This comment warrants a post of it’s own.

 Raisinberry made a pretty interesting comment to me on the last thread.  I say “interesting” because I have no idea how else to describe it.  Here ya go:

Oh I am definatelty talking about you–even tho you knew that and you are SOOO good at pretense.! There is no disention..Everybody knows I am talking about you—-you lead these women into an atmosphere where they have become accustomed to your particular need to be supreme..You use vulgarity and intimidation as your smoke screen. You are just the “tracy” you detest… It is YOU who we see as the sorry victim. It is amazing to us that you do not see your similarity… we can not do your online counseling…but–since you think you are so “authentic”-then these words should resonate—YOU are a child of the most high God. You have lost your way. You have invested yourself in the pursuit of getting things “right”, you have forgotten that each one-has a piece of the ultimate conclusion…You have out stepped your bounds, daughter, and you know i love you and always have…it is time to stop making others responsible for your own failings. Go ahead and mock–or listen. If you mock this outreach is to your pain, then you are a foolish woman – yet i expect you to fully mock all things related to a belief in God. until i grant you faith…decide today and live in hope–or do not. Either way, these daughters will go on without you. This is your message, Believe? Or deny.

“There goes the neighborhood!” For non-drama contact: You can be the lead!

After I read this, I just had to bring it over to it’s own thread so I could really try and understand it.  I even whipped out the dictionary (well because I want to make sure I “get it”.  Maybe I can rewrite some of  it to make it more understandable, cause I gots to tell you bitches, I don’t get it.  So here’s my rewrite :

“Yes I am talking about you even though you knew that and you are so good at pretending.  There’s no disagreement.  Everybody knows I’m talking about you.”

Ok, a little aside.  Raisin claimed she wasn’t talking about me on her own blog.  Here:

And I quote, “Gee Duh? guilty concsience? I wasn’t talking about you.”

Anyway, she goes on to say that I have a need to feel supreme.  Because you know, I’m always telling you guys what to do.  Like:

Think for yourself.

Stop following people blindly.

Think about what you say.

I use vulgarity and intimidation as a smoke screen?  What, so people don’t see how fabulous I am?  Seriously, could I trick you guys into thinking I’m a good person by cursing and pushing you around?  Seems a silly to me.

Then Raisin starts referring to “us” and “we”.  I have no idea who these other people are.  Voices in her head perhaps?   And I’m the victim.  So I’m the supreme ruler who is the victim of whom exactly?  Geez, this posts just leaves me asking so many questions.  I feel like I just got finished watching a foreign art film.

Now, we start getting into the “you are a child of God” bit.  My personal favorite line in this part is “you have invested yourself in the pursuit of getting things “right””.  Um, yeah.  Duh.

Then I don’t know if Jesus is actually speaking through Raisin or what, but she claims to do a few things that only God himself can do.  Like grant me faith.  Really Raisin?  YOU are going to grant me faith?  Have you even read the bible?

In the end it seems I have a choice.  I can believe what Raisin has told me, which equates to believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God and is my personal savior, OR I can deny what she has said to be true and burn in hell for eternity.

Well, I have to tell you guys.  If Raisinberry is going to be in heaven, I do NOT want to go there.   See you in hell Tracy!


  1. Mercedes said

    Hey – just got back from the Fair. I feel Pur in the house-oops – I said it out loud. I sure hope this one goes through the first time.

  2. raisinberry said

    You know what is funny erin? You attach posts out of context to create your own story.NICE EDITING!! Will your readers ever know?. Absolutely not. because it is so important that you be right. And so failing to post the full meaning and intent, you can make it appear that you are “the most high”….You stand above all, discerning who is right and who is wrong. …as long as we request an audience and ask permission to do our own Mrs .metaphor says.You will leave us alone?? hmm. are you italian? That was our failing? That we didnt ask permission?? Because only a mafia boss would demand that you need to “okay” privileges.. on the internet… the world wide web.In a word-maybe two, you are a foolish child. Seeking power with no way to weild it. How ironic that what you accuse tracy of— is what YOU are in fact guilty of. There is no way that i will entertain any post from you–you simply lack the authenticity and the wisdom. you are a pissed off woman, bent on drama, bent on making Tracy “pay”, with no idea how you would like that payment–absent that, You pick on others, secondary players. God how the world laughs at you.

  3. Wowzers…Raisin, back away from the computer babe. I’m not even kidding.

  4. DuhMan said

    Raisin, why do you hate Italians so much?

