You better think twice, Tracy.


Tracy’s resident Spanish translator has defected.  Tracy is like the Castro of Anti Mary Kay blogs.  I bet she even has the beard. 

Here’s what Not a Bee-liever has to say about her departure:

“I stayed at PT until yesterday.  Then I sent out my last few PMs, sent some karma, deleted my inbox and outbox and then sent an email to Tracy requesting to have everything disabled.  I haven’t been back to see the damage because I know that as the Spanish Maven my absense will be glaring both on the main page and on the discussion board.  I guess she will eventually find a way to repair the damage and replace me and everyone will forget about me.  But I hope some people will say, “what the heck is going on?” and if they haven’t questioned the leadership up until now, maybe my absence will open some eyes.  I tried so hard to keep up appearances for Tracy’s sake and it got to the point where I lost all motivation to post anything at all.  I continued to merrily post along as best I could, welcoming newbies, trying to be funny at times, trying to support friends through prayer, struggling with not knowing what to do.

I thought I would change my signature line to “Adiós Mundo Cruel”.  Then I was worried no one else would think that was funny.  Then I was worried someone would hijack my account and undermine my subversiveness.  Paranoia cha cha cha.

I though I had no integrity because I was two-timing PT and BFBF.  That’s not really how integrity is defined though.  Conversations with several people have helped me to see that.  Yes, folks, conversations not gossip.  I was a big fan of the anti-gossip movement at PT and then this guy looking for support and answers signs up on the discussion board, posts in the husband’s section and what kind of support does Tracy give him?  She offers him gossip about his ex-wife.  I stepped in to say, “Whoa, what are you doing?”  That thread has been deleted.  Does anyone have it or remember what I’m talking about?  I guess I thought she was into ethical blogging, but it seems to me now that is false.

I was upset by several things that were deleted.  I don’t know why that is such a touchy subject with me, but it’s like PT was my journal and I wanted a record of what I had said.  I didn’t like that pages were being ripped out of my journal.  I should probably get my own blog then, right?”

Sorry this is a little late.  Ok, a lot late.  I’m a busy girl, OK?  Anyway, a belated welcome to Not a Bee-liever.  Now we can all share the virtual tacos.


  1. Dana said

    Bienvenida, Not-A-Beeliever!

  2. Welcome again, Notabee…I think you are stellar.

  3. ***standing ovation for not a beeliever***

  4. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Welcome Not-a-Bee!


  5. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Not, I remember that thread. I didn’t know it was deleted. If the stuff I found via google was true, I feel really sorry for the x-husband.

  6. High Hopes Has Left the Building said

    Not-a-Beeliever I’m glad your out. Its not worth the emotional toll of trying to ‘fake it’ and that you want to be there posting. Good for you for letting people know here you stand and that there is a problem!

    ***clapping for Notabee***

  7. Not a Bee-liever said

    Thanks for putting this up Duh, even if you were a little late. You weren’t here over the weekend to babysit your blog, and look, Things Didn’t Fall Apart! Imagine that!

  8. Not a Bee-liever said

    Oh, and Duh, if you run out of bandwidth, or whatever, and you need to delete some of my posts that’s okay with me. I realize what a fucktard I was being by letting myself get upset by deleted posts at PT. LOL!

  9. Way to go Not-a-bee!

    I remember that thread on PT! I just told the guy to get a lawyer. He has bigger worries than writing to a bunch of (supposed) women getting info on his ex-wife.


  10. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I was a bit confused, cuz I could swear I’ve seen Not a Bee post here. So either way, welcome to the BFBF, let it all hang out! Fuck the PT crazyland, you’ll have much more fun ova here anyway!


  11. welcome NotABee! Here you can bee what you want you want to bee and not bee traceee..


  12. damn kids took my desktop over for homework and I have to use the laptop tonight. obviously i can’t type well ^^^

  13. bluehairedbebe said

    Welcome (again) to BFBF Not-a-Bee! I think I’m about done riding the fence too. Look forward to a “goodbye cruel world” letter to PT from me too, soon.

