What’s that you say?

Raisinberry’s most recent blog is entitled “I Hate Planet Earth”.  Read it here:


The first sentence says, “No, you think I am kidding. I am not. I hate planet earth. (ok..maybe I like the earth it’s the other stuff I hate.) ”  She then goes on to list a bunch of things she does hate.  She says the word “hate” 12 times in the first paragraph. 

Hagzilla and Colleen confront Raisinberry on this level of hatred she clearly expressed in the comments to which Raisinberry has the nerve to reply:

4. raisinberry – September 19, 2007
You guys realize the use of a opening sentence designed to pique interest right? And you got that, (well not the earth part) that was in parenthesis,right? Okay just checking.. That means you are kidding, too.

WHAT??  The entire point of her post as I read it is that you must have evil to appreciate good.  I assumed that her HATRED of the things she listed in the first paragraph was illustrating that she has to put up with these things to experience love.  While I don’t personally agree with this philosophy, I got her point.   That is until she denies that she actually hates these things and was only using the word “hate” to peak my interest.  What’s the point of the post?  It makes no sense.

So once again, when Raisin is called upon to defend her writing and opinions, she can’t admit that she really feels that way.  She has to hide and pretend that she didn’t mean it.  If she didn’t mean it, then why did she write it.  I mean, she used the word hate 12 TIMES! 

On top of not being able to fess up and tell the truth about who she really is, she then tries to make the other ladies feel bad for not catching on to her literary technique.  Bitches and Ho’s Yo’s!  Are you kidding me?  I thought she really hated those things too.  Why would she say she hated all that stuff for effect when it negates the whole point of the post? 

Funny you should ask.  Because everybody knows it’s wrong to hate.  God doesn’t like a hater.  Raisinberry is a hater.  According to the transitive property (if a=b, and b=c, then a=c) that means that God doesn’t like Raisinberry.  She should have known that before she wrote a whole post about how you have to hate to appreciate love or goodness or whatever she was talking about.  But you see, it’s hard to look inward for what’s wrong with our own thinking when we are constantly judging others.  So until someone pointed out to her that maybe having so much hate isn’t healthy, she didn’t realize that God is looking at her when he says stuff like that.  Then she got defensive and snarky. 

The life of a hypocrite is a hard one.  Constantly on the defensive.  Constantly scared that people will find out that you are not who you present yourself to be.  The world’s smallest violin is playing for Raisinberry right this very minute.


  1. mkrules said

    Well, heck, MK is making her hair fall out and she isn’t even in MK anymore. What do you expect? I love Suzy Q, but Raisin makes me crazy. She even tried to throw scripture at me when I tried to make sense of her blog. Whatever, I really cannot stand that victim mentality. Dizzy did make me proud by admiting her part in what happened to her in MK though. That has been the best thing on that blog yet.

  2. Duh said

    My hair is falling out to. If I blame it on MK can I collect workmen’s comp?

  3. Not a Bee-liever said

    This was a strange entry at the afterward blog and an even stranger response by raisin. Sometimes, I don’t know what to say so I don’t say anything at all.

  4. PC said

    you know, something just dawned on me. Tracy told me last winter (before she decided I was a demon and needed to be thrown out) that she’d purchased a piece of art from Raisin.

    Perhaps this is part of the reason that Raisin constantly defended Tracy’s nutty behavior? Maybe she’s feeling obligated because Tracy was one of her “patrons”??

    oh well. the thoughts that roll around in my head sometimes. I really need a new hobby. I got tired of painting and left half the hallway unfinished. So I guess I must get off the puter now and get back to the real world.

  5. Not a Bee-liever said

    What if raisin were to ponder the value of Duh’s side of the story and then write a conciliatory That Duh is a Scary Beeotch post? *sigh*

  6. Me said

    MKRules, I agree with you. That was pretty awesome.

    And also agreed–the rest of the blog pretty much sucks. I have never seen such victim mentality in my life, except where it all started on PT. I’m sure you all know what a soapbox I can get on about personal responsibility.

