PUR needs advice. Let’s help her out, shall we?

The Pink Truth Meta Thread

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Pink Truth has evolved into the community and public service you see today, and I thought it
would be constructive to introduce a Meta topic to explore and envision how this community could grow even better and focused in the right direction in the coming months.   

With such rapid growth there have been — without question — growing pains from technical challenges with general site maintenance to the roll out of new boards and features, as well as various minor and major mistakes, miscommunication, and missteps along the way as Pink Truth has stumbled here and there.   This sort of thing can result in any range of reaction amongst members from the minor annoyance when you are just trying to log in to read the latest posts, to a major breech of trust when it is not clear what the heck is going on and begin taking things personally, but the point is to have less — to zero — incidence or reason for friction in the future.   How can Pink Truth do, be, and communicate better?

Many women, their friends, and loved ones have sought out Pink Truth for information and support on issues related to MLM in the last year+, and I think together we can do even better.  It is near impossible to be all things to all people.    I am not thinking we can accomplish that or even try.    I hope that we can hear from the membership at large and learn how to best serve a majority of folks who have been negatively affected by MLM. 

There are opinions among members about what exactly makes Pink Truth a uniquely wonderful resource that brings people to log in to check it out regularly.   Some stop by for a short time, find the information they need, and move on.  And that’s awesome!  Some stick around and lurk or participate, and that is great, too!  Folks who have been around from the beginning, to those new members who just signed up yesterday, have something to contribute about what makes this place special. 

As in anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  So what features do you like best, what could be added to, what level of direct communication do you want to see, and how can Pink Truth be more welcoming to newcomers and comfortable for participants?

I look forward to your comments


What do you guys think?  Any comments for PUR? 

 Several people sent me this, and one of  them said that it seemed that PUR has finally realized that she has no idea how to interact with people and is now asking for advice on how to be personable.  Very noble of her. 

Here’s my advice, PUR.  You and Tracy should find people who are friendly to be the face of PT, and then you should STFU.  It seems that Tracy has a knack for finding the rudest most condescending people to represent PT (PUR, Raisinberry, etc.)  Ladies, realize your lack of people skills.  Stop talking.  Now. 


  1. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    Yeah: WTF? rapid growth?!

  2. Bite This! said

    Who drugged PUR? That can not be her who wrote this. She sounds sedated which would always be a good thing IMO.

  3. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Sounds like another moonie brainwashing to me. Gak, I don’t see how the Queen let it go by with the mention of missteps and miscommunication, me thinks the little zombie child is gonna pay for those little insinuations/remarks, because now shes just making people curious that there might be some problemos.

    I wonder if they are all gonna wear pink sheets and shave their heads and try and sell flowers on the corner????

  4. Me said

    “How can Pink Truth do, be, and communicate better?”

    My first thought was “do be do be do”

    My next thought was “delete blog”

  5. PUR ~ Dare I say, asked and answered.

    What features do I like best? Nothing really makes it stand out above the rest.

    What could be added? Integrity and honesty of the blog owner.

    What level of direct communication do I want to see? Honesty from the blog owner and less regurgitation of the same old crap.

    How could PT be more welcoming and comfortable? Lose the blog owner and those who drank of her pinktruthtinis and had their brains warped.

  6. Better yet, I like ME’s answer……Delete!

  7. foxspirit1 said

    How about just be honest, and allow people to speak their minds without needing to treat others as toddlers? That might be too much though.

  8. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, If I were voting thats what I would vote for!

  9. Not a Bee-liever said

    Personally, I don’t find this topic proposed by PUR the least bit condescending. And I don’t think she should STFU. I think this is a sincere attempt at making PinkTruth better and is consistent with what PUR has always envisioned and strived toward. Sure, she has a track record of not being careful with her words (she might hurt your feelings if you’re prone to getting your feelings hurt), but she is usually just telling it as she sees it.

    Going to Wikipedia to look up “meta” was quite an experience. Although the concept of “meta” is still a little unclear to me, I found out that “a meta-answer is not a real answer, but a reply such as, ‘this is not a good question'”. ROFL! Hilarity would ensue if someone were to give a meta-answer to this meta-topic. But, that would render PUR’s good idea less productive, so nevermind. I hope she does get some good responses.

  10. Duh said

    To clarify, Not a Bee, I don’t mean that she should STFU in every situation. I think she should STFU only when talking to other people.

  11. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo NOT, what in hell is it between you and PURitis? I just don’t get it. Did you actually read it, can you not see the condescending tone in there??? OMG petty annoyances, miscommunication. In most instances PUR was the one causing the petty annoyances and miscommunication that lead to an exodus of very good and solid women. Thunking head with keyboard, monitor and chair. WAKE up already. I agree with DUH.

  12. I believe in this case PUR is using the description “meta-topic” to indicate that this topic is a sort of overarching one, not a day to day, normal, “how’s life” kind of topic but rather a topic which moves a level above the others and then pertains to the community at large.

    I would agree, Notabee that PUR is probably really just trying to figure out the best way to proceed, how to make things run more smoothly and she’s soliciting feedback on that. The difficulty lies in this part:

    “This sort of thing can result in any range of reaction amongst members from the minor annoyance when you are just trying to log in to read the latest posts, to a major breech of trust when it is not clear what the heck is going on and begin taking things personally, but the point is to have less — to zero — incidence or reason for friction in the future. ”

    This is such a dismissive statement. To suggest that the people who have left Pinktruth in the last 6-12 months out of protest over the iron rule of Tracy and the absolute lies she has perpetrated, left because of “growing pains” is completely insulting. I’m sorry PUR, I know that was probably not your intention but frankly, you ought to have left that part out.

  13. Duped said

    Perhaps if you let others disagree, it would be a start. Not everyone is going to agree with each other – that’s just retarded. Perhaps, also, when communicating with others, Tracy and PUR, instead of acting “holier than thou” in your responses you actually lose the sarcasm and belittling talk and actually speak to people like you would like to be spoken to.

    Too much to ask, I know. Who gives a shit, really? It will all snowball into hell again. I think it’s actually quite funny to read.

    Fart knockers.

  14. Oh and my suggestion would be for you to leave the blog but delete the boards.

  15. I meant that to read….let the blog remain and delete the boards…ack, long day.

  16. Hey mrs in 1 hr and 31 minutes we’ll be singing….

    You say it’s your birthday
    And a tattoo, yeah
    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you!!!!

  17. LOL…yeah, my next post on mrsmetaphor.com is going to be called “midlife crisis…”

    You think I’m kidding but I’m NOT!

  18. Happy bday to you…………………………………

  19. Not a Bee-liever said

    Happy birthday mrs!!!!

    Hagzilla, Duh, et al, I think it’s fine if you don’t like PUR. I can’t be brought over to that way of thinking, though. I didn’t pick up on any condescencion and I’ve read it several times. If you’re looking for something you find it—I found what I was looking for.

    Duped, I agree with you that Tracy and PUR usually come off as condescending when they speak to others. However, while I was a member, both of them continually asked me for my input and both of them have admitted to me personally that they do not always make the right decisions. So I don’t have any illusions about that. I’m the one who left. I could have stayed and tried to help make things right. I just wasn’t convinced of what was “right” because I had already noticed so much gray area between what I had once seen as black and white.

    BTW, my period came a week early and I’m looking to blame someone. Who can I blame that on?

  20. Duh said

    Blame Tracy. It works for me.

    Dear Tracy,
    Why did you send Aunt Flo early? I know you’re there with a voodoo doll and a bottle of ketchup. Don’t lie.

  21. I always blame George Bush for stuff these days…but I think Duh had a thread called “Blame Tracy” at one time that cracked me up. I confess…I was reading back then and got pissed about a lot of things I read but that one and the thread about Duh’s dream meeting with the big JC totally cracked me up.

  22. LOL….great minds, Duh.

    I especially liked the part about how Tracy sent the crackhead to your house…

  23. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Here’s my two cents worth.

    Anything that comes out of PUR or Tracy’s mouth, to me, doesn’t mean shit. Both of them have so many lies coming out of their asses and have yet to own up, IN PUBLIC, to anyone! Fuck that shit. I don’t care if PUR has turned a new leaf or is being sincere. Her reputation preceeds her, and Tracy too. WHATeva!