  14. Dominatrix said

    Welcome, Not-A-Bee-liever!! Free at last, free at last.

  15. Not a Bee-liever said

    So, my neighbor got arrested for “stirring the pot” the other day. The police pulled him over for a traffic violation and found paraphernalia, quarter-bags, and $1000 cash in his pockets and on the floorboard.

    In other news, I got the latest Ani DiFranco double-CD in the mail yesterday so I’m enjoying letting my inner lesbian slut come out. I used to let her out a lot more often, but not so much now that I’m married with children. LOL! *sigh* 32 flavors gives us all a lot to think about: it would be nice to be able to honestly say, “I’ve never tried to give my life meaning/ by demeaning you/ and I’d like to state for the record/ I did everything I could do”.

  16. Not a Bee-liever said

    MFBT, this one’s for you!

    Instead of “what the heck is going on?” people could be saying, “what the fuckityfuck is going on?”

    I love when groupthink makes you cuss more than you would otherwise. Thanks for manipulating me like that. SLUTS!

  17. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL Not a Bee!

    Yes, what the fuckityfuck is fucking going on here?

  18. gothchiq said

    Harrrr! Surprise!

    Err, gothchiq, an American citizen, can make her own burritos. It ain’t hard.

  19. Not a Bee-liever said

    gothchiq, are you an Ani fan? I never mentioned her on PT because I was trying to repress my inner lesbian slut. What the fuckityfuck was I thinking?

  20. OhMe CanDoIt said

    In an effort to try and prove why Mary Kay Cosmetics isn’t a pyramid and isn’t like those other bad companies, the author of this document may have inadvertantly done the opposite.

    This looks like it may have been written by the Mary Kay legal department, but I can’t be sure. The questions this documents suggest you ask should really be asked of Mary Kay! The truthful answers would be really revealing! It also makes several assertions about the Mary Kay opportunity that seem to fly in the face of reality. (Ex. You can’t buy your way up… Oh yes you can!)

    This is a noble effort at proving why Mary Kay is better than other companies, but I wonder if you’ll agree with my opinion that it actually does a whole lot to prove that Mary Kay is, indeed a pyramid and a business scam.

    Why Mary Kay Is Not a Pyramid or Multi-Level Marketing Plan

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Mary Kay has many “admirers.” Over the years, Mary Kay has attracted the attention of many new direct selling companies, some of whom attempt short cuts or attempt to duplicate elements of our program. They may not have the resources to develop a quality product line that can sustain a broad consumer base, they open with a big recruiting promotion with dubious claims, reach a peak quickly and end up battered by regulatory investigations or in bankruptcy. Many lack the retail product sales to support their commission structures, which eventually causes collapse. The following comments are intended to help you sort fact from fiction, it shares our facts, and it will help you as you are asked questions about your business.

    “If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is!”

    “Once in a lifetime opportunity!” Ground floor, window of opportunity. A legitimate business should be as good next year as it is this year. Your company has a 40 year growth record, stability, and financial security.

    “Make up to 25% Commissions!” This pales in comparison to a Consultant and a Director’s earnings. Ask them how many levels of recruits must one have to earn that commission percentage.

    “Make $40,000 monthly in your spare time!” Maybe a lottery ticket, but rarely at the beginning of a business. Look at how many people are earning that kind of money, how many recruits would one need to earn that amount, what can a beginner expect in the first year or two?

    “You don’t have to sell anything! Just recruit.” Legitimate companies base their businesses on actual product sales to consumers. Pyramid schemes pay a “bounty” for signing up new recruits. The pool of new recruits eventually dries up. Retail sales are key to supporting the commissions and incentives. Often, women are left to package the products and men are the ones to recruit. Also, they will give their organization a different name from the parent company or will not clearly invite you to listen to XYZ’s company presentation, for fear that it is a “turn-off.” We are proud of and always say who we are and what we do.