  5. Duh said

    Nice editing? I copy and pasted it from your comment. LOL What did I edit out again?

    Once again Raisin, Jesus has just GOT to be smiling at your behavior here tonight. How do you go about spouting all those bible verses with a straight face?

    No, I’m not Italian. My husband is one fourth Italian on his mom’s side though. I’m not quite sure how that makes any difference, unless you’re making a racist remark against Italians. That’s OK, though because God probably doesn’t like the Italians anyway, seeing as they were the ones responsible for that whole “Enlightenment” fiasco.

    These long ass posts with no point are really all over the place Raisin. If you are really interested in getting your point across clearly you might want to try some bullets. And no, thats not a threat.

  6. Duh said

    Jinx about the Italian thing Dave.

  7. Duh said

    And then she used the Lord’s name in vain! Haha! How many commandments are we going to break tonight Raisin?

  8. Mercedes said

    This year I have a tough class. I will ask one student to stop doing something and another one will look at me and grin and do the very thing I just ask the other student to stop doing. Then I get all tore up…That student did that just to get attention-my attention-even if it wasn’t positive attention. When I react this way, I have just handed over the control of the classroom the that student. I have been really working on this-I learned some techniques at a 1-2-3 Magic workshop. Basically-do not argue with the child-…Sorry-I thought I was in school-at Parent/Teacher Conferences or something-since I live there-been working 12 hour days. I am delirious still from this morning and then spinning around and up and down and …at the fair.



  9. raisinberry said

    This is real amusing. My corp attorney hubby said today that Mary kay corporate needs people like DUH to shatter the resolve of all the women who are fighting against the system. then it dawned on me. Duh doesnt know me from Adam, except that people like my posts…what if DUH, “ERIn”, really is invested in making all the blogs look foolish? What if..she makes money causing disention? MBA says he would inlist a combatator…..And what do you know…Erin wants PT rendered meaningless. Gee Erin. if you think My posts step up the argument–might you ban them? Delete them? cause baby,,,You have no idea where this is going..Those of us in the armed services LOVE THAT LINE..YOU ARE MESSIN’ with the wrong MARINE.

  10. Duh said

    Raisin, I sent you an email. Did you get it?

  11. throwinguppink said

    I told you she was wasted.

  12. Raisin…seriously. You need to just take a break…I am not being sarcastic.

  13. DuhMan said

    Should I be jealous, is Raisinberry hitting on Duh? I’m sure she’s drunk, but I didn’t think she was that drunk.
    Or maybe she wants to swing, she made it very clear that she’s married to a powerful lawyer.

  14. Duh said

    Don’t I wish I made money sitting on my ass blogging. If you think that I’m working for MK, why don’t you get Tracy to run a background check on me. Or maybe I can show you my tax returns for the last few years. Ya know, the ones where I make $0. LOL (Oh I did make about $1000 this year doing casino parties. So there’s that.)

    I don’t understand that last part. Where is this going? Are you asking me to step outside?
    Dare I say it? Paranoia cha cha cha…

  15. throwinguppink said

    And apparently she is a racist…

  16. Duh said

    No don’t be jealous Dave, I think I’m supposed to be scared now.

    I think.

  17. throwinguppink said

    A cat fight out back?? I have the peppermint schnapps and I will meet y’all there.

  18. Willie Lump Lump said

    *got my popcorn and beer*


  19. Oh, no no …peppermint schnapps….BAD BAD memories from college…make it stop, make it stop.

  20. DuhMan said

    I was getting excited. I love a woman in uniform. First ones in; last ones out.

  21. Duh said

    I think Raisinberry just wanted to come play with us. This is an interesting way to try to get into my good graces, but damn if it’s not working. I love you you crazy beeotch!

  22. throwinguppink said

    Yeah, DuhMan, I hear those standard issue undies from the Marines can be oh-so-sexy!

    Is a swap in the works?

  23. Duh said

    Probably not, Raisin doesn’t like Italians.

    Hey Raisin, Dave is part Italian, and he doesn’t even beat me. Can you believe that shit?

  24. throwinguppink said

    Slack ass Italian.

  25. mkrules said


    Ok #1, everyone likes your posts? Says who?

    #2 Again, if you don’t want your stuff questioned, or copied, don’t allow us access to your blog. So easy, yet you don’t do it. Why? In my opinion, you like the drama and the attention. That goes without saying since you like PT. It is a drama fest (except it’s all one sided toward MK and moderated).

