My professional assessment of the Afterwards blog. Yes, I AM a professional.


  I know a lot of you guys like Suzy Q and Raisinberry, but I just don’t get it.  The way they are running the new blog is, in my opinion, a little obtuse and shady.  They can do whatever they want and act however they want, but as long as they aren’t asking for money or telling people to go to Pink Truth I’ll have no problem with them. 

But it seems to me that the Afterwards blog is just another arm of PT run by two women that have adopted Tracy’s paranoia and fear of dissension.  Any conflicting opinions are met with hurt feelings and emotional diatribes.   UGH.  Women. 

Suzy Q posted this:

Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the need to allow anyone to give a differing opinion.  SURPRISE!  So none of my comments are going through.  Here is my comment:

 “Since I have been critical of this blog, it’s purpose, etc. I will give my rebuttal.  If you open a blog and decide that you will give personal information about your job choices and your opinions about them, I expect that you will run into people that just don’t agree.  Whether or not you allow the disagreement to air on your blog is totally up to you.  I feel that an open conversation is always the best means of getting ideas across, but not everyone feels that way.  So if you don’t allow someone’s negative opinions through, you should expect to see them somewhere else.  (Or at least hear about it if you don’t personally read the other MK blogs.) 

But just because I don’t agree with everything said here doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s important or worthwhile.  I don’t agree with a lot of people, but I still like to hear what they have to say.  Not just to make fun of them (although it could happen), but also because sometimes, people change my mind about things. 

So if you are only welcoming to people who will always agree with you, I believe you are throwing away a valuable resource.  If you have been made “targets” it’s because people are reading what you are saying, and it’s sparking conversation.  If that’s not your intention, shouldn’t you be writing all this in a personal journal and not on the internet? ”

I thought that was pretty respectful.  Alas, my mere presence is foul to the fine upstanding ladies of Afterwards, so now none of my comments are acceptable.  In the spirit of full disclosure, here is the cryptic message Raisin and Suzy made and my answers:

6. raisinberry – September 19, 2007
It is an interesting thing, that people who have never met you, don’t know you, have no idea what your “why” is, what your personal character is, and form entire opinions on a few typed sentences, feel the need to trash you, mock and ridicule…you have to ask, what in the world happened to good discourse? It isn’t content that is being evaluated. It’s personhood.The anonymity of the internet tends to make asses of people. They would never say in social company what they say here. And I am getting the impression that some do not have a whole lot to do, and are living vicariously off fabricated drama.My mom told me that bullies are a dime a dozen…and that the best thing to do when you are being talked badly about is to ignore them.
Suits me.Besides SuzyQ, they missed the whole part about us smelling funny, missing teeth, cheating on our College Tests and that whole incident in Laredo with the greased pole. So I think we’re pretty much skating.
7. Duh – September 19, 2007
Why is it that as soon as someone doesn’t agree with you Raisinberry that you immediately resort to name calling and character assassination? Someone who disagrees with you is not necessarily “trashing, mocking, and ridiculing”. They aren’t “asses” or “bullies”.I don’t agree with or enjoy your writing, but many people do. I don’t judge your character based on my dislike of your writing style. The fact that I have yet to see you argue your opinion effectively without using generalities or name calling is just one more reason why I don’t like your style of communicating. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like you as a person. ;)
8. Suzy Q – September 19, 2007
Duh, in my opinion, sparking conversation is one thing, personal attacks, or making fun of someone is another thing, indeed. I like to hear other people’s opinions, too, but I think personal attacks are mean-spirited, unkind and unnecessary. I am tired of being manipulated, too, so I think we have that all cleared up now. Have a nice day.
9. Duh – September 19, 2007
Well, that would be the end of it, except I don’t think I’ve attacked you personally. I don’t think that disagreeing with your choice of career is a personal attack. I’m sure there are many women in MK that you like and care about or at least respect even though you disagree with their choice of career. Or maybe you don’t?

