OMG! I just thought of the most funnest game ever!


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

Ladies!  I just thought of the funnest game ever!  We can guess what Tracy’s reason for using a picture with a copyright on it.  AND we can guess how fast Marquise will be banned!  Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!  Can you stand it?  It’s the best!  Go ahead… you go first


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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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I think it is a little bit hypocritical to come out with a new set of rules prohibiting the use of copyright materials for which you do not have a license and then do this.   The image is obviously taken from a stock photo site, and was not paid for nor licensed. If it were, the logo would not still be on the image.

As a web designer and software professional, I don’t find unauthorized use of other’s work to be cute or funny.

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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Pink Shark to Marquise:  “Go swim in a new pond – this one is full”

Pink Shark to MK:  “Bite Me”

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Kindness Is The Greatest Way To Display Your Gratitude


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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Marquise – I was just kidding by the way   Dancing

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Kindness Is The Greatest Way To Display Your Gratitude

Curious about all of this

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MKC…where thinking for yourself is a crime!

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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Sorry, Charline but only the finest sharks get to become NSDs!

Oh, wait.  You ARE a shark!   

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The road goes ever on…it’s just not paved in pink bricks!


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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Yeah, I know. I should lighten up.  But it just bugs me since this is my  profession and I hate it when people steal my work.

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The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Or, on the other hand, you might consider actually having all the facts before you post a nasty comment on a thread….

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detective Truth. Justice. Community. Pink Truth.

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  1. Ooohhh! Marq got told! You are OUT!
    I give her 5 days. I’ve got 20.00 on it. Takers?

  2. Duh said

    I’ll bet Tracy claims to have paid for the right to use the shark. And she paid for the right to use the Energizer bunny too. The checks in the mail Energizer!

  3. OhMe CanDoIt said

    When I stepped away from MK, it was mostly due to reading Pink Truth, and a validation of finally seeing in print, what I thought I alone suspected, all along. The words we were never able to utter, were plastered all over the comments and articles on these pages. I felt naked and exposed. I was looking at my screen, and seeing “me”, in all my denial.

    I have always loved the women in my unit. I think the world of them. And walking away would mean I would be leaving them defenseless. I had already stopped the frontloading and stopped recruiting guest/customers out from under my unit members who hadn’t even made a sale from them yet.

    We were taking it slow. We were talking “selling.” Many Directors were saying the same thing. We were going to rebuild everybody’s customer base, and offer the opportunity to only those who had already been hostesses, as Mary Kay herself, had told us. We stopped the debuts that were really mini guest events, and stopped recruiting our new people’s, people before they ever got a chance to hold a class.

    We were beginning fresh. And in three months, we were tanking, barely pulling in $4,000 wholesale. Eyes wide open, it’s decision time. My National was right. Production comes from new recruits, frontloaded with as much inventory as their little cards could handle.

    It wasn’t really the production drop that made the decision for me. I have built back up many times, but now, I couldn’t do it anymore. I knew too much.

    Once a person starts reading this site, and realizes how much is concealed, how “Positive Mental Attitude” is used to keep everyone in the dark, it just sickens the soul. I decided that my upline was just “pink fogged,” as I had been, not malicious and not self serving. I just couldn’t believe that she knew how deceptive Mary Kay really was. She had to be like me, fogged and in denial. Then I found out I was wrong. Wow, was that disappointing.

    It is a painful thing to admit that I walked away and left my personal and unit recruits in the hands of a woman who is lying to them and lying to herself.

    My Senior went from long time mid-range grand prix Director to a Caddy winner, on the back of my “DIQ”, and with some topping off of her own. That’s not the tragedy. The tragedy is my beloved personal recruit hasn’t held 10 classes in 5 years, and my Senior knew it. My beloved recruit has “ordered her way” into DIQ, no doubt given the same advice I was given by my Senior. “Find a way or make a way.”

    My beloved recruit was probably told not to “lose” all that production that her (weak) team has already contributed, and top off the production requirement herself. My beloved recruit, who rarely booked an appointment in her entire career, is now looking at some $8,000 to $10,000 or more in wholesale stock in her own house, and what’s worse, I warned her that this very thing would happen. She was advised not to listen to me.