    #3 Why are you throwing scripture around all the time? Is that how you decide to distract from the fact that you have no response?

    #4 Why take it so seriously? And if you do, state your blog purpose and stick to it instead of going off on tyraides on MK. That is what makes you look like PT-lite.

    *sigh* I’m done for now…

  26. eyesicle said

    Ummm…Raisin, seriously, Chill. I agree with Mrs. You’re not amking a lot of sense.

  27. PC said


    cripes “Raisin” really had me going there for a minute!

    Quick – insult the Chinese, too, so I can get my hubby on here!

  28. PC said

    I like pickles.

  29. My previous post said most of what I wanted, but after reading this I have a couple more comments.

    1) Raisin, alcohol, computers and you DO NOT MIX WELL.
    2) When I want to hear scripture, I will go to church.
    3) When I want to laugh, I will come here and read your comments.
    4) I am sorry you married a corporate attorney.

  30. mkrules said

    Duh, the world really does laugh at you…you are freakin’ hilarious, you pyscho!

  31. Mercedes said

    Oh ya-I believe that there is no deleting or banning in this place-unlike a few other places I know of. I was so excited about this new blog thingy and now I feel like PT has followed me-AAAAAAHHHHH running as fast as I can……..

  32. Mercedes said

    Semi~Charmed: as we used to say back in the day-WORD!

    What she said!

  33. Mercedes said

    yeah-at first when i read the world was laughing at her i didn’t really like that comment-but mkrules-you are so right-they really are-she is so freakin’ funny-LMAO!

    that crazy anti Duh site has already deleted one of my comments i think-or it didn’t go through-since i am having problems-or maybe tracy has sabatoged my wordpress account-Duh-hhhmmmm.

  34. I remember “Word”

    We must be from around the same day! LOL

  35. Word to yer mother….

  36. Mercedes said

    Hey Semi~Charmed-I will post my update about my test this morning and about my lovely dumb doctor…switching doctors real soon-he has screwed up too much. Just a hint about the post-I was supposed to have a diagnostic and ultrasound and could have done that all today had i known that-stupid doctor!

  37. word up word up

  38. Oh Mercedes, that sucks. I will stop in tomorrow and read the post. I gotta get to bed here now. Have to coach at 8:00 AM and its 2:30!!! Ugh!

  39. Mercedes said

    not on my wordpress account
    am i spam?

  40. Mercedes said

    now-let’s see-changed email and not on wordpress account

  41. Mercedes said

    Ok-I give up on the spam thingy (all my comments are spam-even on my own blog)-i read a thread about it in the help forums-there is a problem with it. Gonna contact support tomorrow. Good night.

  42. Mercedes said

    Ok-I give up on the spam thingy(all my comments are spam-even on my own blog)-i read a thread about it in the help forums-there is a problem with it. Gonna contact support tomorrow. Good night.

  43. bluehairedbebe/rethinkingpink said

    Ummm, Raisin? I don’t know about everybody else here, but I’m here w/ my head squarely on my shoulders and my eyes wide open. Duh is not my “queen” or my “marchioness”, or anything else that is supposed to emcompass good-willed (or otherwise) authority. She holds nothing over me & I post here just as I would at any blog around the world – carefully. I don’t think you know what you are talking about when you compare her to Tracy and this site to PT. I think all of us here that came from PT still agree about the evil of MLM’s, we don’t answer to anyone here as “boss”, we don’t believe that Duh or anyone is perfect and could never wrong us. Everyone is human. I don’t like that you include me in your assumption that we are all here following Duh blindly as some kind of leader.
    PS> Raisin, was that a threat?? For real? Oh no you just dit-int. My brudda’s a Naby Seal yo, so take that and suck on it!
    PSS> Raisin, I’m just here hangin’ out and having fun. It’s fun here.

  44. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said


    Dear, like everyone said: step back from the computer. I suggest you take a look at yourself and reevaluate your life and priorities. You sound like what you described duh as being: “a pissed off woman, bent on drama.”

  45. Mercedes said

    OK-went to the wordpress techie forums and posted my problem about my comments not posting and going directly to spam and Mark said it was fixed. Here goes…Testing-Testing-1-2-

  46. Mercedes said

    Bam! I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!

