The “New” Pink Truth

No, I’m not talking about the new format.  I’m talking about a Pink Truth without Suzy Q and Raisinberry. 

Today I visited Pink Truth and noticed the comments.  September 11th was the date of the last entry by Raisinberry.  There is 44 comments on that post.  None of the posts since then have broken 20.  When I first started visiting Pink Truth, the comments would consistently get up into the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  I’m talking every post.  True, some of the conversation has moved to the discussion board, but from what I’m seeing there are only about 10 consistent commenters on the blog.  What’s going on?  (heh heh)

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Raisinberry and Suzy’s posts were some of the most popular on PT.  Now that they have decided to start their own blog, I would expect that the readers would follow them.  There’s only one problem: They don’t want anyone to link to them.  Now there are many reasons to start a blog.  I want to start another blog for my husband and I to keep track of the books we are reading together.  While it would be great if other people wanted to read our ramblings, it’s more for us than for other people.  Suzy’s blog is for people trying to start over after leaving Mary Kay.  The intention of the blog is to help others.  How is it supposed to help other people if they can’t find it or don’t even know it exists?

I’ll give my opinion on this subject even though I have not spoken with Suzy or Raisin personally.  I haven’t emailed them to ask them about this because I seriously doubt they would even bother to engage me on this subject knowing how I feel about Tracy.  If they would like to talk about it with me, I’m very open to that.  Anyway, I feel that right now, they are walking a line.  On one side is Tracy.  On the other side is the reason they opened the blog in the first place.  (I don’t pretend to know what their motivation was.)  I believe that they are trying to be one of the exPTer’s that “moved on” because they had gotten everything they could and have moved passed needing it.  Tracy is constantly mentioning these folks when people publically leave PT.  The ones who leave gracefully and with “class”. 

Unfortunately for Suzy and Raisin, what they will very soon come to realize is that those people don’t exist.  Anyone who leaves PT is a traitor, backstabber, etc. according to Tracy.  While she smiles and congratulates them on their new blog, while she wishes them all the luck in the world, she is hoping that they will fail.  Why?  Suzy and Raisin have done her no disrespect.  It seems that they have gone out of their way to NOT be competition for her, but that doesn’t matter.  Her blog is failing, so she can not be happy for anyone else.  Everything in life is a competition for her, and any “friend” of hers that beats her deserves to go down in flames.   

Suzy has asked that people don’t link to her.  Even if Tracy has not asked her to do this, we all know that Tracy is the main reason why she has asked this.  What new blog owner is not thrilled and flattered when they get 1000 hits on their first day?  (I believe she was thrilled and flattered BTW. I think that she can’t ACT thrilled because it may hurt Tracy’s feelings.) 

To Suzy and Raisin,

If you truly do not want me to link to you, I will remove you from my blogroll.  You have to make your request in the comments of this entry though, so I know that you’ve read it.  I want to tell you this.  You are the owner’s of a blog now.  You want to help people.  I know you do.  DO NOT let anyone’s hypersensitive ego get in the way of that.  If you are more successful than Pink Truth, SO WHAT?  If Tracy really started PT to help people and not to feed her bottomless pit of a psyche, she’ll be thrilled that your site is doing what her’s couldn’t.  Don’t let her make you feel guilty for doing what you feel you need to do.  Contrary to popular belief over at PT, she’s not the Queen of the World.  Have fun writing whatever you want!  It’s all up to you now, and that should be really exciting!

Don’t worry about who’s linking to you.  Just do what you guys do best. 


  1. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    ah – my apologies to all hookers everywhere – now the light has come on and i understand why you analyze the hell out of this stuff

  2. Duh said

    Cause we’re crazy. Asked and answered.

  3. It’s that picture that just compounds this line, Duh
    “Cause we’re crazy”

    Oh and can you please make that an “I” statement…as in “Cause I’m crazy”

    I, for one, do not consider myself “crazy” I rather prefer to be called “loopy” thank you very much.

  4. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    crazy isn’t all bad. loopy, now that’s under consideration since it can imply wishywashy and i don’t consider mrs wishywashy. crazy at times yes but not loopy

  5. Holla CDSS! said

    Don’t take the link down until I can bookmark the site you tease!

  6. I just had a conversation with a friend of mine last night about loopy. She decided (notice I did not say WE 😉 ) that there are four stages to drinking alcohol:

    1) sober
    2) loopy
    3) buzzed
    4) drunk

    I said I rarely make it passed loopy cuz once I reach buzzed it’s all over for me — time for bed.