  24. thanks Dizzy, what’d ya get me? I like chocolate….

  25. Duh said

    Shit’s coming out of their mouths AND their asses? That’s a lot of shit.

  26. Ewww….that was lousy timing, Duh…right after my post about chocolate. I hope you at LEAST got my present in the mail on time…sheesh….

  27. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes DUH…shit everywhere. It’s quite messy too.

    MRS….it’s in the mail! 😉

  28. Duh said

    Yes, Mrs. Your Satin Hands set is in the mail.
    Happy Birthday!!

  29. Happy Birthday Mrs. 🙂 Enjoy.

  30. Rebecca said

    Damage control – too little, too late. Sheesh.

    How about linking to other anti-MK blogs, groups?
    How about no more private/secret/elite groups?
    Ditch the Karma thing. If it was just karma, maybe, but the smiting thing? Ew.
    How about opening up the entire discussion board for anyone/everyone to read? Wouldn’t that reach more people?
    Ditch the having to register just to comment on a BLOG, for crying out loud.
    How about no more of that childish taking away of privleges if a member doesn’t behave as Tracy dictates?
    Quit editing out links.

    Isn’t the whole anti-MK thing about getting as much information as possible, from multiple sources, doing that due diligence thing? Honesty, truth, facts, experiences, full disclosure, no manipulations, no misrepresentations, no emotional manipulations/abuses, no coercion, no “big girls’ club” stuff……..

    Yikes. Talk about coming full circle. Am I talking about PT or their claims about MK?

    Yeah, and what was said earlier, don’t treat people like toddlers.

    I am afraid there’s no hope. What Me said, “Delete”.

  31. Mercedes said

    Yeah-in my situation-PUR was the one stirring the pot and I got the blame for it. What did she get? Karma?

  32. Mercedes said

    That is why I love this place-I’ve said this before:
    Freedom of speech
    No post count
    No “Karma” – that isn’t what “Karma” is anyway
    No “levels” / “titles”
    No “Mavens”
    Just a bunch of HOOKERS speaking their mind-sometimes serious-sometimes not.


  33. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Agreeeeeeeed Mercedes.

    I think my days may be numbered at PT. I’m a bit of a smartass with a slight attitude. 😉

  34. Not a Bee-liever said

    The problem, as I see it, is that Tracy and PUR want to eliminate liabilities and must think they can distinguish who is a liability and who isn’t. They don’t want people to detroy PinkTruth from the inside out.

    There is this false notion that PinkTruth is a “safe place.” Contrast that with this blog—it’s not a safe place and that is what makes it authentic. It is volitile and sand flies in your face, but at least if you come here you know that from the beginning.

    A discussion board that is set up as a safe place is inauthentic because each person who becomes a new member is adding to the probability that people will get hurt, feel left out, become power hungry, start to bicker, start to compete, start to gossip.

    Have you all seen Big Love? Bill’s family settles into a Salt Lake community and they try to relax and enjoy their complicated, but rewarding, situation. There are times when Bill starts to feel safe and times when he is brought back to reality. Then he gets paranoid. Each neighbor is a liability. Each friend invited into the homes is a liability. Each transaction at the store. Each phone call. It is excruciating for me to watch because I think, how can they live like this? They can’t even hire a plumber for fear of revealing too much.

    Sometimes people do things “out of character” because they are rebelling, going through a crisis, thoughts are evolving, but sometimes that’s just the first time you happened to notice that aspect of that person even though it’s been there all along. I think this is what happened to those who were either banned or put in the naughty corner. Assumptions that you would “behave” were made and then you were judged to be a liability when you didn’t behave as expected. Mercedes, I agree you should not have been punished for the questions you asked. I’m sorry that happened to you. To say that something is “out of character” is limiting to the person in question. It’s not like we know each other. If you say, “I didn’t know she would do that.” Or, “I didn’t know she would say that,” that’s a commentary on you, not on the person who acted or spoke. You can’t ask someone not to be him/herself—that’s the liability.

    What about authenticity? Who is an authentic PTer? This is a question based on a core mistake. It’s like saying a hippie isn’t authentic because she doesn’t recycle. Or a latina isn’t authentic because she doesn’t know how to dance salsa. Or a dodge ram owner isn’t authentic because she doesn’t opt to install the gun rack and the ‘support our troops’ ribbon. Why don’t we let people define themselves? If you want to participate in the discussion board you should be able to. If Tracy can’t handle all those 2700 or however many liabilities then she should not host the discussion board at all.

  35. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL i thought this was funny [it’s in bold]

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    Re: The Pink Truth Meta Thread
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    One small enhancement I’d like to see is to be able to give karma to someone’s post on the main page. I’ve often had to go to the discussion board and search for someone to applaud, when it would be nice to do it on the main page.

    How about an applauding smiley?

    Thanks for all that you do, Tracy, on this site. I have no idea how you have time to run your own business and run PT, much less have a personal life! It’s a real mission field for you, and we are grateful!

  36. gothchiq said

    Wanna improve the board? Stop deleting threads/comments unless it is a true, actual troll. You know, like some guy posting pictures of his wang. Do not be on people’s case for liking cats and occasionally posting a picture of one.

    Also, how about some cussing and sexual discussions? Make a separate section for dirty stuff if needs be. People hate censorship. Girls talk dirty given the slightest provocation. Why? It’s fun! It’s not hurting anyone. Fuck yeah!

    *flashes titties*


  37. Not a Bee-liever said

    LOL gothie! So true.

  38. Not a Bee-liever said

    mrs, I’ve been thinking about what you saw as PUR’s dismissive statement. I read it as, ‘there have been growing pains . . . as well as major mistakes. . .’ so I separated them. Not that the major mistakes were growing pains, but that the major mistakes were major mistakes. Also in the part where she says when people don’t know ‘what the heck is going on and begin taking things personally’ I saw myself. My understanding has been and always will be incomplete and I don’t think there is any way for anyone to be totally informed. Had I not embarked on my quixotic search for answers I would not have let myself take it personally. There are members of PinkTruth who avoided the drama and still participate there and make the best of it.

    There is honor in staying and taking seriously the responsibility of making PinkTruth better. Just as there is honor in deciding PinkTruth is not a good way to spend your time and energy. Depends on what floats your boat. I don’t think either side can claim supremacy.

    If the decision was not yours, however, like if you were banned randomly, then I can understand the reluctance/refusal to let PUR ask for this type of advice without giving her shit for it.

  39. Does that mean I can give PUR shit for it?

    Wait, I guess not. I can’t register from any of my computers, I can’t comment on the blog, and I can’t even read any portion of the discussion board, much less leave a comment to tell her how full of shit she is.

    Ahh, dictatorship is alive and well in the USA. Our soldiers lay down their lives to grant the world freedom from varying oppressors, but here at home, dipshits like PUR and Tracy keep the flame of oppression burning.

    Is that going a little to far with my metaphor, Mrs.?

  40. Not a Bee-liever said

    Yes, you can give her shit for it. On this blog. If you like to hold grudges.

  41. I don’t care about grudges, since I’m not personally invested and ould really give a flying fuck about PUR. But as a show of support for all you grudge holders out there:

    Hey PUR – this one’s for you: Shit piss cocksucker dick prick motherfucker tits bitch fuck, crap, turd from a whore, cum wad, twat lick, cock, pussy, taint, clit, snatch bastard, cunt kisser fuck fuck fuck you godamn shit-eating ass-raping pud-whacking cum-chugging gutter-skank!

    Hey – It’s every cuss word I know!

  42. I hear what you are saying Notabee…AND I think that your perception is accurate to a point. My personal experience with PUR does color how I read her words, this is absolutely true of all of us. Now, that being said….my personal experience with PUR is that she tends to be dismissive in her interactions….yes, it is a “direct-ness” about her personality but still, it is dismissive. I read this as being no different than her previous communications….soooooo….I guess I’m at a loss to see how this is different from how she has behaved previously, you see? In the past this kind of thing has garnered her only criticism, so why continue to do this?

    Why not just leave out the paragraph I quoted above? Why even put that into a meta-topic?

  43. Princess..um, yeah, I’d say you went a little far with the metaphor…ack.

    Notabee….this is where I think you are mistaken. I do not hold a grudge, it simply is not about holding a grudge. It’s about looking for a change to take place and not seeing it. It’s about realizing that based upon the events of the last year, not limited to my OWN experience but that of many many people, this configuration of leadership does not work.