    “Revolutionary New Products!” Words such as “leading edge and natural” can be inviting, but few ingredients can be 100% natural or new. Does the company manufacture its own products under its own control or does it rely on outside contracts? Can all claims be substantiated? Is there a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    What the Terms Mean

    Multilevel: A marketing plan with several tiers of participants through which products and commissions pass. Only those at the top buy directly from the company.

    Participants “downline” purchase products from “upline” distributors. The discount is determined by a person’s level in the organization.

    Network Marketing. A recent term, may have been coined to counteract multilevel. You “network sales through an organization of recruits rather than through personal

    Pyramid. These are illegal. Large numbers of people at the bottom of the pyramid pay money to a few at the top for the chance to advance to the top and profit from payments of others who might join later.

    Career Path. Some companies claim we are “saturated.” This year alone, almost 40 women became National Sales Directors. There is plenty of room at the top for women who possess the commitment, drive and willingness to work. There are rewards and recognition at every step of our career path, not just at the very top.

    Product Quality. We have been the Best Selling Brand in America for 9 years and intend to remain so because of the generation of new young women beginning to use our products and because of the millions of dollars invested in our manufacturing and distribution centers. We manufacture almost every product ourselves to assure the highest standards of quality. Product safety, customer satisfaction, guarantees and programs are in place to insure customer loyalty for years to come.

    Mary Kay’s business is selling products, not “business opportunities.” We are not in business to recruit women to buy products from us, but to buy and sell for herself. No “investment” is required, only the purchase of a showcase. No sales force position may be “bought” by the payment of fees or the purchase of large inventories.

    Everyone begins the same way, as a Beauty Consultant and advances solely on the strength of her recruiting and sales abilities.

    There are no levels of wholesalers between the company and consumer. There is only one wholesale sale from the company to the consultant and one retail sale from the consultant to the customer. Everyone, regardless of her status in the sales organization, purchases products directly from the company based on the same discount schedule, for resale to the consumer.

    Mary Kay guarantees in writing that any consultant who terminates her relationship with the company may return any new and unused products purchased within one full year prior to return and receive a 90% buy-back, unlike some companies that either offer no buy-back or 30, 60, or 90 day offers.

    All commissions are paid directly to consultants and directors. In many other companies, checks are written back and forth from the distributors, and no relationship is present between the main company and its distributors until a certain size organization is gained.

    The Mary Kay Legal Department can assist you with any concerns!

  21. Soooo interesting said

    What the heck is this???? (I am pointing to the Oh Me post.) On second thought let me type…..what the fuckity fuck is that?

  22. Not a Bee-liever said

    LOL Soooo interesting! Yeah, get the fuckityfuck out of my goodbye cruel world post.
    Doh! We’re not supposed to feed the trolls. But, we’re not good at following directions, so what more could be expected?

  23. gothchiq said

    I feel dumb. Who is Ani?

    I’m more of a bisexual slut, but either way…

    *paws everyone’s boobies*


  24. gothchiq said


  25. Yeah, Gothie, ain’t OhMe a fucktard?

    What OhMe has posted is a total CUT AND PASTE of a recent posting on PT. Like we couldn’t go read that shit if we wanted to.

    Or, like some of us haven’t WRITTEN some of that stuff.

    Just a comment spammer. Maybe it’s Tracy her ownself, can’t keep those paws off the keys.

  26. Just ignore Ohme..she’s like the schizo member of the Duh family. We loves her just as she is…
    Gothie…gonna post a pic of my cut and color someplace you can see it soon…yikes, it’s a pob…sorta. My hair rebels against trends so it’s got it’s own version of the cut.

  27. Not a Bee-liever said

    Ani DiFranco. Gothie, she’s touring in your area in November. You should go and see her perform. Much pawing of boobies takes place at those concerts. *sigh* The things groupthink can make you do.

    She has a myspace page. 🙂

  28. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Gothie I like your style!!!!!! Oh ya OHME go find some sharp scissors and run with em! Asstard.

  29. Not a Bee-liever said

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