  47. mkrealist said


    I’m going to refrain from what I really NEED to say in order to protect the privacy of SuzyQ, whose back I would have in a Tornado. But you know good and darn well that the core of what you are asserting here is a lie. Cogitate on that and talk to your partner. Maybe she hasn’t told you everything.

    Secondly, quit with the power play of using DUH’s government name. That is a tool of intimidation that you learned from Tracy. And it’s not attractive or garnering you any respect. Most of us know what her first name is, but it doesn’t need to be bandied about like you’re talking to a child. Weren’t YOU the one who harped about “civil discourse?” Enact it immediately before your embarassment reaches astronomical levels.

    And in case you think this is a one-sided chiding, it is NOT. We jumped in ME’s sauce too when she used the first (and last) name of a popular PTr she happened to dislike. And MKV and I have been apologizing seemingly incessantly about our not-so-delicate “outing” of a MK Director on our blog months ago. We were wrong and so are you. Leave the willful and intentional (no matter how (in)direct) outing to Tracy. She has perfected it. Leave it to the “expert.”

    Lastly, do we care that your husband is a corporate attorney. I know I don’t. But I do find it amusing that you rely on such transparent tactics to attempt to intimidate people over a computer! Do NOT be insulted when people don’t agree with you or even BELIEVE you. It’s JUST THE INTERNET!!!

    You all didn’t post my comment to you a few days ago and that doesn’t surprise me. You should have felt my sincerity for what I said to you by the fact that it never ended up ON THIS BLOG to cause either one of you any more pain or embarassment.

    That is NOT my goal.

    My #1 goal cyber-wise right now is to help my FRIEND find a job.

    Both of you may want to give SERIOUS and I do mean SERIOUS and PRAYERFUL consideration of what it is you are doing here.

    You are NO BETTER than MK Directors who use scripture to intimidate and manipulate anyone within hearing distance. You have written BOOKS on these blogs about the deviancy of such women. Yet you purport to SAVE DUH and bring her around to YOUR WAY OF THINKING by doing the SAME THING?

    Push back from the keyboard.

  48. mkrealist said

    Don’t worry Duh, many thought I worked for MKC too.

    Apparently reasoned, rational discourse, and an ability to see both sides of an issue are the red-flags.

    Take it as a compliment and the swipe of a weak and insecure soul whose only arsenal of ammunition comes from the TC-Warehouse of Attempted Mass Destruction.

  49. throwinguppink said

    MKRealist is now my hero.

  50. eyesicle said

    MKR…awesome post!

  51. Woah! Wow…..yeah…..ok…..

    Raisin, before you opened your own blog, I could have understood the ‘secondary’ comment. The second you open your own blog, put yourself in the driver’s seat and took control of the wheel, you can’t expect everyone is going to love everything you say. On PT those comments aren’t allowed to go through….so you had no idea the words you were using took on the power that they did as an author on PT.

    Yes, I’m sure it felt ooie and gooie and all warm inside cuz everyone on PT said they loved your articles, etc.

    This is the internet world. You CHOSE to open a blog and write articles that not everyone is going to agree with.

    Outting someone on a public blog is NOT COOL. PERIOD.

    And last but not least….what was that comment about Italians supposed to mean? Does God love Italians LESS? Cuz if He does, I’ll be sure to pass the word on. 😉

    Raisin, sincerely, you are about to implode. Please take some time to reflect on your statments on your blog in general and on here from last night. If you are honest with yourself, I’ll bet you can see the truth in the comments you don’t allow to go through on your blog.

  52. Yep, MKR is a smart lady, I’m glad to have come 180degrees with her. My hope is that one day even the people I don’t “like” in this blog war I will at least be able to respect over time. I’m always really THANKFUL when I get to the point where I both respect AND like someone. I don’t agree all the time with MKR or Me or even MKrules but I at least like and respect them.

    And yes, Raisin, I do like and respect, Duh. You may find it absolutely insane and perhaps you cannot understand it…but just because you cannot understand it does not mean it is false. This is the very core of faith, no matter WHAT your narrative.

  53. MKR – you rock! Totally.

  54. mkrealist said

    Well…I didn’t say any of this to rock or be a hero.

    It just needed to be said.

    Now, since it’s World Bead Day (did you all know that?), I’m going to:

    1. Help out at the Bead Store I work and teach at for their big sale today

    2. Finish knitting this WONDERFUL SCARF in the most delicious colors for some very lucky person this holiday season (Don’t worry DuhBBY (Duh+Hubby), the other panda paw mitten won’t take me but a minute! LOL!!!)