Now I know that I’ll be spanked by some of you for saying all this.  Suzy is a friend to you.  I’m not asking you guys to not be friends.  This type of girly, crying, “I’m not gonna tell you what you did because you KNOW what you did” behavior just chaps my behind.  Mrs. Metaphor will surely email me with a plea to be nice. ( And don’t call me Shirley.)  I don’t care.  I’m ready for it.  Give me your worst.

BTW, I STILL think that if Suzy and Raisin get their acts together and stop blogging about how they wish people would not read their blog so much (?!) and START blogging about how they feel about Mary Kay, that their blog will be 100 times better than Pink Truth. 

And I STILL think that telemarketers in any way, shape, or form can bite me.

UPDATE: Ah the internet makes it so easy to manipulate, doesn’t it?  Here’s the part of the conversation that Raisinberry didn’t want you to see for some odd reason…

9. raisinberry – September 19, 2007
Gee Duh? guilty concsience? I wasn’t talking about you.Oh wait, now I remember. Weren’t you the one who told your readers that my head was so far up someones hind quarters….i forget the rest.But I think it has just become apparent to all, that character assasination didn’t begin with me.
10. raisinberry – September 19, 2007
This is the official end of typed tirades. Back to our regularly scheduled program.
11. Duh – September 19, 2007
Sorry, the second part of my comment was addressing your comment, “It isn’t content that is being evaluated. It’s personhood.” I was giving my opinion on that issue.

She deleted the comment where I said “I didn’t think you were talking about me.  I was talking about your general tendency to start calling names when someone disagrees with you. ”  That’s paraphrased because it was deleted before I could grab it.  Sorry ’bout that.

Anyway, now we see that none of the questions I had were answered.  I was accused of saying things that she couldn’t quote.  No rebuttals.  She lashed out and ended the conversation when she couldn’t win.  Typical.

UPDATE 2:  Because I can’t leave well enough alone:

11. Duh – September 19, 2007
As long as it looks like you got the last word, right Raisin? Ya know, you seem like you are so grown up….

Tsk tsk tsk.  I’ve got to find a better hobby. 

UPDATE 3:  Yeah, I know:

11. Duh – September 19, 2007
Ooohh! Deleted that one too, huh? Well geez louise!


  1. Dana said

    SuzyQ I’m not sure about, but I don’t like Raisenberry. Her smug, condescending tone is evident on PT; and she’s totally a lap dog of Tracy.

  2. Dana said

    Oh, and SuzyQ used the “no one is holding a gun to your head” to tell people to stop reading her blog. Any respect I may have had for her has disappeared. How many times do they criticize MK ladies for pointing out to them that they made their own ordering choices with those exact words?

  3. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Wow, Raisin shows her true colors.

  4. I have been to Afterward twice now because someone here referred the site for one post or another. So far, I don’t see much that will keep me going back there. All I have seen is “Don’t link to us” “We don’t care if you read” type of posts. I also know that posts are being deleted in part or whole, and that doesn’t appeal to me either. Free world, free speach, etc. blah blah.

    I am sure both Suzy & Raisin can write well, but the MK/PT/After Blue Check stuff is so regurgitated now (at least for me) that it’s not of interest. I do hope that for their sakes, and sakes of others, they get Afterward off the ground and make it what is should be: A place to go when PT becomes an awful memory.

    Probably won’t be visiting there again, unless DUH makes it interesting enough. 🙂

  5. Duh said

    Yeah, well since all they are interested in doing is making veiled comments about something I kind of sort of said and then deleting any defense I make, there won’t be much drama going on from me.

    I don’t understand the whole, “it’s my blog. Shut up. I win” style of arguing. Maybe I’m just weird for not being like that?

