Bluehairedbebe’s good bye cruel world letter. I love these.


Dear PT readers, aquaintences, etc.,
This blog just isn’t what it used to be.  Since Sickie/Happy, HighHopes, PPPj’s, Not-a-Beeleiver, Eyesicle, Miss Periwinkle, Apple Berry, Mrs. Metaphor, Gothie, Duped, Dizzy, (and the list goes on and on) have been banned or run off, it feels boring compared to what it was here.  I came, I got my MK return info (thank you NMD), I got my checks (yes, plural) from MK, and I don’t really see a reason to continue ranting about it any longer.  I’ve let it go.  The people that left Pink Truth were banned (at least in part) for raising questions.  In my first few months here I  personally witnessed Tracy administer the “smack-down” whenever someone posted something too “pro-MLM”.  To see people get ripped up and banned over differing opinions and then see that post on the home page from the hubby telling how his wife figure out how to do MK the right way, and tons of comments on how great that was…   What bothers me is that not too long ago people couldn’t post that type of stuff on PT w/o getting admonished.   The precious pot got stirred and people got banned.  Now the tone has changed, become gentler to newcomers who may still be in MK.  That is a smart move.  I even noted this change in my own comment to the hubby’s home-page thread that was not allowed through.  I am all for a nicer, gentler tone.  If someone still wants to do MK after having all the facts and isn’t trying to make a living off it, let them!  It’s not a reason to chew them out!  That some of my ex-PT friends/aquaintences got banned for questioning, and now this stuff is “allowed”, it’s the inconsistency that bugs me.  I am tired of the constant rule changes, the drama, the banning, the threat of lost privileges, trying to figure out why so and so got banned for X but not so and so… and now the site is boring too!  Not everything is black and white like your site, Tracy, and I don’t mean the color.   There are women in MK who know what it is and don’t need rescuing.  There is a gray area, it’s peaceful.  It offers genuine love and help.  Did I mention it got boring here?
If anyone wants to get ahold of me you better write down my email addy quick before this post gets deleted: XXXXXXXXXX at yahoo dot com.  I dealt with a difficult MK return and have answers to alot of questions regarding that.  I’ll still be on pink lighthouse if anyone wants to visit.
Done rethinking pink and rethinking PT.


  1. How long does this post get to stay up at PT???? Maybe we should start some type of “pool”.

    This comment alone would probably get it removed quickly: “In my first few months here I personally witnessed Tracy administer the “smack-down” whenever someone posted something too “pro-MLM”. To see people get ripped up and banned over differing opinions…”

    Tee hee! Tracy, she caught you! Way to go, Blue! Glad you spoke your mind. 🙂 Welcome to BFBF and some fun!

  2. ***Standing ovation to ReThinkingPink***

    Way to go on the telling it like it is!!!

  3. Dana said

    Very nicely written!

  4. NowIGetIt said

    I’m guessing it’s gone since I cannot find it.

  5. Colleen said

    Its about time someone told it like it was over there!! I applaud her and for her individuality.

  6. Oh-My! said

    Her comments have been pulled. They had been on several threads, and she opened her own thread. There is no trace….

  7. NowIGetIt said

    If it is rethinkingpink her name is still active so do not do anything within the ptboard. Or do and let Tracy read it. 🙂

  8. High Hopes has left the building said

    Well said RethinkingPink!!!!!

    Maybe if she hears it enough and the fact that most of us are or have been saying the same thing that I may finally sink in. But then again I’m not going to hold my breath.

    *******STANDING OVATION********* BRAVO, BRAVO*********

    You got class Bluehairedbebe!!!!! Me lurves ya!


    Singing: Another one bites the dust, Another bites the dust, and another la la la la……….

  9. Licious said

    Bravo Blue! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Too bad no one over there got the chance to read it.

  10. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    congrats for getting away from the group think mentality and standing up for yourself and others!! Although I saw earlier this morning many of your goodbye posts on other threads, they are unfortunately deleted. This doesn’t surprise me that it was deleted in such a short time but I’m glad you were able to at least let others know about it.

    🙂 glad to have you here!

  11. ARealLife said

    Fraud Investigator

    And she doesn’t even put alphabet soup behind her name.

  12. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    ARL – probably because she’s well known as a fraud investigator:

    and doesn’t need to prove her credibility every single time she’s mentioned in an article/writes an article/etc. like someone else tries to do.

    tracy’s trying to make her name well known, like a household name for brands and such, but for the fraud investigators world.

    great job finding that, ARL! puts things into prospective.

  13. High Hopes has left the building said

    ROFL alphabet soup

  14. Rooster said

    Yo people, I think LOTS of PT people have read and will be reading this bah-bye letter. There are a lot of us who use google because we know that there will be more than one site out here in cyberspace about MK. Even the newbies over there, who don’t know who/what they have missed on the old PT, know how to surf the web and find different views. Will be very interesting to see if PT recovers from all the fresh air that has come in through the cracks.