    3. Go see Arsenic & Old Lace with friends at the theate

    4. Have a late dinner & lots of drinks/cocktails at this wonderful new French restaurant in town (and yes MrsM, I may bring half of it home *pffft*)

    Those who have my digits feel free to use them…I’m loose as a goose today!

    Later HOOTERS! (for my BustyGalz and those who are busty-in-spirit)

  55. mkrealist said

    theate = theater

  56. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Well said, MKR!

  57. Just Call Me Shay said

    “discerning who is right and who is wrong”

    Well, from what I have seen, that is what TC does, isn’t it? But at least I know that here I can post whatever I want and, right or wrong, I won’t be banned for it.

    “Because only a mafia boss would demand that you need to “okay” privileges.. on the internet”

    From the short time I have been around here and been around PT, I know one thing – If I started a blog called, I would not be banned from this blog. IN fact, Duh would probably post on it continually and might even link to it. LOL If I started one called, I would be immediately banned from PT. Draw whatever Mafia connection you like about that conclusion.

    “Seeking power…”

    “Power” implied having some sort of control over those “below” you. I have not seen this at all….people can post whatever they want, however they want and there is no fear of banning or punishment. Not so on PT. Not only that, but on PT you can be banned/punished for something you said/posted on another forum. How crazy is that?

    I will be the first one to admit that I did not “get” this blog at first. Seriously. Had I not been sent links back to this blog showing the welcoming, positive posts after my initial reaction to this blog, I never would have visited again.

    But I did come back and I read more and more, and my initial impression changed.

    I like it here. :o)

  58. throwinguppink said

    I am busty in spirit, flat as a board in reality. Well, maybe not a board…

    And I don’t throw the term hero around looooosely, I also consider Duh to be one too…

    Are you ready for college football today, ladies??

  59. Dana said

    So I can’t tell in the last part of her post if she’s talking as she’s God (which she has done quite offensively on PT and then of course got upset when people didn’t realize it was a “joke”). If she’s not “speaking as God,” what does she mean she’s going to grant you faith? Only God can do that. And, for someone who is as “holier-than-thou,” I would like to know why she’s using God’s name in vain at the end of her post. The third commandment anyone?

    What disgusts me more than just about anything is this blatant hypocrisy. All her posts about MK abusing religion and then she does the same thing. Raisenberry, I’m sure you’re reading this. So allow me to ask you what Jesus asked the Pharisees – Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye?

    Duh’s blog is meant to be fun. Does it expose Tracy’s terrible behavior? Yes. Is that what really bothers you? The “queen” that you adore and defend is being mocked? Maybe you need to take the blinders off and see that there is a reason so many people can’t stand her!

  60. You know what is sad to me is that this little rant by Raisin could go a long way in destroying her credibility and the readership on their blog. I think that would be a loss because I really did like what they were aiming toward. I hope they can still pull it off.

    I mean, if you tried to argue that Duh’s credibility is zero because of her language and what not then you’d be barking up the wrong tree. The aim of this blog is not hard hitting news or “missional” in the least. The minute you try to make it that you just look stupid. Lucky for Duh she’s at least got enough self awareness to stick to what she knows and enough personality to make it work, plus that she is both funny and smart in her writing, that’s a good combo.

    But, just to be fair and not seem like a Duhbot (copyright 2007 mrsmetaphor) I will say that Duh’s grammatical prowess often leaves much to be desired…but it just makes ya wanna come back for moooooore.

    Oh, my gosh….is IS A CULT.

  61. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    raisinberry said, “God how the world laughs at you.”

    the world does laugh at God when people who profess to be Christians claim to know what the entire world is thinking. back off the sauce and get real cuz u r bouncing off the walls and not helping nething

  62. Whether you like her writing stlye on PT or afterward or not, she’s usually pretty coherent. But here, Raisin’s posts just seem whacvked out. Sorry you’re having a bad trip, girl…it’ll wear off, and lay off the Superman stamps…

    I know y’all got wrapped up in the Italian thing (1/4 myself), but who else found this extrememly amusing:

    “Because only a mafia boss would demand that you need to “okay” privileges.. on the internet… the world wide web”

    Tracy=John Gotti anyone?

  63. yeah, there was sort of a lot of that kinda thing in that post..I found the whole thing disturbing frankly. I sort of hoped that Duh WOULD remove the whole thread to spare Raisin some embarassment today.

