” was enough to make me spontaneously combust! Riiiiiiight … keep it private so you can verbally and emotionally abuse someone w/o everyone else witnessing it! Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt … her M.O. is just like the abuser I worked for! Thanks, but no thanks!

    As far as hangin’ out with the sluts … LOL! I’ve always been a party waitin’ to happen and this place knows how to ROCK! Party on!

  38. Duped said

    Then you are in the right place, Marvie. I luuurrve parties waiting to happen kind of girls. You’ll fit right in with the rest of us hookers, sluts and fart knockers. 😛

  39. bluehairedbebe said

    A Great Big ~WELCOME~ Apple! Marvie? How long have you been here? I always loved both of you guys’ posts! Welcome aboard! As you can see, it’s a big free-for-all over here, so no one will chew your butts for bad grammer or spelling. Or having fun, or thinking for yourself. Us adults know we can disagree and still be friends, for crying out loud! PPPj – I was thinking the same thing about MK SD’s telling their units to “stay away from that pink truth site, there’s some nasty bitter women there” being an exact parallel to Tracy’s take on duh, ptlies, etc. Well darn it all, I have to run out the door again. Hubby is ‘reminding’ me.
    LOL I love that phrase “fart knockers” LOL
    Later, Skanks!

  40. Marvie said

    Well, I really like my other name b/c it fits this situation so well, so I’ll keep it on this blog … I’ve been posting as Left the Freakshow for a number of weeks … lurking longer, of course, but wanted to get a feel for the place before I committed (still a little gun shy from PT, ya know!) … found myself laughing a LOT when I was here, decided that I needed more laughter in my life … and so, there you go!

  41. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    i have to apologize to everyone.

    i’m sorry for being a grammer/spelling nazi on PT. it was only a couple of times, and i apologize but that PT crack sure is strong.

    phew. now i feel better.

  42. Mentally Fucked by Reading Duh's Blog said

    (Not a Bee-liever)
    Grammar, MFBT, is spelled with an “a”. Were you trying to push the envelope? Cause if you were, that is fucking hilarious. But if you weren’t, I apologize for catching your error.

    We all make mistakes and I guess some of us are apt to point out other people’s mistakes. That’s something I’m going to have to work on.

    Marvie/Left the Freakshow, when are you going to tell us more about your trip to Poland?

  43. Left the Freakshow said

    dayum … you guys know i went to poland … who are you people?


  44. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    pppsssttttt freaky – she posted her screenname under her duh name (you’re talkin to not a beeliever). 😉

  45. Left the Freakshow said

    oh … i’m an idiot


  46. PrincessSnore said

    DizzyPinkFizzy has left the PT building.

  47. Duped said

    Don’t even know who she is…she must be new. Thanks for the update, Princess.

    Poland? Shit – nice. I love Europe…ahhh…Spain is 2nd on my “have to go there list”, right behind Africa and Vegas runs a close 3rd.

    Fart knockers.

  48. ChineseAmbassador said

    who’s that? dizzypinkfizzy?

    lol are we going to have a weekend tally on everyone who left the last two days?

  49. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dizzy’s not new 🙂

  50. Eureka said

    Hello everyone!!!!!! You mean to tell me I can say “balls” here without offending?

  51. Not a Bee-liever said

    *waving to Eureka*

    mi cuñada! llegaste!

  52. Eureka said

    and we can speak Spanish without offending anyone either! All that crazy talk about cultural diversity and global melting pot got through the censors?

  53. Left the Freakshow said

    All right, I need a body count from this week’s mass PT exodus! This is too sweet for words! Is there anybody on this blog that’s been keeping up with this, or are we all just a bunch of skanky, sluty, whore-dogs? Just wonderin’!


  54. Mercedes said

    Eureka-hello buddy-how are you? I am so glad you are here-you are one of the very last few i am waiting for…This is Miss Periwinkle (No More). So glad you are here.

  55. Not a Bee-liever said

    Left the Freakshow/Marvie,
    Isn’t it a relief that we can use words like “good-bye cruel world,” “PTocide,” and “body count” without having to take it seriously??? At least it’s not real life.