    Meanwhile, this is a fun playground with all the old gang! Carry on….

  15. Duped said

    Congrats, rethinking/blue haired babe. Hopefully some got a chance to read before Coward Queen took it off the board.

    Fart knockers.

  16. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    I sure couldn’t find any evidence of rethinking’s post on PT.

    RP is so right; a lot of the fun and definitely a lot of the energy on PT left along with the mass exodus a few weeks back. It’s a different place now…

  17. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Yo Rooster,

    Would that fresh air be DUH farting?????

  18. Here is what is frustrating to me. Taking issues to Tracy about her character one on one has proved, for many people, to be ineffective. Most of the time it’s dismissed as the person “not having the WHOLE STORY” or perhaps laying the blame on someone else (usually Sickie or PC or Laura R…just an observation). Taking issues to the board about Tracy’s character are dismisssed as being “group think” and usually blamed on someone else…(usually Sickie or PC or Laura R or maybe me, now…I dunno.)

    Either way, issues are consistently deflected and not addressed and altered by the ONE PERSON who could have stopped all this exodus and bru haha go away. The process of being humbled is painful when we resist it this much…it just is.

  19. Rooster said

    Yo, Hag….
    I wouldn’t call THAT fresh air, but that icky/foul air probably made some of the cracks in PT’s armor to let in the fresh air!

  20. Duh said

    I AM lactose intolerant…

  21. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    So that is why ya stink???? OR is that just an excuse. Try some of those lactaid thingines, but if ya can why don’t you log into PT and let a giant ripper fart go and see who else you can blow out of there…..


  22. Duh said

    I just might do that. I’m eating pizza tonight. I’m afraid I might kill somebody though.

    I can’t be the only person here with this problem. Come on. Fess up.

  23. flycat said

    OK, I’ll fess up. I’m lactose intolerant too. People always trying to get me to eat cheesecake. How gross and nasty are they?

    Cheese doesn’t bother me so I will have to eat ice cream and then go over to PT. Maybe I will bring my cat with me. Catfarts will take paint off the walls.


  24. If I put Ovaltine in my milk it is like creating nuclear gas. I even feel like farting just from hearing those stupid Ovaltine commercials on the radio.

  25. See how that groupthink kicks in over here? Duh, you svengali, you…(or as Elaine from Seinfeld would say, Sven Jolly)

  26. Mrs said: Either way, issues are consistently deflected and not addressed and altered by the ONE PERSON who could have stopped all this exodus and bru haha go away. The process of being humbled is painful when we resist it this much…it just is.

    True dat mrs! True dat! Tracy is the common denominator. Simple math tells you that.

  27. Damn! Do I have to group think here too? I like milk….what a sad life it will be living without milk.

  28. I'll have a Cosmo said

    I lurves me some milk. Yummo in the tummo.

  29. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I lurves me some milk too. I am SO glad I am not lactose intolerant. That would SUCK!

    MRs….I agree with you 100%. That, and TRacy is a fucktard.


  30. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Not lactose intolerant, but Hubby is. (And he looooves milk.)

  31. A. Nonny Mouse said

    I would also like to offer an apology for earlier behavior (days ago).

    My only excuse:

    “This is your brain.”

    “This is your brain on PMS.”

    The apology will remain anonymous for the time being…..for a few reasons.

    So I guess it sucks as an apology for now, but I will do better in a few days. :o)

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo mouse. You are talking cryptic. More info. Now.


  33. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Yo, Dizzy. I know. ;o)

    I’d like to go out with a bang on PT. Hence, the cryptic post. 😀

  34. Well I waffle a little on the milk thing…see, it’s just that I really LIKE milk when I am drinking it or having an ice cream sundae but then later I do feel a little oogy but it does pass so I think I’m not lactose intolerant as much as I’m lactose adverse…but I want to try to work it out with the milk so I just keep trying.

  35. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Hubby had the lactose intolerance thing sneak up on him suddenly….after almost 40 years – BAM! No more milk. :o(

  36. Duh said

    See, when I drink milk or eat cereal with milk or cheese it just turns into a nightmare. It’s like The Fog. Have you guys ever seen that movie? Anyway it doesn’t bother me too much, but others in the room run away screaming in horror. (Did I just admit that my own farts don’t stink?)

    When I eat ice cream, on the other hand, I wind up doubled over in pain. The gas is SOOOO bad.

  37. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Mrs –

    Does it happen every time you have milk? If not, you may just have a sensitivity, not lactose intolerance.

  38. Duh said

    Poor Bluehairedbebe is going to come back and kick our asses for turning her thread into a farting contest!!