  64. Dana said

    Well, Mrs., I think people who go around hurling accusations and trying to convert people on the internet deserve to be embarrassed. Kind of like Britney at the VMAs…… if she hadn’t chosen to fire the hair guy and wear a sequined bikini, people wouldn’t be ripping on her hair and saying she looked fat.

    Now if Duh found out somehow that it wasn’t actually raisenberry but someone trying to make her look psycho posting, then she probably should delete it. But if raisenberry is going to show up making inflamatory comments, she gets what she deserves. IMO

  65. I hear ya Dana. It’s always a good idea to follow wise counsel. The tricky part is recognizing wise counsel when we hear it, ya know? I’m hoping that Raisin at least has a few people in her life who can offer that to her and that she will have ears with which to hear it.

    I wondered too if that was really Raisin…it seems so out of character for her but I am fairly certain it was not an imposter. I wish it was.

  66. Duh said

    “Duh’s grammatical prowess often leaves much to be desired”
    Oh SNAP!!

    Of course I have no idea if the Raisinberry that posted here last night is the real Raisinberry. All I can tell you is that the IP address she was posting from was new. She had never posted here before.

  67. Well her avatar matches that of her own blog. I am fairly certain that was, in fact, the Raisinberry…sadly.

  68. Starr said

    If that was indeed Raisinberry– well, there is something very, very wrong.

  69. My Cat Came Back said

    What’s wrong is the fact that Raisin is fighting with the fact that she’s not ready to realize that she’s being used by Tracy. She can’t believe she’s been used twice, 1st by Mary Kay, 2nd by Tracy Coenen. That’s a whole lot of changes over the course of a year or however long raisin has been around all of us. She’s afraid to throw in the towel, wants to remain loyal because she, like the rest of us agree that MLM and MK Sucks, but what Raisin needs to realize is that Tracy was not the original anti-MK blogger or yahoo group owner, but Tracy made sure that some of those failed by befriending other people. It’s been a very tumultuous (sp?) past few years, that’s for sure in the anti-MK world. Tracy doesn’t deserve to be worshipped and she’s only learning by other people’s open criticism how she “should” be doing her anti-MK thing, but sadly, it’s a little too late.

    I for one am sorry that her former profession may be impacted negatively by all of the anti-TC movement, but I hate to say it, she made her bed and is now lying in it. At first, when I saw her rudeness towards other people, I excused it, then again, and again and even gave her yet, another chance, but ya know, Tracy will never truly change and sadly, I suspect will always be bitter. There’s alot more to TC than any of us know I suspect which causes her to be this way. Maybe she needs to go and see Dr. Phil?? 😉 Or better yet, seriously listen to what those of us have said over on DUH and the other anti-PT blogs.

    TC, from one human being to another, I truly don’t wish any bad luck or misfortune on you or anyone else, however it appears as though your life is spinning out of control. Maybe it’s just time to back off and change your name and start over. It’s all so sad, truly.

    OK, so you all know I get sidetracked…….this is supposed to be about Raisin, but it’s all relevant in the big scheme of things.

    OT: MKRealist…..I’m into the bead thing too. Have you ever been to Beadazzled on Dupont Circle? I LUV that place. I haven’t been in years.

    And DUH, I just have to say…..”One time (at band camp) I didn’t have access to the internet. How did I EVER survive? lol

    Sorry to give such a long post bitches!! Not really sorry… lolol Time for a Pinas Colassas (Pina Colada for your boring folk)

  70. My Cat Came Back said

    OMG!! That’s a fucking long post. I’ll surely be banned now!! lmfao

  71. Rooster said

    oh oh, somebody has totally snapped. The link to Afterward no longer works. The message comes up that the authors have deleted the blog. Oh, man, I’m so sorry that Raisin lost it, Suzy too? They started with a good idea, but seemed to be very naive about the response to it. Allowing the questioning postings would have been the way to go, and soon that would have slowed down, and they could have continued on with their blog as they wished. But unfortunately they continued with TC’s practice of banning/deleting posts that they were uncomfortable with, and that caused more of the interest they didn’t want. Maybe they will change to an invitation only blog. Who will they invite? Tracy, and then who? Who would be ‘safe?’ So sad. And it is NOT Duh’s fault (as much as she would like to claim credit) !

    ok, if lad*es is a really, really bad word, how ’bout WOMEN!!!!!

  72. Starr said

    Rooster’s right. Yep– it’s gone. And probably for the best at this point.