  6. I don’t think you are weird, DUH, but maybe it’s cus’ I agree with you. 🙂

  7. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    Quote from Raisin:
    “It is an interesting thing, that people who have never met you, don’t know you, have no idea what your “why” is, what your personal character is, and form entire opinions on a few typed sentences, feel the need to trash you, mock and ridicule…you have to ask, what in the world happened to good discourse? ”

    -No tomatoes please-

    Isn’t this similiar to everytime I read PT or Afterwood … I have to keep reading there is absolutely NO WAY that I can be honest, ethical, non-frontloading director and be successful? I can’t speak for everyone else – I know there are wrongs in Mary Kay but I am very proud of how I run my unit and I can look myself in the mirror everyday and love who I am – I don’t “taint the facts, I am for full disclosure and I don’t use people to get to where I want to go. I have my priorities in order, I don’t sacrifice my faith time or family time for MK and I don’t have people running away from me or avoiding my phone calls. and I AM making good money and love what I do…….But I guess it can’t be done.

    These blantant statements really tick me off just as much as it ticks off anyone that got out of MK to hear that all of them are lazy loosers that didn’t work hard enough (and we know this is NOT true).

    And if my memory serves me correctly there was a post on PT where they all complained about telemarketers and the awful things they did and said to them when they received calls. I wonder how many who had all these ideas are now saying how great it is. I don’t care what side your on, but pick a side and stand up for what you believe in.

    Plain ole b.s. (Black Sheep) – Sorry for the rant!

  8. painting pink pjs said

    Two thoughts:

    1) It’s interesting Raisinberry wrote about good discourse, and the trashing people thing. I thought is was horrid when people would trash the NSD on their dresses especially when it got personal. Horrid.

    2) My telemarketing people are fun. We have a great time talking. I like to talk to them about all sorts of stuff. They leave the phone laughing, and so do I. They don’t realize they called the stay-at-home mom who needs adult conversation, but I do appreciate their calls.


  9. ToldYaSo said

    One day ya’ll will learn to listen to me.

  10. Duh said

    Yeah, don’t rub it in…

  11. Me said

    Raisinberry asks “what in the world happened to good discourse? ” I guess what happened to it is when they delete or alter the comments that would MAKE discourse in the first place.

    They learned a lot from Tracy in the manipulation department. SuzyQ, for instance, posted somewhere that she felt like she owed an apology to a director that was absolutely bashed for no reason on the old MKV blog. (MKRealist, I know, I’m bringing it up again for a reason). She said she would do that. She hasn’t. But she wrote it for the general public to see so everyone thinks she is all wonderful to admit she did wrong.

    SuzyQ also wrote a comment to ME on HER blog that said she was sorry about my daughter’s miscarriage and was praying for my family. Aw, how nice. But how would she know that I would even see that comment? She didn’t care. Others saw it and thought, Aw, how nice. She says she couldn’t email me because there is no email address on my blog. A comment on MY blog would have worked, wouldn’t it?

    So Suzy and Raisin, ya’ll just blog away. I won’t read it, more than likely. My opinion is, even though uninvited, is ya’ll need to decide what the heck your blog is about and quit bitching that people are reading.

  12. Dana said

    I think SuzyQ might be one of those “nicey-nice” people who really are just looking to stab someone in the back while appearing nice. I can’t stand people like that.

  13. MKV said

    Dana, you’re wrong about SuzyQ. Yes, she is nice, but I’ve not known her to stab people in the back. Has she ever said anything about anyone behind their back? (Does a bear shit in the woods?) I think we’re ALL guilty of talking trash at one point or another. (myself included)

    And she made that “gun to your head” comment knowing full well that it’s a typical “kaybot” phrase. That was sorta kinda the point! LOL

  14. Dana said

    The “gun to your head” has been used several times on PT, and not in the joking way, yet they jump all over MK people for saying it. So I’m not sure if she really used it to make a point. It’s possible, but I’m not sure. So that’s why it annoyed me. I see it on the discussion board a lot.

  15. MKRealist said

    I have to step in and say you are wrong about Suzy as well, Dana.

