Tracy makes dreams come true.


 Lookie!!  Tracy decided to comment right after me.  Now I have the screenshot to frame and put next to my bed.  I am SO excited.  See girls, dreams CAN come true, and I don’t even have cancer or anything. 

I appreciate the fact that Suzy let my comment go through at all.  It was a little dig on Tracy and her aspirations of fame and fortune.  I guess they didn’t catch it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed it out…


  1. Dana said

    I bet Tracy is secretly fuming. 🙂

  2. I do think SuzyQ has the right idea. The after the blue check phase is probably one where they are ready to let go of all the drama, and are ready to move on. I like it. And the blue blog is calming and peaceful. And… I’m just rambling. I need coffee.

  3. LOL it is like the halfway house for leaving PT. This place is just life on the streets!

  4. Look Duh, we made a Tracy sandwich!

    do I get that five dollahs if I put you on the blogroll of mrsmetaphor?? hmmmm?????? think of the fame you will experience…oh wait…nevermind, I have a pretty small readership.

  5. eyesicle said

    Sugary sweet….

  6. seriously though you guys…Raisin and SuzyQ are really trying to do something good and cool so no takin’ the blog war over there….you hear? I’ll take a switch to ya.

  7. Therapist: “This place is just life on the streets!”

    Love ya, Therapist! . . . and it’s “life up in the trees” in at least one case, tee hee.

    Mrs. M has a good point, let the Raisin/Suzy Q blog be a DMZ in the blog wars, some peeps just need a place to read and write about their post-blue-check phase of life. Without readin’ about skanks and sluts and stuff.

    Think it’s best to save all the dramadey and cussin’ for Duh. Bet she’ll looooove ya for it, too.

  8. Not a Bee-liever said

    What is DMZ?

  9. Duh said

    Contrary to popular belief, I am quite capable of conducting myself in a dignified and respectful manner. Assholes.

  10. de-militarized zone

  11. Dammit, Duh, if FT wants “dignified and respectful,” she’ll cruise the viewings at the funeral home.

  12. Left the Freakshow said

    DMZ= De-Militarized Zone (no bombing, no shooting, no cussing, no fighting, no tyrannies, no sarcasm, etc.)


  13. Duh said

    Haha, I read no tyrannies, and I thought it said no trannies at first.

  14. A sandwhich of Tracy between mrs and duh, now that’s quite a thought. LOL

    Yeah, I agree….keep the the blog wars where they are welcome…right here in duh-land. 😉

    Suz and raisin are AMAZING writers. I’ve always thought that. I’m excited to see their writing diversify into different topcis. So far the “raisin has gone screaming from the building” or whatever the name of the thread is – left me giggling like a school girl.

    They’ll do great. They’ve got a LOT of support not matter which side of the blog war you are on.

  15. Not a Bee-liever said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I thought DMZ was Drama Mama Zone. *smacks forehead*

  16. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I think it’s great that Raisin and Suzy have their own blog. But who wants to take bets on how long they will last at PT? Eventually Tracy will get too jealous and kick them off the island.

  17. Duh said

    I wonder if Tracy will link to them? Anyone see a link on PT anywhere? Tracy offered to help them according to her comment. How exactly is she going to do that?

  18. I totally agree with Mrs. M. They are trying to do something positive and drama-less over there. So I like the idea of a DMZ. But there are no truces up in here.

    And thanks FrozToots, life in the trees is probably harder than life in the streets because you gotta do all that running and jumping and shit. I don’t move like that.

  19. JustWait said

    Nothing associated with Tracy can remain drama-less for long. And that blog is nothing but a sanctioned cog in the PT Wheel.

    Both of them are still nursing at her boobs. They won’t make one move without her approval. SSDB.

  20. I really do hope “afterward” remains drama free, for those people who can’t move on without the help of people they don’t know. (Cynical? Yes. So the fuck what? I’m tht kinda bitch. Ask FFPT… 🙂 )

    Oh, and this one: “A sandwhich of Tracy between mrs and duh”

    Argh, my eyes! No offense Duh and Mrs. M, but can it be a sandwich with someone else, pelase? I need to erase that image permanently from my brin/ Perhaps David Tennant from Doctor Who? (Google Images is your friend.) Amybe Mike, Benito or Paolo?

    And Mrs. M. – I really will give you five PT dollars for a link on your blogroll 🙂

  21. PT dollars…shoot…I need real money. I don’ t have any google ads on my site, babe.

    I’ll link to you anyway…no charge.

  22. Hagilla/bitchzilla with PMS said

    No good can come of anything where Queen Fuckwitt is connected with it. Queen FW will try and pervert it somehoe. I wonder what spurred this new blog on, could it have been the wanton talk on chat the one night?

    Good Luck to Raisin and Suzy.

  23. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    agreed hagilla, i had that same thought when i saw tracy commenting on there.

    just trying to somehow control it.

    good luck Suzy&Raisin!

  24. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Control is her first name. It will be interesting to see if they totally rebel and actually leave PT. You have to wonder what the motivation for creating a blog like this is. I’m thinking they are tired of the drama. I also think by Queenie posting on the blog she is saying “I’m watching you”. I think if they get too popular they will be banned from PT because it takes away from Queen FW mission. Doesn’t it just burn you ass Queenie that your minions needs to do and think for themselves and don’t need to drink the PT Bitchaid and don’t really need you to help them move on with their lives? Sniff Sniff whats that smell, I think its the Queen’s big gurl panties spontaneously combusting.