    I cannot even imagine the body count from the past week. I, for one, was not going to stick around pleading, “Please, sir, may I have another” in regards to the public beatdowns/shamings.

  56. Not a Bee-liever said

    Not to mention the private beatdowns/shamings that I have heard about. I’m still carrying that water. If there are any of you sluts who haven’t emailed me yet, what are you waiting for? My DISC profile says I’m receptive to other people and sympathetic to other points of view—I make a good friend. I’ll carry your water for you! And I’m motivated by a general sense of happiness, not by ambition—so we all know why I didn’t end up liking PT!

  57. Mercedes said

    hey not a bee-liever *waving* How are you? sorry-haven’t checked email in like 2 weeks. hope all is well. I’m not sure about this carrying water thing-but I gotta lot going on-like a big huge swimming pool of water-if you’re takin’ loads off-it’s comin’ your way.

    I feel lighter already.

  58. flycat said

    Hey, would you carry my gatorade for me? 🙂


  59. Eureka said

    Hey Mercedes, Miss P,
    good to see you here!! i’m so proud to join the skanky, slutty, whore-dogs!! yay sswd’s!!!!
    can we say swear words in spanish? if so then add puta to the above!!!
    that would make us the psswd’s

  60. Hi Eureka!

    It’s good to see your name here! Ok, so the countdown for the weekend is Not-a-bee and Eureka left, right?

    Am I missing anyone else?


  61. Hi Eureka!

    It’s good to see your name here! Ok, so the countdown for the weekend is Not-a-bee and Eureka left, right?


  62. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    **shout out to Eureka**

    Marvie left too pppj.

  63. Oh, how could I forget.

    Wow 3 down….(cue music)

    Another one bites the dust….and another one down and another one down another one bites the dust…hey she’s gonna get you too another one bites the dust….”

  64. Left the Freakshow said

    appleberry/foxy – she left, too!

    That makes 4! Do I hear 5? Who’s gonna gimme 5? Let’s hear it …


  65. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    oh yeah apple. And don’t forget unbeelievable – that was #5.

  66. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    And Pixie.

  67. In one post:

  68. unbeelievable said

    Hey, I’m not official, just yet. After PUR’s “She left. It was her decision to leave, so shut the hell up already!!” (not an actual quote) comment about someone (Mrs M maybe? I still have no idea what she was talking about) on the Karma thread, I’m not leaving until I’m kicked out for a violation of the rules. When I am officially BFBF, I’ll let you know.

    Until then, I’ll keep posting here if you biatches can handle it. A’ight?

  69. bluehairedbebe said

    You newbies that are just arriving from PT probably don’t recognize me because I don’t use my PT name.

    Tracy updated the Site Rules today! I forgot the exact wording, but it was some blurb about violators will have the following consequences: your privileges may be limited or revoked, or your membership may be limited or revoked. There was a third thing inbetween those, but I can’t recall what it was. Then there was a bunch of junk about “you’ll recieve a PM and/or email if you are in violation and need a consequence; if you find that your access here is limited and you have not recieved notification about it, please PM me immediately because it may just be a glitch with the new site”, not an exact quote.
    Blah. Spare me. There was no link to the rest of the rules. I glanced at the menu off to the left of the new site and didn’t see them, and I didn’t feel like sifting through endless posts on the board to find them. SO how is a person to know if they are in violation without easy access to the rules? Better yet, is there anything anywhere on PT explaining which rules will apply to whom and in which circumstances? Hahahaha, nope! All PT turds are at the mercy of Queen FW. Let’s see how long I last *evil laugh*! *going to stomp on the PT eggshells*

    Sayonara queefers.

  70. Mentally Fucked by Reading Duh's Blog said

    DizzyPinkFizzy and ???pink left on their own and Daisy got banned. There are also several newbies that I don’t want to “out” that were successfully warned before I left. 😉 This will never be an accurate body count, though, because some people aren’t drama queens and have left without even saying anything.

  71. foxspirit1 said

    Hm, and how would I send a PM, you know, since I don’t have access to those? Sure, I didn’t get any warning before anything happened… and once I did I was BLOCKED wholly and completely BLOCKED, even from the main page. I have apparently been given access back to viewing, but I still couldn’t send a PM. I was banned for “continuously stirring the pot.”

