Damn, Jesus is gonna be PISSED!

Raisinberry called everyone at the other blogs “stalkers”. 

Haha!  Next she’s gonna do a post about how it feels like we’re raping her. 

You know you want it, Raisin.  You know you want ME to give it to ya.  Lookin’ all sexy over there.  You’re asking for it bitch!


  1. Dana said

    Lol, Duh.

  2. Just Call Me Shay said

    Duh –

    Stop talking like that. You’re getting me hot.

  3. Colleen said

    Duh I know you may disagree with me but I think that Raisin and Suzy have a lot in common (both having been directors) and they just want a haven for themselves. There is nothing wrong with that by the way, and they are (it seems to me) they are good people. I think they started their own blog because they know some people look up to them and identify with them and they can say what they want on their own space. How they feel about PT I dont know and I dont care but I dont think they think that a lot of people are stalkers. Maybe what they mean by stalkers is people taking info or quotes from their blog I dont know.


  4. Duh said

    How DARE you use that word here! That’s it. You’re banned.

    Ladies?? BLECH!

  5. Dana said

    I’m insulted at Colleen. If we had such a thing, I would give her negative karma.

    And I’m not passing the internet cake either.

  6. MKV said

    Who you calling a LADY?

  7. Dana said

    That kind of language might be allowed on Me’s blog, but not around here!

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I cannot believe someone had the nerve to call us LADIES? What the fuck is that about? I am a girl, I got the girl parts. But a lady? Fuck that shit.

    HOOKERS! 😉

  9. Colleen said

    Im sorry I cant use the kind of language you use

    is that better…LOL

  10. Dana said

    I don’t cuss either, Colleen, but I don’t go around insulting people like you did! Well, except for Tracy. And PUR. And SuzieQ. And Raisenberry. And Duh. But when I insult Duh, it’s because I love her. She’s one of my favorite skankhos around.

    Note- I said skankho. That’s a lot more respectful than what you called her earlier!

  11. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Be careful Dana, she might not know you’re jokin LOL

    HOOKERS and HOs before bros yo

  12. Dana said

    I have an avatar now….. it’s in honor of Duh!

  13. Duh said

    Thanks Dana! Britney would be proud.

  14. Dana said

    Thanks…. I think my avatar is skanktastic!

  15. raisinberry said

    about now, all your followers have to be seeing how utterly narcisistic you are..you are the “tracy” you imagine…ha ha…get some counseling …not everything is about you,

  16. Duh said

    My counselor says you a bitch! Haha

    Anyway, if you weren’t so chicken shit, you’d say who you were talking about, or STFU about it already.

  17. Dana said

    I second the motion of Duh’s counselor.

  18. PC said

    raisin – if you’ve spent this long with Tracy and you still think DUH is the crazy one, you need serious help.

  19. Dana said

    PC, I could have told you that…..

  20. Dana said

    Raisenberry makes Britney look sane.

  21. Duh said

    Do you guys remember the prissy girls in junior high that would stand in a group and point and laugh at some poor little geeky girl until the geeky girl finally had enough and would confront them and say, “Why are you guys talking about me?” Then the prissy girls would say, “WHATEVER! We’re not talking about you. AS IF.” And then when the geeky girl would walk away feeling stupid they would point and laugh some more, but THIS time the geeky girl doesn’t want to confront them because now she feels like maybe it’s just her imagination, but deep down she KNOWS they are talking about her.

    Well let me tell you guys something…
    I was one of those prissy girls. And we WERE talking about the geeky girl. So I know what’s up bitches!

    Just kidding. I was actually one of the in the middle kids that got to watch the shit go down. Which kid were you Raisin?

  22. Dana said

    She was the one who got beat up every day which is why she’s so psycho and bitter now.

  23. mkrules said

    Raisin: In Duh’s defense, she is all about civil discourse and some fun. If she was controlling like TC, she’d have deleted your comments (as you did hers).

    Here is a tip: If you don’t want your blog to be discussed publically, you have to make it private and only invite the ones you want on the blog. Otherwise, you have to take things with a grain of salt and know that if you state your true opinions (as you are entitled to do), not everyone who reads it will agree with it. I know I don’t give a rip if some people don’t like my blog.

    Dang, all this is over MK!!!!! Wow. I gotta go ponder the big pic for a bit….

  24. Duh said

    Hey MK Rules, I think all of this crap could be solved if Mary Kay would start doing some psychological testing before signing up new consultants. Whatcha think? Should I write a letter to corporate or what?

  25. Duh said

    BTW, Raisin said “utter”. LOL


  26. DuhMan said

    Don’t do that Duh, how would you make any new friends? Who would you throw your monkey feces at?