  25. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Shit DUH we still need an edit button.

  26. JustWait said


    You’re wrong, unfortunately. They are still in an unholy alliance with PT. It’s the only reason the blog is allowed to exist. She is more than watching them, she is manipulating the puppet strings.

    As well as collecting every IP address that posts there. How else would those two innocents know who to allow to post there and who should remain moderated? Their wetnurse tells them.

  27. Willie Lump Lump said

    Fuck Tracy! Stupid ho-bag!

    That is all.

  28. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Well Shit! Bitch slap me and call me naive. I was hoping these two would have big brass kahunas enough to step out of the ever present gaggy shadow of Queen FW. I guess this is the kinder gentler after version of PT. It would be really great if it turned out to be just their blog and with no Queen interference I guess time will tell.

    Chanting to Raisin and SuzyQ Step away from the PT light, step away from the PT light! Wake up and smell the cawfie!

  29. Tracy may be giving them IP info….that is entirely possible. I like to think, however, that Raisin and SuzyQ have enough intelligence and discernment to run their own blog. Tracy may think she is pulling strings but those two…I dunno…I can’t see them bending to anyone’s iron will once they are in their element and I’ll tell you, THIS is it. What they do best is communicate the written word in such a way that actually speaks to deep places in people’s lives. Tracy’s writing never does that.

    I doubt Tracy worries terribly about their blog. She probably thinks it’s “cute.” If she really BELIEVED in their idea she would link to them or give them their own piece of the pie on PT…give them their own plot of the land so to speak. At least that is my opinion…I could be wrong, I often am.

  30. ChineseAmbassador said

    LOL well, DUH and MrsM, I left a comment a couple days ago offering them 5 dollars if they linked to the book site.

    Obviously that comment never appeared. So maybe I’m the only blacklisted one? Of course, they could be having technical difficulties.

    But I’m totally cynical, after all of Tracy’s fake “glitches” that result it people disappearing.

    paranoia cha cha cha HA

  31. JustWait said

    Mrs. Metaphor,

    You are wrong this time.

  32. JustWait said

    If their kahunas were that big, they both would have stepped away a long time ago.

    Tracy rules by fear.

  33. Just wait, wrong about what? You think Tracy, is infact, worried?

  34. Just wait – I am not surprised. 😉 Thanks. Gotcha.

  35. I’ll link to your book site, PC…can i have the five dollars? lol…

    I have an inkling that they are really just trying to navigate some pretty choppy waters right now…I’d say if you wanted to know what’s up you should email them…Suzy has a email address on her “tab” I think. Worth a shot.

  36. JustWait said

    She’s wrong that Thing 1 and Thing 2 are operating independently of The Queen.

  37. JustWait said

    Go right ahead Mrs. Metaphor. I don’t need to email them. I already know the Pink Truth.

  38. JustWait said

    I see someone understands secret squirrel speak.

  39. I miss my secret squirrel.

  40. JustWait said

    Your squirrel misses you too.

  41. Oh, I just saw your post, Just Wait….

    mabye your are right…time will tell. I hope I am right because it means that Raisin and Suzy are the people I understand them to be and I like to think the best of people until they prove themselves otherwise. You know me…hope springs eternal…or nearly so.

  42. ChineseAmbassador said

    ok wait a minute – are suzyQ and raisinberry still active directors? I mean, they still have units (and checks) coming in?

    I can’t think of any reason for them to be afraid if Tracy, unless they are worried about being outed and losing their checks. Which is still an almost impossible scenerio I should think.

  43. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    JustWait- that is exactly why I have yet to comment over there. Best wishes to the both of them, whatever their intent may be but I know full well that the comments can/will show IP addys and the Queen herself is known to seek out IP addresses.

    It doesn’t surprise me she’s watching that blog like a hawk.

    Be forewarned, lurkers: Tracy’s got her eye on you.

    Tracy: Good luck finding out who I am! 😉

  44. Ack…all my posts are off…this is like talking on a cell phone to someone and your voice keeps echoing over them or there is that long pause between..i hate that.

    JustWait…you do have some insider info doncha..I can tell. Ok, I will concede that I tend to be naive in this arena. I’m just going to keep hoping though…when the walls crumble, and they will if their focus is not right and clear…it will be another disappointment like the one they experienced with MK. One more disappointment to add to the mix and one more chance to redefine who they are…for their sakes, I hope that they have some degree of vision.

  45. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    lets hope its not tunnel vision………

  46. JustWait said

    Neither are active directors and there is no reason why they should still be gripped in fear by Tracy, but they are. They are like wives in abusive marriages. They know they should walk away, but they do not know how and they do not have the confidence to do so. So they figure if they get permission from their abuser to spend some time apart (but still stay married), they don’t have to fear more abuse for doing what they really want to do anyway.

    They cannot see that this new blog is just an extension of her control over them. If Tracy told them to shut it down tomorrow, it would disappear without question, delay or pause.

    As my name says, just wait. You’ll see.

  47. JustWait said

    Hope springs eternal Mrs. Metaphor but it is wasted in this case.

    Anyone with 2 functional eyes and ears can see what Tracy is all about. Her issues are not lost on them. But they cannot and will not walk away from it. Give it a few more years and her grip will have been as strong, if not stronger, than Mary Kay’s grip. This blog is nothing more than a baby-step with both shoe laces tied together. They will stumble along until they trip and fall on their faces. Just as she planned.