  72. Oh for pete’s sake.

    Welcome to all the people, and unbelievable – no biggie with you posting on PT. It’s a free country. I am glad YOU are happy.

    WELCOME WELCOME….all are welcome….


  73. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Oh yeah and beebuzzymelissy left.

    Sorry unbee, my mistake.

  74. Daisy got banned?

    Oh Daisy, if you are reading this know I am thinking of you.

    Ok, so we now have within a week the following (I think)

    Apple Berry

    You all were so fun on PT -I’m glad you made it over here!


  75. Oscar said

    Where’s bologna? I miss my bologna!

  76. I never got an email or pm that my karma privvies were suspended. They were just suspended and frankly I have NO IDEA why. I guess if I really wanted to know I would email Tracy but I don’t care enough to know the reason. My guess is that it was a kneejerk response. I can only say that I did not harass anyone by karma and I know that PUR did not complain about it so I can’t figure out who would have been offended by me telling them things like, “I miss talking to you” and “I think you are awesome.”

  77. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    mrs – probably her extreme paranoia that you were “talking” outside of PT.

    that’s my guess

  78. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I’m willing to be she won’t send a PM or email to those that she decides needs punishing. And if you question it, she’ll say “oh, I sent it, didn’t you get it? It must have been an internet glitch.”

  79. ChineseAmbassador said

    yep – she’ll just claim there was a “glitch”. She’s done that before, promises something and then pretends that she sent it and has no idea why it didn’t get to so-and-so. LOLL
    so predictable.

  80. Pixie said

    Oh, I haven’t officially left PT either…not because I’m not a drama queen, either. I was waiting to contact a couple more ppl, and one of them has arrived here (waving to unbeelievable). Any day now…MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  81. unbeelievable said

    *waving back to Pixie!*

    Mrs. M, because you are a DRAMA QUEEN! That one was easy.


  82. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Unbee – can you shoot me an e-mail when you get a minute? thanks.

  83. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo Bluehairedbebe,

    I see ya caught onto my name for Ms. PT Alias Queen Fuckwitt. Yo Queenie, you keeps on banning like you is, you not gonna have anybody to play with no mo’.

    Singing in loud voice “Another ones bites the dust, another ones bites the dust!” Queenie are ya starting to hate weekends? Looks like your discussion board might eventually commit PTocide. Can you spell I-M-P-L-O-S-I-O-N, or PT P-O-I-S-O-N.

  84. Pixie..oh yeah, baby…it’s ALLLLL ABOUT MEEEEEEE…the d-r-a-m-a-q-u-e-e-n.

    I think I like that nickname better than “that metaphor person” now…is that even possible??

  85. High Hopes Has Left The Building said

    Welcome to all those who have decided to abandom the PT ship. Woo Hoo!
    Its pretty liberating when you aren’t worried about being banned all the time. I hate that she uses terms like consequence, my gosh are we all 3 year olds who need to be punished??? I don’t get it. Mrs. it appears that you were right, someone isn’t learning any lessons. I for one will call you whatever you want Drama Queen or just plain old Mrs. cuz you are a sweetie!

    Welcome to the other PT survivors!

  86. folkwoman said

    Hi yall,
    anyone remember me? mostly i lurked around PT and tried to stay out of trouble.
    Been lurking around here, it’s good to see some familiar names. Fun place yall got here.

  87. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    I remember you folkwoman! How are you?

  88. foxspirit1 said

    Folk Woman! Hey it’s me Apple!! How are you?? I hope well. I was cleaning out my email the other day and I saw the picture of your girl in my box. She is such a cute doggie… and I think about you every time I see trollbeads hehehe. *hugs*

  89. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Hi Folkwoman,

    Missed chatting with ya!

  90. folkwoman said

    hi sickie!
    glad to see you again. i’m good. got two in school these days so i’m somewhat free, but still have the little guy, and of course the doggie! how are things?
    hey apple! glad to talk to you again. still not sure what our baby girl is…but we’re leaning towards part golden retriever and part terv. she’s a hoot. she’s finally decided that I am the boss around here – now if I can just convince my hubby and the boys too!
    OOO- i need some more trollbeads!
    hi HH! I missed chatting too! but those were some late nights and now school is in session and i need all the sleep i can get!
    sorry to hijack the thread yall…but since someone asked for a roll call I thought I’d answer although I haven’t been booted.

