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Yaaaa!  The fun continues!!  Here’s the newest news on the Caption that Photo thread.  I can not believe that Marquise is not banned yet.  But what fun!  Now we can keep guessing.

Any guesses on how much money poor Tracy has to dole out every month?  Gosh, she is such a saint.  I’m surprised her heart doesn’t burst with all the love she has inside!


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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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 Rolling on the Floor  Oh you people are just too funny  Rolling on the Floor

Tracy, did you really have to pay $ for this picture?  I never knew you had to dish any $ out for the site!  *going to click on a few of those google ads on the bottom of the screen*

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PinkSmog-Free! Sun


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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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If she paid money for it, there wouldn’t still be a watermark on it. It might be free, but credit should be given to the creator when using free items.

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Re: Caption That Photo – Sept 11

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Actually, I dish out a lot of money for this site, but that’s a different story entirely.

There IS a watermark on the picture, and with good reason. Don’t worry – I’ve taken care of the details.

 Pink Truth Rocks

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  1. Finally Free said

    Still giving those same cheap shot smart @$$ answers –

  2. Oh, what a crock.

    TC sez: “Don’t worry. Be happy. I’ve taken care of it.”

    Yah, Mein Fuhrer. Our tiny minds just can’t possibly comprehend how you could have “taken care of the details” while still displaying the picture with its copyright owner’s watermark on it. But ve are sure you haff it under control, Fearless Leader Queen. *giving her the Rabid Squirrel Salute*


  3. Dana said

    Once again, implying she paid for it without actually saying “I paid for it.”

  4. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    There are no details or credit on the original post. So her “taking care of the details” is bullshit!

    She’s a liaaaaaaaaar.

    *waves* HI TRACY! I know you’re reading! Give credit where credit is due, or you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble.

    Did you even bother to read the terms of agreement for the No? Well, I did. And you’re in the wrong, bitch!


  5. foxspirit1 said

    I’ve taken care of the details…so stop asking for an answer!!! the only details she has taken care of will be to remove marquis’ ability to question. She is good at that. I wonder if she thinks it’s me. Oops that was self centered. Good to know the pot stirring continues even when all of the “trouble makers” are gone.

  6. Rooster said

    LOL, Fox, it looks like that is a whole pot full of stirrers! Sort of a time release thing. When one is done/banned, another takes her place!

  7. High Hopes Has Left the Building said

    Awwww poor Tracy, she spends a lot of money on PT. It definitely is a money pit of doom.

  8. Used to think TC really was a hardworking CPA with a legit business.

    Now it’s obvious she must be spending so much time and energy playing God(dess) and Queen at PT that she couldn’t be doing much with her real life profession/biz.

    Sigh. All our little would-be idols turn out to have clay paws. Lindsay. Britney. Tracy.

    When will we ever learn? *headdesk*

  9. One Way or Another said

    Seriously, do we need even MORE proof of all this flip-flopping?

    I’m routing for Marqu–I’m glad she is stepping up.

  10. OhMe CanDoIt said

    In an effort to try and prove why Mary Kay Cosmetics isn’t a pyramid and isn’t like those other bad companies, the author of this document may have inadvertantly done the opposite.

    This looks like it may have been written by the Mary Kay legal department, but I can’t be sure. The questions this documents suggest you ask should really be asked of Mary Kay! The truthful answers would be really revealing! It also makes several assertions about the Mary Kay opportunity that seem to fly in the face of reality. (Ex. You can’t buy your way up… Oh yes you can!)

    This is a noble effort at proving why Mary Kay is better than other companies, but I wonder if you’ll agree with my opinion that it actually does a whole lot to prove that Mary Kay is, indeed a pyramid and a business scam.

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    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Mary Kay has many “admirers.” Over the years, Mary Kay has attracted the attention of many new direct selling companies, some of whom attempt short cuts or attempt to duplicate elements of our program. They may not have the resources to develop a quality product line that can sustain a broad consumer base, they open with a big recruiting promotion with dubious claims, reach a peak quickly and end up battered by regulatory investigations or in bankruptcy. Many lack the retail product sales to support their commission structures, which eventually causes collapse. The following comments are intended to help you sort fact from fiction, it shares our facts, and it will help you as you are asked questions about your business.

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    “Make $40,000 monthly in your spare time!” Maybe a lottery ticket, but rarely at the beginning of a business. Look at how many people are earning that kind of money, how many recruits would one need to earn that amount, what can a beginner expect in the first year or two?

    “You don’t have to sell anything! Just recruit.” Legitimate companies base their businesses on actual product sales to consumers. Pyramid schemes pay a “bounty” for signing up new recruits. The pool of new recruits eventually dries up. Retail sales are key to supporting the commissions and incentives. Often, women are left to package the products and men are the ones to recruit. Also, they will give their organization a different name from the parent company or will not clearly invite you to listen to XYZ’s company presentation, for fear that it is a “turn-off.” We are proud of and always say who we are and what we do.