    You don’t thwart or escape evil by inviting it in. Tracy has, and always will have, an honored seat at their table.

  48. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    That may be that she has an honored seat at the table, but it might be lonely with just the three of them sitting there, because once folks leave Tracy’s evil grip, they don’t really want to break bread with her so to speak. I can see that if people find out it is another Tracy forum they just won’t go there. Why put up with the same shit and abuse at a different venue? I got tired of eating her pink shit stew.

  49. No one seems to last more than a year though, Justwait. Is there anyone who has?

  50. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Mrs. M. These self-help blogs are usually transitionary at best and most once they have gotten over it will move on, unless they are totally screwed and or want to continue saving the masses from themselves. I think most people get tired of the same old rant over and over. Unless it is here on DUH, where it is fun to rant.

  51. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    If their blog is going to be another Tracy playground, where she can collect IPs and continue in her insanity, nobody’s going to bother posting over there. me included.

    well I’m sorry but there’s just no excuse, if you call yourself a “christian” woman, to continue such a destructive relationship with an evil person. that is just weird.

  52. All I wanna know is... said

    If Tracy is SuzyQ’s daughter-in-law yet…

  53. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    BACK UP THE TRAIN……AIWKI are you implying that there may be a blood like between Queenie and Suzy. OMG Fortunate son. RUN for the hills, say it aint so.

  54. Come on you guys…let’s not go there again…

  55. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Sorry Mrs M, but I hadn’t heard that particular rumour until now, just askin’.

  56. Dana said

    Haggie, not real blood…. read about it here…..

  57. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    If ever there was a need for a barfing emoticon this would be it. How is Tracy???? Sounds like the way a teenager with raging hormones would talk. Grotesque, particularly in front of his momma. Now here begs a question, if this isn’t a personality indicator and would make you go hmmmmm, is this the way this person really is? Why in hell would you stay there knowing full well that this person behaves this way. So why is Suzy still entranced?

  58. The comments on PT are really down. Tracy will not link to Suzy Q’s new blog. If she does link to it, it will be because we said she wouldn’t. She doesn’t look at it as helping the cause, she looks at every other anti-MK blog as competition. Whatever.

  59. Willie Lump Lump said

    Selfish TURD!!

  60. Willie Lump Lump said

    wait, did i say Turd? I meant SKEEZA!

  61. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I have to agree that Tracy most definitely has a hand in this new blog. I don’t know Raisin, but I know Suz and she would not put up a front/fake blog to collect information, but I don’t think she’s strong enough to tell Tracy “no” if Tracy wants a hand in it too. Do you see what I mean? She is still deep in the PT fog unfortunately. Only Suz can decide when it’s time for her to cut ties because we all did at some point.

    I just think it’s sad that such a smart and wonderful woman has been caught up in that PT crazyland drama. I figured she would have gotten out by now.


  62. Dana said

    Tracy will never link to the new blog……

    (Using reverse psychology on her! It usually works well on immature children!)

  63. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I think at some point there will be a revenge factor come into play with the queen for them creating a competing blog. You watch Suzy and/or Raisin or both will end up either being banned or just fade away.

    The queen would never ever link to something where they might actually make a difference and could possibly call her ethics into question.

  64. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah there’s no way in hell Tracy will link to them or anyone else for that matter. Just proves she’s not out to help anyone. Just herself. Or so she thinks since most people don’t like the bitch.


  65. Left the Freakshow said

    hagzilla … pink shit stew! rotflmao! i don’t care who ya are, that’s funny!

    my two cents? the blog is being watched by the white witch, to see which little escapees come running over to play AND which current PTers would dare to look elsewhere … oh yeah, she’s watching everything … hi, tracy … paranoia, cha cha cha!


  66. eyesicle said

    Sickie…when you say SS, do you mean ME?

  67. Well, I never thought I would see the day DUH & Tracy posted on the same blog and we could all still see it!

    As for the new blog though, I don’t know……I have to think TC has some kind of control. JMO

  68. MK Rules said

    Semi and any other non-MK haters…we are in the MK rules chat if you wanna join in…. Please no crashing of my positive party though. Love ya!

  69. Eyesicle…yeah was that you?

  70. Mercedes said

    Love It!

  71. foxspirit1 said

    I could be wrong, as is often the case. I haven’t been around this crazy blog war land as long as many… and I prefer to avoid war anyhow… I digress… Maybe Suz and Raisin are “new” to it also. I mean all of the crazy isn’t hard to find once you start looking, but honestly, why start looking?? I mean Tracy told me about BFBF, and I still didn’t know what she was talking about. I finally got the address after Sickie mentioned “it was posted on duh” I had to ask… come to find out, they are one in the same. Can we hope that they didn’t know all of the back story?

    It is kinda like a train wreck. Anyone with an opinion is a trouble maker. T is free to break any of her own rules (like that lude incident). Like so many other examples I have now heard of. Maybe Suz and Raisin have a right to be afraid. Who knows what she told them? I think it is a great concept, and I do wish them luck. I hope the fears of Tracy getting jealous end up wrong, but I guess I wouldn’t put money on it.