    Duh, I couldn’t even read the whole thing, I got so freaked about all the “hates” in the first paragraph. I can’t stand that kind of negativity so I missed the whole point, if there was one, because I couldn’t finish.

    Isn’t it sad when people know not that they know not?

  7. Starr said

    In general discussion on PT– Shay is calling in her chips and signing out of PT because it is a hostile board.

    It is pretty recent and under 100 views. You might want to take a look-see.

  8. Dana said

    Before it disappears……
    I have not been here on PT long, and I guess I won’t be here much longer, either.

    There is a reason why I am posting this here, rather than doing it in a PM or email to Tracy. I hope maybe things can change if enough people say something and perhaps, what I say will strike a chord in someone else here.

    This discussion board has to be one of the most hostile boards I have ever been on. Unless you are 100% “I hate MK and all things MLM”, you are questioned, berated and chided. Even posts that are technically “within the rules” are still written in a less-than-welcomeing way on many threads.

    There are lots of things going on “behind the scenes” that I don’t even pretend to know everything about, but it shows up on the board. Posts and threads are deleted almost as soon as they are started. I feel like I am 5 years old, and not given all of the facts “for my own good.” I don’t need gory details, but some basic facts would be nice. Not having the facts makes me paranoid – wondering what obscure/secret rule was violated and if I am getting the axe next.

    Debate can be healthy. The only thing that happens when stuff is deleted is that newbies get two impressions: difference of opinion is not tolerated and there is a whole lot of history on this board and it is not pretty. Neither impression is a good one, and neither will help PT grow in numbers (not just members “in name only,” but people who actually post on the board and contribute).

    Debate can also help people work through issues. Answering civil questions (or even challenges) in a direct, civil way can promote healing and unity.

    Finally, it is evident that people are being removed/banned/punished/harassed/whatever over stuff that doesn’t even happen here on PT. This is so confusing for newbies and unsettling for “oldies,” (I would imagine – not that I qualify for that title).

    I have been on other platforms and I have to say that the best rule they had was that they only removed/reprimanded members for clearly violating the written rules of that forum, on that forum. It was a clear guideline that had no confusion. While they may not have liked what was done on another forum, they didn’t punish people for activities on another forum, because that was not their domain, and punishment for what was voiced/done on another forum could not be enforced in a uniform, fair way. How on earth can you police every forum on the Internet? For every one you catch, ten more post where you don’t find them.

    I wish you the best of luck on this board. If anyone cares to find me, I’ll be around the http://www.wahm.com message board.


  9. Duh said

    Good job Dana. I was going to make a post out of this. Jeez Louise!

  10. Dana said

    Sorry! If you delete my comment, I promise not to call you Tracy-Jr.

    BTW, I e-mailed you the whole thread if you want to see it. Only 6 posts though.

  11. Dana said

    And now the queen has replied.

    And the thread is actually still open!

  12. bluehairedbebe said

    Starr, please tell Shay that she is welcome here. She visited once that I saw, and I think she misunderstood why her name was mentioned so much here at the time. It was Tracy’s inconsistency, Tracy bitching out others for the same thing she was allowing Shay (and now even more) to do. I don’t think anyone here is offended at all (or even gives a hoot) if Shay has her site. It wasn’t about her, it was Tracy’s behaviour. I don’t know if Shay ever came back here and saw that everyone else was agreeing with this sentiment or not. Anyways, SHAY, peace eh?

    As far as victim mentality, I haven’t been on Raisin and Suzy’s blog yet, but it doesn’t sound interesting. Now if there were real help offered so people could move on, that would be good. Wallowing in self-pity and reliving pain over and over will get you very far on the road to NOWHERE!

  13. Starr said

    Way to go, Dana. Glad you grabbed what was there. Starr is a chicken shit. LOL

  14. Starr said

    Shay says she is going to be on wahm.com if anyone want to touch base with her.

  15. painting pink pjs said

    Wow – it didn’t take her long to see the light.

  16. Dana said

    I think the light over there has become blinding but all for a dense few. 🙂

  17. Dana said

    That was supposed to be “for all but a dense few.”