  27. raisinberry said

    Oh I am definatelty talking about you–even tho you knew that and you are SOOO good at pretense.! There is no disention..Everybody knows I am talking about you—-you lead these women into an atmosphere where they have become accustomed to your particular need to be supreme..You use vulgarity and intimidation as your smoke screen. You are just the “tracy” you detest… It is YOU who we see as the sorry victim. It is amazing to us that you do not see your similarity… we can not do your online counseling…but–since you think you are so “authentic”-then these words should resonate—YOU are a child of the most high God. You have lost your way. You have invested yourself in the pursuit of getting things “right”, you have forgotten that each one-has a piece of the ultimate conclusion…You have out stepped your bounds, daughter, and you know i love you and always have…it is time to stop making others responsible for your own failings. Go ahead and mock–or listen. If you mock this outreach is to your pain, then you are a foolish woman – yet i expect you to fully mock all things related to a belief in God. until i grant you faith…decide today and live in hope–or do not. Either way, these daughters will go on without you. This is your message, Believe? Or deny.

    “There goes the neighborhood!” For non-drama contact: depinkified1@sbcglobal.net You can be the lead!

  28. MK and psychological testing??? Tee hee!

    Hi, MK Rules! Have to agree with your tip, keep it private if you don’t want just anyone to read it.

  29. Duh said

    amalamalblaiakek locka;a lkgoakahslslag

  30. Duh said

    That’s me speaking in tongues. Look at that, I’m saved now!

  31. Duh said

    Someone gonna get the translation there?

  32. DuhMan said

    Stop your bable L. Ron Hubbard and go knit something.

  33. Duh is DuhMan the hubby??? Too funny. My hubby thinks we are all nuts and won’t read.

    I now remember why I couldn’t read all of raisins posts before. Too much St. Mattress in them for my liking. 😉

  34. DuhMan said

    Is Raisin getting a prophetic word from the most high??? I know she was a director but i didn’t know she was that well connected.

  35. PC said

    I’m so confused by this Raisin.

    You’re using your Christianity to sit in self-righteous judgement of another? When it is plain to see that the truly evil behavior exhibited on these blogs has been coming from Tracy??

    People might be open to your message (whatever it is), if you hadn’t made a fool of yourself by defending TC, who is clearly a nutjob of the highest order. Your “message” will indeed be mocked, and it’s not because the people here are evil. It’s that whole “Look, it’s Jim Bakker telling us not to be whores” kind of thing, you know?

    The preaching – ack.

  36. PC said

    oh – raisin – do you watch Pat Robertson a lot? Cuz I have some family members that were really “into” him for a while, and they were always getting words from the Lord too. You’ve got that crazy-eyed Pentecostal look about you. (And to all the pentecostals – I love you. Don’t be hurt.)

  37. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    to raisinberry said, this is so not WJWD. please quit hitting us over the head with your conclusion and btw we all have that inner desire to be an aurhority on something. this si not the right way to “save” anybody it is obviously having the exact opposite affect

  38. eyesicle said

    Sim-ma Dah-n nah. Simmah dahn nah. Seriously. Simmahhhh. Raisin, girl, ya know I love you and Suz. I really thought you were being sarcastic with your first post, I was gonna tell Duh to chill (although she doesn’t have to cuz it’s her blog, but at least she won’t spew hate, paranois, and non-sensical, “logic” at me like the blog OWNER/QUEEN?DUCHESS?PRINCESS?WHATEVER at PT).

    Can’t we all just get along? This is supposed to be fun. You guys are bringin’ me down, man….

  39. PC said

    well her second post pretty much killed my buzz. LOL



  40. Raisin, Just for the record, I, and probably most others here, already knew how to swear and be vulgar (if we wanted to be) way before we found BFBF. As for DUH leading us into an atmosphere where we have become accustomed to her particular need to be supreme…..what the fuck is that about??? DUH’s not feeding us DUH koolaid. She is encouraging every participant of this board to speak his or her own mind without fear of reprisal like they would have at PT. How is that like Tracy??? Oh, I get it, it’s the complete fucking opposite.

    Quote from Raisin: “You are just the “tracy” you detest… It is YOU who we see as the sorry victim. It is amazing to us that you do not see your similarity…”

    I wonder how Tracy is going too feel seeing that you have compared DUH to Tracy and basically said they are the same. DUH won’t care because she knows better and is a better person than Tracy. But paranoid Tracy my have to stop plugging your new blog.

    DUH = Truthful
    Tracy = Deceitful
    DUH = Free Speech
    Tracy = Sensorship
    DUH = Fun
    Tracy = Bore
    DUH = Checks Facts, then Acts
    Tracy = Acts, Checks Facts, then Lies to Cover Ass

  41. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said


    I was not led by Duh to this “atmosphere” here. In fact, I was led by Tracy, thank you.

    How is Duh anything like Tracy? She doesn’t delete posts/comments, she welcomes other opinions, she will not slyly generate group think among the members, she has not [as far as i know] created some secret society and began a witch hunt, she has not banned anyone for posting on another blog, ad nauseam.