  72. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I think the Queen is capable of anything, you never know what she is going to do from the next. She flip flops on issues like hate mail, saying at one time it was a draw to the board and then when the heat gets turned up by thing minions she stops it altogether. The rulz keep changing over at the shit fest and there is a new rule for every rule and select people can break them. I agree with you about differing opinions if it isn’t the PT partyline then its ‘stirring the pot or causing discord’ – Frig I hate that expression now whenever I hear it I want to SCREAM!!!!! I think the Queen doesn’t think that their blog is going to get much popular so she’s letting it go, but if I were her I’d be more than a little concerned, these two women are/were her strongest article contributors and there may come a day when they are just too busy to post on PT and I don’t think there is anyone really with their depth of knowledge or writing capabilities left on PT.

    BTW Left The Freakshow – I ROFL’d when I read your comment and loved the term Escapees!


  73. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Dang I think my comments are getting sucked into the spam filter!

  74. I think it’s a bad idea to make assumptions that someone is under Tracy’s thumb just because they haven’t been banned or even that they haven’t expressed dissatisfaction with PT…I mean, what made me the most angry about reading stuff here WAS that people had this assumption about who I was when they did not know a thing about me. What felt the best to me was when the people who DID know me lept to my defense (thanks you guys…I love that.)

    It seemed like to come here and defend anything that was said just led to more frenzy and speculation…now you have to admit that puts someone in a pretty hard spot, right? Doncha think?

    So, I don’t know..I guess I just ended up talking to people one on one as much as I could to try to give people a broader picture of me. I made myself accessible to people who had questions for me. That is what I’d recommend to ANYONE who feels like they get roasted here. And even though it might seem to chum the waters at first, I also encourage those who still post on PT to speak for themselves here when they feel like it. If you get banned from a website or have your privvies revoked because you wanted to be CLEAR with people on ANOTHER WEBSITE that is stupid, it just is.

    We’re all people here…no one is “lower class” than anyone else…no one is less deserving to be heard and understood than anyone else…NO ONE.

  75. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Hells Bells I responded to Foxspirit and the whole thing got sucked into cyber land.

    I agree with your comment about any opposing opinions posted on PT they get termed as ‘stirring the pot or causing discord’ I friggin hate that term now stirring the pot every time I hear it I want to SCREAM!

    At this point I think the Queen is going to let Raisin and Suzy play with their blog because she doesn’t see it as a threat. I would be a little nervous if I were here because people are going to figure out they can get their info on recovery from there. Raisin and Suzy are two of PT’s strongest writers and contributors and once they get a taste of blog freedom they may stop posting on PT. Which would really kill the Queen because there isn’t anyone else with the depth of knowledge or writing skills.

    BTW Left the Freakshow I love your term Escapees it made me ROFL.

  76. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I actually think it is pointless to speculate what Queenie is gonna do until she actually does it. Sure it gives us all a rambling dialogue, which in itself is fun. I’m gonna wait and see how it all plays out. But I will say I am still suspicious.

  77. eyesicle said

    “I think it’s a bad idea to make assumptions that someone is under Tracy’s thumb just because they haven’t been banned”

    I agree, Mrs…especially since many of us haven’t been banned. We just typed our, “good-bye cruel world” post and don’t post there anymore. The kinder and gentler TC (tongue tucked firmly in cheek) didn’t ban that last batch of us.

    Also, for the record, I don’t “hate” TC or anyone else, for that matter. I just refuse to participate in a hypocritical, hostile, and repressive environment.

    ***eyesicle steps off soapbox***

    Ok, so whazzup, Snatches?

  78. Wow! Looky here. People posted some interesting and varied viewpoints, and, yet, were able to come to terms on their own without the benefit of a trigger finger to ban them.

    Hey eyesicle, I don’t know whazzup with your Snatch, mine’s just happy it is Friday! yay. ‘cept it is raining all day…

  79. Duh said

    I don’t hate Tracy either. I think she’s sort of sad in a bitchy, crazy-eyed kind of way.

    Mrs. Metaphor, I take offense to what you said. I was right about you all along and talking to you did not change my opinion one bit. You’re still a patchouli-smelling-hippie-drama-queen-jesus-freak.

    But I’m growing to like the smell of patchouli…

  80. Dang eyesicle, I forgot you don’t go to PT anymore, MY BAD *thunks head* – if that wasn’t you yesterday then WHO WAS THAT?????

    Please come back “Just Wait”. I’ll wait. 😉

    Yup, therapist, isn’t it amazing when there aren’t 500 rules to follow that people actually learn to work things out without a bannage necessary….hmmmm…who’da thunk?

  81. Willie Lump Lump said

    “Yup, therapist, isn’t it amazing when there aren’t 500 rules to follow that people actually learn to work things out without a bannage necessary….hmmmm…who’da thunk?”

    Yeah, that’s hot! 😛

  82. Jus' wondering... said

    I posted a comment on Suzy’s blog, but it never went through. I wonder why. It wasn’t mean-spirited or anything. All i said was…

    “Comments will not be posted if they are mean spirited.”

    Does that include Tracy cuz we all know how her mean-spirited sarcastic one-liner comments can get.

  83. Duh
    Yep, you were right. Don’t let it go to your head.


  84. JustWait said

    Mrs. Metaphor,

    I have not made those assumptions based on their banned status or their lack of expressing dissatisfaction with Pink Truth.

    I am speaking the truth because I know it. And I think you should know it too.