    If anything, her only faults (as I can see them) are being TOO NICE (genuinely and sincerely) and internalizing far too much of the BS that is slung her way. She hasn’t learned to “let it roll” yet. For that reason, I am actually concerned that she is attempting to do this blog-thing yet again. She has stated repeatedly that finding a job and maintaining peace of mind are her only two priorities, and unfortunately I think running a blog in this type of environment is not serving those goals. Just my humble opinion.

    She may be many things (we are ALL many things) but a back-stabber she is NOT!

  16. Colleen said

    Suzy Q is a GREAT person I KNOW!!!!!!

  17. unbeelievable said

    This isn’t related at all to the post, but it is related to the call center thing.

    I think calling people with a charity or a non-profit is a much different animal than calling people to sell products. A good friend, who is on the board of her children’s school, told me, “I used to hate asking people for money. I would always refuse to call parents and ask them to donate, but after attending a few sessions about fundraising, I’ve changed my mind.”

    She then asked me, “What was the last charity you gave to without being asked?”

    When I thought about it, I realized that the answer was “no one”. We give to the police department, Habitat for Humanity, and some other environmental causes, and all of them call us or send us letters. I’ve given to a few other charities in a time of crisis, (e.g. Katrina), but I gave to *those* charities because they (or people I knew) sent me e-mails asking for help.

    Anyway, her point is that giving to charity makes people feel good and obviously helps the people/subject of the charity, and that if you don’t ask for money, someone else will.

    She now says she calls parents enthusiastically at donation time.

    Anyway, my point is that it is necessary, and not evil for charities/nonprofits to get money, and someone has to do that job. So don’t hate on SuzyQ!

  18. I have always read SuzyQ as probably being very nice, even if pink, then blue, fogged. But to me, Raisin’s proved just how far up someone’s butt her head is. It may be her own butt, or it may be someone else’s, but it’s really in there.

    I wonder it they’re playing it “good cop, bad cop”: Raisin to “stir the pot” (to use a too-oft used phrase) and call everyone asses (read: be “afterward’s” Tracy), and SuzyQ to tell everyone to ” ‘simma down’, we’ve got work to do here on this not PT-lite blog.”

  19. Duh said

    I don’t know if Suzy Q is a great person or not. I don’t know her.

    What I DO know is that I have been open and honest with her and Raisinberry about how I feel. I haven’t made personal attacks against them because I don’t know them. I have disagreed OPENLY about some of the things they said and done.

    Suzy wrote this particular post and directed it at….who? We don’t know. This is manipulation. Raisinberry made comments about “someone” being a bully, mean, etc. Who is she talking about? We don’t know. That is manipulation.

    I commented about this because I was someone who HAD made comments about Suzy’s job. I’m not guilty of anything except expressing my opinion. Because I chose to comment, I’m accused of having a guilty conscience. That is manipulation.

    Sorry ladies. Suzy Q may be a nice person, but she and Raisinberry both are clearly being passive aggressive. That is not nice in my opinion. So I guess you guys are going to have to define for me what “nice” is.

  20. As for the charity call center thing, I do not ever ever give money to charities callingmy house. And the last charity I gave to without “being asked” was The Children’s Museum of La Habra. I do it every year.

    And here’s why all telemarketers suck (yes, even charity fundraising calling people ARE telemarketers – they MARKET their charity or cause by TELEphone): We get a call at home, in December, during dinner prep, from a fireman’s charity. They say they only call once a year. But Darrel asks for Cathy. For those of you now “in theknow”, Cathy is DH’s EX-WIFE. I say to him, I say, “Darrel. Here’s the thing. You know, Cathy is the ex wife. You’re speaking to Mrs. XXX #3. I’ll tell you what – you only call once a year (answer: yes). Great You take the time to update your records with my name. I’m princessedamame. When you call back, ask for me. Do this, and I promise that I will make a donation when you call back.”