    So this leads me to my next question: mrs, how many drinks have you had today to make yourself loopy or do you come by your drunken stages naturally? 😛

  7. Oh, I’m like on a natural high all the time, doncha know. bahahahahaha.

  8. Duped said

    “If Tracy really started PT to help people and not to feed her bottomless pit of a psyche, she’ll be thrilled that your site is doing what her’s couldn’t. Don’t let her make you feel guilty for doing what you feel you need to do.”

    The whole post is well done, Duh, but I believe this is the coup de gras of the entire thing.

    SuzyQ and Raisinberry – think about those words from Duh. Why be ashamed or scared of doing EXACTLY what you set out to do with your own blog? Don’t let ANYONE (whether it be TC or anyone else) get in your way of doing what YOU want to do. It’s a free world, remember???

    You may not like Duh, or others that write here, and that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean that this post doesn’t make a good point and you know it.

    Fart knockers.

  9. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    i dont see no blog roll!

  10. High Hopes has left the Building said

    It makes me sad to think that a blog that does have potential to do good will be relatively unknown and virtually invisible. Suzy and Raisin, please make yourselves available to the masses. If you go into the nether regions of cyberland you will be frustrated and your mission to help others after the pink fog and they blue checked will just disappear, you both have so much to offer. Just think about it!

  11. Starr said

    It took me awhile before I got what this whole blog war thing was about. I linked here after finding ptlies and thought you guys were a bunch of critical wannabees. But then I actually witnessed the PT drama over the past few weeks and saw for myself what you guys were talking about. You were all right on too.

    TC definitely hits below the belt, plays favorites, and incites others with cryptic, baiting comments. As so many have pointed out here, it is so high school and is obvious and laughable when she does it.

    Having said that, I do think PT is a valuable site with a wealth of information. The basic failing I see is that TC would be best to ditch the social aspect of her discussion board and just keep it confined to the MK blog. If she is going to have a discussion board, given her mindset, she should best confine the content to MLM and MK related things.

    She obviously has no idea how to interact with others in a diplomatic manner for sustained periods of time. She doesn’t have the ability to let things go and is very reactive when she perceives button pushing. It is so apparent that TC has a very thin skin and will over react to anyone that may question her behavior or actions.

    Now that Suzy Q and Raisenberry have started up their own blog, it remains to be seen how TC is going to cope. I would imagine they will definitely cut back their presence on PT in order to do their best on their own platform. The blogsphere (is that the word?) is definitely big enough for PT and other like-minded sites. TC needs to get a clue and grow up a bit. She has a good thing going over there which she is going to lose if she doesn’t get a grip and start acting like an adult.

    Now I just want you all to know how much I enjoy this blog. You guys in here are absolutely hilarious. I literally laugh out loud at the things said in here and just wanted to say how I look forward to seeing what is new each day. Duh, you did a fine job on this post and I agree with everything you wrote.

    Just wanted to weigh in with some comments and let you know how I so enjoy reading in here.

  12. Not a Bee-liever said

    Hi Starr! Do I know you? It took me a long time to understand too.

  13. Starr:
    You may be on to something. Perhaps if Tracy got rid of the discussion board altogether that would be an important first step. That is a good insight.

  14. My Cat Came Back said

    She can’t “afford” to let go of the discussion boards. That’s where she gets her google page impressions….kachink, kachink, kachink!! Financially, she won’t do that, because although google doesn’t make a ton of money for a google ad person, it does make them a little bit and the thing about the discussion boards is that sometimes you forget where you left off and when you do post, you have to go back to see what others have said after you!! It’s a lot of refreshing and page views going on. I have stayed clear for the most part. If TC was someone who would have been a little softer on the “less savvy, after MKaybots, I might have been more willing to participate on the boards, but when people are shitty to other people, I refuse to participate in something which does support them financially. When people treat other people right, I don’t mind being a part of a program, I just find it difficult to live my life and do a discussion board justice with my participation. ok, babble on lol

  15. Starr said

    Not a BEE- I think you might recognize my name from PT. I haven’t really posted much over there– although I check it often. I learned early on that it was probably best to say little and lurk, so that’s what I have done.

