Where’s PUR?

I miss that mean bitch!  Where did she go?  Bring back PUR!


  1. Duh said


  2. MKV said

    Duh, I am so sick of you posting pictures of me. Stop it.

  3. Geez, Duh…PUR posts and you jump all over her, PUR doesn’t post and you jump all over her….get a freakin’ grip, will ya?

    MKV…I was GOING to say something about your recent pic but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings….that is SUCH a bad color for you.

  4. MKV said

    Do you guys think I’m fat?

  5. I’ll be her body fat percentage is like 7%, what’s your guess, MKV?

  6. mkrealist said

    I’m so completely horrified.

    I’ll take my short-busty-apply-chunky-41.7% self ANYDAY over that monstrosity!


  7. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    she’s been hulkified!

  8. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    that’s exactly how I imagined PUR. Come on PUR. Speak Up!!!!!!!! Triple Dog Dare you!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she found another blog to try and intimidate and put others down. It’s either HER WAY or NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  9. MKV said

    7% at the MOST, Mrs.

    I’m thinking she’s a bit vascular, no?

  10. Duped said

    God that picture actually made my lunch come back up….fucking gross, yo. Chicks like that make my stomach turn – just like the really super skinny women (you know the ones, where you can actually SEE their fucking pelvis…*gag*).

    As for PUR – I kind of hope she stays gone. She is SUCH a queef, it’s not even funny.

    Fart knockers.

  11. LOL…yeah, vascular is a good descriptive word!

    Wouldn’t it be funny if she sold MK too?

  12. Duh said

    I think she’s wearing Pink Shimmer lipstick, Mrs.

  13. Licious said

    Why? Why do women do that to themselves and if they’re going to do that, why even bother putting on makeup? Like putting a dress on a pig, no?

  14. Dana said

    She hasn’t posted since September 17th! 4 days!

  15. What’s up with the straps of her top – they’ve been photoshopped out!

    Or MKV cut them off and just glued the top on…

  16. Criminy, people…I’ve gone 4 days without posting (uh, haven’t I? dont’ answer that…)
    Maybe she’s just got her priorities right and she’s spending time with her family. You buncha nuts.


  17. Duh said

    Her top stays up because it doesn’t DARE to fall down.

  18. Shay Needs a Cool Screen Name said

    If I went 4 days without posting, Life As We Know It On Earth would completely fall apart. Don’t you people understand the important role I play?

    I seriously need professional help. Group therapy. Something.


  19. Duh said

    Hey Guys, I just invited Sean to come over and take a gander at MKV. You remember how much he loved the man boobs.

  20. Testing my new avatar. :o)

  21. Just Call Me Shay said

    Darn it. :o( It’s not showing up. :o(

  22. Just Call Me Shay said

    Oh, good. Now it is. :o)

  23. Sean said

    Another scary manboobs shot!

    Duh, why do you vex me so?

    (I’m referring, of course, to manboob Justin Timberlake on the homepage. Though Britney Spears’ manbod runs a close second)

    The only thing more frightening is the thought of this website as Halloween approaches…. The horror….

    [Thanks for thinking of my, Duh. We’ll always have Paris…]

  24. eyesicle said

    Oh, yay..Shay’s back. Hi Shay! =)

    Queef…LOL! Forgot about that…

    Camel toe!

  25. Just Call Me Shay said

    *waves to eyesicle* :o)

  26. Colleen said

    PUR is probably out working her MK business…..


  27. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    OY………………………….Who gives a friggin rip, where she is????

  28. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    There was a special on TLC I think with this body builder. The things they do to their bodies, to look like THAT??? Fuckin disgusting.

    And yes MKV, you’re fat. 😉


  29. Yeah that is pretty gross. They starve themselves before a competition and then eat tons of sugary shit to make their veins pop like that. Eeewwww.