    We will all have to wait and see, but I can assure you that those ladies, talented as they may be, are NOT FREE of Tracy. The puppet strings are still firmly attached. The siren song that drew them into Mary Kay and kept them captive so long has been replaced by the dulcet tones of Tracy-speak, telling them how wonderful they are, how much they are needed, she’ll cry if they leave, and promising them lots of responses to their writing, which is almost like money in the bank for them, except it isn’t.

    I have to go. I’m making myself sick even typing this.


  85. ScrewU said

    I hate everyone. But Tracy and PUR on top on the list. It’s ok to hate, it just means that I haven’t gone dead inside.

  86. ChineseAmbassador said

    “she’ll cry if they leave”

    yeah TC is good at turning on the waterworks when it suits her.

  87. eyesicle said

    Hmmmmm…I think I know who “Just Wait” is. They sure have a way with words, don’t they?

    Therapist! Wow! I feel proud you responded to me. Seriously, not sarcastically. Me LLLUUUURRRRVVVVES me some Therapist blog. Glad you are posting again! I have been known to sit at the computer and giggle when reading about Mary… And, yes, I am just fine, too, AND glad it’s Friday!

    Snatches! LOL!

  88. eyesicle said

    ScrewU…I love Brack. =)

  89. ScrewU said

    Now Brack, I don’t hate. He is awesome and he sings beautifully. I used to have a CD with all Brak songs but I lost it. That was the beginning of my bad mood. I believe it was 1998

  90. eyesicle said

    I used to watch him and Space Ghost on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
    Brack kicks ass. He is totally more talented than Space Ghost. Just sayin’

  91. Not a Bee-liever said

    Willie Lump Lump, I was just going to say that! LOL!

    That’s hot.

    Now, who is going to sue me for copyright infringement? It’s a good thing I didn’t act like this on PT. That would have been against the rules. 😦

  92. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I miss Brak and Space Ghost. Do they come on tv anymore? We’ve got some Brak songs on our ipod, I think I’ll break them out later.
    I also miss Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  93. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    I think space ghost is on adult swim

  94. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Thanks MFBT. You are correct, I just checked the adult swim website. It comes on past my bedtime, but that’s what tivo is for.

  95. Just Wait….
    I hear ya, I do. It’s my (self appointed) job to present the unpopular view and I don’t take that responsibility lightly, babe.

    In the past I have refrained from sticking up for people who I counted as “friend” in the blog wars (on both sides), I remained silent…. and I regret that very much but I’m workin on it. I really am.

  96. flycat said

    Hey Foxy you really got me going by mentioning the “lude incident.” I wanted to hear a hilarious new story about T going out all full of ludes and causing a riot or something. Then my dumb ass realized you meant lewd. HAHAHAHA You’da thunk I growed up in the 70s or something. Don’t tease me like that. 😉


    BTW, ScrewU a couple of ludes’ll take care of that bad mood.

  97. eyesicle said

    Willie, what the hell is a skeeza?

  98. Perhaps a skeeza is a female version of the skeez (aka the drunken nasty boy that tries to get in your face and make you like him, then he says he wants pussy and just ruins the moment).

  99. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Mrs is always tryin to keep the peace. I lurve ya for that Mrs! I think the point peeps are trying to make is that Suz and Raisin (though I don’t know Raisin at all so really for ME, this is about Suz) are not stupid women. It is my opinion that they are still under the PT fog. Does that make me like Suz any less? Of course not. I lurve Suz, always have. I just am waiting patiently for her to see the light and get out of the trainwreck. As long as Tracy has some type of connection to her and the blog, only bad will come from it. I don’t HATE Tracy, but I absofuckinglutely disagree with what she does and I think she’s a bitch. There.


  100. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    BTW ~ What do you all think of the new post over there about them requesting no one link to them? Sound familiar? The more I look at it, the more it seems Tracy just may have some hold on that there site. I might be wrong, but that is the impression I get. It’s a shame because it could be SO good without Tracy’s input or shadow………..

  101. eyesicle said

    Yeah, no links. ‘Kay.

    Thanks for the definition, Therapist! DIdn’t know what a Skeez was, either. I learn something new everyday.

    Damn! I think it froze last night. MY TOMATOES! Stupid Iowa.

  102. It froze more than my tomatoes…my arse is frozen too – I turned the heat on. Air to heat in one fell swoop. *sigh*

  103. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL Tracy doesn’t want competition!

    I’m kind of torn with this though. Raisin and Suzy seem like level headed ladies that won’t be drastically dramatic when it comes to the internet like Tracy. BUT! That doesn’t mean Tracy doesn’t have some hand in it.

    It sounds like Tracy does have a hand in it with the “Do not link us” post.

    I think we should link them regardless, because that’s bullocks. More traffic for them means less traffic for Tracy. Although Tracy has had a great idea for pink truth [albeit it’s stolen], the website has lost its focus.

    What’s the point of helping out post-MK ladies if you don’t promote your website?

    Anyone else think this way?

  104. Nah, here’s my thinking and I think we’ve already established me as the peace minded, patchouli smelling Jesus lovin hippie type so bear that in mind, but I also think I’m right so take that into account.

    First of all…whether Tracy has a hand in it or not, perhaps it will end up filling a niche and I think that Raisin and Suzy has a good base of knowledge and wisdom to do that. They will do what they like or it will fail and that’s the end of that, yes?

    Second…if they ask you not to link then why not pay them the respect of honoring that? To do something to spite Tracy only makes it spiteful and NOT supportive, you see what I’m saying? If their endeavor succeeds it will be because the leadership of that site is done with a servant heart.