    I have participated on boards and blogs for years and belong to a few that are professional boards- confined to subject matter pertaining to that profession. The moderation on these boards is fierce in order to keep the personal and petty stuff off. TC likes to censor and moderate so if she would simply confine the content on her discussion boards to the MK and MLM related content, she might be able to keep things going without all the drama which if it persists, will take her down. (She would even get the opportunity to censor and moderate like a fiend, but it wouldn’t make her look like a fool anymore since it would be purposeful censorship.)

    IMO- it is TC’s knee-jerk reactive responses to the more socially-orientated subject matter that sends TC over the edge and sends people packing. The last one being her stealing the pink shark cartoon and being called on it. A board that is confined to a more professional format would not have put a cartoon figure up in the first place.

    I am not very vocal in PT because I have seen how an innocent remark can and is jumped on. This generally doesn’t go on in places that confine the topics to business-only comments. I will speak only on MK related topics–keeping most of my personal business out of there.

    You guys in here can appear to be pretty vicious too– but it just seems to be done in way to poke fun at the PT drama. When Shay came in here and got all riled up about what some had said when the drama was going on with her website thread in PT– it was so great to see everyone post kindly to her and try to explain that it wasn’t really a personal attack. I doubt she even came back in to see the welcome she received as I think she was emotionally reacting to what she read, got pissed, had her say, and just got the heck out of dodge.

    MCCB– I totally agree with you about participation on boards. I observed early on that certain things were considered taboo to mention on PT. As much as I wanted to engage in discussion, I felt the need to lay back in lurk mode just to see what the dynamics were in there. I also noticed that when certain things were mentioned (like ptlies-LOL), the poster became invisible. Who really wants to get involved in a discussion board where people are treated badly and rudely dismissed?

    It is readily apparent that if anyone questions the status quo or has the audacity to question something Tracy says or does, they are treated very badly. TC needs to get over this. If she could just humble herself and admit she made a mistake or was wrong about something, she could do so much to earn respect. But she has some sort of ego problem and appears too insecure to ever get there. This will be her downfall, IMO. I know, I have seen many (pretty funny) comments on her mental state and lack thereof, and I do think she seems to need some help.

    So it took me several weeks to learn how things worked and see for myself the fireworks and unnecessary drama that caused several vocal and interesting people to defect and settle in here. It was pretty exciting sitting back and reading as Mrs., Apple, and NotaBEE outed themselves here. This is just too much fun!

    As I said before– I think you guys are hilarious as well as very interesting, and I personally am enjoying the soap opera. If TC actually ever would get it together and quit doing the social discussion over there, things would be quite dull. This way at least, there are moles stirring the pot and making for some great entertainment. So here’s hoping TC never gets it. Cheers!

  16. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Welcome to the bitchfest Starr. Yes, we can be pretty outragious (sp?) here, but if you hang around for a while, the only time we are dead serious bitches is when it’s related to PT/Tracy. Everything else we throw at eachother is totally for fun. We call eachother bitches and whores in the most loving way possible! Right you hookers?

    DUH I think you did a great job on this post. Suz and Raisin should read it because there was not one sarcastic point in the whole thing. You were being honest and trying to tell them what’s up. Anyone who reads here on a regular can see you are trying to get them to see what’s up. Good lookin’ out as Suz is one of the “good ones”.


  17. I'll have a Cosmo said

    I thought we were numbered sluts? I am #5

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    SOME of you bitches are sluts. I’m not. 😉


  19. Oh Julz…we’re all “good ones” you know…

    Welcome to the other side of the Island, Starr!

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Mrs…you are not a “good” one.


    Just say it once, Mrs. A cuss word. A really bad one. Please?

  21. I’m not a slut. Whenever I read that word all I can think of is Dan Ackroyd on SNL…”Jane, you ignorant slut….”

  22. lol, you wish!

  23. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    SNL, back in the day….ahhhhhhh

    Mrs….you can DO it…….I have faith in you……..

  24. Hey Julz, just read your post on afterward…you are a smart cookie, you know that?


    ack…it’s the BEST I can do!

  25. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Mrs…I am not smart. Stop spreading rumors! And that “cussing” is pathetic. Try again.


  26. Starr said


    That ignorant slut comment from Ackroyd is a classic but many don’t know it. A few years back on another forum, one of the posters called another (You ignorant slut) and even put SNL after it. The woman went ballistic and left the forum, was not appeased one bit even after learning it was a joke. She was sort of a cyber stalker and a mental case– very thin-skinned and easily offended, but we thought it was hilarious. Sorta like someone else we all know– LOL.