    Also, who is this WE you speak of? You suddenly went from a singular subject to plural: I (as in you, raisin) to we. If you are speaking of the Lord, then why are you trying to use yourself as a medium to speak to Duh as God?

  42. Duh said

    It makes me laugh that Raisin chose to post this comment under a thread called “Damn Jesus is gonna be pissed”. Watch out Raisin. He’ll go all Old Testament on yo ass!

  43. throwinguppink said

    Is this Raisenberry’s online version of drunken dialing? Are you serious?

    She has to be drunk. Nobody sober could even get that crap out.

  44. Duh said

    Well if she is drunk, that’s about as close to Jesus she’ll ever get I’m afraid. Jesus did love his wine, didn’t he?

  45. throwinguppink said

    If she is serious, then she is really demented. And Jesus is gonna be pissed…

  46. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    for a moment there, i thought someone was faking raisinberry and doing it as a joke. then i got to the part where she transitions into God and pretends to help Duh be saved.

    Raisin — weren’t you warned by Tracy not to fuel their fire? I know you were in that chatroom that night Tracy discussed it and you prayed for Tracy to have their [duh and others] tongues twisted.

  47. Um…wow, just wow.

  48. Duh said

    So that’s where that festering mouth sore came from. Damn you Tracy!!

  49. Mercedes said

    Ding-Ding-Ding-so many hits-so many stories with little content (not the good stories with the good writing styles-that we were all looking forward to-at least i was-still waiting)so few comments…

  50. Mercedes said

    Ding-Ding-Ding-so many hits-so many stories with little content (not the good stories with the good writing styles-that we were all looking forward to-at least i was-still waiting)so few comments…

  51. bluehairedbebe/rethinkingpink said

    Hey Raisin – aren’t you forgetting…
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” Matt. 7:1-3 KJV

    You know, since you’re talking Bible/God talk. In all seriousness, this site (for me anyhow) is about total unseriousness. Get a grip babe, we’re just having fun and for the most part joking around.

  52. mkrealist said

    MKRules said ~ Here is a tip: If you don’t want your blog to be discussed publically, you have to make it private and only invite the ones you want on the blog.

    Exactly!!! I knew you were a smart cookie when I met you!

    But it’s hard to be excited about hits when your blog is limited to 35 people.

    Still, I agree, take it private if you don’t want the negative attention.

  53. mkrealist said

    Raisinberry says ~ you lead these women into an atmosphere where they have become accustomed to your particular need to be supreme..You use vulgarity and intimidation as your smoke screen. You are just the “tracy” you detest…

    Does Tracy know you feel this way about her? Seriously…

  54. mkrealist said

    DuhMan said ~ Stop your bable L. Ron Hubbard and go knit something

    HEY! Snip the quip on knitting! Sane, ueber-cool people knit these days!

    Cut it out before I send you Giant Panda Paw Mittens (and a matching tie) for the Holidays!

  55. Giant panda paw mittens…that is a good visual.

  56. mkrealist said


    I took a Mittens Class a few weekends ago. The teacher didn’t TEACH me about GAUGE and I was happily knitting a set of mittens that were supposed to fit ME but ended up being large enough to cover my HEAD and a few other parts. LOL!!!

  57. DuhMan said

    Panda mittens? That will look great with my costume. The furry convention is coming up and I’m looking to meet a sexy panda.

  58. eyesicle said

    I knit, too and you, Duh Man are going to get a 12 foot Harry Potter scarf if you aren’t careful!

  59. I crochet…I’m a big looper….your hands would freeze if I made mittens.

  60. mkrealist said

    Oh LAWD! Not the Furries!

    With that, I really have to log-off!


  61. I have knitted scarves and I always start with the yarn cast on too tightly, so I sit there and knit and fight with the stupid thing so hard that I become tightly wound too…at which point Dave looks at me and sez, “I thought knitting was supposed to be something you do to relax.”

    now, I blog to relax…and I’m fighting with tightly wound people instead…ack.

  62. Oh raisin, it’s Duh’s narcisissm we love. Or lurve. Whatever. And you should see my ego. It’s huge. Shit.

  63. Duh said

    I am the most fabulous narcissist in the whole world. I’m the #1 Narcissist. If narcissist was a city, I’d be the mayor.

  64. My Cat Came Back said

    Raisin, I just prefer to hang out with the cool cats, cool bitches. I was never comfortable around the geeky ones 🙂

  65. Starr said

    This can NOT be Rainsinberry. Can it? It just doesn’t sound like her at all.

  66. Not a Bee-liever said

    Duh, you are 32 flavors and then some. Yummy!

  67. Colleen said

    I dont think this is Raisinberry either but if it is well for those who want to address her as they say take it privately…


  68. For those of you who think that this was an imposter you ought to email Raisin and ask if it was her. It’s the best way to find out for sure. I think you can reach her through Pinktruth.

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