  91. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    folkwoman – I e-mailed you. Did you get it?

  92. Have not decided on a name said

    Ok Ok. I am here too! But not banned yet. I don;t think anybody on PT is even going to notice I am not posting. I am going to miss those chat nights.
    As for harrassing with KARMA …hey,PUR was karma-ing me all the time. I don’t know why. So what is the deal with karma. ???
    Good for you , apple for your posts.
    and BTW ..
    TC did not begin the movement of blogs that shed some light on the pink fog… she took her marbles from a couple of other sites.. and started her own.

    I was out of town this past weekend.. missed the parade heading out.

    You can help me think of a name that is not too salacious!!! OK?

  93. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    “Have not decided on a name” 😉 I’d miss your posts if I were still on PT you can bet on that!

    How about “find as a dandy” as your name.

  94. Thanks HH….You know I love the validation,babe.

    Folkwoman! It’s cool to “see” you again. It was always fun to chat with you on PT. Welcome to the land of the outcasts.

  95. Just like the Island of Misfit Toys on Rudolph!

  96. folkwoman said

    hi sickie-
    i got your email – but my boys are hogging the computer right now LOL. I’ll write back soon, k?

  97. folkwoman said

    hi mrs-
    thanks-i had fun on chat too. miss that, although i don’t miss my sleep!

    thanks a lot FF- now i got that song running through my head!

    it wouldn’t be so bad if i could get past the first two lines but they keep going on over and over…

  98. We’re on the island of misfits toys…here we don’t want to stay…
    we want to travel with Santa Claus…in his merry sleigh…

    who wants a train with SQUARE WHEELS?? lol

  99. Not a Bee-liever said

    flycat, sorry I can’t carry your gatorade. I’m not strong enough to diversify at this point.

    hi, folkwoman!

  100. Mercedes said

    Well someone has been giving me Karma on PT-but I don’t know who-cause I can’t view it. Thanks to whoever it is.


  101. Not a Bee-liever said

    Mercedes, I gave you some before I left, but then I started getting the message that your karma can’t be modified anymore. You were labeled a “stirrer of the pot.”

    I think it is too bad that everyone has to be labeled. We suffer, squirming around in the too-tight box that we allow others to put us in. There are prayer warriors, students, young moms, seasoned directors, grandmothers, etc. When someone says something “out of character” it is so shocking. But it is only shocking to those who have labeled that person and expected that person to function within those parameters.

    That’s why I like it here better because I don’t feel labeled. I can be what I want to be and go for shock value on purpose. I don’t have to stress about what label people are putting on me. At PT there were a lot of aspects of myself I didn’t get to show people and I know that there are many others I am guilty of labeling and judging.

    Where is the thread where I can share what book I am reading? LOL! Okay, nevermind, here will do. I am reading Hijas Americanas. It’s title is Spanish, but it is written in English. It’s about labeling and how latina women can define themselves without the stereotypes. I’ve found it very insightful as I look back and analyze the mistakes I made when judging people at PT. There wasn’t too much “self-definition” by posters at PT. All we had to base our judgments on was the consistancy or inconsistancy of the posts of each one. I didn’t use the PM function too often, so I really didn’t get to know that many people apart from what was publically shared. That’s such a shame.

    There was such a double standard with the boards incompassing so many topics and so many opportunities to be social, but then people were operating on fear because the moles were committing breaches of trust, and the sentiment of “you never know who is watching”. Don’t reveal your birthdate, don’t share pictures, don’t plan get-togethers, don’t communicate outside of the safety of anonymity.

    I think it is confusing that the PT boards are growing to incompass more social aspects yet there are more fears, contagious paranoia and warnings about what can and can’t be shared.

  102. I just want to say as far as being a mole, I never shared any personal information about someone that I came across. I never agreed with the way TC put people’s emails, addresses and phone numbers out there for the world to see. That was part of the reason for becoming a mole myself, to out TC for who she was, not to hurt the posters there. Since I do not know who any of the other moles are/were, I cannot speak for them, but I assume (yes, I know what that can mean) that their intentions were similar. Again, to out TC for who she really was and is.