    Your next argument might be that in this post PUR is TRYING to help make it work…but frankly this statement by PUR, ” but the point is to have less — to zero — incidence or reason for friction in the future” indicates that they are NOT interested in real, authentic communication, but a controlled environment disguised as Utopia. It won’t happen, it just won’t. The only way to bring real, true, community is to encourage discourse and that includes friction…Pinktruth does not do that. The leadership has no clue how to facilitate that because they are rooted in fear. They have shown over and over and over that they do NOT know what to do with friction. What they need to do rather than try to remove it is learn how to facilitate that..and that means maturity….and I just don’t see it there.

  44. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    NOT you are a dipshit. The only inauthentic person is you. The only liabilities on PT are the ones that ass kiss and pretend there is nothing wrong.

  45. THIS is why I love this site….I spend all this time crafting a well versed argument for Notabee and then Hagzilla comes in and…well, is who she is….

  46. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Why is PUR changing her tune and trying to “just get along”? She has been and will be an instigator. She used to really get shitty with me months ago because I choose to remain a MK consultant. She puts everyone down if they choose to stay in. I am very sorry for people who have been so caught up in a MLM and have gotten in debt. I never did that nor tried recruiting people. I’m almost 99 44/100 sure that PUR was the reason for me being banned from the chatroom at PT many months ago. I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself. I finally said FUCK IT and THEM!!!!!!! I like the Strumpets on here much better anyway. So, here’s to you PUR……..what goes around comes around………FUCKING PISSHEAD BITCH!!!!!!!!! Wow that feels better!

  47. Not a Bee-liever said

    I agree mrs. I did not like the Utopia reference and don’t think it will ever get to that point. uhhhh huh huh. You said friction.

    Nice try at baiting me Hagzilla.

  48. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Your still a dipshit.

  49. Ok, I have a hypothetical for you guys….what if PUR came here and just told everyone to all stop jumping her train? Would you? I mean, what WOULD have to happen for people to get off of her back?

    I can say, for myself…that as long as she posts on PT and is involved in it, sadly, it will cast doubt on her sincerity. I admit, she could say the same of me and my posting here so it does go both ways and then comes full circle.

    just wonderin.

  50. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I would ask her for an apology. I think as long as she posts in her fashion, there will always be controversy.

  51. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Whoa Princess, Haggie and Dizzy cuss, but not even like that. I actually projectiled liquids across my desk onto my computer screen when I read that.

  52. Duh said

    What would have to happen?

    Well I’d like to see PUR either give somebody an answer that is not snotty and condescending OR keep her nose in her own business when someone is asking a question on the board. I mean, she has every right to answer, but she has to admit that usually her answers cause more problems than they solve.

    But you understand, the next time she treats somebody rotten, I’ll be all over her again. I guess once I become aware of someone’s bad behavior in relation to Tracy, I tend to dwell on that person unless they shape up or shut up.

  53. Not a Bee-liever said

    Sure, ask her for an apology and then give her more shit about being insincere and taking too long. It would just be a set up.

    I don’t think people can decide what other people “deserve.” We can attempt, but we are often misguided. Choosing to be humble rather than smug seems to bring about better results. PUR and Tracy are quite smug about their past behavior as if they know what people deserve. So, I’m trying not to fall into that trap of thinking I know what either of them, or anyone else for that matter, deserves.

  54. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I agree DUH. PUR was the root cause for quite a few people having hurt feelings and issues being caused. Kinda of like what a gossip/busybody does. As for holding grudges NOT, there is no grudge here, just wanting her to be accountable and see what kind of mayhem she causes with her holier than thou attitude and treating people like they were children. I can safely say I am not a toddler and don’t need a mom to spank my ass when they feel I have done something bad. If you want to be a friend to someone like that NOT, go right ahead and fill your boots, but let me say this you have been warned by many about her.

  55. mkrealist said

    Well she did ask me for an apology a few weeks ago, in email. I granted it, along with some pointed advice.

    Apparently it wasn’t a pre-I’m-leaving-PT apology however.

    I realized later that her email may have just be a fishing expedition, and I just fell for the ok-doke and gave her access to my IP address by responding.

    Who knows.

    I just lump her in with the rest of the PT-CyberLost. She needs an Internet home where she is considered to be valued and in control of whatever she is allowed to be in control of. Without that, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself, like have a LIFE outside the computer. So she projects and transfers all that real-life living she’s missing out on into the world of PT, her virtual kingdom, where she is a Maven or some other fake royal title.

    But she has a lot of company in that regard. It didn’t take but a week for Suzy and Raisin to go “runnin’ back to momma.” *sigh*

    PrincessEdamame, you made my eyes bleed! And that’s kinda hard to do! Good Lawd lady…reach for the yellow pill with the happy face on it!

  56. Bite This! said

    you got that right hagzilla! break on through to the other side not. may your every wish come true

  57. Duh said

    Not a Bee, I’m not saying that that’s what PUR deserves! IMO, she deserves to be alone in a shack with only a computer to cheer her up (sort of like Tracy minus the shack). Especially if she treats people in her real life like she treats the ones on the internet. But I digress.

    I’m just telling you what would make me leave her alone.

    Like Tracy. I can tell you right now what it would take for me to leave her alone. If she closed down the PT discussion board, took down the ads, and just kept her blog up. I think that Me and the other MK blog owner’s would be able to counter any posts she put up. I just don’t want anymore exMK ladies being sucked into Tracy’s club and being guilted into giving her money for something she does for her own benefit.

  58. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Then why oh why are you fucking beating the PUR horse to death. As for being misguided I’m not. She was shitty and a bitch to me on more than one occasion, so what the fuck is misguided about that? MY experience was mine and I am not the only one who has received the shit stick from her, just because she was nice to you great, but DON’T EVER diss my feelings about her. They are mine not yours.

  59. mkrealist said

    I think I just realized something.


  60. PUR said

    I have not had anything to do with anyone being forever banned from any blog, board, or chatroom. It is not kind to spread such an untrue rumor.

    A point to clarify in case I have not been clear enough in the past: I have nothing against personal use consultants or even people who choose to actively pursue a career in MLM. I may now disagree with the choices made by actively recruiting MLMers but the bottom line is that I have been there, done that myself once upon a time. I have compassion for that difficult road, because every MLMer I have ever known has struggled with decision to continue, or not, with the business. So I offer my opinions on the business model in an appropriate venue.

    People may agree or disagree with my opinions, or agree to disagree, and I have come to believe that is okay. (Hehehe… maybe only mrsmetaphor will appreciate my attempt at ironic self-deprecating humor. And that’s okay, too!)

    I think that personal attacks are hurtful, wrong, and always inappropriate when disagreeing over an issue. I am kicking myself for ever engaging in anything that could be taken by someone else as a personal attack. I really do not want to cause pain or discomfort to anyone. And please know that I am now very consciously working hard to not resort to that type of behavior when making a point in any debate or discussion.

    If I ever knowingly or unknowingly hurt or offended anyone personally while disagreeing about MLM, I here now offer my very sincere apologies. I am sorry. I hope you can forgive me. Not only am I sorry for possibly hurting or offending anyone personally, please know that I am learning from my past mistakes and make great efforts to guard my tongue in the future.

    Thank you for your time.

  61. Duh said

    What’s that MKR?

  62. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Thank you PUR.

  63. Here’s an interesting thing to note…a lot of us, when we first “met” each other’s cyberselves did not like one another, yes? As time has worn on and we hear more from each other we discover more than the one dimensional aspect of online writing styles and maybe we’ve come not to “know” one another more but at least to understand how we relate together.

    Look at people who have posted in the last year and see how their relationships have developed…look at the people who have had miscommunications and misinterpretations and now have moved past those to be able to at least POST in the same place at the same time…that indicates growth on one or both parts of the screen…it’s not GROUPTHINK, it’s moving past FRICTION and into something new and better..you see? Now, let’s look at Tracy…what’s happened THERE?

    So, basically either we are all idiots who cannot think for ourselves and just are “out to get Tracy” and “destroy the mission of Pinktruth” or the problem lies with Tracy and the way she runs things. Which is more likely?