    Okay……. what’s wrong with me today! 🙂

  18. Starr said


    Okay– I guess that last remark wasn’t news– can we say a big “DOH.” LOL My privileges are limited over there at PT so I can’t tell Shay anything.

    Yes, she flew out of here in a rage after seeing remarks made about that thread. I am sure she hasn’t been back here because if she had, she would have seen all the welcoming comments.

    People have to be in the right frame of mind before they can understand that the comments in here are not that serious against anyone except Tracy. If that person still has loyalties towards TC, they will not perceive what is written in the spirit in which it was intended. Raisinberry hasn’t figured it out yet which is why she got bent out of shape about people talking bad about her.

    It took me several weeks to “get” this place. I was drawn back inspite of the fact that I figured you all to be a bunch of whiners over sour grapes. A person really has to look at the TC tactics on PT. That is really very difficult to do because as we all know– things disappear over at PT. I kept coming over here and read the missing posts and saw for myself what TC is pulling on PT. It took awhile, but once I got it, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Hey– maybe Shay will return.

  19. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Hey – it’s me – Shay :o)

    I really over-reacted when I saw the thread about my site on this blog. (I, too, did not “get” this blog at first.) I chalk it up to some really horrendous PMS and some other non-menstrual events that happened that day before I saw the thread. It really hit me on a bad day. :o(

    I had not come back until 2 people emailed me the link with the replies to my post and the welcoming posts. I really appreciate that. Thank you. Even then, I thought it best to be “Nonny” until I posted my Goodbye Cruel World letter.

    (Not-a-Bee knew Nonny was me, though – she recognized my smileys – LOL.)

  20. Dana said

    Yay! Welcome, Shay! Glad we didn’t run you off!

  21. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Thanks, Dana. :o)


    Yeah I was blasted on here for a couple of months and was scared to death of this blog. I certainly didn’t “get it” for quite a while. I’m a slow learner what can I say.

  23. A. Nonny Mouse said

    As far as why I left –

    I wasn’t there long enough to have any loyalty to TC (or anyone else, for that matter).

    I am an Internet geek (translation: I have no life) and I have been on countless forums/boards. PT is just not a welcoming place to me. *shrugs* It was time for me to get outta Dodge.

  24. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Speaking of things that disappear…bluehairedbebe, you have e-mail!

    I’m REALLY, REALLY interested in the second item in my e-mail to you…and there are reasons for this. Please check your mail, ok? Thanks, hon!

  25. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    PS: Hi Shay!

  26. Starr said

    Okay guys– this is what Tracy has to say to Shay:

    Shay – I’m not sure what facts you felt like you don’t have, but I do know that when you have asked questions, I have answered them to the best of my ability. I do recall you responding in ways that led me to believe you got the information you needed. Are you seeking more information? If so, please ask me.

    There have been several occasions on which (now former) members of PT have attempted to create trouble with their posts and other actions here. There is a big difference between a legitimate question and something designed to cause trouble, but masked as an “innocent question”. Yes, there are some women who don’t want the members of PT to have a voice. There are some women who don’t want PT around, and they will do anything they can to criticize, ridicule, and create drama for the members of PT.

    No, people aren’t banned for asking questions or participating on other sites. They are banned after deliberate attempts to create dissension within the PT community or after violating our community rules.

    I see a whole lot of support from the women on this board. I suppose the gossipers will always have something negative to say. But I seem to remember several women who jumped at the chance to help you, Shay, with your website and your women’s group. That didn’t seem like hostility to me! There were some valid, straightforward questions for you that may not have seemed warm and fuzzy, but they were good questions to ask.

    So I regret that you feel you don’t want to be a part of PT anymore. We wish you well in all of your endeavors, and we thank you for your contributions here.


    This woman is not well. Groupthink is alive and well over there at PT,

  27. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Hi, Curious! :o)

  28. Bluehairedbebe you have mail from me TOO! I sent it yesterday – where ya been?

  29. A. Nonny Mouse said

    Well, that was a very civil post from Tracy. I would not have seen it if it had not been posted here. LOL PT is just not the place for me. :o(

    I wasn’t commenting just on posts to me, personally on PT – I was referring to posts to others, as well. The whole general atmosphere.