    I am no longer “in” Mary Kay. In my area, I have fallen into the clutches of the dark side of the force. Too bad. I was such a good Director. So sad. My mind has been poisoned by truth.

    The age old question all the way back to Nero and beyond is what is truth?

    So many people have so much misinformation, so many tainted viewpoints. Each person thinks that what they know is correct and the other person is wrong or misinformed. When you sit down and glean all the facts, which is a lot of effort, you can see how each person goes astray in their thinking. How assumptions have played their role, how many times omissions of “facts” have persuaded a false belief.

    What is truth? Are we right, here, or did we just have many bad examples of the worst kind of behavior? Is Mary Kay right – in that this is just an opportunity and women with poor ethics rise to the top and teach others to do the same? How is that the opportunity’s fault – the company’s fault?

    If it were all finally exposed and everyone could see what everyone did, said, hid, and lied about, where would the chips fall?

    One fact is for sure. My friend and recruit, who everyone knew was inconsistent at holding appointments and had no consistent record of selling success, got pushed up the career path because she is cute, young, single and had good credit. She responds to recognition and praise to cover an insecure soul. She wants to belong to the big girls club. She’s perfect.

    She did what it took to sit in Arena at Seminar and ordered even more upon returning to keep that production going. Someone is benefiting from that and someone is encouraging it, and they are telling themselves that it is okay, because they need the production, and after all, she can “learn” to become a selling professional. The rationalizations that are made to get the almighty buck speak to the level of denial that permeates this sales force and its leadership.

    My DIQ never responded to my warning. That’s how I knew I was something akin to a virus. So somebody had to warn her that my counsel, to not order what she had not sold, not to “buy” her Unit, and to perfect her class consistency before trying DIQ, was not “positive.” To them, my counsel is a lie and negative.

    Funny how everyone reading from here, would say it was wise. One can only imagine what other things are being said about me, based on false beliefs, misinformation, wrong conclusions, and self serving attitudes. Can we ever defend ourselves against the statements of others, who have an agenda to make themselves look good, at our expense? Truth is truth. But if someone she admires tells her I am lying, then do I become the liar? For her, I do!

    This is the story of our world. Opportunists take advantage of the naïve and willing. Wolves dress like sheep and hide their deception. Whistleblowers are mocked and despised because they hurt the bottom line. Detractors tell only a portion of the full story to “sell” their version of truth.

    It takes a return to ethics and a long hard look in the mirror to realize that you have looked the other way for your own self serving gains… and maybe preservation. You have slanted the “truth” to accommodate what others may want to hear. You have omitted information to manipulate the perception of your listeners. Truth is truth.

    But it’s perspective that decides what you will believe. As long as you won’t look at all the facts, you will live just short of the truth. That’s why Mary Kay and the NSD’s and Directors do not want you reading this site. You will have a major “perspective” change, and that will change your “truth.”

    Mary Kay’s motive is profit. Never forget that. They have decades worth of former consultants and Directors who have attested to the truth we are posting here, and they do not care, nor change, what they do. Their goal is to prevent you from finding us, believing us, because the way things are currently done in Mary Kay, is simply too profitable.

    In microcosm, My Senior demonstrated her motive and her method. She got her production, knowing full well, it would be opportunistic and detrimental to my recruit. Her self-preservation was at stake. My counsel hindered her self preservation, therefore, I am a liar. But I am not a liar, am I?

    Mary Kay Cosmetics as a whole demonstrates its motive and method as well.

    By knowing what is wrong and failing to make the adjustments that would stop the abuse of credit, stop manipulated orders, stop hiding behind “positivity” and face the reality of the financial pit the sales force is digging for themselves, they are maintaining their commitment to self preservation at the expense of consultants.

    They are pretending still that they are “enriching women’s lives,” the exact opposite of what is really happening.

    And since we at PT are making known the truth about the “rest of the story,” from their perspective, we are just negative liars. It’s all about perspective, after all, and who you will believe? Believe the women who do not gain one dime from your education in the reality of Mary Kay… or those who profit immensely from your staying in the dark.

