Got a little crazy on your face there, Tracy


Written By: ScrewU

Well, now all you bitches have done it!  You’ve made Tracy get mad for real and have to explain what you all should know.  What the hell is wrong with you all?  Just STOP asking questions!  People DO NOT get banned for asking questions!  They get banned (or all their priveleges taken away) for stirring the pot!  And yes, the untrained eye would think that asking questions was the same as stirring the pot.  But it’s NOT!  Just listen to Tracy.  She will tell you what to think so you can stop stirring the pot (aka asking valid questions).  Now STFU and read


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Re: Karma?

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I need to add a couple of things to my comments above..

1. This drama has never, EVER been about “disagreeing” or “differences of opinion” or “asking questions.” You see, that’s the agenda being pushed by some, but it’s not based in reality. People have not had privileges revoked or had their membership suspended from PT because of disagreeing or asking questions. Far from it. Those who have been sanctioned have engaged in overt acts meant to disrupt PT and/or harass PT members. And the latest shenanigans involve certain members trying to push an ex-member’s agenda via harassing PMs and abuse of karma (a feature of the site that used to be for fun!). Is it any surprise that those engaging in bad behavior aren’t owning up to it? Of course not. They are innocent victims who are just trying to love everyone and have a little fun. (That was sarcasm in the last two sentences.)

2. At some point, life and PT must go on. Miss your friends. Talk to them. Associate with them. Just don’t bring their nonsense here. If you are friends with an ex-member who has left (or been escorted out) on bad terms, don’t bring their drama to PT. Their agendas are not needed, wanted, or welcome here.

3. Airing the dirty laundry. There will always be a debate about whether I said too much or not enough about the departure of one or more members. I’ve said what I believe needed to be said. The bottom line here is that some were removed for bad behavior, and others left of their own accord due to personal reasons, a different direction in life, an allegiance to one or more former members, a conclusion to the MK chapter of their lives, and a host of other reasons. Members come and go from online communities all the time. We are at 2,600 members. 1% of that is 26. 2% is 52. Is that a lot? Not to me. Members move on all the time, and this community is no different from others. We’ve said our goodbyes, and at some point we have to continue on without them.

4. The rules are made for the troublemakers. It’s no coincidence that the only people who are ultra-concerned about privileges on PT and the minutia about how far you can push the bad behavior without sanctions and how you earn them back after bad behavior…. are the ones engaging in the bad behavior! Notice that the vast majority of our members aren’t really worried about the “rules” because they engage in appropriate activities on PT and don’t have to concern themselves because they know they aren’t breaking any rules.

So let’s carry on, shall we?

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  1. Duh said

    Haha! Bad behavior! Tracy’s so funny. The problem is, no one knows what is and what’s not considered bad behavior. The bad behavior depends on who you are and how Tracy’s feeling that day. If Tracy’s paranoia kicks in and you just happen to be asking a question, BAM, you’ve been a bad girl and must be punished.

    Tracy es loco, chicas.

    Did anyone else find garbage all over their yard this morning?

  2. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Garbage? Must have been Tracy airing out her dirty laundry.

  3. PC said

    I know what she’s getting at. People keep WHINING. like “where’s my friend sickie? waah waaah waah” and “what happened to Mrs Metaphor? wahh wahh wahh” and “why can’t I send a PM to my friends? waaah waaah waahahh”

    You see? All this UNNECESSARY WHINING. You stupid cows! The queen knows when you’re just posting something to stir the pot!!!! Stop shining the light on her freakishness, and everything will be FINE!!

  4. PC said

    MFBT – haven’t you read PTLies this morning? am I the only one hanging out there, waiting for savant to post more details on Tracy’s escapades? lol

  5. Not a Bee-liever said

    Tracy likes to call them ex-members instead of friends.
    I am ROFL right now, PC, with that visual of all of us whining.

  6. Was this at the end of the same thread where PUR was comparing this place to a mentally ill daycare?

  7. Not a Bee-liever said

    That was raisin.