    “Revolutionary New Products!” Words such as “leading edge and natural” can be inviting, but few ingredients can be 100% natural or new. Does the company manufacture its own products under its own control or does it rely on outside contracts? Can all claims be substantiated? Is there a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

    What the Terms Mean

    Multilevel: A marketing plan with several tiers of participants through which products and commissions pass. Only those at the top buy directly from the company.

    Participants “downline” purchase products from “upline” distributors. The discount is determined by a person’s level in the organization.

    Network Marketing. A recent term, may have been coined to counteract multilevel. You “network sales through an organization of recruits rather than through personal

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    Mary Kay’s business is selling products, not “business opportunities.” We are not in business to recruit women to buy products from us, but to buy and sell for herself. No “investment” is required, only the purchase of a showcase. No sales force position may be “bought” by the payment of fees or the purchase of large inventories.

    Everyone begins the same way, as a Beauty Consultant and advances solely on the strength of her recruiting and sales abilities.

    There are no levels of wholesalers between the company and consumer. There is only one wholesale sale from the company to the consultant and one retail sale from the consultant to the customer. Everyone, regardless of her status in the sales organization, purchases products directly from the company based on the same discount schedule, for resale to the consumer.

    Mary Kay guarantees in writing that any consultant who terminates her relationship with the company may return any new and unused products purchased within one full year prior to return and receive a 90% buy-back, unlike some companies that either offer no buy-back or 30, 60, or 90 day offers.

    All commissions are paid directly to consultants and directors. In many other companies, checks are written back and forth from the distributors, and no relationship is present between the main company and its distributors until a certain size organization is gained.

    The Mary Kay Legal Department can assist you with any concerns!

  11. Strawberry Shortcake said

    If the water mark is there for a good reason, then what’s the reason?
    Is it because it’s “stolen”?
    Marquise, if you are reading BFBF, ask her what the reason is. LOL

  12. PC said

    DUH –

    can you please delete all these stupid spam posts from “ohme” ? They belong on PT or PLH, and I’m so tired of it.

    oh and of course tracy is a liar. her responses are just so abnormal.

  13. formerlyPLZ said

    i second that deletion for ohme’s post. if i wanted to hear that shit i wouldve stayed in MK

    Tracy’s vagueness is retarded. just shows how weird she is.

  14. High Hopes Has Left the Building said

    I third it Duh, zap zap zap OHME! Duh get out your super ray gun of doom and blast that puppy!!!!!

  15. Willie Lump Lump said

    “can you please delete all these stupid spam posts from “ohme” ? They belong on PT or PLH, and I’m so tired of it.”

    That’s just Tracy gracing us with her fucked up presence cuz she’s too chicken shit to come here and address even 1% of the info being exposed on her lying, hypocritical, mary-kay wanna-beeeeee ass! I guess she figures we all have A.D.D and will be distracted enough by that bullshit from ‘ohme’ to change the subject. Psh!!!

  16. My Cat Came Back said

    actually, it probably is Tracey, trying to be here to prove that some comments don’t actually make it onto the BFBF board. Stuff like this is a bit much though. It’s really rather obvious that what the poster is going on about is not relevant to this site!!

  17. Duped said

    It’s either TC or one of her drones again, posting nonsensical bullshit all over. Whatever. Even if it *is not* one of those aforementioned, I don’t even read your long-winded posts…scrolling down, babe. Not wasting my time until you post something relevant…such as this:

    Tracy, you certainly did not purchase the rights to post that photo – your attempts at beating around the bush are not hiding anything. You are probably the most two-faced person that I know, and that says a lot.

    I am proud of you, Marquis. I am glad you didn’t just take her fake answer and bow down and lick her ass like some others do. Keep calling her on it, babe, until you get a straight answer (which will most definitely be a lie), then call her on it again.

    Fart knockers.

  18. My Cat Came Back said

    Hey Duh…..I know that Bologna wrote this one, but I wanna see our buddy Mr. “What’s crackin” featured on this blog!! I just luv that feller!!

  19. Watching the trainwreck from the outside said

    PT is hosted here: (and she is paying WAY too much for hosting, btw – mine is $5/month for more features and space than even the $125/month option there). And no way will I ever believe she paid the whopping **$1** it would have cost her to buy that picture from istockphoto. She might have gone and done it by now (if she has half a brain cell left in her little head), but she sure didn’t do it when she posted it. And hiya MyCat – hope life is good!

    I have no good word to go here, sadly.

  20. My Cat Came Back said

    lol – dang the paranoia set in for about 1.5 seconds trainwreck – howdy ho there. 😉

  21. I'll have a Cosmo said

    OhMe, Go jump in a dry lake, ya fucktard!