  64. PUR said

    Wow. I took so long typing my mini essay that I missed all these great comments.

    For the record, I am not saying sorry because you all asked me too. I did it because I see that there are some folks who felt hurt by my words.

  65. Duh said

    Thanks for posting PUR. Actions are louder than words, and I hope that you do succeed in being able to hold your tongue. Some may say that I have that problem too, but I just tell them to fuck off. Good luck with that anyway.

    There are a lot of people here that feel that you have attacked them or treated them badly so don’t be surprised if they don’t accept your apology right away. If you really want to mend those bridges, you may have to apologize several times. If you don’t, then just know that one apology won’t be enough.

    But even if some people won’t accept it, I encourage you to try and be a softer, gentler PUR. And if you find yourself slipping come over here and let it out sometime! We’re easily entertained.

  66. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I think the problem is the way she runs things. I’m not out to get Tracy or even destroy Pink Truth for that matter, she is doing a fine job of that herself. If the board was a place where real open on honest discussion took place and disagreement was seen as a good thing and not discord, I think people would be okay with it. The minute you disagree you are a pot stirrer, if you don’t share the opinions of the high up minions, you get a new one ripped. I really honestly don’t give a rip about Pink Truth, why do I post here, its because hopefully some day something will get thru her head and she will do things differently and she is not omnipotent.

  67. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR, I will say that took a lot for you to come post here. I do accept your apology.

  68. I appreciate quite a lot about you PUR, I always have…and I apologize to you for the hurtful things I have said as well.

  69. Starr said

    Happy Birthday Mrs.!

    And I totally agree with you. PUR wants perfection and that is simply an impossibility. Disagreement and voicing differences in opinion is healthy and NORMAL.

    On the PT threads where discord appeared, there was no disrespect shown towards others with a differing view– just healthy disagreement. People in opposition were even being so careful to preface what they said before saying it. But then TC or one of the mavens would jump in with some short, disrespectful, rude comment and cause even MORE disagreement. And this will just continue, IMO.

    That whole set-up over there (as has been pointed out so many times) where people earn titles– is so bogus and high school. That in itself was one of the first things I noticed. PT-cyberspace caste society.

    Furthermore, there is absolutely NO room at all for any disagreement, whatsoever and that is just not normal. I have always thought that people’s opinions can be swayed– but only if you allow them the opportunity to engage with you. Healthy debate and disagreements allow differences to be dissected and minds to be changed or at least opened. This is never a bad thing.

    To me, that is the point of a discussion board– period. I have said it before about TC and her discussion board. It is as Shay so recently pointed out– a very hostile place. The caste system and the lack of uniform access to the precious privileges is insane and is an immediate sign that equality does not exist in PT.

    TC runs a dictatorship which becomes readily and quickly apparent to anyone who happens to innocently express a slight difference in opinion. If you dare bring up a point about something TC said that is not in line with what she said, she will mercilessly keep coming back at you until you shut up or go away (or she makes you disappear). She is like a spoiled child who has to always get in the last word.

    I said from the get-go that that broad doesn’t have it in her to run a discussion board that is aimed at anything other than very narrowly- defined, heavily, moderated topics. That is her biggest problem over there and where people are most apt to get kicked to the curb. Until she ditches the board or changes the topic structure, PT is going to have continuing problems with disagreement.

    PUR probably opened herself up to a bit of trouble by even broaching the topic. Clearly, she may have overstepped her bounds in there. All the greatest suggestions in the world mean absolutely nothing because they have to clear the PT Fuhrer first. And if past performance is any indication, that just ain’t gonna happen.

  70. Duh said

    Ugh! Are you guys gonna cry now or what? You’re making me nauseous.

    “I love you and I’m sorry”
    “NO, I love YOU and I’M sorry”
    “No no no, I love you”
    “No no No, I love YOU”


  71. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Well said Starr! ROFL PT Fuhrer. Goose stepping all the way…

  72. Duh said

    I agree with you. But I think that Tracy can run the board anyway she wants to. It’s her board after all.

    My problem is that she has connected a board that practically mirrors the exact same abuses she claims MK is perpetrating to a blog about how horrible MK is!

    PUR, if you’re still here, why don’t you explain to us the thinking behind this set up. Do you and Tracy and the other PTer’s seriously NOT SEE the similar patterns?

  73. Duh, you’re just jealous….

  74. Duh said

    Hey, I can start my own discussion board any time I want to. Any time baby!

  75. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    FUCK…………come on PUR. You insulted me on many occasions on PT board and chat room. You downed me……..you talked nasty to me……….you passed that on to others also. Have you ever bothered to divulge the MLM that you were so heavy into????? You hurt people unintentionally??? How can you make the comments you have in the past and it not be “intentional”???? Care to answer???? TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh………shaking my head.

  76. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I agree with DUH, the SDs are separated from the IBC’s and so on. IF you were an IBC everyone ran around complaining the SD’s pain was greater. IMHO I don’t see how anyone can judge that, we each are entitled to our own agony.

  77. Yeah but then you’d be becoming that which you despise…hahahaaha….

    I meant you were jealous that no one was saying, “I love youuuuuuuuuuuu…..no, no…I love youuuuuu.”

    you want a hug?

  78. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR I’m thinking you have some email addresses still of some folks and you should probably contact them directly to apologize and I think that would go farther to mend fences than anything else.

  79. Duh said

    I don’t understand Mrs. There is no way that I could ever become even remotely like Tracy!

    1. I’m a bitch out in the open. I don’t try to act like I’m this sweet person that everyone is picking on.

    2. I allow everyone to say whatever they want, whenever they want.

    3. I spend a lot of time blogging because I’m a loser and I like it. I don’t expect you or anyone else to finance my hobby.

    4. She sucks and I’m the shit.

    I’m getting into this habit of making lists about how fucking awesome I am. I encourage you all to do it. I’ve never felt better about myself. My hair is shinier! My teeth are whiter! I’m walking taller!

    Hallelujah! Holy Shit! Where’s the Tylenol….

  80. Fox Spirit said

    I was banned b/c of PUR asking me a question. Or more accuratly, b/c I responded to a question PUR asked me directly. PUR asked SPECIFICALLY me, and one other person in a thread what would be helpful (much like this post) to be able to move past the drama. This was a thread opened and closed while I was at work. I started a new thread, with an answer. I was NOT snarky, but it was pulled so fast I doubt anyone could see that. THAT is why I am no longer allowed to post on PT.

    My karma and profile restrictions started when PUR made reference to Karma spam (which I was not a part of). When I questioned it, my privies got pulled w/o warning. Tracy denies being the insitgator and said it must have been PUR. Sadly I no longer have access to that conversation.

    When I posted my response to PUR’s DIRECT question, all of my privies got pulled. So, PUR, you may not have been the person who DID the pulling, but you **were** involved, like it or not. You can deny it, but that doesn’t make it false.

    I was given the opportunity to “repent” and promise never to ask questions again and play nice. If I promised never to do that again, I could come back. Since I can’t promise that (especially not knowing what insane thing is going to be considered trouble making) I am not allowed back.

    I haven’t had anything against PUR, Raisin, or even TC PERSONALLY. I do however believe that all of them have treated others like worthless rags on the blog/discussion board on more than one occasion. I also think TC is the largest breaker of her own rules, but that is another subject all together. So, that said, I chose not to have more interaction with PUR, Tracy and Raisin. no biggie. I’ve enjoyed some of what they have written, and not enjoyed other things. I do not feel PERSONALLY attacked by them, (of course I was never “outted or other horrible things that have happened to others). I have taken issue with BEHAVIORS. I think there is a difference.

  81. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    It is all about behavior, questioning behavior is not accepted. It is tow the line, follow the prittle prattle, but never question. It is that its my way or the highway attitude that is pervasive at PT. So PUR I do have a question for you at this point. Do you think you are a victim of PT/anti-MLM group think? Can you honestly get past that and see other people’s arguments for open and honest points of discussion?

    PT lost out when they lost Foxspirit, she was a pretty cool poster with a lot of interesting points of view.

  82. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    I agree with you Fox. PUR, hopefully you and Tracy are sitting there with a sick feeling in your stomach wondering why people don’t like you. Like I said in my earlier post. What goes around comes around. Guess y’all didn’t think that some of us would finally stand our ground and OUT YOU!!! ROFLMAO. You’ve hurt many feelings, you’ve said things that were NOT TRUE and guess what……………….YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!! PISSHEADS!!!!!!