  8. Do you know the muffin man said

    How come the same people can participate on other forums and blogs without any hint of drama? What did the places with all the drama have in common? Oh Yes it was TRACY!!!….The queen of smiting and chief karma abuser herself.

    Funny – the places where she has been banned have no drama.

  9. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Poor Tracy.

  10. melurvescowbell said

    Crazy lady projects all of her OWN personality flaws onto those around her. Just because she is a distrusting, conniving, thieving bitch doesn’t mean all those around her are.

    What is hilarious is that all those things she complains about are things that SHE HER ROYAL SELF have done! Ok, maybe not hilarious. Definitely hypocritical.

    And that stupid “stirring the pot” phrase irritates the crap out of me. Get a grip.

  11. Not a Bee-liever said

    Fanning the flames
    Bearing the torch
    Carrying someone else’s water

    All of these phrases have been incorrectly used to describe me. I’d just like to say that when something bothers me, that means it is bothering ME. Not someone else.

  12. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Not a bee – did you get accused of carrying someone else’s water on PT? That makes me chuckle.

  13. Not a Bee-liever said

    Uhm, yeah. Why does everything that makes other people chuckle, make me cry?

  14. Not a Bee-liever said

    I was carrying gallons and gallons and gallons of water.

  15. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Just the term made me chuckle. On duh’s blog you can carry all the water you want. 😉 Just don’t drown.

    Lighten up girlfriend, you’re free!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Not a Bee-liever said

    Good advice FFPT. 🙂 Looking back at the infamous karma thread, I was carrying 30-40 people’s water! LOL!

  17. Not a Bee-liever said

    And all the lurkers on the Spanish boards who might have benefitted from my postings/advice but never said anything—I was carrying their water too!

  18. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Well set the water down along the side of the road for a few minutes and rest and have some fun! You can always pick up the water tomorrow if you want to. LOL

  19. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Quote TheTherapist “Was this at the end of the same thread where PUR was comparing this place to a mentally ill daycare?”

    Now that is funny, that she would compare PT to a mentally ill daycare, I suppose she is the chief nut. I wonder if her mommy has to label her lunch bag and blanky. She should fit right in.

    Tracy seriously look at what you are saying about stirring the pot, I have read the posts that Apple wrote and there was no pot stirring or drama going on and Not-a-Bee well she was just wanted a questioned answered, ummmm ya might want to remember she was relatively new on the board.

    As I said to friends you are running through maven’s faster than toilet paper, soon there isn’t going to be anyone left to put on a new roll at the rate you are ripping and flushing. Oh wait I gotta get my plunger it seems the PT toilet has backed up again as another member goes down with the super suds.

  20. flycat said

    And that stupid “stirring the pot” phrase irritates the crap out of me. Get a grip.

    LOL I just had this mental image of someone sticking their finger into a baggie of reefer and stirring it around. My subconscious must be desperately trying to tell me that I forgot to take some drugs before reading crap from Tracy.

    Carrying someone else’s water made me laugh too. Did she really say that to you? I never heard that expression before so I just have the image of one person drinking a beer and this poor other person having to pee really bad. So you know the first one notices that and just has to chug another one to see what will happen next. LOLLLLLLL Like Free said, lighten up. You’re free now so you can laugh at the absurdity of it all. Laughter is the best medicine ya know?


  21. Not a Bee-liever said

    Now don’t go starting rumors. I said that phrase was used. I didn’t say who used it. When I defend someone that is a PTer, I am an ass kisser, but when I defend someone that is an ex-member I am a water carrier. WTF???

    I love your “stirring the pot” image, flycat. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, I guess I was taking everything too seriously. Thanks for making me laugh!

  22. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    I’d rather carry water than….well you get the idea. 😉

  23. flycat said

    Sorry, Not a Bee. Due to the nature of the phrase, I made a big ole
    A$$-umption about who used it. Not apologizing, just sayin’ LOL



  24. Not a Bee-liever said

    Cool, flycat, I accept your non apology.

  25. Okay, I say again.

    SANCTIONED? Go fuck yourself, TC.


    (Glad I finally found a word!)