    Obviously, at least Raisin wasn’t thick-skinned enough to take what it takes when you put yourself out there in blogspace.

    MCCB- you are more than likely right on with your assessment of the situation– being that Raisin is not willing to face up to the reality of TC. TC is not a trustworthy person capable of sincerity and true friendship and probably never will be. Raisin is a smart cookie and knows this but isn’t willing to face up to that reality. She’s very susceptible to delusion as she has admitted that she was doing the MK delusional life for 14 years. I guess you don’t just shrug off that mantle over night when it is so ingrained in the psyche.

    I wasn’t so sure that the postings on here were really Raisin’s– still having a few doubts about that. I am maybe a bit more convinced it could have been her given the sudden disappearance of their blog. It was here just a bit ago – because I was there reading. So this action is really a very recent one and does seem to coincide with the whacked-out Raisin-rantings seen here and preserved for as long as Duh chooses to keep this blog alive.

    Wow– more drama. It just doesn’t get much better than this. LOL

    Oh, I can’t wait for the next installment.

  73. Duh said

    I had a hard time believing it was her too. I’ve run her IP. Sadly, it’s not a joke.

  74. mkrules said

    MKR: Aresenic and Old Lace is so cute and funny. I love the theatre! 🙂

  75. Well and how can you go wrong with that Cary Grant….ah me….

  76. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    judy judy judy
    didn’t cary say that?

  77. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    i’m glad ur cat came back – and i think u have hit a few pointse right on!

  78. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


    Now I know why I wondered about Raisin. I always lurved Suz but never got a warm and fuzzy feeling about Raisin. What fucking nut job. And that’s putting it nicely.

    How many times must a person bring up God or religion with regards to a blog that has absolutely nothing to DO with God or religion? It’s like it makes the person who is slamming you feel better about themselves because they used the word God. Whatever!

    MKR – you said it well. I hope Suz is ok. And I HOPE she finds a job that she loves.

    Raisin ~ Listen to all the bitches here. Walk away from the computer. And step away from the crack pipe.

    Oh, and one more thing. If you don’t like women who cuss…


    That is all.


  79. Mercedes said

    Well if she wants to brag about attorneys…

    My brother is a corporate attorney,
    and his wife is too.
    I lurves Duh
    So nanny nanny boo boo to you!

  80. Duped said

    Raisin, were you seriously trying to intimidate people saying “your corporate attorney husband”???? Please tell me you were not. Please also tell me that you DON’T think that the fact that he’s an attorney garners you any more respect/intimidation in any fashion. Honey, I work with lawyers *and* I am best friends with lawyers…which means absolutely NOTHING. Who gives a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if your hubby is a lawyer…or a custodian…or an Italian. 😛 Means squat, babe.

    MK Realist said it all and then some. Please, take a break from quoting scripture that only meets your needs and take a breather from the internet all together.

    Fart knockers.

  81. prdiva4 said


    I seriously made some popcorn to read this post! LOLLLLLLLLL

    This place is HILARIOUS!

    SLUT #4

  82. mkrealist said

    Arsenic & Old Lace was HILARIOUS!!! Loved it!

    The French Restaurant was actually Irish (don’t ask) and I had the most fabulous Potato Encrusted Snapper with BeerSoaked Green Beans and Champ (Green Onion loaded mashed potatoes).

    And No MrsM, I ate it all there…didn’t bring half of it home…

    And I’m not sorry…LOL!!!

  83. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL MKR!!!

  84. gothchiq said

    Raisin doesn’t like Italians eh? GRRR. I’m Sicilian. I don’t appreciate racist shit like that. Nothing to show one’s true colors like being busted as a racist.

  85. MKR: LOL…well, I would have too! That sounds so good…now I’ll go eat my cereal.

  86. Mercedes said

    LOL prdiva4

    semi~charmed-haven’t posted my update yet…oops

  87. Mercedes – yeah I noticed that. 🙂

  88. Has anyone checked to see if any local mental health care facilities are missing patients?

    Seriously, because Raisin is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    I mean, I was reading her responses to things, but all I could get out of it is that she must be bat-shit crazy.

    But then, you’d have to be to stay shoved so far up TC’s ass for so long.

  89. […] what’s shaking with the lovely ladies over there.  Especially Raisinberry.  I like my women drunk and mouthy, don’t ya know.  Anyway if you’re looking for cattiness and good clean bitchy […]

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