  22. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I agree OHME needs to go. Yo DUH, put her IP addy on moderation. PLEASE!!!!!

  23. Come on now, people…ohme deserves to have her/his/it’s say as well…just skim past it. Sadly, Ohme…one day if you actually had anything legit to say we’d skim past it. sorry.

    Unless you post something I wrote for PT long ago…post anything by Alethes and I’ll read it all the way through, ok?

    As far as the watermark…sheesh, Tracy, by now you probably did pay the money so just replace the stupid picture and stop worrying that somehow being called into accountability means your “might” is diminished, will ya? When will you discover that leading with a limp is the most authentic and true way to lead? Just admit you were wrong, fix it and move on.

  24. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MRS….OHME hasn’t even said anything. She’s only putting upMK crap. Wrong site yo, wrong site.


  25. eyesicle said

    The whole, “oh me” thing is confusing. I think I am just slow…

  26. eyesicle said

    Are ya scared of my punkin’ avatar, snatches?

  27. Aaaarrrrhhhh, me knees be a knockin’, eyesicle.

  28. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Eyesicle where in Hell did you get my picture? That one was part of my family album with my best MK face. Dang it you owe me money to pay for using the picture or did “take care of it”. Didn’t you see the watermark on the photo??? Dang it!


  29. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    eyesicle – expect to see an email from Hagzilla giving you your first and final warning.

  30. eyesicle said

    Ummm, yeahhhh. You’ll all be hearing from my lawyer.

  31. Eyesicle, from your picture we can tell you are a SHARP woman. Could you get excited about . . . oops. Brain fart. Sorry.

    Sorry, meant to say we can tell you are a Shar-Pei…

  32. Oh gosh, FT isn’t really mean and evil enough to be a rabid squirrel, even if she plays one online.

    Eyesicle, for the record, you do not look like a dog – and FT is sorry if her prior comment was over the line.

    That avatar IS freakin’ scary and evil looking. Kewl.

    Now, Sickie/Happy does look like a dog in her avatar but it’s a cute dog.

    FT is feelin the love today and wants to be friends with everybody.

    Should probably go lie down till this feeling passes…

  33. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Eyesicle This is your FIRST AND FINAL warning to stop downloading from my online family album. Your privileges will be banned and I will be forced to come over and dump all of your trash cans all over your driveway and send you nasty emails and do a background check to dig up any dirt I can possibly use to make your life miserable.

    Aw HELL, maybe we share the same family tree, lets go get drunk together instead we could have a DUH seminar and all raise shit. PARTEEEE!!!!!

  34. eyesicle said

    Whhhhhhooooooeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the drunk idea best!

    eyesicle lluuurrrves FT! Shar pei’s are cute in a fugly sorta way. =)

    Not a Bee….let’s all let our inner lesbiams out. Have you read Bitch magazine? it ROCKS!

    Gothie…did you want those extra issues? If you do, email your addy. If not, no worries

  35. Oh Me (whatever) ~ Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. DUH did say we could say what we wanted to here without moderation, but good God, don’t you know none of us here want to see that shit?? ~ Semi

    Tracy pay for the photo??? Nope. I said the same thing about the watermark….would be gone if she paid for the use. Tracy admit it??? Never! That would mean she would have to say the “W” word in the same sentence with “I”. Come on, Tracy, try it….”I was WRONG”

  36. Willie Lump Lump said

    “Come on, Tracy, try it….”I was WRONG””

    That would hot! 😛

  37. bluehairedbebe said

    When I (rethinkingpink) asked that question, I was just playing ‘nice naive dumb little follower’ just to bring that question out into the open. And, for the record, I didn’t go click on any of Tracy’s PRO-MLM google ads! Just added that to delete any of TC’s suspicion that I was trying on purpose to ruffle feathers. heheheh cuz I’m good at pretending to be a nice dumb blonde while getting away w/ all kinds of shit! I knew her answer was just deflection. It’s there for the world to see, and within that conversation it’s pretty obvious. FT has it right, TC assumes people are just empty-headed PTbots that consider themselves too uneducated compared to the her to question anything she says or does. Is that a run-on sentence? Who the fuck cares!! It’s so nice not having everyone pointing out my spelling/grammar errors as if it mattered. I DO know how to write properly; I graduated w/ a 4.0. I’m just to lazy to go back & correct it!
    Anywayz… I really could care less about OhME’s posts, my scroll-down thingie works fast enough that I skim right past it. If you all say how much it bothers you, then you have fed the troll and YOU MUST NOW LOSE PRIVILEGES!! Bend over and get ready for a nasty ass-whoopin’, bitches! *going to google that Bitch magazine Eyesicle was talking about – BRB*

    Adios Queefers!

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