    Third, I agree that PT has lost it’s focus. Some would say it is because of sites like this…but again I will ALWAYS come back to this truth…if Tracy is blameless this site would evaporate.

    Lastly, why not just let “afterward” figure out what kind of “blog” she will be before we start planning her debut party, huh? It’s unnerving, at the very least, to have this many hits on a blog when one is just starting out…or maybe I’m just jealous that I didn’t come into the blogging scene with a built in pep squad! LOL…that’s probably true for me, really! : P

  105. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MRs LOL. Anyone who has a blog, I think, wants hits? I know I did when I had mine. I mean no disrespect for Suz as I hold her in the highest. I’m just sayin that the post she put up about no links sure sounds like Tracy talk, not Suz talk. Suz has had a site before, why this would “scare” her or whatever doesn’t make sense. Granted, she was not the computer techy (sp?) of the group, but clearly she’s had some experience with a blog. It’s Tracy’s words about the no linking, not hers. IMO.


  106. Me said

    Links do not automatically provide comments. For Suzy Q to say they cannot handle the traffic does not make sense. There are not that many comments and WordPress is not THAT hard, whether you are techy or not. I am not what could be described as “techy” and I figured it out. There is always the help button. Links lead people to read, not necessarily comment, and what’s to handle about people reading?

    I really thought that the basis of the blog was a good one until I saw that Suzy Q has taken a telemarketing job, and only part-time at that. I have nothing against any profession that is legal, honest and morally right, but I’m not sure they can provide a whole lot of valuable insight to others on how to get on with your working life after Mary Kay if she has been trying to find work for a year and ends up with a part-time telemarketing job.

    The post by Raisinberry about debt counseling was a good one though, and she did face her personal responsibility in running up the debt…mostly.

  107. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    They’re not even paying for bandwidth. So regardless of the fact that they got a huge amount of hits within a couple weeks boggles my mind to saying “do not link, we cannot handle the traffic.” Me is right–the hits have nothing to do with comments. If the hits reflected the comments, then yes, I would completely understand them asking for “please do not link us.” But for that to be said and the comments not being 100+, it makes no sense.

    If they can’t handle the traffic, then they should make the blog entries private until they can “handle the traffic.”

  108. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Thanks ladies for seeing what I am seeing. They’re making this huge deal out of not being able to “handle” the traffic. Whateva. Just say that Tracy is pulling your strings and get it over with. At least then you’d be honest.


  109. ChineseAmbassador said

    that sounds like Tracy-speak “ooooh I’m so overwhelmed I can’t handle the traffic!”
    yeah right. All that means is that she can’t keep up with all of her spying and stalking, because there are more than 50 people visiting. LOL

    sorry guys, but my interest in PT blogs was so over, long ago. Probably won’t be visiting again.

  110. It’s all conjecture at this point anyway…You know me, I always hope I am right…LOL..especially when giving the benefit of the doubt. Well, geez, SOMEBODY’S gotta fill that role, right?

    My mantra over and over in all of this and I’ve said this to the “afterward” ladies as well…don’t let fear rule…being paranoid won’t bear fruit.

  111. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Congratulations on your dream come true, duh! as for the rest of you hookers, why analyze the hell out of this stuff. jus tbecause you can? well fine.

    as for gainful employment if suzyq’s new telemarketing job meets a need in her life, then it serves its purpose. it is just as honorable to be “just a part-time telemarketer” as it is to be “just a secretary.” jab intended cuz you’re being mean again Me. I wish you could cut it out.

  112. Me said

    I’m not being mean at all–or at least I did not intend to be. My point was that it took her nearly a year to get a part-time telemarketing job. I don’t have a problem with that at all until that someone tries to tell others how to move on out of Mary Kay and get gainful employment that is self-fulfilling. I can’t believe there are that many people who would consider taking a year to get a part-time telemarketing job as making a living and being self-fulfilling. Don’t we all consider telemarketers as pretty far down on the job chain? Wasn’t there a topic on this very blog about how we cuss them out when they call us at dinnertime?

    Maybe part-time telemarketing pays six figures and is a challenge and I am just not privy to that information.

  113. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    maybe after so long in mk she’s not sure what she wants to do quite yet and just needed stop-gap income to hold things together. whether we like telemarketers or not – every job contributes to theeconomy even mary kay. it sounds to me like you think that hte wonderful trashremoval people who help us keep our homes looking and smelling good aren’t worthy. just gecause it would bug me to be an exterminator i would never put that job down. do you look down your nose at hte master carpenter because he can’t use a computer? suzyq is not her job is what I’m trying to say. Shes got a lot to offer and what shes doing to earn money right now doesnt change that one bit/ I didn’t see her claiming to get rich off it

  114. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I don’t think anyone has a right to judge someone on how long it takes them to find a job. It depends on where you live, the available jobs and how well you interview. Also, you have age to factor in as well as “over qualified” to deal with. So I think ME, you are off base here. Suz isn’t exactly telling folks to go do what she is? And if she was, who gives a shit? At least she HAS a job. She could be sitting on her ass at home collecting unemployment. More power to her. God forbid you lost your job the next day and couldn’t find another one. Then how would you feel?


  115. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    The only exception to the above as far as judging someone on how long it takes them to get a job? If your man is too damn lazy to get a job, then you can kick his ass and judge as much as you like! LOL


  116. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Miss Dizzy to the rescue!