  30. painting pink pjs said


    Then why was I kicked off of PT since I wrote a nice goodbye letter on PT? I only posted here (sigh) and I don’t think I gave a headache to TC. Beats me.

    Shay – you blew my theory. When you first started writing I thought you were TC in disguise. Darn my lack of judgment!

    Welcome aboard,

  31. Hi Shay
    I hope my comments on here were not offensive to you. My reaction was NOT to your endeavor but rather to the reaction from the powers that be at PT. You seem a savvy person and I know you will do well with your site!

    WAHM is a great board…I don’t get over there enough these days. I’ve been hanging out at the fitness board when I do go there.

    You should also look at http://www.theswitchboards.com which is a great site for women entreprenuers. It’s a little less “touchy feely” than wahm and more hip…

    peace to you and welcome aboard..
    mrs m

  32. brownpants said

    Karma: 135

    Posts: 1,104

    Re: Just my thoughts….
    « Reply #7 on: Today at 04:03 PM » Quote Modify

    Well, this paragraph from me won’t last long, but I’ll try it anyway.

    I received a LOT of help here from women when I was in MKC, and trying to get out. They had great ideas. There are some wonderful women on this board, and although I don’t know them personally we share the same conclusion that we want to help people get out of MK debt, and if they choose to stay IN MK that they do so with full knowledge. That’s why it is great that Suzy Q, TNT, and other directors are here to answer the questions.

    I posted a goodbye letter a little over a month ago. I started posting on another blog, and suddenly I couldn’t read PT anymore.

    It is Tracy’s site, and she can pull the plug on anyone she wants to. I had hoped I could read from time to time, but that is not the case. I do realize it is her party, and her perogative, but I didn’t do anything but post on another site. So, yes, it has been my personal experience that you can’t blog on one other specific site.

    The only reason I am here now is I got in through a different door, and I’m sure the plug will be pulled on me soon for that as well. Oh well….. at least someone is reading even if it’s just one person.

    I truly wish you all the best, and shay, good luck to you in your future!



  33. A. Nonny Mouse said

    PPPJ –

    LMAO. Nope. Not TC. Sorry. :o)

    Mrsmetaphor –

    No hard feelings. I understand what it was all about (but I did not when it was all going on over on PT – I was really confused. LOL)

  34. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Once again I am baffled by the posts over on Afterward. Raisin just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t understand the thought process and I just wish she would get over her negativity. If she hates everything so bad, why doesn’t she jus slit her wrists?

    Yeah, I said it.


  35. flycat said

    OK, I just read Raisinberry’s post and all I can say is WTF? She sure hates a whole lotta shit. I HATE that she puts hating war in the same category as hating dropping socks in the dryer and hating to sniff the milk to see if it bad. That pissed me off, uh people DIE in wars. People spend years away from their families in wars. You can go to the store any damn time you want to get more socks and milk. And why? Because you live in a country where countless men have lost their lives in wars to give you that opportunity. Once again, W_T_F?

    /end rant

  36. Dana said

    PPPJ- The Queen replied!

    PPPJ – You’ve never been restricted or prevented from reading PT, and there’s no other “door”.

    It is false statements like these that don’t belong on PT. Geez.

  37. I agree, I think “Hate” was perhaps the wrong way to begin that post. Sadly, she did have some good thoughts later in the post but it seems that her opening device actually worked against her in that one.

    Cut out that paragraph and it makes more sense….and stirs in a different direction.

  38. flycat said

    Maybe you’re right Mrs. She really rubbed me the wrong way with that. It was whiney and snivelly sounding. Yuck. At first I thought she was going to talk about people or human nature. The crap about missing car keys and such I couldn’t deal with. Seriously, visit a hospital emergency room or a cancer ward and you won’t be upset enough about missing car keys to actually hate them. Oy. To be honest, I really didn’t get into the rest of the post, just kind of skimmed it. That first paragraph just made me want to stop reading.