    What does your newfound perspective tell you?

  4. FollowOurFlip said

    Mad bad, forgot to log in- well said Duh.

    Prove it Tracy, provide a reciept! Bitch.

    Come over here Marq, Duh won’t publically repremand you for disagreeing with her, and if she does, it is a joke, and you won’t get banned….

  5. ScrewU said

    My favorite is that the PinkyDinky chick says:
    Pink Shark to Marquise: “Go swim in a new pond – this one is full”

    And then her siggy is:
    Kindness Is The Greatest Way To Display Your Gratitude

    How’s that work?

  6. Duh said

    Hey there OhMe CanDoIt, I really enjoyed your comment. It seems like you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Wow. I got a little teary eyed there at the end!

  7. FollowOurFlip said

    “What does your newfound perspective tell you?”

    ….That you are a dumbass……

  8. ScrewU said

    Did any of you bitches even read my comment? Or are you giving all the attention to ‘Mecan Bea Passive/aggressive ass’?

  9. FollowOurFlip said

    I read your shit, and ignore it…..

  10. FollowOurFlip said

    Just kidding, please don’t ban me!!!!

    Seriously, I think that is her way of saying that she is NOT gratefull for Marq. And fine by me! Come over here Marq!

  11. ScrewU said

    Tracy should hide her little antics better. It’s either her or Raisin

  12. OhMe…actually, not being sarcastic at all, I did like what you wrote. I am just not sure why you put it HERE….it’s a great piece for PT though. I kept waiting for you to NOW draw a parallel between what you learned going from MK to PT and then from PT to Duh…look closely, babe. Nothing new under the sun.

  13. I'll have a Cosmo said

    How the hell did I miss that post?! How positively cool of Marquise! Damn straight she should be mad. I cannot believe what a fuckin freak TC is. Rules do not apply to her! AAARRRGGGHHH!!
    And that long post…..I did get rid of my headache, now it’s back. Too much effort required to read it. Pick up your soapbox and find another tent to pitch it in. Thank you.

  14. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL Mrs….I was thinking the SAME THING. Great post for PT, but um here, we’re all past the anti MK shit. We’re just hear to tell everyone how fuckin retarded TRACY QUEEN BITCH is.

    OH….and I loved Tracy’s rude comment back to Marquis. I will never understand why Tracy can’t just simply respond without being a total bitch. She’s such an idiot.


  15. Tracy already implies that she paid to use that photo….LIAR! If she did there would not be a damn watermark on it. They would have given her one without. Dumbass.

    I wonder if TC is having any luck figuring things out?? I noticed today the Baroness In The News Thread is missing. Could she have actually figured me out or just removed the private thread??? Such a shame it’s missing. I loved reading the clickety clicks for support of her other blog….NOT!

  16. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Make that “here” not “hear”. Damn.

  17. BTW, you can leave PT and come here Marquis….we’d love to add another defector to our group. 🙂

  18. ScrewU…I saw your comment too…yeah, I dunno. I don’t know if I know PinkyDinky but I am hoping it was just bad timing and poor judgement on her part. She did try to say later that it was a joke, albeit a rather bad one.

  19. Duh said

    Ok I get to be Tracy….

    But Dizzzzyyyy, Marquise was rude when she made that comment. Am I supposed to sit here and take that? I don’t think what I said was rude. I was just getting to the point. I am tired of everybody jumping all over me for saying anything to defend myself. Frankly, I am insulted that a little cunt like you would judge what I say at all. Slut.

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Geez DUH, sorry, mybad. I bow down to you and become once again your super brown star. You are right, I am wrong. tsk tsk.




  21. FollowOurFlip said

    How come none of you fuckers are ever in the chat room?

  22. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Cuz there’s never anyone there, and it still creeps me out a bit, reminds me too much of PT chat……..