  117. Me said

    Okay, I see I am still being misunderstood. In my first comment above I said, “I have nothing against any profession that is legal, honest and morally right, but I’m not sure they can provide a whole lot of valuable insight to others on how to get on with your working life after Mary Kay if she has been trying to find work for a year and ends up with a part-time telemarketing job.”

    Notice, “I have nothing against any profession that is legal, honest and morally right…” and I don’t. My point is that should she be giving advice as to what to do if she had a hard time finding a job and it is not what one could call a DREAM job.

    And by the way, I have had the privilege of being laid off three times in a row over a seven year period and it took me five months to find a good job the last time it happened. So I can identify with that in a huge way. Mary Kay is what got me through those hard times.

  118. Me said

    By the way, Dizzy, you should read my response to your comment on the afterward blog. Under “What we Lost….”

  119. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo ME….I read it and commented back. Thanks! I am not sure, but I don’t think Suz is over there giving advice on how to move on. I think she is hoping that women can all give their input on ideas? At least that’s how I read it.


  120. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    I did not misunderstand your comment, Me. I’m just sayin’ that it doesn’t make a hill of beans if SuzyQ is selling carnations on a corner in a hari krishna gown right now. The chick has got valuable insights. Just because she doesn’t have a job that you can respect right now doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know her stuff. Maybe it is her dream job right now that she has – for the time being – and maybe it’s her blog and she can say whatever she wants to. For cryin’ out loud it’s been up for week. Give her a fucking break! Hope that’s crystal clear this time.


  121. You know that old thing from gradeschool about how I can say whatever I want about my own family but nobody can say anything bad about MY family? Well, that’s what I kind of think you stepped into, ME. SuzyQ is family and we all respect her opinion a lot because we’ve been walking with her on stuff for a length of time now. It’s only been about a year that I’ve been doing that but I think I’ve gained some insights into her character in that time. So, it’s not that your perceptions and observations are not welcome, ME…this time you are just off base.

  122. Holla CDSS! said

    Uh, before everyone gets up in arms over Suzy’s current job, remember that it is for “a cause you have supported in the past”. So, while it’s not glamorous, it is sort of a good cause.

  123. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    yo, cdss! i’m not up in arms about SuzyQ’s current job. i’m up in arms about the dissin’ someone who’s trying to help people. and yeah what mrs said. maybe thats easier for Me to swallow coming from mrs.

  124. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I just realized that when I post over on Afterward, they edit my name to just say DIZZY. LOLOLOL. Gee, I wonder why they do THAT??!!! 🙂


  125. Yeah they have to take out all of the links from our wordpress accounts too….sorry guys! I know that’s a ton of work…ack….

  126. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I don’t have links on mine. But they changed my name. Obviously they dont’ want negative stuff on there about Tracy. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Lurve ya Suz! 🙂

  127. Whether it’s Tracy’s hand, or their own, it looks like they don’t want (m)any ties to PT. Which I think is probably best.

  128. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Well apparently they don’t like having hits either. At this point I”m completely confused on the whole point of that blog to be honest. I lurve Suz and have nothing but respect for her. But that blog confuses me, they are getting “freaked” because they have almost 5000 hits already. OK. I’m lost. Isn’t that a GOOD thing on a blog? Whatev. I won’t be visiting there if they apparently don’t appreciate readership and/or insightful comments. Aparently they are more like Tracy than they think. It’s a shame.


  129. I’m just jealous, it took me like a year to get the piddly number of hits I have now (radical hint…visit my blog..boohoooooo)

  130. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Hey, do any of you sluts have the link to the video which went something like I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can? EIther its gone or i am way technically cahllenged. my friend and i’m not telling which one since i only hvae 2 would like to watch it!

  131. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    you know dizzy that being freaked about 5000 hits doesn’t qquite click for me. in fact, it makes me think that the paranoia trail is wide open still and that’s a shame

  132. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    could it be they want a small target audience because they are afraid that they could be bigger and better than PT and oh then there would be hell to pay, oh yah there hey! they can tell us how to get out of a cult but they can’t tell us how to live independently of fear doesn’t quite click either and it psses me off just cuz i’m ornery and i like it that way!


  133. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL….there is more to the story than they’re giving. Owell, such is life when you’re still sucked into the PT way of thinkging!


  134. flycat said

    Yea that is weird. The only reason I can think is that there are too many isp addresses to go through.

    cynic #2 MEOW

  135. Duh said

    Let’s see if they’re hits jump now that Tracy has linked to them. My guess is no. So does that mean I’m getting more hits than PT at this point? LOL

  136. Not a Bee-liever said

    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins,
    Does your name mean that you were sacrificed?

    Go to YouTube and type “you can do” in the seach box. There are a lot of versions of that song! Are you looking for the Annie Get Your Gun version or a parody of it?

  137. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah what’s up with THAT DUH? I saw she didn’t technically “link” to them as put them on a blogroll, but she talked about their website. WTF is that about? Trying to make herself seem not to be pulling the strings behind the scenes? All very interesting indeed. They had to know people would speculate on this shit.


  138. Angelicadivine said

    Dizzy I think you were exactly right when you wrote, “I don’t think Suz is over there giving advice on how to move on. I think she is hoping that women can all give their input on ideas? At least that’s how I read it.”