  39. Yes there is – the “door” is called a different IP when on vacation.

  40. Dana said

    Another reply

    Trade Count: (1)

    Karma: 63
    [applaud] [boo]

    Posts: 275

    Re: Just my thoughts….
    « Reply #9 on: Today at 10:02 PM » Quote

    Shay, I will miss you. I haven’t been here a lot lately, but did enjoy chatting with you. PPPJ, that IS fun to type!), I have missed you – especially on the thread you started for your sweet little girl. Go in peace, my friends.

    Report to moderator Logged

    There is always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it.

  41. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Shay! Glad you’re hear. You’d recognize me if you knew who I was, but I have to reiterate what mrs said: i had a problem with tracy’s rules that are not concrete.


  42. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Shay! Glad you’re here. You’d recognize me if you knew who I was, but I have to reiterate what mrs said: i had a problem with tracy’s rules which are not concrete.


  43. Still haven’t found any interest in Afterward. An “eyecatcher” sentence would not usually get me because of the word “hate”. I only peeked to see what you all were talking about.

    Nice to see the new faces around here. 🙂 It surprises me not that the PT boards are still invested with an “all or none” “your in or out” hateful approach.

  44. Duped said

    Welcome back, Shay. Glad to see you here. 🙂

    Fart knockers.

  45. mkrules said

    Alright, I had not been to Afterward after my bye-bye post there, but I went to read the “hate” post. It wasn’t actually too bad. It didn’t really make sense, but it didn’t make me as upset as comparing MK to a rapist. Now that is over the top.

  46. Mercedes said

    Hate is such a harsh word. Hate is a BAD word in my classroom. So is can’t.

    Wassup HOOKERS!

    Hey Shay-probably don’t know me-but hello-I was banned for “asking questions”.

    (Miss Periwinkle)

  47. bluehairedbebe/rethinkingpink said

    Uh, I guess I should go check that email. Sorry guys, been spending all my computer time here with you hos. (“computer time” in busy-mom-talk = not much at all) *going to see what all the fuss is about*

    Aloha Queefers!

  48. Colleen said

    Hmmm this is the second or third time I have heard MK being compared to a rapist..what is going on? I hope people dont think that MK Corporate and can rip clothes off of people and beat them up! I know what they mean but I think the comparison is a bit uhhh harsh.

  49. Queef!!! Y’all kill me!


  50. Starr said

    Hey there Shay!

    About Raisenberry:

    I really have nothing against her and I happen to think she is a great writer and have enjoyed reading what she writes over at PT.

    She was caught up in the MK craziness as a director for a really long time. I guess from my life experience that I would find it very difficult to let go of something like that especially as it was a huge part of her life for a very long time. She definitely has lots of good things to say about the MK world and I do believe she has probably made a positive impression on many of those stopping through PT who are having doubts about the business.

    However, she is definitely not brave and courageous as those of you who have come out and stood their ground and held fast to their principles over there on PT and spoke their minds. You all are to be congratulated.

    Rainsenberry is a very intelligent woman and I do believe that deep down she knows exactly what TC is about but for whatever reason turns a blind eye to it. That is exactly why people choose to pick on her over here. It is simply impossible to believe that someone that comes across with such intelligence is unable to see the crap that TC pulls and lets her get away with it time after time. She really needs to understand that she loses just a bit of respect each time she turns a blind eye to TC’s bullying and dishonest tactics.

    I also think this also has much to do with her inability to let her anger against MK go. There is much facing up that we all have to do when we find ourselves out there trying to make sense of the shit that life throws at us. In just about every single instance, we need to accept our responsibility for the situation and realize that as much as we would like it to be otherwise, we only have control over ourselves and our actions.

    MK is never going to apologize to a soul and I really wouldn’t ever expect to see anything even resembling apologetic behavior from the company. Raisenberry needs to accept once and for all that this is something she can not change or control. She can control how she reacts to it.