    Well, the next month rolls around, and since it’s the next year, the same fireman’s charity calls again. I remember the name. And the dumbasses ask for Cathy again. My only possible response? “Now now. I did in fact [promise to make a donation to you on your next call. But only if Darrel updated your records to show that princessedamame was the new Queen in this castle. But he screwed it up for everyone now, didn’t he. So please get lost, and take me off your call list.”

    And they will never get a dime. Ohh, record – I think that’s my longest comment ever!

  21. Me Said, “SuzyQ also wrote a comment to ME on HER blog that said she was sorry about my daughter’s miscarriage and was praying for my family. Aw, how nice. But how would she know that I would even see that comment? She didn’t care. Others saw it and thought, Aw, how nice. She says she couldn’t email me because there is no email address on my blog. A comment on MY blog would have worked, wouldn’t it?”

    Now Me, you know she can’t visit you on YOUR blog. That would be a big no no! She might get kicked off of PT!

  22. Duh said

    I agree Princess. If you call my house, and I haven’t given you my number, you are being rude and intrusive, PERIOD. And BTW, I will hang up on you. If you don’t like it, too bad so sad!

  23. gothchiq said

    It looks like they are both still hurting very badly from their MK experience. Maybe in time things will get mellower.

  24. People can start blogs for whatever reason they want, but don’t you all agree that this MK thing is getting over done? No matter how many different people start them, it is still all the same information repeated over and over and there has to come a point where you move on. Many of us who did have these blogs grew tired of rehashing old stuff.

    I think the forums like are great because even once you are through with all of the MK crap there are other areas of the board you can visit, or you can help new people, but I am personally sick of reading about it.

    I know that we all go through a process when leaving MK (even though some say that there shouldn’t be anything to get over) but I’ve been out for almost two years and I still read about people who have been out that long, if not longer, who just cannot stop dwelling on it.

    It has all just gotten so old. Blah.

  25. Dana said

    Also, charity callers can be just as bad, if not worse, as telemarketers. Sometimes I choose not to support a charity at a given time, and that doesn’t make me a bad person. For all the charity callers know, I’ve just given my last dime to fund research at St. Jude’s or something…… yet in general, they try to make me feel guilty (not all, but a lot). “Don’t you support the firefighters?” “Yes, but at this time I cannot make a donation.” “Even a small donation is fine. After all, they risk their lives for you.” “I understand and appreciate it, but not at this time.” etc.

    And, about SuzyQ, seeing as I’ve never met her, I don’t personally dislike her, I just (from reading her blogs) get the impression she’s not all that nice, is passive aggressive, and therefore I am not inclined to think the best of her. I also find her son’s posts to be arrogant, condescending, and rude, so whether or not it is right (seeing as he’s a grown adult) I tend to hold that against her as well (specifically the one he replied to the NSDs son using crude terms and vague name-calling). And anyone who is as tight with Tracy and Raisenberry as she seems to be, I’m going to automatically assume isn’t someone I would really want to get to know. So, I know a lot of you are annoyed that I posted that I think she’s fake, but sorry. She’s probably not as fake or mean as I think, just like I’m sure Duh’s not as funny and cool as she seems. 😉

  26. I forgot to say that I can’t really say anything about Suzy Q or Raisenberry because I don’t know them. I did correspond with Suzy Q a few times back in the day of MKV and she was always nice to me but I never had any correspondence with Raisenberry.

    I hope Suzy Q can find a worthwhile job. I’m sure it has to be very difficult trying to get back into the job force again. I think her time and energy should be spent away from PT and on her own life.

  27. Thanks, Duh. I’ll get your number from TC and give you a call, we can run a test… 🙂

  28. mkrealist said

    FF says ~ I hope Suzy Q can find a worthwhile job. I’m sure it has to be very difficult trying to get back into the job force again. I think her time and energy should be spent away from PT and on her own life.

    Change “away-from-PT” to “away from the computer” and I am in 100% agreement with you.

    As I’ve said before, there are some folks who simply need to push back from the keyboard. Especially if they are serious about the healing and restoration and renewal of their lives they seem to so desperately seek. It is NOT going to be found on a blog. Sorry.