  83. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    skinny cow anyone?

  84. Duh said

    I think I remember that Fox. Were you the person that had her thread moved to the other thread? I remember that specifically.

    One of the things that PUR would do that I thought smacked of condescension was constantly saying how nice Tracy was to do something when really she was being a little bitchy. For example in the case above, someone started a thread about the drama on a seperate thread, but the thread was removed and the comment was moved to be under the same thread as the other. I thought because Tracy didn’t want THAT many threads about such a negative topic.

    When the person that started the new thread came along and asked why it had been moved, PUR said something like, “Wasn’t Tracy nice for moving your redundant thread over here?” As if she did it to be nice. I read it to mean, “Tracy could have deleted your thread that is clearly trying to spread the trouble around. You should be thankful that our benevolent leader allowed it to stay up.” That’s the kind of shitty comments I’m talking about that alienates old members and newbies as well.

    My husband likes to try that passive agressive stuff and then denies he is doing it. I’ll tell PUR and Raisin and all the other PA ladies what I tell him. People aren’t stupid. You may deny that you mean anything but what you say, but we all know when you’re being shitty. So stop it.

  85. PUR said

    Fox Spirit-

    I never saw your response, so I don’t know what you wrote and I have no idea what you are talking about. I have nothing to do with any interruption of privileges or banning of anyone. I did get a PM from the other person I directly asked the same question to so I thought only she responded to me.

  86. Duh said

    Ya see PUR, here’s the dealio. Sickie said the same thing. She said that she had nothing to do with anyone (including me) getting banned. But here’s the deal. You guys go back to Tracy after she does this stuff, and what do you tell her? Maybe you shouldn’t have done that? I doubt it. People have told us that you guys are sitting back and bitching about people and slapping each other on the back for your shitty responses. So don’t act like you have NOTHING to do with the bannings. You’re certainly not using what little authority you have over there to NOT get people banned.

  87. Just Call Me Shay said

    My suggestions:

    1. Allow civil debate and discussion.

    2. Stop banning or spanking people when they say something that isn’t all warm and fuzzy. As long as they are not profane or trolling, who cares? Debate is healthy for a message board. It helps it grow.

    3. Reserve punishment for SERIOUS infractions, and warn people before taking action.

    4. Promote other anti-MK boards. What comes around, goes around.

    5. Stop blaming bad behavior on MK. Character flaws are flaws in the person, not MK. You don’t help people by letting them shift blame to MK that rightfully belongs on themselves.

  88. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR, why don’t you start your own open forum like this about MLM, show what you are made of. Show what you believe in. You don’t need a PT umbrella to hide under.

  89. Starr said


    Most mature people don’t really have time for this kind of juvenile play. It takes awhile before a person actually catches this stuff going on because the threads are deleted fairly quickly. If you don’t know about this place, it may take quite awhile unless you are on the boards fairly regularly and happen to get caught up in the craziness.

    There is absolutely no point in spending much time engaging in a community when this is the type of thing that goes on constantly. So the best and brightest move on. Those that stay are the newbies who are clueless or those who for whatever reason stay inspite of the nutzy behaviors and unfairness.

    And of course, you are right: TC is the “largest breaker of her own rules.” All dictators are huge rule breakers and big control freaks. Ironically, their rules reflect their own biggest flaws and deep subconscious fears. The great thing about being a dictator is that the rules don’t apply to you. LOL

  90. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Just call me Shay, I would even let the trolls post, if I owned a blog, because you are still sparking true debate. Troll or no, to MKers we are trolls.

  91. Duh said

    OH! I would also like to thank you, PUR, for being a sober commenter.

    Don’t drink and post, ladies.

    You know who I’m talking about.

  92. Rebecca said

    Here’s discussion board thingy that bugs the cooty outa me……

    Why in the heck does one person post a question on the board, and then people respond to said question by PM instead of on the specific thread on the board? Okay – answer – privacy. Got it. BUT the person who posted the question on the board, only reads the PM answers but doesn’t check that specific thread on the board to see if anyone actually answered her question ON THE BOARD?

    A person asked a question on the board, but didn’t bother to look ON the board for any responses? Dang. Where is that bridge somebody wants me to buy?

  93. Duh said


    I don’t know what you’re talking about.


  94. Julz would let trolls post…even one time the pharmaceutical spammer posted something like “great site!” and she said, “thanks CheapMedRxforU!” It was funny.

  95. Just Call Me Shay said

    Hag/B*tch –

    I agree on the trolls part, but I could see where a TRUE troll can be disruptive to a board. That’s the owner’s call, IMHO.

    I don’t see trolls posting here often, and it is probably because they get ripped to shreds! LOL

  96. Duh said

    Haha! I’m not that free with the comments. Although I do read some of the spam from time to time. Some of them read like free form poetry. Really disgusting free form poetry about anal sex.

  97. PUR said


    I asked a specific question to two people on an open thread in response to their comments. I have no control over how they chose to respond, in private or public, or what happened to the response once posted. The PM sat in my inbox until I had a chance to log in and read it.

  98. PUR said

    And I did not mention when I was PMed. Frankly I should have never brought it up since maybe it is not mine to share.

  99. Duh said

    Hey PUR,
    I asked you two questions that you totally ignored. Are you giving me the silent treatment or what?

  100. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR, I am not trying to beat you up here, but I really think you need to address some of the issues that happened in the early summer with Sickie and a few others. I know you hate all things mlm and feeding the beast, but was that really your place to get in there?

    The way I see it when you have a blog or public forum you have to take the good with the bad, trolls and all. I think the trollbots are afraid of DUH. She might run em over with her Dodge Spirit it being such a fierce mighty machine and all. ROFL

  101. PUR said


    I am very sorry if I ever said anything knowingly or unknowingly to hurt or offend you. Even if you you do not forgive me, please know that I am working hard to be sure not to hurt anyone with my words in the future.

  102. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Duh…………she ignored mine also.

  103. Just Call Me Shay said

    Okay. I changed my mind.

    You know what I would REALLY like to see on PT?

    A fresh start.

    No one banned or lacking privileges. No royal rankings. No karma. No grudges. Allow everyone who wants to be in PT be there.

    Let everyone post who wants to and let them say what they want to. Let questions be answered. Be straightforward. No punches pulled. Lay everything out on the table. It’s not like people aren’t reading both sides anyway – they are just jumping back and forth between blogs.

    Let people say what they THINK, not what they think will be accepted and keep them from being banned or censured.

    PT can survive controversy and debate. What it CANNOT survive is booting everyone who deviates from the party line.

  104. Duh said

    I swear I will poke you with a stick until you answer me.


  105. Duh said

    Yeah Shay, I can imagine that:
    Tracy says:
    Hey guys come click my business website a million times so it looks like a lot of people are interested, and I’ll get a higher ranking on some dumb accountant’s website.

    Duh says:
    YOU SUCK!!

  106. Just Call Me Shay said

    And while I am dreaming, I also want a pet unicorn.

  107. Duh said

    So I guess I’m not included in PUR’s apology? Since obviously she’s not speaking to me…

  108. Just Call Me Shay said

    LMAO @ Duh

  109. Duh said

    Now this is what pisses me off. PUR comes here and makes this blanket apology and then when she’s confronted by the people she’s supposedly apologizing to, she’s denied doing anything wrong.

    WTH? PUR, why the hell are you apologizing if you didn’t do anything?

  110. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    DUH, I think PUR is scared to answer and scared not to answer right now. I’m thinking she is trying to come up with answers to everyone and not get attacked in the process. Its a hard thing coming to this playground. She is used to the *ahem* kinder gentler kind where kids play nice on the surface, we are more like the Bronx where we get in your face and call ya out for your shit.

    Honestly Shay, if PT changed I think for me it is too late. I don’t ever want to go back to that nasty piece of cyberland and I’m thinking a lot who left probably would say the same thing. Its really hard to change the spots of a leopard, eventually the hair dye washes out.

  111. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Man the midol/pamprin and every other pms drug must have kicked in cuz I’m actually being nice. Shit on a stick, I can only handle being nice, warm and fuzzy for so long.