  23. Ok, like how hard would it have been to just say, “Oh, wow…you know what? You’re right. That does seem off. I apologize! I’ll remove that now and thanks for being on top of stuff like that Marquis. Your opinion is always welcome even if it is to call us to accountability.”

    or in case she really did buy the rights:

    “Oh, wow…you know what? I put the wrong image up there! I’ve replaced it with the purchased version. I’m sorry it hit some buttons for you Marquis and thanks so much for pointing it out! It’s good to have another set of eyes on things like this.”

  24. Duh said

    I don’t like to chat. Unless I have absolutely nothing else to do, I won’t be in there. I thought the people who like to chat could organize something, but it’s not working out that way.

  25. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    OMG Mrs…..could you imagine if Tracy was like that? Wow, what a difference PT would be. And *gasp* people may even take Tracy seriously instead of thinking she was a raving lunatic. And OMG, she could even possibly MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Wow, imagine that???!!!!

    Only in our dreams.


  26. FollowOurFlip said

    You are right Mrs- IF ONLY she had said it that way, but she didn’t. Because she is a bitch.

    Dizzy and Duh (or Duh and Dizzy, depending on who wants to be first)- well fine then. Fuck chat. Twat-ever.

  27. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL with your Twat-ever. That’s awesome.

    You like it better here anyway. That chat is exactly like PT and makes my skin crawl when I hear it. Seriously.


  28. Well, if she answered things that way on the board and in other places then Duh would be outta a job….oh we know you’re making that cushy 2 digit income, Duh, don’t lie.

  29. Tracy is just a bitch, hence the constant stabs at anyone and everything. Ok, so she was defending herself??? If that is the case, post your permission to use copyrighted photos with your fucking photos, fucktard! I thought I told you yesterday, Dear Tracy, that if I wanted to hear from an ASS, I’d fart! I will thank you in advance to STFU now. 🙂


  30. PMS is a bitch!

  31. Dana said

    Pinkydinky probably wasn’t really joking, but backed off so she got to say what she wanted and keep up her “nice” facade. And I’ve noticed with Tracy, she’ll often imply things (like that she paid for the picture) without actually saying it. So technically, she’s not lying. Just implying.

  32. Dana, implying or leaving information out is technically lying by omission. Tracy is famous for that so she is basically a lying sack of shit.

  33. Duh said

    My favorite lie is a lie by omission.

    Mrs. you should be jealous of my income from this blog. Dave paid me $10 yesterday to not blog.

  34. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL DUh. My dad paid me $20 once to go away. I was like cool, can I take the car too? Oh yeah, he wanted me outta the house REAL bad! LOL

  35. Dang…you got a tenner? I just get dirty looks from my Dave when he wants me to not blog…

  36. Duh said

    Mrs, you have a Dave too?? LOL What model do you have? 1975 was a good year for Daves. Mine can fix just about anything.

  37. I do! But mine’s a 1958…have you ever read that Dr Suess poem called “Too Many Daves” it’s pretty funny. If I had a dollar for every Dave I know….hmmmm…that would rival your bloggin income!

  38. Left the Freakshow said

    Tracy’s inability to actually ANSWER a question is going to be her undoing … once again, a sarcastic reply intended to shame the “pot stirrer” into backing down while never having to actually address an issue! She is certifiable!


  39. eyesicle said

    Me do…nice post and very well thought out. Ignore these bitches….

    Marq…come into our sandbox. What a nasty post, Tracy, geez! She was making a valid point!

  40. Dana said

    Just to clarify (you dumb hussies), I was not defending Tracy and saying she didn’t lie. I was just saying that if ever cornered she could pull a “Well, I never said I paid for it. I can’t help it if you jumped to those conclusions.” I think it was ptlies that had a whole series about crap like that she pulled on the PLH board.

  41. PC said

    Tracy didn’t buy that photo. If she had, it wouldn’t have the watermark.

    She’s just trying to pretend so that she can tell Marquise to shove off – hey Tracy :


    Marquise just made you look like an ass on your own board (even tho you don’t need any help in that area). And your response just earned you some more defectors.