    That’s how I read it too. Suzy is sharing a journey and her telemarketing job and how long it took to get it is part of that journey. After so many years in MK there is a lot she doesn’t know about the job market, but she has made a beginning and with the help of the sites readers Suzy and others in her situation will even

  139. Angelicadivine said

    Dizzy I think you were exactly right when you wrote, “I don’t think Suz is over there giving advice on how to move on. I think she is hoping that women can all give their input on ideas? At least that’s how I read it.”

    That’s how I read it too. Suzy is sharing a journey. After so many years in MK there is a lot she doesn’t know about the job market, but she has made a beginning, and with the help of comments and tips from the site’s readers Suzy and others in her situation will eventually find the road to where they want to go. So what if it starts with telemarketing or whatever?

  140. Not a Bee-liever said

    I agree that SuzyQ was not giving advice or claiming to have found her 6 figure income dream job; she is giving people the space to have a discussion. Me, why did you say that you thought her blog was good until you found out what SuzyQ’s job was? Maybe you assumed too much when you said, “don’t we all consider. . .” because your idea that there is a “job chain” is not shared by everyone. And as for a respectable job being legal and moral, unfortunately those are also subjective categories and you’ll never be able to assume that everyone uses those words in the same way you do. It makes me think of The Princess Bride and the use of the word “inconceivable!” There are those who think that being an actively recruiting consultant isn’t moral and is only legal for now.

    Duh, does arguing on the internet make me retarded? Nevermind, I know the answer. *sulking away*

  141. Duh said

    If being a Mary Kay consultant is immoral and barely legal, being a telemarketer should warrant a ticket straight to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just my opinion. If time is money, than the time I’ve spent telling telemarketers to F OFF by far surpasses the amount of money I spent in Mary Kay.

  142. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Ladies as my gran always said “A girls gotta eat” Who in the hell cares whether she is a telemarketer, or sells peanuts at the zoo to feed the monkeys. Shit at least she’s working and getting money in and not sucking off of society. She has bills to pay and sometimes you have to bite the big one and get on with it whether it is telemarketing or working at a minimum wage job slinging burgers. I say good on ya for taking the initiative and doing whats best for your family. I guess its better than saying “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

    Suz and Raisin’s blog is interesting to say the least and I don’t think they have quite figured out what is going to be about yet either. I think they are trying to bridge a gap between PT and themselves and are walking the tightrope of PT, eventually one of them is gonna fall of and say FUCK IT ain’t going to PT no more.

  143. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Here is a little ditty from Tracy on Raisin and Suzy’s Blog

    “TRACY said:
    We have a great group on the discussion board, which you may have seen. That’s a great resource, and you will likely find a lot of useful information on the Afterward blog too! ”

    See someone expresses interest in their blog and she just can’t let it go at that, she has to put in her two frickin sense to get them to go to PT. Everything has strings.

    What an Asstard – competitive already.

  144. Suz is not a telemarketer, people…just so ya know. Her job is actually really cool…you should ask her ’bout it sometime.

    And Duh…I have a link for you and you’re avatar…hee hee

  145. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    thanks not a bee! hagzilla hey! i have pms too. Cool

  146. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    p.s. bee / naw i was one of hte lucky virgins lol

  147. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    writing note to self not to call duh first day on new telemarketer job

  148. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    DUH I hear your phone ringing…………… ROFL

  149. Not a Bee-liever said

    Everyone who inferred that SuzyQ’s job made her blog unworthy or that she was calling people at dinner time to sell them something or sign them up for something, please go to and EAT YOUR WORDS!!!


  150. Duh said

    Just because she’s a telemarketer for a worthy cause doesn’t make her any less of a telemarketer. And since they have decided to not approve any of my recent comments (and they were nice too), Suzy can kiss my butt!

  151. You are so misunderstood, Duh, just like Britney. Did you GO to that link??

  152. colleen said

    Telemarketing is an honorable profession
    Stockbrokers are glorified telemarketers
    Financial consultants get leads by telemarketing
    I sold Lab Equipment over the phone from 1992-1996 and had a base salary of 26k and made 50k for those years
    There are some MK consultants who telemarket their business..the phone is just a way of advertising.
    Asks anyone who sells ad space and they will tell you most of it is done by the telephone.
    Outside reps depend on appointment setters OR they make their own.


  153. You’re right Colleen! A title is only a title.

    As a MK Consultant when I called referrals to gain bookings or sales, that is the same “job” as what a telemarketer does. The “do not contact” list is for EVERY sales person/company (believe it or not!).

    Very well said colleen.

  154. Me said

    Collen, I see the point you are trying to make, but I have to disagree. Using the telephone in a job is not the same as what we commonly refer to as “telemarketers”. I have never, in any job I have ever had including MK, made a cold call. I have always had permission to call before I did it. I can’t imagine that you made calls to individuals at dinnertime to sell them lab equipment. Did you not call people that perhaps would be interested in lab equipment…like a lab? The ones that I was referring to, and the ones that I believe Duh was referring to, are the people that call you uninvited, without permission, to try to sell you something for which you have no interest. They are pushy, won’t take no for an answer and are obnoxious.

    I do not know you in person, but I cannot imagine you being any of those things!

    The people you refer to above do not have automatic dialers that dial numbers in sequence by computer until they get one that works. There is a huge difference.

    If SuzyQ is not that, then great. But by her own admission, she is not where she wants to be yet.

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