    When we go through life holding onto grudges–even deserving ones– we hurt only ourselves with that bitterness and anger. Until we learn to live and let live– to let go, forgive– we are giving our power and control away. We are letting someone else take charge of our feelings and emotional state.

    I don’t know, perhaps I have misunderstood what she has posted. My take on the situation is that until she totally faces up to why people say what they say about TC and quits pretending like it is okay or isn’t really happening (when she obviously can see that it is)- she is going to be holding onto her anger and resentment. I think life is way to short to be doing that sort of stuff.

    TC is ruining a good thing with her pathetic and dishonest behavior on PT. There might even be some hope for her, but it won’t show itself until people like Raisenberry face up to the reality that is not so great over there in Tracy Coenen’s forum.

    Just an observation– I know you guys have called TC on passive aggressive behavior before. I was once given a very good example of passive aggression.

    Just imagine a dog eagerly licking your face and at the same time pissing down your legs and feet. That post of TC’s to Shay was just reeking of passive aggression. LOL

  51. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yeah, Tracy basically says ‘Well, fuck you, too. BYE!!!’ in a really nice way. 😛

  52. Duh said

    I agree with you Starr. I think you could also add the fact that Raisinberry and Suzy both feel like they owe Tracy something because she “saved” them from MK. What they don’t seem to get is that they don’t owe her anything. They saved themselves from MK. Tracy likes to take all the credit, but it is impossible to change people who don’t want to change. I think they are selling themselves short.

    Especially since hitching their wagon to Tracy has decreased their own credibility! They are not obligated to her in any way, shape, or form. THAT’S what pisses me off about PT. Tracy puts herself in this position so that she can then say,”Now look what I’ve done for you. How can you question ANYTHING I do when I’ve helped you so much?” Not in so many words of course, but she expresses this through her attitude.

    This attitude of hers also may be manipulating people into giving money to her “cause” because she is helping so many others. Why she needs money to do this, I have no idea. I haven’t spent a dime on this blog. Anyway, by ACTING like she is making a difference for so many people, she makes them feel that now they owe her.

    Maybe if she set up a fund to help needy women pay off MK debt, I could understand asking for donations. But her “organization” really doesn’t do jack shit. She just wants to be paid for giving her professional opinion on MK, and the only way to get paid that way is to fool people into thinking you’ve told them something they couldn’t have figured out on there own. I don’t think the message at PT is that special.

  53. Starr said

    Duh– exactly what you say here:

    “Especially since hitching their wagon to Tracy has decreased their own credibility!”

    This is really what they both need to “get” – and I think deep down they do get it– they just don’t want to cut their ties with Tracy. As you said,TC did not save either of them or anyone. She has put together a good blog full of information that if the time and mind to see is just right, people help and save themselves. You got that dead on!

    About the money– Tracy IS very vague about that and refuses to explain any of that when the topic is broached. You are so right that she can do what she is doing over there without a collection box. It is amazing how she can quote dollars and cents down to the penny when it relates to MK- but muddies the water entirely with double-speak and non answers when people bring up the money topic as to costs on running her site.

    That is so disengenuous and is readily transparent if one just takes the time to see. She’s sly like a fox and has figured out that there are bound to be people coming to her site who are still reeling emotionally and will be more than willing to part with money to “help” the site. That’s pretty bad behavior.

    Suzy and Raisin are definitely hurting their credibility by associating with such a transparent cheat and then pretending to not see the turds fly when TC lobs them. Those two have all it takes to go off and do their own thing and completely dissociate themselves from PT. But there does need to be a reality check and admission to successfully do this. Moving on is not a bad thing and is a necessary life transition.

  54. mkrules said

    I was really, really hoping that site would be for talking about real life issues after one decides to leave MK. But, it just seems to be another MK bashing session. Why keep rehashing MK if you are supposed to be helping those who are already out??? They don’t like Mk either, agreed…move on with life. Man, it’s like they thought MK roped them in and now they are allowing it to still control their thoughts. That is in no way moving on.