  42. foxspirit1 said

    Hm, and *I* got scolded for not being welcoming to newcomers… I don’t think Marquis will be banned. They may never earn the privilege of karma or PMing… and they may suddenly (oops) loose their ability to post… but THAT’S not banning. If they choose to leave, “They left on THEIR own!” will be the mantra… with of course no mention tot he fact that they had no ability to post. Well at least Marquis is new, hopefully there won’t be much of a dePTing that will need to be done.

  43. My Give-a-Damn is Busted said

    Tracy was born a bitch, IS a bitch, and will always be a bitch. She doesn’t admit fault easily, if at all, and is stubborn and prideful enough to cling to her position at ALL COSTS. That picture of the shark is not only stupid (like, um, totally retarded and random), but she stole it. At least when I steal things online I don’t try to pretend that I didn’t. I just admit that I’m a dirty rotten little whore that has online piracy issues.

    WTF is OhMe doing posting that piece here? I liked it, but it seems out of place here, almost like she was drinking too much, thought she was on PT and accidentally posted it here. Now she’s totally screwed with Tracy b/c now Tracy knows that OhMe had BOTH windows open at the same time!!! LOL. She had both PT and Duh open on her screen, which is a major violation of her PT contract.

    And Marquise has some rockin’ ovaries to have dared to post that comment! LOL! Tracy is such a freakshow and a sub-human to not even apologize.

  44. Finally Free said

    Ok this is brainwashing at its best some chick writes at the end of this thread:

    “Tracey did you really have to pay $ for this picture? I never knew you had to dish out $ for this site” *going to click on a few of those google adds at the bottom of the screen*”

    Is this chick battling for a Maven position???

    Follow the leader blindly no matter how mean and nasty she is. This chick just blew past that comment TC made to Marquise – like it didn’t even register with her.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE – Please think for yourselves!!!!

  45. Marquise said

    Marquise has been here for quite a while. I won’t be posting under the name Marquise much. I use another name. The last thing I really need is Tracy bugging me at that email or anything.

    Anywhoo. There’s more, I can’t seem to make it cut and paste well here but here it is, as i am sure I’ll be banned after this one. You see, as a computer professional, I know that pictures, creations and things get stolen all the time. I believe that you should at a minimum give credit where credit is due. Copying a picture is plagiarism in a graphic form. At least tell us who the artist was so they get the credit for their creation, much like you would indicate the author of a written work you quote. That is really my feelings on it.

    Just like 1984. Say the truth, and disappear.

    Trade Count: (11)

    Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

    Tracy, did you really have to pay $ for this picture? I never knew you had to dish any $ out for the site! *going to click on a few of those google ads on the bottom of the screen*

    Trade Count: (0)
    New User

    Posts: 11

    Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11
    « Reply #31 on: Today at 04:26 AM »

    If she paid money for it, there wouldn’t still be a watermark on it. It might be free, but credit should be given to the creator when using free items.

  46. Marquise said

    Oh – PS and I got a new + karma for that but I cannot see who gives me karma, so thanks if it was one of you.

  47. Dana said

    I’ll check and see who gave you karma when I get home tonight if you want. Then I can be sneaky and get on pt….. this IP is banned! 🙂

  48. Not a Bee-liever said

    rethinkingpink is being sarcastic, right? she must have neglected to press the sarcasm button.

  49. PC said

    well my comments aren’t showing up on Suzy Q’s blog. I wonder if I’m not welcome because I don’t like Raisiberry. LOLLLLLL

    Although, it could just be that she forgets to let comments through when she’s putting up new posts.


  50. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Totally agree, Marquise — Tracy ripped that picture off the site and even hotlinked it.

    She’s a tard. HELLO! We do not believe in your lies, Tracy! You’re an idiot.

  51. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Here’s tracy being ominous:

    Trade Count: (0)
    The Queen

    Karma: 295
    [applaud] [boo]
    Offline Offline

    Posts: I am a geek!!

    The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

    View Profile Email Personal Message (Offline)

    Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11
    « Reply #32 on: Today at 09:52 AM »
    Reply with quoteQuote
    Actually, I dish out a lot of money for this site, but that’s a different story entirely.

    There IS a watermark on the picture, and with good reason. Don’t worry – I’ve taken care of the details.