  112. Just Call Me Shay said

    Zilla –

    I know….not saying it would be easy or that anyone would come back – just sayin’ I would like to see it. That’s all. :o(

  113. Just Call Me Shay said

    I could use some Midol myself right now, Zilla…. LOL

  114. Duh said

    That’s nice Hagzilla. I must be more cynical because it seems to me that this was some sort of public relations stunt, and that she really is not copping to anything.

    My interpretation:
    “I’m sorry that you guys think I said stuff that hurt your feelings even though I didn’t/don’t remember saying stuff that hurt your feelings, and you can’t make me admit that I said or did anything that should have/could havehurt your feelings or was any way submissive or shitty etc. Will you leave me alone now?”

  115. Duh said

    BTW, running this blog would be a lot easier if you guys would stop having all these feelings and stuff.

  116. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Duh, I don’t think anyone can be more cynical or suspicious than Haggie. I would be more impressed if she actually emailed people personally and made amends. That carries far more weight with me. I also think it is all a double edge sword here, I’m thinking she has now gotten her self in deep deep shit with TC for posting here, because it does show opposition to TC’s views. We’ve been raggin that she should post an apology and she did, that should be a start, but there is more personal fence mending to be done.

    Now would you really expect everyone here to leave her alone? It would just spawn more shit and she knows it.

  117. Rebecca said

    PUR wrote; “I asked a specific question to two people on an open thread in response to their comments. I have no control over how they chose to respond, in private or public, or what happened to the response once posted. The PM sat in my inbox until I had a chance to log in and read it.”

    Well, duh, PUR. This is a really good example of a non-answer, (or a “toddler” answer). I already know you asked a specific question of two people on an open thread in response to their comments. And OF COURSE you have no control over how or where they chose to respond, or what happens to the response once posted. And again OF COURSE the PM sat in your inbox until you had a chance to retrieve it. It’s not gonna jump outa there on its own and plaster itself to your eyeballs.

    The bugs the cooty outa me thingy still remains: Question asked on the board/open thread. Logically answers will be on SAME board/open thread. Person asking question does not watch said place for answers – bugs the cooty outa me.

    If I’ve got it straight, in this particular instance, Fox Spirit was not able to respond on that specific thread, so she started a new thread with her response, which got moved to the thread containing PUR’s question. Which means that ultimately Fox Spirit’s answer to PURs question was indeed on the same thread with PURs question. The place PUR, I would think, would be watching for responses to her own specific question.

    But apparently, according to PUR, PUR wasn’t.

    I don’t see the point of asking a question on a thread if you don’t watch the thread for responses.

  118. PUR said

    I am sincerely sorry if I knowingly or unknowingly, carelessly or sarcastically, said anything less than compassionate or polite during the great MLM debate. I really meant no malice and did not intend to personally attack anyone or pick on anyone when making blanket statements about MLM or when trying to get my point across. I know I have been overbearing at best in the past in an effort to be heard.

  119. Duh said

    What exactly is she apologizing for though? Since she’s denied doing anything wrong, her apology means nothing. I don’t think it takes a very big person to apology when NOT apologizing makes you look like an ass.

    In this case, I’d have had more respect for her if she’d come here and said, “Fuck you all. I meant what I said to you. I treat you like stupid shits because that’s what you are.” OR, “I never say shitty things to people. You guys need to get a thicker skin you bunch of whiners”. But to apologize half heartedly just to escape scrutiny is not really brave. I think it’s kind of self serving.

  120. Daisy said

    *waving hand wildly*

    Duh, I got it! Your quote came from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”!

    Oh wait… do we not play the movie quotes game over here?

  121. PUR said


    I don’t remember it happening that way, so I do not know how to answer your question. I never saw foxspirit’s answer. And a board works a little differently than a blog in that you do not have to keep hitting refresh to keep up with the conversation.

  122. Duh said

    PUR, you should really add to the end of that canned apology, “But if you ask me about a specific incident, I’ll deny deny deny. This apology should be enough for you bastards.”

  123. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Ummmm Daisy this isn’t Movie Quotes…..ROFL, IT could be a movie script tho, The scorned, the damned and the crazed.

  124. Rebecca said

    I remember the way PUR was on MaryKayVoices, way back when.

  125. Not a Bee-liever said

    PUR would you please email me?

  126. Daisy said

    Darn it, Haggie… I was so excited to actually “get” one right. *sigh*


  127. Duh said

    Thanks Daisy! I was waiting for someone to acknowledge that. I know PUR probably knew where it was from to, but she’d never say…


  128. Really PUR? You do say…..

  129. Duh said

    What I wouldn’t give for someone to come over here and defend their actions on PT! Geez guys. Grow some balls will ya?

  130. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Awww Well all of the girls are here to play now…. *Tapping PUR on the shoulder* Here’s your chance to fix it with Sickie. This is your big Ah ha moment in my eyes and I think the eyes many to make amends.

    Good you got it right Daisy! Do you want to write my movie script for me tho???

  131. PUR said


    I have apologized repeatedly to the three co-owners of that blog, as well as some of the other folks who posted on that blog that day.

    And for the record, I apologize publically for being overbearing and harsh on that $3.42 (whatever it was called) minimum wage thread. The one person I missed in my private apologies was pinkmyst… “I’m sorry, pinkmyst.”

  132. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I see NOT is back, are you going to catch PUR’s back? Don’t bother, she needs to fight this one out on her own.

  133. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    hi Sickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LTNS

  134. Not a Bee-liever said

    Hagzilla, if I can’t tell you what to do, why do you delight so much in telling me what to do? Who are you?

  135. Duh said

    Wow! It’s a virtual buffet of apologies.

    Don’t you guys know? Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

  136. Duh said

    Not a Bee, I think that Hag is just trying to say that what you have to say in PUR’s defense is not going to change what people think. She’s got to fight this one out on her own for her to have any credibility.

  137. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Cuz NOT you weren’t involved in some of the previous shit that went down and its all about accountability on PURs part. As for who I am, it doesn’t really fucking matter much.

  138. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Exactly DUH!

  139. Duh said

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, why do you have two names? Couldn’t make up your mind?

  140. That’s right, street creds are EARNED.

    PUR….you sure you wanna stand by some of those words? I’m happy to start commenting on them.

  141. Rebecca said

    PUR, I am very well aware that a board works differently than a blog.

    Yes, PUR, I hear that you are saying that you never saw Fox Spirit’s answer.

    Still bugs the cootie outa me. Specific question asked of specific people on a BOARD (not a blog, a BOARD). I would think the asker would check the thread every now and then for answers. Not by clicking “refresh” every few minutes. But, IMO, by actually taking a look at the specific thread, oh, every couple of days, maybe. I mean, people do have lives other than the internet. It could logically take a few DAYS for the askees to answer the asker.

    IMO – if you (in this instance I mean a plural you, not a singular, nor a spectic you) are not gonna take the time to check a BOARD and/or BLOG thread for answers to your question, don’t bother asking the question in the first place. Bugs the cootie outa me.

  142. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Naw DUH I’m a Hag some days and a bitch others

  143. Duh said

    Sickie, I don’t think that PUR is ready to admit some of the stuff she’s done YET. (See, I am opened minded.) Any wrong doing on her part would have to have been endorsed by Tracy. That means that anything she admits to on PT is a reflection on Tracy.

    One day PUR might be ready to cut that tie, but I don’t think it will be today.

  144. Well then ya’d just rip them apart too, Duh….lol.

    PUR, probably you should add “hookers!” at the end of your posts…it’s like the secret handshake over here.

    Honestly, I think that PUR can do right at this point because of the high tensions and the past stuff but I give her major props for at least coming here and posting…seriously, at least she’s in the room so to speak. She’s not being combative, Duh but that’s what you got pissed off about with Raisin…so what’s a gal to do?

    Probably about the only thing that will change anything is time and consistency at this point. Keep coming back PUR and chime in whenever you want. You can even defend Tracy or PT, in fact, it sounds like Duh would welcome that. People will most likely not agree with you but at least they’ll be honest about it and you won’t get banned.

  145. PUR said

    I am not here to engage in gossip, or answer to gossip.

    I appreciate the invitation to stay, however I must decline.

    Thank you for your time.

  146. Not a Bee-liever said

    Hagzilla, I am trying to control my laughter as you demand accountability yet won’t tell me who you are.