  39. Well, I always HAVE been known to be sensitve…lol…it’s my gentle disposition.

  40. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    BARF…mrs…you just made me barf with your “sensitive” comment. LOLOLOL.

    I think you all aint right, talkin about your farts and shit. Ladies dont’ fart. They toot. Got it? And ladies don’t piss, they tinkle. Get it?

    hehehehehe that’s funny. My ex and I used to have farting contests. And I can burp louder than most men if I try. Whatev.


  41. ***I’m a witness to dizzy’s burping on command*** and lived to tell about it.

    Remember that dizzy??? LOL

  42. What my comment made you barf and then you exhort us with calling female emissions “farts” instead of the more genteel “toot” but then you revert and talk about your own exploits in the world of natural gasses…so come on, will ya at least pick a side of the fence and stand there? sheesh!

    oh and ladies don’t burp….they belch, thank you vuuury much.

  43. How’s this for weird – anyone else like this? I only have bad gas problems when I drink milk straight (or chocolate/strawberry). No pain, just gas from smelly hell. I can eat all the cheese, ice cream, butter, etc. that I want, just not straight milk. And the lower the fat, the worse it is. Hmmm.

  44. There are some schools of thought that say that humans are not meant to drink cow’s milk at all…hm.

  45. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Mrs – I also have that problem, I’m very peculiar with milk.

    I can have milk with cereal; I have no problems with dairy products. BUT! If I drink milk alone my stomach is not happy. And if I have milk with a meal, I can only drink so much of it without the offset of food. [1/8 cup of milk is as much as I can drink without food, with food it’s a different story].

  46. prdiva4 said


    My husband things you ladies are crazy and he thinks I am even crazier to be reading this shit! LOLL

    Dizzy you described your farts stories so well, that I could smell it through my screen.. ewwwwwwww! LOL

    Duped! LOL you and your sig line LOL Can you believe I was washing dishes yesterday and thinking about the word “Fart Knockers” for no reason LOLLLLLLL

    OMG! I need to stay away from here, too much fun LOLLLL

    SLUT #4

  47. prdiva4 said

    I meant My husband “thinks” not things

  48. Mercedes said

    I am touched that you mentioned me ReThinking Pink. You go girl-Tell it sista! I told it too-but it stayed up for a minute…or less-LMAO! But, as always-we keep these letters and post them here for the world to see-LOVE IT! I just lurves this place and I just lurves that the friends I made at PT are right here too (most of them)! And if they aren’t here-I know where they are and vice versa…Even though I am slacking on the “keep in touch department”.

    Anywho-Now I know who Bluehairedbebe is. I gotta make me a list or something-Can’t keep up with everyone here.

    Me lurves some HOOKERS!


    (Miss Periwinkle)

  49. Duh said

    Yeah, I’m supposed to be keeping track of everyone, but it’s just not happening. I’m a slacker.

  50. Duped said

    This thread right here is proof of my assertion that you are all fart knockers. All ‘o ya. 😛 Glad to be of service, prdiva4! 🙂 Just think, my hubby gets this 24/7 baby…yeah. 🙂

    I am fine with milk, and if I were intolerant, I think I would probably die. Cheese and milk and all things dairy are my fucking LIFE yo. My hips and thighs attest to this fact. I could probably have fucking *pictures* of my ass dimpling even more as I sit here and think about eating some more cheese. That’s just fucked up, right there.

    Now, pass me a Diet Dr. Pepper and I’ll take you on Diz for that belching contest. I have actually scared *cats* in the neighbourhood letting them rip. And anything curry is enough to make me melt paint off the walls from the stench.

    Now, do I have a lucky husband or what? 😛

    Fart knockers.

  51. bluehairedbebe said

    No, Duh, I don’t care about the fart contest, but I will kick your ass for giving me an old hag pic!! My hair is dark royal blue, not old lady blue. You know, like a superhot punkrock kickass sexyrebelchic! (duh!~) I have me some deadly fartbombs when I ingest too much Splenda. People get up and leave the room. It’s good for if I have to be around people I don’t like ;D

    Now then. Back to me: I can’t believe it wasn’t still up at only 10 am! That’s OK, I PMed it to LOTS of people! Who knows, maybe TC (Total C*nt) has the ability as admin/owner to see who I PM’ed and got into their inbox and made it magically disappear. You know, for the good of the community and all that bullcrap. That right there would be proof that she reads people’s PMs!! I could tell a “mole” in an email who to PM and see if they got it… if I could remember everyone I PM’ed damnitt.


  52. LOL Prdiva4, we ARE crazy. Just think what a difference we’d make in the GDP if we were actually accomplishing something with our time. 😉

  53. painting pink pjs said


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