    Pink Truth Rocks
    Report to moderator Logged
    detective Truth. Justice. Community. Pink Truth.

  52. PC – my first comment didn’t go through but my second one did. I saw a bunch of your cmments, so my guess is they went through.

  53. gothchiq said

    OK, PT, what ARE said facts that Marquise doesn’t know? Hm. That part’s not told. Funny.


  54. Dang, I thought I’d found a word I like “Strumpets” to end my comments with til I went to *picks up jaw off floor* Nope, that’s not gunna werk fer me.


  55. Oh and Tracy won’t tell cuz you’re not “entitled” to know. Whatever. *rolling eyes*

  56. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL Here I was thinking strumpets was a merging of “ass” and “trumpets”

    Wow. I was wrong. LOL

  57. Oh-My! said

    OT here:

    Gothie, I bought new sunglasses from e-bay and they are described as “Gothic Vampire Purple Lens Sunglasses”. I Love them!

  58. Scratch that – i just looked at suz’s blog and my second comment is now MIA. Maybe it’s just in moderation even tho it showed up? I dunno. I guess we’ll see.

  59. PC said

    well maybe us PT rejects shouldn’t post on Suzy’s blog. Don’t want to piss off the Queen.

  60. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I guess Suzy is still under the PT fog. Too bad.

  61. True dat PC.

  62. High Hopes Has Left the Building said

    MFBT that would be a fart……..

  63. You didn’t know what Strumpets meant! And you were throwing it around like that??!! SHAME ON YOU!!


  64. I plead no contest FOF. 😛

  65. Dana said

    Marquise, it was “See Behind the Curtain” maybe the screen name refers to PT, not MK? 🙂

  66. Marquis…I have a question about this. When I get a graphic and put it on my blog…if I post a link to it on the graphic (in other words, if I just make the graphic a link to the original site) would that be cool?

    I don’t use clipart on but I do have another blog, a nonprofit organization and I”ve used stuff for that. Usually I get public domain pics but otherwise I try to link to where I took the photo from…what you think about that idea??

  67. Marquise said

    Most people do not care what you do with things when it is for personal use or even non-profit. If I use something that is not my own work, I link the site where it came from. The thing about PT is it is definitely beyond the realm of personal use. So there is a line being crossed at that point. Does that make sense? I am in no way trying to be the graphics police. I would hate it, though if I were that artist who put their work up there on for sale and then found it in a large scale forum like PT.

    And is it just me? Or does having an image with a WATERMARK on it look very unprofessional?

  68. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Marquise, you are right on target, my dear! Kudos to you for speaking up!

  69. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    There is nothing professional about PT and the way it is run. It is a hate blog and nothing more. There is nothing noble there.

    Strumpet, slut not too big of a difference.

  70. Marquise said

    Well – I got my “warning”. I don’t like timeout so I told her to remove my account I don’t want to visit PT anymore. So now Marquise is fading back into lurkdom.

  71. Yeah but is the “warning” for posting “HERE” or for calling Tracy to accountability? The loss, Marquise…is PT’s…surely.

  72. Oh and i don’t see you as the graphics police at all, babe…just someone who has a voice of authority on this subject! Thanks for the info, that helps me a lot, actually.

  73. Marquise said

    Here it is:

    “This is your first and final warning. Please refrain from trying to stir up trouble on the board. If you have a concern in the future, please contact me privately.”

    That is it. vague. pedantic.

    Ok, back to lurking. I really mean it this time.

  74. Marquise, definitely PT’s loss. You obviously have a lot of experience as a web designer and graphic artist. You could have provided a great service to her blog/forum.

    ***standing ovation**** for speaking out about the rules of the board vs the rules for Tracy when it comes to copyright materials.

  75. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    high hopes, actually has it as “n. A woman prostitute.”

  76. Ok that is absolutely idiotic. I’m sorry, Tracy…when the heck will you improve your people skills? Take a class or something.

  77. “stir up trouble on the board” = call Tracy on the carpet when she breaks her own rules.

    Got it! *thunking head* WT????