  29. unbeelievable said

    Well, she also said she calls people who have given to the charity in the past, so presumably, they gave the number willingly.

    But I agree with princessedamame, I would be pretty pissed if someone was callin’ for the ex.

    If that charity is *that* disorganized, they will lose money from a lot of people. The police department that we donate to cashed our check this year, but somehow lost the record of it, so they called us about 10 times (not kidding) to “remind” us to pay. It was so annoying that they won’t get any more donations.

    I still don’t think it’s evil, but I understand where yall are coming from. A while back, Me posted that she didn’t think they had any business running a blog about careers if Suzy was a telemarketer, but I feel like their blog is an exploration of the frustrations and triumphs of looking for a job after so many years in MK. I think that when they stay focused on that, the blog has a lot of very interesting content!

    I definitely didn’t like the post from this morning, either, it felt so accusatory, and I think put a lot of people on the defensive.

  30. Duh said

    Dana, I AM that funny and cool. And extremely humble.

  31. Not a Bee-liever said

    mkrealist, well said!
    duh, your blog is very well done IMO. I think it’s “nice”.

  32. Beware of telecharity marketers. Many of them are making more money for the telemarketing company than the so-called charities. For example, around here the Fraternal Order of State Police or some such thing calls all the time. I found out that only about 10% of money actually goes to any sort of charity. So I carefully research where I am giving, and I NEVER give from a cold phone call. Ever. My kids school will send a notice when they are fundraising, then they might follow up with a call.

  33. gothchiq said

    I do not give money to anybody who calls on the phone, ever, at any time. If I have money to donate, and it’s rare that I have any spare money at all, I contact the organization myself and send them a check or paypal them. Telemarketers of all stripes are simply hung up on. Charity callers are told “sorry. I’m broke.” then I hang up.

    Hell, why would I reward people for bugging me? screw that.

  34. Not a Bee-liever said

    Duh, here’s an idea: you can find out all of our numbers then call us and solicit donations to your plasma tv fund.

  35. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    If a Charity calls me, I tell them I will not donate over the phone but if they send me info on the charity and the % of where the donations are allocated, if I am happy with the amount going to the cause as oppossed to the administration, I tell them I will gladly send something. As Therapist stated some of them only have about 10% going to the actual cause, the rest are “operating expenses”. I have found the legimate ones will send the info and an envelope, the others won’t. They send, they get.

    Some of them really push to get you to commit to an amount on the call, no way Jose.

  36. A. Nonny Mouse said

    I love the pic for this post.

    Better than that, I love the fact that PROPER CREDIT for the pic is given (lower right-hand corner). Kudos to you! (Where’s that karma button when ya need one….)

  37. Dana said

    Nonny, the karma button is gone. People were complaining right and left about the harassment they were suffering at the hands of members who kept giving them positive karma. You can not imagine the pyschological damage inflicted by those who choose to wrecklessly give positive karma without thinking of the long-term effects to the recipient.

  38. Duh said

    Nonny, I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the link. The picture came like that. I am guilty of stealing pics off the internet for blog use. Someone call the police. I’m on a spree. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again I tell ya!

  39. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Duh –

    All of my illusions about your perfection and nobility have been shattered.

    I cannot go on this way.


  40. PC said

    Dear Raisinberry:

    “reasoned discourse” went down the toilet when you began eating up all of Tracy’s lies about other people, and then self-righteously lectured everyone about the evils of gossip on PT.

    There’s nothing worse than an idiot who believes untrue gossip from one source, and then presumes to lecture other people.

    You’re a jerk.

  41. Duped said

    I have to say I am disappointed in Suz and Raisin, but I am not surprised. Well, that’s wrong – I am surprised it took this long for them to start deleting posts and using selective perception again. Really, I could care less. Their blog is boring as hell.

    I agree with whomever said that sometimes, you just need to walk away from the computer. Sitting here daydreaming about it while you type away is NOT going to snag it for you.