  103. I too love it here, because you can say what you want and never fear “banning”. Off to work now!

  104. Mercedes said

    I love it here too! Freedom of speech-No banning-No post count-No karma-positive or negative…since that isn’t what Karma is anyway-No titles-No “Mavens” -No secret groups (that I know of)…Just one big group of HOOKERS getting along or not-speaking out and letting it out!


  105. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    YES!!! So here’s where the party landed…excellent!

    I’ve really missed you all…PT’s a much quieter place without you! So now I’ve got another place to come and visit; thanks so much to HH for telling me about it – I missed whatever post Tracy sent that mentioned this blog.

    I don’t have any beefs with PT at this time but I was really upset about the bannings and subsequent mass exodus (I was away over that weekend so I caught up with it all in one sitting) so I’m really glad to have found you all again. And who knows? I have opinions and I know how to use them.
    I hope it doesn’t happen since PT has a mission that I’d like to support but it could happen to me.

    And could someone PLEASE explain how you harrass someone with Karma? That just makes no sense AT ALL!!!

    (and Missy the Cat too!)

  106. Got me, Curious. All I did was go and give karma to a bunch of people I like a whole lot. I have no idea what the thought process was behind my karma button being dismantled. Now, I DID ask that people go over and GIVE me karma on PT. Maybe that is what pissed off Tracy.

    The whole thing is stupid.

  107. High Hopes has left the building said

    Curious, You’ve got mail!



  108. High Hopes has left the building said

    Curious, You’ve got mail, please check your inbox.


  109. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Hi HH, I will! BRB…


  110. Not a Bee-liever said

    I think the karma harassment has to do with a lot of pot stirrers giving a lot of karma in a short period of time including some boos to imauzer. But I also think that if someone is frustrated and is looking for a way to express herself then that type of karma harassment is understandable and easy to forgive.

    Tracy could PM the person she thinks is frustrated and ask her what her deal is. Then the karma given out of frustration could be erased once the person calms down and those involved feel sufficiently placated. I mean, there was talk of “grace” on the “changes at PT” thread and I know there are several prominant instances of grace extended to those who lashed out in frustration with boos or otherwise smirky karmas. Ahem. So, I don’t know why some people get grace and some people don’t. That, in a nutshell, is why I left.

    I’m with mrs. in that I always want to talk it over and mediate and see who has what beefs. Everyone needs a voice. It doesn’t serve any higher purpose to squelch someone’s voice.

  111. Not a Bee-liever said

    Oh, I forgot to say welcome to Curious and her cat. Glad to see you ’round these parts.


  112. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    HH, we may be experiencing a technical delay or the e-mail has been temporarily misrouted. I mean, we don’t live THAT far from each other.

    Anyway, I digress…great hearing from you today and I answered your e-mail (and the answer to your question is YES!) about 4 1/2 hours ago. The full reply should be coming to you at some point…soon…I hope.

    In the meantime, just call me Curious! (where did that e-mail get off to?)

  113. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Maybe not 4 1/2 hours now that I’m looking at this again…drat! Time to put on my techie hat again…


  114. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Hi Not-A-Bee!!! Good to see you here too and thanks for the welcome.

    And Missy sends her very best “meow” back at you!

  115. High Hopes has left the building said

    Hi Curious! You have mail!

    Hi Not!


  116. Hey curious! Welcome!!!!!

    I also sent you an e-mail. 🙂

  117. bluehairedbebe said

    Hi Curious, Folkwoman, FF/S, and “Have not decided on a name” – whoever you are! Good to see some more peeps over here. Oh, and I still want a new pic, Duh. You must change that gawd-awful thing.

  118. jazzycat said

    **waving to Curious and Folkwoman** Welcome!!

  119. Xxx said


    Psst. Tracy. Apple Berry told me to tell you

  120. Discuss said


    Psst. Tracy. Apple Berry told me to tell you

  121. discuss said

    More Help

    Psst. Tracy. Apple Berry told me to tell you

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