  78. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Marquise – I actually contacted the company regarding their policy.

    I have not received word. But for something that costs 7 credits, [that shark photo], to me would seem as if it were free for your desktop or downloading. not ripping of the sites bandwidth, hotlinking it, and using it for criticism or parody of a company you seem to loathe.

  79. A class – that’s funny!

    Altho I did suggest Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People – or their Leadership class, here on duh’s blog to Tracy. I’m sure there’s a virtual one SOMEwhere. 😉

  80. She doesn’t seem to have trouble influencing people, Sickie…

  81. foxspirit1 said

    Marquis, sorry that your asking a question was “stirring up trouble.” I am sure you would have gotten less of an answer than you did get. Welcome to the company of so many who get sent to the naughty corner for asking questions.

  82. Not with her wooden hammer mrs, you’re right. LOL

    How about win some friends and gain some leadership skills. Can we agree on that class?

  83. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Pfffft, stiring up trouble my eye, you made a professional observation about the abuse of copyright infringement. The Queen hates it when she gets called up for violating her own rules, the very same she sets out to control the posters. Now if it was someone else on the forum who did that she wouldn’t have an issue of you calling attention publicly on a thread, but if it is her it is stiring up drama and creating trouble. Contact her privately, ya right, she takes no issue with doing public smackdowns on the board. Good for you for pointing out her double standards. I figured you wouldn’t make it past 20 posts.

    Mrs you have to have a conscience to understand leadership and have people skills.

  84. What happened to open debates?

    Really, this is just silly. If someone has a problem with PT why do they have to contact TC privately? Why not write it for everyone to see and she can state her case? Then there can be an open exchange of ideas and information. There is no reason to fear discussion on a board if you have done nothing wrong. It’s not stirring the pot. What pot? The Pink Truth Pot? What is wrong with this picture? I would think TC would welcome the ability to stand up for herself.

    I stand up for honesty and integrity.


  85. High Hopes has left the Building said

    There is no such thing as open debate on that site, because if it isn’t in line with what the owner believes or her minions you are smacked down. Any reasonable intelligent question or argument is termed stirring up trouble or stirring the pot or creating drama. Also it would make T accountable for her actions/reactions, heavens knows that it would be harder for her to own up to mistakes and bad judgement than label it as something bad. Integrity and accountability go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.

  86. High Hopes has left the Building said

    BTW, she prefers the PM thing so she doesn’t have to explain why she did something and justify it to the world. Its easier to sweep things under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist rather than deal with it head on, because that might make it uncomfortable and look less than perfect in the eyes of her followers.

    Hey we are human and allowed to make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. Some people are so afraid to admit that they are less than perfect and I truly think some people don’t learn lessons and keep making the same stupid mistakes. We have seen this with mole hunts on the various forums that this person has been involved in, at least 1 if not 2 forums. Those forums have harmony now that she is gone. Makes you go hmmmmm. I bet they have open dialogue and encourage debate and there isn’t this petty stuff going on.

  87. Left the Freakshow said

    “This is your first and final warning …” waht a fikcung btcih!

  88. The PM thing is so strange. Honestly Tracy, just let people disagree with you. Why do you care so much? You can defend yourself.

    I agree HH, things just made me go hmmmm and then made me exit.

    PTers keep reading and keep listening to that voice inside of you. If you see something that you don’t agree with don’t be afraid to write about it.


  89. BTW- this is your first and final warning.

    Gee, when did I go back to parochial grade school? Ahhh…she is coming out with the rulers! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  90. Yeah but see…here’s what I think they are banking upon…pretty soon all the “troublemakers” will be weeded out and then things will quiet down. Nobody will “stir the pot” and life will go on merrily at PT with their 2400 or whatever members.

    People won’t come to Duh to lurk because how will they KNOW about it, unllllesss…they are secretily pot stirrers in sheep’s clothing? Well, that will be easy to figure out…just get rid of them quietly, once again, no one is the wiser, right?

    Tracy, honesty, the only person who stirs the pot on PT is you. If you didn’t make such poor choices over and over and over and over again then there would be no issue, none at all.