  55. mkrealist said

    Well the problem, MKRules, is that there are still a few lost puppies out there.

    You have the group of people who are fully out of MK and facing the challenge of what comes “afterward.” But you also have those whose home was originally PT, those out, and those half-way in on their way out who need a friendly warm and WELCOMING place to discuss their issues, preferably in the company of the cyber-friends they have made over the last months or year.

    It is clear that some of those people no longer feel comfortable posting on PT or have been banned from doing so…and maybe this blog here is not the right address for their discussions, seeing as this blog has a very pointed and laser-focused mission.

    So they flock to Afterward, even if they aren’t completely out of MK, and even if MK isn’t completely out of THEM…and the owners there craft and develop posts that reach ALL in their apparent audience, even if that wasn’t their original target/intent.

    Let’s see how long TC tolerates her very capable competition…

  56. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I think the name of their blog should be “Transitioning from PT and life after MK”. Or, “I still hate MK, now what?” or whatever. The name “Afterward” has nothing to do with the bitching and complaining about MK. Yes, we still talk about MK because that’s the focus of PT. But the MAIN focus on this here blog is TC, and the name describes it perfectly.

    Welcome to the Bitchfest bitches.


  57. Duh said

    No way. The name of the blog should be “Overwhelmed: Just pretend we’re not here.”

    Where’s MK Rules? She’s the one that should be coming up with a name for them.

  58. Me said

    I think all of you give Suzy and Raisin WAY too much credit as far as how intelligent they are. They have developed a certain writing style that shows they are educated, but they obviously are incredibly needy women–both of them bought their units and cars for years as directors and now wail for the company to apologize for it. FOURTEEN YEARS of debt and Raisin blames the company? That doesn’t sound too darn intelligent to me.

    Now they are craving the same recognition from Tracy which is why they turn a blind eye to what a psycho SHE is. Maybe they do recognize it, as Starr says, but I don’t think so.

    And as I have said before, they are just as manipulative as Tracy herself is. I don’t know if they were like that before or learned it from her, but the result is the same.

    I can’t remember where I read it, but Duh had a great comment or post about Raisin’s style of writing and that she didn’t like it but it didn’t mean she didn’t want to hear what she had to say. That in listening she might be persuaded to change her opinion about Raisin. It was so true and very well said. A couple of months ago, I probably would not have believed you if you had told me that could happen, but it has, right here. Dizzy has realized the real story about Mary Kay and her involvement in it, put it in writing, and changed my opinion of her. That is a RADICAL change, so it can be done–we are living proof. I think they need to get off the pedestal they put themselves on and listen to other people for a minute.

    As far as Tracy’s asking for donations, I think it’s obvious. She is doing all the blog work ALL OVER the internet for which she does not get paid and leaves no time for any paying clients that she might generate. She has to pay that car note on the Cadillac and that house payment on her condo. And you know–those virtual offices probably don’t come cheap either. And it’s obvious she likes to eat.

    Okay that last part was mean, but…..oh well.

  59. Duh said

    Damn, Me! Have I told you lately that I love you?

  60. mkrules said

    Calling all non-haters to the MK chatroom….

  61. Willie Lump Lump said

    Hey Duh, don’t u think it’s time to replace that Baldy-Brit pic with a snapshot of the weaveyful-drunk-ass-zombie-Brit on the VMA stage?

  62. Dana said

    “I think all of you give Suzy and Raisin WAY too much credit as far as how intelligent they are. They have developed a certain writing style that shows they are educated, but they obviously are incredibly needy women–both of them bought their units and cars for years as directors and now wail for the company to apologize for it. FOURTEEN YEARS of debt and Raisin blames the company? That doesn’t sound too darn intelligent to me. ”

    So much freakin’ word!

    “And it’s obvious she likes to eat.”

    Hehe…… that was very mean. Hehe….. how are the Spanx feeling, Tracy?

    PT is down tonight!

  63. Mercedes said

    Testing-can’t seem to find my comments…searching

  64. painting pink pjs said

    Gee, I guess I won’t be able to get into PT on the vacation again…darn

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