    As for whether I like them or not, I could really give a fuck. I don’t hate them, I don’t like them – I am neutral. I don’t know them personally, nor do I ever really care to, to tell you the truth. *shrug*

    Fart knockers.

  42. holy smokes….what’s been going on while I’ve been out living my freakin life….I still have yet to get through all the posts and subsequent commentary but ONE thing I’ll say ME…is that I don’t know Suzy’s motivations but I felt more comfortable emailing you about your daughter rather than posting a comment. It’s pretty close to my heart and I didn’t want to be public with my thoughts…not that there was anything racy or bizarre about them…just a thing with me.

    I guess I get what you are saying tho, she could have asked you to email her in a comment on your blog…I can’t see the problem in that…is that what you are saying?

    As for the rest of you lot, I’ll take ya’ll on later when I have more time….sheesh…what a day!

  43. Duped said

    I do have to agree with Mrs. & ME on that point – she shouldn’t have made it a public spectacle to show how thoughtful she was to be thinking of your daughter. Sometimes discretion is better, and seeing as though you surely KNOW all comments on ME’s blog are moderated before they are put up, SuzyQ, you could have typed a little note there instead.

    Doing what you did just makes your intentions (whether they be good or not) just look, well, smelly.

    Fart knockers

  44. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I lurve SuzyQ, but I think their blog is pointless and reminiscent of PT.

    That is all.


  45. I dunno Duped…I wasn’t really sayin that she was making a spectacle about it, more than likely she just didn’t think to do it or did not want to start posting on Me’s blog for some reason. My guess would be that she was taking the opportunity to say it there because Me had just posted on the site and it occurred to her at that moment….

  46. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    By the way DUH, I LURVE the picture on this post! Cute little kitties!

  47. Duped said

    Whoops…sorry Mrs. Didn’t mean to put words in your mouth! 🙂 Bad Duped…back in the corner with yourself! 😛 I shall amend my statement and say “I have to agree with ME on this point…”

    You know I lurves you Mrs. 🙂

    Fart knockers.

  48. Mercedes said

    I lurves SuzyQ too. I never really got to know Raisinberry personally. Her stories were good. I have yet to read one of SuzyQ or Raisinberry’s infamous stories on afterward. The more I read comments here and Raisinberry’s thoughts on afterward, the more she reminds me of someone else I “know of”…

  49. Not a Bee-liever said

    Uhhhhhhhhh.. huh huh, Aren’t we all participating in a public spectacle by using Duh’s blog to express our thoughts about each other?


    Dear Everyone,
    Just give up and admit you’re an asshole
    You would be in some good company
    Not a Bee-liever, shameless about her admiration of Ani DiFranco

  50. I like public spectacles…I especially like spectacle theater like in chicago….they rock.

    Duped, no worries babe…you can get out of the corner.

  51. High Hopes Has Left The Building said

    Dana Did the karma button really poof on PT? Wow. I think that is great if it did. If ya think someone is nice send them a PM and tell them.

    I agree with MKrealist, sometime you have to know when to turn the computer off and leave it off. You aren’t going to find your healing or anything else for that matter. You need to get back into real life.

    ***Waving to Duped*** Sorry I haven’t called yet, its been insane.


  52. unbee said

    …says the woman who had the highest karma ever! 🙂

    HH I think you’re nice. I hope I’m not harrasing you with my good message, hehe

  53. Mercedes said

    where did my comment go I posted last night? darn it…

  54. Mercedes said

    darn it. where did my comment go from last night…

  55. Mercedes said

    i can’t find my comment…….

  56. Mercedes said

    Sorry guys-didn’t mean to post this so much-they went to spam and and now they are here. Thanks Duh. At first I thought I was banned. Hahahaha!

    Hey Duh-I just now got back from my exam and the doctor-whew!

    Anywho-any guesses on my previous comment at 6:11 a.m. cst on 9-20-07?

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