  91. Duped said

    She is afraid of being wrong. Plain and simple. She is the type of person that has to be right, all the time, and when someone points out that she has done something wrong, or against the rules, she views it as a personal attack. Shit, she finds it a personal attack when someone merely posts on this blog, whether they are bitch slapping her or not.

    What a fucking retard. I am sorry you got treated that way, Marquise. You didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

    Fart knockers.

  92. My Cat Came Back said

    Well, Tracy will NEVER change!! She’ll weed out all of the pot stirrers, she’ll feel like a fat cat having ate her tuna, then another strong personality will challenge her or say something “out of line” and she’ll do the smackdown all over again. She can’t help herself, it’s just who she is and as Mrs. Metaphor said, she needs to take some classes on “dealing with people skills” or something like that. No wonder she doesn’t have any employees. She would definitely fall under the “I Hate my Boss” column!!

  93. Duped said

    Her employees would string her up by her control top granny thong. *barf* I just gave myself one hell of a fucking scary visual. EEWWWWWWW…must cleanse…

    Fart knockers.

  94. Hey Tracy, To Quote “Shoot ’em up” (terrible movie I had the displeasure of seeing tonight):

    Take That You Fucking Mother Fuckers!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck YOU!

  95. I participate on other forums, and I have never, ever seen anyone refer to themselves as the “owner” of a forum! Owner of a blog or a website – yes. But “owner” of a forum?

    And PPPJ and High Hopes you are right about the lack of ability to exchange ideas. Forums are places for just that. That is why they are multithreaded unlike a blog. To allow the freedom of multitopics at one time. Anyone who wants to be in micro control of any forum that size really has to have no other life whatsoever. I can’t even keep up with the dramas of 3 people I work with who don’t like each other. Why on earth would I want to keep up with 100s of other dramas?

  96. foxspirit1 said

    So…if you have an issue, and you get sent to the naughty corner… how do you PM her when you don’t have that ability??

  97. LOL fox. I was just thinking the same thing!

  98. eyesicle said

    This would be why TC works alone.

  99. Left the Freakshow said

    TC=Legend In Her Own Mind


  100. No, you’d have to send an email to the address on the site…which has the disclaimer that she does not have time to answer emails….so yeah, you’re kind of screwed I guess. I guess you could always email a maven…and she could put a good word in for you.

  101. Even with the disclaimer, TC has answered emails from FT. Probably depends on how she’s feeling that minute. Or if she thinks there’s something in it for her.

  102. Pixie said

    Marquise wrote (re: her warning):

    Here it is:

    “This is your first and final warning. Please refrain from trying to stir up trouble on the board. If you have a concern in the future, please contact me privately.”

    SOOOO…I left you karma, then posted a “funny” ala Tracy style, something to the effect of, “What does it say across the shark? I can’t read it.” And I received almost the exact same warning, but instead of the concern part, mine said through PMs, karma and posts. I asked her to explain herself, and she did…in a ‘tard-like smackdown…she deleted the post and the karma I gave you, Marquise. I’m guessing “sense of humor” is not in her repertoire!

    The only reason she would have flipped out over my post is if she is over here and knows I post here occassionally. Whatever. I’m not the one who feels threatened. MUUWAHAHAHAHA!!!


  103. Why doesn’t Tracy just disable the karma, PM and viewing profile feature for EVERYONE? Then she could at least get a couple hours of sleep at night.

    Surely this must take up hours and hours of her time. When DOES she work?

  104. Pixie said


  105. eyesicle said

    Oh, Pixie…you just keep stirring the pot…LOL.


  106. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    sickie – she doesn’t, I doubt she HAS any work to do at her other “job”

  107. Pixie said

    Doobey, doobey doob…

  108. Not a Bee-liever said

    You’re stirring the pot and you’re inhaling! Bad pixie, bad! There are sanctions for that. You’ll have to sit in the naughty corner.

  109. Pixie said

    Aren’t I in the naughty corner? lol I like the naughty corner 😀

    Unbeknownst to TC, there are sanctions for being an uptight dictator too. Its coming…

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