    Personally I love stuff like that and think internet forum and blog drama is the best. What is it about watching trainwrecks anyway?

  27. ChineseAmbassador said

    well it beats the soap operas at least.

  28. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hey Starr….I was going to say, “Sounds like Tracy” but you beat me to it! LOL.

    Chinese…yo…..soaps are good. At least one. Days of our Lives. Lurve it.


  29. Willie Lump Lump said

    I lurves me some ‘Days’, too and so happy that Stefano’s back! ‘Bout damn time. 😛

  30. Duh said

    I just reread this post and realized I didn’t say one funny thing. Damn, what’s wrong with me? Am I slipping? Getting old? ACK.

  31. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Willie…..OMG it is soooooooo much better now that Stefano is back! Holy shit it wasn’t the same without him. Is it just me, or is Shaun being a fucktard? I lurve that show!

    Yes DUH, you done lost yo mind.


  32. High Hopes has left the Building said


    I agree with your comments. Most of the problems as I see it (and yes I engaged in some silly bashing for which I have apologized on a previous thread and my exit on PT) come whe you are posting pictures and letters for ridicule. Unfortunately I think the majority of people get caught up in the blog culture and everything that goes with it and you get desensitized to the harshness. I think any potential to help gets lost in that sort of stuff. When I first lurked on PT I was horrified, but then once I sorted through stuff I found good information. This was my first experience playng on an internet blog/discussion board.

    I think TC wants her forum to reflect Pink Lighthouse’s style with the discussion board, etc. I have moused around Pink Lighthouse and the one thing I noticed is they are more respectful and there isn’t the bashing. I did notice that TC started to tone things down on PT when people on here were telling it like it was regarding some of the stuff she posted. I don’t believe there are hate mail Wednesdays anymore, which is a good thing. It really got out of control with the seminar dresses, yes some of them were ugly but who cares. In the real world none of this matters, does anyone care if you wear a gown that looks like a jelly fish? I don’t think so.

    IMHO I don’t think many lessons have been learned and that is why I left. It gets old. I was pretty much ready to leave when I did anyway and had been thinking about it after the 3 month mark, I just hung out because I had cyber buds. I think you can only blog about all that is evil in MK so much, its like listening to the same scratchy record over and over again. Sometimes you just need to know when to turn the record player off or change the dull needle.

  33. Hi starr! Welcome aboard! You’ve nailed it!!!!

  34. HH:
    I have heard some criticism of this blog and the anti PT/anti Tracy stuff as “group think” recently. What I found ironic is that the place I felt the most inclined toward “group think” was on PT. I did not feel that way so much on the blog commentary although I’m sure I engaged in some MK lady bashing there. On the discussion board, however and then on the secret board it felt more prevelant (sp?) maybe because it was “hidden.”

    I confess that I had developed a prejudice against Pinklighthouse because it seemed like they went back and forth about the “mission” and now that I’ve expanded my horizons I now see that perhaps instead of being dogmatic and living by law what they do there is embrace the spirit of the law and in so doing become more human to the world at large. The more things “tighten up” on PT, the more insulated that community will become and the more likely it is to go down in flames.

  35. angelicadivine said

    Please, where is SuzyQ and Raisinberry’s blog?


  37. Suz just wrote a new article on “afterword” called do it this way no do it that way, etc. TOTALLY ROCKS! HUGE PROPS!

  38. unbeelievable said

    OK, so Raisinberry posted a note on Pink Truth that was a plug for the new website, and Tracy responded nicely to it. So, since she *is* advertising the site, I’m guessing that:

    1.) They don’t want to feel the obligation to link to blogs that want to link to them — e.g., this blog

    2.) They already know that Tracy won’t link to them, so by making an official request for no one to link to them, it doesn’t look as weird. You know? So no one can say, “Why doesn’t PT have a link to Afterward?”

    Anywho, you are all a bunch of ignorant sluts. Excecpt for Not-A-Bee, she is a puta estupida. 🙂

    Oh, and I love Afterward, by the way, it’s really interesting and good!

  39. unbee – I sent you an e-mail — did you get it?

  40. Not a Bee-liever said

    Oh no she didn’t. Puta estúpida? That’s the first time that insult has been used on me. I feel loved.

    unbeelievable, do you still talk to Roxy? Send her over here so we can talk about how Big Love makes us horny. LOL!

  41. Painting Pink Pjs said

    I love Big Love! I feel bad for Bill

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