Fix the Boo Boo

“Table ‘./ptjoomla/smf_sessions’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired”

Oh my god!  It’s like Armageddon in this mother.  Isn’t this a freakin’ scary message?


  1. foxspirit1 said

    LOL I think we’ve all been banned! I haven’t looked at the other blogs that were mentioned (that were recently started by TC). Maybe there is just too much to moderate, so the site is down to catch up?? Do you get that message even if you aren’t signed in? I haven’t checked in so long, because well, there isn’t even information on there anymore.

  2. Dana said

    It’s even if you’re not signed in. I think it was a website issue.

  3. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Hmmmm maybe the blog fairies are even pissed at her and have decided to poof the blog…. ROFL.

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