  147. PUR said


    I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I did check back for answers to my question. Just never saw it. So I don’t understand what you are getting at.

  148. Rebecca said

    spectic you = specific you

  149. Duh said

    You’re not here to answer to gossip, huh? So if someone accuses you of something, they are gossiping?

    No, Mrs. I think you’re a smart cookie, and I think you see what’s going on here. PUR did not come here to make amends. She came here for damage control. That’s not courageous. It’s self serving.

    What I would like is for someone from PT to admit what they are doing over there. If she can apologize for saying shitty things to people, why can’t she admit to actually saying shitty things? Get it.

    At least Raisin FINALLY admitted what she was doing.

  150. Hey Rebecca…I’m feeling really really dense, I don’t get your question…can you rephrase it and use specifics like:

    “PUR, why didn’t you blah blahb lbah when you blah blah blah” instead of this “why does a person do this or that?” I’m serously having trouble understanding you…but it could be that I need my afternoon diet cherry coke, I admit.

  151. Fox Spirit said

    Rebecca, No, my answer was not the one Duh is talking about being moved to a new thread… that was about a different MLM I think.

    PUR asked a question, publically. One person responded in PM.. ok cool. I tried to respond publically, as that is how I was asked. TC pulled my post and banned me prior to Pur being able to read it (I assume…but you know where that gets you). I can say it was “up” less than 5 minutes. however, I was banned b/c I responded to PURs question. The original thread had been locked. I started a new thread b/c I thought I should respond to the direct question. I was banned for doing that. I was told that I have “been around long enough that I should know better” (meaning Is hould know starting a new thread would be a no no).

    So, yeah, I was banned. yes, it was directly related to PUR (and I have also been told tht there were “discussions” going on re: what to do with me.) I was *told* PUR was part of those. However, as I obviously wasn’t invited to the table I don’t know how true it really is.

    I received my “warning” hours after the original action. As a matter of fact I received my “warning” AFTER I Duh was kind enough to post my response back to TC, that I copied her in on. I figured the only way anyone would see it was this way. AFTER I did that, THEN I got my warning…which I guess is far more than many have gotten, so maybe I should feel blessed. LOL

    I don’t need to deal with the kind of control that goes on over there. When it was a place where people could come and ask questions, get information and disagree it was a good place. Now, well quite frankly you never know what comment will set off the gun of moderation.

  152. Duh said

    Mrs., PUR is saying that she never say Fox’s answer to her question. An answer that was posted on a thread that PUR started.

  153. PUR said


    I am not here for damage control. Please accept my humble words of apology at face value. I am being sincere.

    Thank you,


  154. Rebecca said

    PUR, this specific incident between you and Foxspirit is merely an example of “a discussion board thingy that bugs the cootie outa me”. I’ve seen it and experienced it other places.

    It bugs the cootie outa me. That’s all. That’s it. It happens. Life goes on.

  155. Oh thanks Duh…are you just saying I’m smart ’cause it’s my birthday? Don’t answer that, rhetorical question….

    I do get it and that is why I contend that the only way this thing will be resolved is by the consistency of character over a period of time. If George Bush one day called people on the phone and said, “Gee, I’m sorry about this whole war in Iraq thing, boy was THAT a mistake” I’d be happy to hear it and yet if he did NOTHING to work toward ending it and we never heard back from him again then it’s just grandstanding. Time reveals everyone’s character….no matter how well you think you hide it.

  156. Duh said

    If you’re not, than can you explain what exactly you are apologizing for? No, generalities. Seriously.

    What have you said or done that you need to say you’re sorry?

  157. Duh said

    See Fox, that’s where you get in trouble. Now here comes PUR with, “I wasn’t involved in any discussions. Stop listening to gossip. Blah blah blah.”

    Seems that Tracy spends a lot of time talking to herself since her closese comrades all say that they never speak with her.

  158. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Um guys, I know this is WAY off topic and I’m sure if there is a place for this sort of thing here but I just have to share my good news. I’m FINALLY locked out of InTouch!!!!

  159. PUR said

    Fox spirit,

    I did not see your response. I had nothing to do with it’s removal or anything to do with you directly or indirectly. And I cannot even begin to answer to any gossip you’ve heard. I don’t know what you are talking about. And I really do not want to take part in gossip by listening to it as that fuels gossip’s travels further.

  160. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    That should have been “not sure”. My typing isn’t worth a crap today…

  161. Duh said

    Yes, Mrs. but if Bush were to apologize and then deny every single thing that he is supposedly apologizing for, wouldn’t his apology mean nothing?

  162. Ok, well since PUR wants to stand by her words…

    PUR: I have not had anything to do with anyone being forever banned from any blog, board, or chatroom. It is not kind to spread such an untrue rumor.

    Are you sure you want to stand by that statement???? And you didn’t “rumorize” Cougar, PC and others because you said they were “so and so” on this blog? Oh and did you or did you not tell not a bee that I was cats against PUR????? STOP SPREADING RUMORS OF YOUR OWN.

    A point to clarify in case I have not been clear enough in the past: I have nothing against personal use consultants or even people who choose to actively pursue a career in MLM.

    WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?????????????? This is US, the OLD TIMERS posting on here. We KNOW your mo-jo.

    I think that personal attacks are hurtful, wrong, and always inappropriate when disagreeing over an issue.

    Really because when I WAS PERSONALLY attacked by IMAUZER YOU jumped right on board with HIM.

    If I ever knowingly or unknowingly hurt or offended anyone personally while disagreeing about MLM, I here now offer my very sincere apologies.

    Clarify that. You think a generalized SWEEPING APOLOGY is enough after all the SHIT you accused me of??? I don’t think so girl.

  163. PUR said

    Okay Duh, that was actually funny. You must know me so well.

  164. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Not said, Hagzilla, I am trying to control my laughter as you demand accountability yet won’t tell me who you are.”

    Not Fuck off. I know you as Notabee, Are you so stupid to think anyone would give their real name. Bite me. To you it is now Ms. Hagzilla.

  165. formerlyPLZ said

    so..uh PUR…is this your apology to me as well? Bc its still dripping with your condescending, holier than though attitude. Maybe its just me. Hey! I’m back did you miss me?!

  166. I’m tellin ya, add “hookers!” at the end of your post PUR….

    Curious…that’s awesome! Well done, girl.

  167. Duh, I lost track of the conversation there…have you ever considered becoming a prosecuting attorney? I think you’ve missed your calling, babe.

  168. PUR said

    Sickie, I wish you well. May you always find peace, happiness, and harmony in your journeys.

  169. Duped said

    Fuck – I almost missed this love-in. *eyeroll* As an added bonus, we all must be “special” friends now since our cycles have synced up…wow! I feel so *connected* with all of you! *gag* *barf* 😛

    As for apologies – who cares? *shrug* Anyone can apologize for pretty much anything – an apology is just words, either typed or spoken. What matters is your actions *after* the fact that make the apology sincere.

    Shit, I could sit here and apologize for everything under the sun, but that doesn’t mean that it *MEANS* anything. It’s just words. And frankly, words mean NOTHING, actions mean EVERYTHING. So, if PUR is sincere, then her ACTIONS from now on will show that. If her actions don’t, well then you know that it was just words on the screen, nothing more.

    And yeah, that quote was from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! I knew it as soon as I read it. Of course, in my family, that movie is a MUST SEE every Christmas. Watching it brings back warm fuzzy feelings (the kind you get after drinking a 5th of Jack Daniels…yeeaaaahhhh).

    I am just having fun watching NOT and Haggie’s interactions. 😛 You two remind me of my sisters – ahhh…the memories. LMAO

    Fart knockers.

  170. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Fuck Duped my skin just crawled off my body. That is no way could be my sister…..

    BTW glad you showed up!

  171. Why thank you PUR…now don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    I’ve had quite enough of you STINK.

  172. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    There are no tards in my family

  173. Oh…shoot…that’s probably not going to go over well, PUR. Maybe you should just email Sickie and talk this thing out. See, cause that sounded really dismissive. You could have said, “I hear what you are saying Sickie…I want to talk with you about this more…”

  174. PUR said

    It’s been educational, folks. I have to scoot. Be well, and I will be content to agree to disagree. And I’ll try to not hold the roast against y’all for too long.