  30. Love the avitar Shay!

  31. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    just a thought / r u sure this is a woman? at first glance i think it is a wannabe. on the other hand if it’s a guy wanting to be a woman then why would he have done this to himself? i need sleep. the avatar-less one

  32. Duh said

    I don’t know about this one Virgin. I mean, the super rock hard nips leads me to believe that the boobs are fake which could mean she’s man or a woman. We know he/she’s definitely not on estrogen to get them. That’s a tough call. I wouldn’t do her either way.

  33. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Duh – u can buy just about anything these days / prolly even fake nips. think about it (painful as it is). as for the last comment – i’m paddling that canoe. yeah. yuck!

  34. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    or what if this is a virtual dream of someone and this is just a computer image? welcome to your worse e-nightmare

  35. eyesicle said

    Damn, Sean…you ain’t right. I bet you don’t have WMB’s (Not to be confused with WMD’s…we didn’t find those, either, but I digress…)

    Vex is an awesome word! I bet you read good…

    ***I am entitled to use “awseome as a child of the 80″s. It has nothing to do woth my prior affiliation (although I was not an employee nor did I run MY OWN business. I was an independent contractor with the right to control my own business. Except, not really. I digress again. Feeling a bit punchy tonight)

  36. Virgin – Fake nipples are a possibility. Today at the docs with my Mom, they told her about them just in case she needed them for her reconstruction. She opted NO. They are hard and don’t feel anything like real.

  37. Duh said

    I don’t like my nipples to poke out. Do grown women really want that? If I were getting my boobs redone, I do them like Barbie’s: hard, high, and smooth.

  38. Just Call Me Shay said

    “Love the avitar Shay!”

    Thanks, Semi! :o)

  39. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    BandAids lol

  40. gothchiq said


  41. Leave it to Gothie to make me laugh out loud.

    Thanks Goth,

  42. Holla CDSS! said

    THAT is a woman who has been enhancing herself with testosterone. It’s not uncommon for women body builders to get boob jobs because they lose their own which are mostly fat. Lose the fat, lose the softer tissue, what you’re left with are some hard orbs under the skin with no fat to round ’em out and then the nips are just messed up.

    Or it could be really cold in the gym. There was something about that on TLC one night. This chick was big into body building but couldn’t get herself to bulk up anymore. It was clear she had been using something, her features were harsh and masculine like above. One of the things they mentioned was that even though the body was muscular, they didn’t have much in the way of strength. They could only hold those poses for a short time. I can’t remember the exact explanation but they showed all these women shivering and eating sugars to try and give themselves quick energy and to warm up. Very strange.

  43. Accountable said

    They need to color her Green and call her the not-so-incredible-looking hulk!

  44. Just Call Me Shay said

    Color her pink and call her Scary Kay.

  45. Starr said


    Why do these women all do this to themselves? They turn themselves into disgusting freaks. They are definitely not feminine but are sorta stuck somewhere out there with low voices and masculine faces and bodies–freakish she-men. Ick!!

  46. Dana said

    All good things must come to an end…….. PUR is back.

  47. Dana said

    But oh my! Her name is blacked out! What happened?!?!?!?!

  48. Dana said

    Never mind. In another thread, she’s normal. 🙂

  49. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yah but Dana if you read her post she sounds like a pink moonie zombie child. Meta thread WTH. This chick has obviously been sitting somewhere trying to think this crappola up. Like grab a real life. The only way PT is a happy little place is if you buy into the party line, group think and agree with the cult leader. When are people gonna wake up and stop drinking the BITCHaid/cruelaid. Yah its mellowed because people started leaving and saying Yo TC this place is poison. You trade one evil for another as far as I’m concerned.

  50. Dana said

    Maybe she’s been blacked out, but Tracy has assumed her log in as a different PUR. 🙂

  51. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    BTW Dana, I like your Brit pic. I don’t see what the fuss is, Damn I wished I looked like her after I calfed my kid.

  52. Dana said

    I don’t like her, and if you had lipo and a tummy tuck like she did, maybe you would look like her. 🙂

  53. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Well Dana it would be more than lipo suction, you have to haul out the whole friggin vacuum and as for the tummy tuck it would need to be a total body tuck and I still wouldn’t look like her.

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