  26. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    YAAAA PD!!! So happy for you that you found a word. It’s kind of like skunks but maybe not as smelly.

    Tracy sure is mad these days. Seems like that most of the people there are brand spanking new. Only a ‘handful’ of old timers.

    Do you think Tracy wasn’t hugged as child? Or maybe she was denied sugar as a kid and now she has a lot of pent up aggression? Speaking of food, did you know that people can get something called protien poisoning? Isn’t that wierd?

  27. eyesicle said

    Snatch. I Iike that word.

  28. FollowOurFlip said

    MBHAFN: No, she is just a bitch.
    Eyesicle: Love that word.

    What is with her % in the post? 1% is 26? 2% is 52? Oooohhh, lookie! She knows math! WTF?


  29. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Twat-ever. I lurve that.

  30. Daisy said

    So, I got the big BAN this afternoon.

    No warning (what happened to that pre-emptive thing?) from Tracy or PUR. No stirring any pot. No comments, no karma, no behind-the-scenes drama… and when I sent a WTH? e-mail, NO RESPONSE. What gives? I was playing nice! Is it banning by association?

    Geez. A girl spends one disgusting night in chat with The Queen and posts a comment about it that gets hijacked from the Mush Pot and posted on the front page of another blog. (oops!) Wasn’t witnessing that show firsthand punishment enough?

  31. Mercedes said

    Well-Today she has posted that there are new rules and if you violate a rule you will be notified by email or pm of what you have done and what action will be taken. I am so glad she waits until now to do this…Uh little late.

    Anywho-hello to everyone. I haven’t been online except maybe once all week-except for work/school. I have had soooo much going on. I hope everyone is ok and had a great week and will have a great week to come. I am just now checking messages and things.

    Love to all

  32. Well, Bologna, I suppose that depands on the skank….


  33. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Is it just me, or is there something retarded about so many “rules”. It’s a fucking blog hookers. That’s it. It’s not even your REAL life. Anyone who wants THAT kind of control in a virtual world with virtual bitches. Wow, stay over on PT then. All the hookers here were too damn smart to stay over in that crazyland. And never look back!


  34. Mercedes said

    Settle down beavis. Uh-huh huh-huh huh. Virtual bitches? There aint nuthin’ virtual ’bout me baby…
    I am so glad she waits until now to do this – means glad she waited for all of us hookers to get out and move on over to here with you-Dizzy!


  35. I don’t remember seeing DUH around much recently? DUH? you okay, babe? No suspicious activity near your garbage cans is there?

  36. I, myself have been retaining water all week and finally got my Aunt Flo this weekend…lovely.

    Notabee…your insight here, “calls them ex-members, not ex-friends” is really powerful. It’d be a good thing for all those on PT to note this…maybe some on PT think we were really horrible friends and even worse people in general though. I dunno. Wait and see.

  37. bluehairedbebe said

    PD, I said skanks first. But you can borrow it. I have my own new word, Queefers! Hardy McHarHarhar.

    Troublemakers? Pushing agendas? Minutia? Bad Behavior? Suspended? Allegiance? 2600 Members? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me Tracy, we are not in gradeschool anymore. I think you (TC) have “moderator” confused with The Brain from Pinky and The Brain. You know, he was the evil one who wanted control of everything. His plans always failed. 😉

    Hehe I thought some of the Mavens I’ve been seeing were new. They don’t know the drama that has gone on in the past, and I know that for a fact.

    Did somebody say Beavis? Nyinyinyninyinyi I am Cornholio, and I need PT for my bunghole!

    *sniff sniff* Do I smell pot being stirred in here? MMMMmmmmmmm foliage, me lurves, light one for me there will ya? I have to be all responsible and shit, I had to give that up long long ago.

    Awww I just lurve you hos! Fart knockers and Queefs!

  38. gothchiq said

    I’ve seen people tap the bowl with the lighter, but that’s about it. lol.

    Gothchiq does not like excessive numbers of rules. Gothchiq is not anyone’s doormat. BAH I say, bah to all of it.



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