Let’s see how far we’ve come

Written By: ScrewU

Just like the song says, let’s see how far we’ve come.  How many Maven’s have we knocked off the list?

Find a Pink Truth MAVEN
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Authors – SuzyQ, Raisinberry, The Scribbler, sadnpink, ShabbyInPink

Careers – DebiUnpinked and high hopes


Financial Issues – MommyMindi and Lazy Gardens

Hobbies – MommyMindi  

Inventory Trading – apple berry

Legal Issues and Documents – Baroness von SügarScrüb and TRACY

Media – mkdebtvictim24

Money Management – MommyMindi and Lazy Gardens

MySpace – SheerBlushing

Other MLMs (not MK) – Personal Use Recruiter and Mother 

Quitting Mary Kay – Rachel

Relationships – painting pink pjs  

Religion & Spirituality – sadnpink

Research – Baroness von SügarScrüb

Sales Directors – SuzyQ, Raisinberry and mocha_latte

Scripts –  The Scribbler

Selling MK Products – Pink Lawnmower

Site Owner – TRACY

Spanish – Not a Bee-liever  

Training Mary Kay Consultants – Mother

Your Stories – Rachel and  enlightened in PA

Welcome & Navigation – perfectstop, NewJourney


  1. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Compared to the current list, mavens that ran for the hills (no longer a maven) are:

    High Hopes
    Apple Berry
    Not a bee-liever
    New Journey

    Anyone know what happened to New Journey? I liked her.

  2. Duh said

    I have this list posted on the Out Wit page up there with all the cross outs.

  3. PC said

    i thought there were more than that! weren’t there more mavens who bailed, or is that just massive numbers of peeon members? lolll

  4. ScrewU said

    What about PPPJ? You forgot her.

    Damn you Duh! That was my original thought and noone else can have it. Stop copying me by doing things I was going to do.
    Mine’s better though cuz I put music to it. So suck on that

  5. Not a Bee-liever said

    I think it diminishes the person’s decision to leave if you ask, “how many did we knock off the list?” Please rephrase that so I can continue to believe it was my own decision. Thanks.

  6. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    PC – this is just since Tracy put up the “new look” on the blog and made the announcement on there. When was that anyway? I can’t remember anymore.

    I’ve lost count as to how many mavens have come and gone since the announcement on the discussion board.

  7. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Sorry – my apologizies to PPPJ.

  8. Duh said

    I take no credit for “knocking people off”. I also don’t take credit for “knocking people up.”

    Bitch, that ain’t my baby.

  9. Left the Freakshow said

    sadly … marvie was a maven … until she wised up and ran like the wind … now she’s mavenless … and happier

  10. Strawberry Shortcake said

    There are more mavens that left before they got on the infamous list.

  11. No worries – I like to fly under the radar. Forget about me at anytime.

    It’s hard to forget the fun of typing pppj pppj pppj pppj

  12. Cougar/MKV said

    Before the Mavens were created, there was a “private” discussion board. The former members were:
    Mrs. Metaphor
    and then Sickie (added later)

    How many are left?
    Suzy Q. And maybe Rachel, but I don’t keep up with PT anymore, so does anyone know?

  13. PC said

    yeah rachel is still there. 🙂

    but as you know, nothing over there lasts longer than a year TOPS. ( and i think me and sickie hold the record)

  14. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    That’s funny. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right thar.

    ::::waiving to coug::::::


  15. eyesicle/la la Lo-la said

    Hi Cougar! Didn’t realize you were MKV.

  16. MKV said

    Yo eyesicle! Yeah, I forgot who I really was for a minute there too. LOL

  17. FollowOurFlip said

    You forgot me.

    (Just kidding, like to keep you on your toes)

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    FOF is funny.



    Kiddin wit ya


  19. FollowOurFlip said

    Who’s a ho? YOUS a ho!

    Kidding right back 🙂

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    No, your sister told me that YOU are a tramp! Wow, nice sister by the way.



  21. Licious said

    Wow, Dizzy. Thanks. I just had a tramatic flashback from last Christmas…. Good times…. Good times.

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