  175. Not a Bee-liever said

    Sickie, PUR did not tell me that. Why do you think that she told me that? You are just making that up.

  176. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Shit you blew it PUR, you had your chance with Sickie and Plz. Now NOT, don’t get your knickers in a twist here.

  177. You e-mailed that to me not a bee!

  178. Okay – for all you skanks that didn’t get my profane comment above, those are the lyrics form the “It’s Every Cuss Word We Know” video that Duh posted a while back. Song still makes me laugh my ass off. It’s kinda like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for sick fuckers like me.

    And for the record, it’s not every cuss word I know.

    PUR, regardless of what anyone thought about what you posted here, I’m glad you posted. Showed you have balls, esp. knowing that you even if you stuck your tongue so far up everyone’s ass you could taste air, your shit would still be jumped.

    I’m on a roll today, ladies and ladies, and DuhMan, WillieMan and Sean…

  179. formerlyPLZ said

    Of course it was dismissive Mrs. M. Heaven forbid PUR have to own up to her own faults and sincerely act like she cares about others. It’s also convenient that she suddenly has to leave. She’s just like a dog who knows he’s been caught and is running off with it’s tail between it’s legs. Hey PUR how’s this for internet diagnosing for ya, I think you need to see a Psych for your narcissistic attitude!!!


  180. Here is what you said not a bee: I’d like to believe you that you have been loyal to PUR and not given away her information, but someone was threatening to reveal everything posting as Cats Against PUR.

  181. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR you just came here to cause shit didn’t you. YOu never intended to work things out. Now there is the cynical me coming out. Mrs is right about you being dismissive. You know how to reach Sickie and I even think you have her phone number I bet and could really make it right if you wanted to. You would think after all of the dialogue here you would get it, but sadly you don’t. And as for the roast comment, whateva.

    As for leaving your lap dog Notabee, you might as well take her too. I am tired of hearing her defend you. Yap yap yap.

  182. Duh said

    I remember this. OK. Sickie was definitely NOT Cats Against PUR

  183. Not a Bee-liever said

    Me: I did not!

    You: Did too!

    Okay, I’m going to resend the email to you and please reread it.

  184. Duh said

    So Not a Bee was saying that Sickie GAVE info to Cats against PUR, or that she WAS Cats against PUR?

  185. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    NOT are you mental????

  186. Not a Bee-liever said

    I asked Sickie if she knew who Cats Against PUR was.

  187. Yeah bee, I know – how do you think I got the comment I quoted and I’m not even looking at that stupidass repeat e-mail you just sent me.

    Who knows what not a bee and PUR have cooked up.

    Thanks for confirming that I was NOT cats against pur. PERIOD. Don’t know who it is. NEver have.

    Cats against pur wanna come forward? PUR seems to have plenty of haters.

  188. formerlyPLZ said

    Not a bee. I’ve been nice and tolerant of your shit for awhile now. And you know what I”m no longer going to put up with it. The only reason your sorry behind hangs around is to cause shit. You’re nothing but a flip flopping phony. Stop defending PUR, PUR knows full well what she’s doing and she doesn’t give a flying rats butt. By the way the little comment you made about Sickie making up the comment about your email. That only shows you’ve been taking lessons from the denier herself and you can’t own up to anything. Most especially when you’ve been caught. Your guilt trips and innocence is nothing but a facade to hide your insecurities and the fact that you can’t handle real life or that you can’t do right, whatever.

  189. Duped said

    See what I mean? Your actions are not speaking louder than your words. If you truly, truly did care to apologize to the ladies you really hurt (and stop being naive, you know who they are) you would contact them. You know where they are, don’t play the dumb card.

    Go back to PT and pretend you have absolved yourself of wrongdoing. Unless you are really, sincerely wishing to apologize for what you did to others, it won’t matter. You have just spoken empty words. What a waste of time (though somewhat enjoyable watching the shit fly, I must say) you have been here, PUR.

    Haggie and NOT, I am seriously busting a gut over here reading your back&forth. Fuck you two crack me up. I thinks I luuuurrrvvves you…you silly bitches. 😛

    Fart knockers.

  190. Duh said


  191. ***raises hand*** Duped you forgot someone else you lurves!

  192. Rebecca said

    Thanks for clarifying those details for me. Basically, you tried very hard to respond publically to PUR’s public question to you. But because someone didn’t like your answer, it was deleted and you were banned. Which causes me to ponder – was the answer the problem or was the question deliberately designed to generate a response to cause a banning. My pondering leads me to think that mayhaps the question was a deliberate set-up. Which fits with what we know about the whole PT mess.

    (But this is really just my own opinion, based on my own observations, based on the way my own mind works, in its very own special way.)

    (Foxspirit wrote away up thar /\: “PUR asked a question, publically. One person responded in PM.. ok cool. I tried to respond publically, as that is how I was asked. TC pulled my post and banned me prior to Pur being able to read it (I assume…but you know where that gets you). I can say it was “up” less than 5 minutes. however, I was banned b/c I responded to PURs question. The original thread had been locked. I started a new thread b/c I thought I should respond to the direct question. I was banned for doing that. I was told that I have “been around long enough that I should know better” (meaning Is hould know starting a new thread would be a no no).

    So, yeah, I was banned. yes, it was directly related to PUR (and I have also been told tht there were “discussions” going on re: what to do with me.) I was *told* PUR was part of those. However, as I obviously wasn’t invited to the table I don’t know how true it really is.)

  193. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Not go away and play somewhere else. Please save us from interacting with you. You want to be PUR’s lap dog, go ahead. But seriously take a hike already. You have annoyed the shit out of me and no one wants to play your games no mo. I would never tell you who I am because I think you could be a big time stalker who might pop out and stab me with a knife, I think your unstable.

  194. Duped said

    Awww, Sickie. You know I lurrrves you too.

    Oh, fuck it – let’s make this a real lesbian love fest, babes. You know you all get me off.

    I think I luurrrve all of you crazy ass bitches & hookers. If I had a penis, I would want to be all o’ ya’s pimp. Seriously. No fuckin’ around. I would be a fucking awesome pimp for you too – I wouldn’t beat you all that much, either. 😛

    Now, back to watching the shit fly in this here room. C’mon, let’s have us a real Canadian Cat Fight. No sissy hair pulling either – I wanna see fists fly.

    Fart knockers.

  195. formerlyPLZ said


    Unstable is putting it lightly

  196. Duped said

    Awww…don’t spoil the fun, Haggie! I love watching the hackles raise here. 😉 It’s good to get the blood pumping with a good old fashioned fight.

    Fart knockers.

  197. Duh said


  198. Rebecca said

    Okay. So. Back to…..uh…

    PUR asking for advice META thread on PT, to make PT better:

    Stop setting up members to be banned.

  199. formerlyPLZ said

    LOL DUH, should we begin putting money down?

  200. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I guess if you are gonna play in a rough and tumble playground, ya gotta be prepared to have a few bruises here and there.

  201. Duh said

    Let’s circle around so the teachers don’t see.


  202. Thanks duped. *sniffle*

    Haggie – seriously girlfriend….I’m cracking up here.

    WHO are you? Send me an e-mail. sicknpink@hotmail.com

  203. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    CHAT ROOM, STRUMPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. Fox Spirit said

    Rebecca, that is how I took it. My response was a calm one, after I had time to think. It wasn’t flame filled. I agreed with people talking about warning before bannings, and if they want to reduce gossip, leaving threads up as opposed to pulling posts and threads would go a long way so that everyone could read for themselves.

    I feel like discussing this further is like talking to a brick wall (not you)… as PUR will never own up to her roll, and even TC distances herself from my banning! LOL Afterall, it is *my choice* to be banned. ::rolls eyes:: whatever. There is no point in rehashing it I guess. I had hoped that I was wrong about PUR, and she might be rational. I certainly couldn’t PM her (since those were turned off also). Oh well.

    THANKFULLY I can choose who I give my time and emotional energy to. THANKFULLY I do not need to sit by and be talked down to by people. I have the ability to ignore them here in cyber space… if only it were so easy with my family….

  205. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    All in good time Sickie, all in good time.

    I don’t know, but I think the bookies are putting the odds in my favor right now.

  206. I’m patient. 🙂

    $50 on haggie. Not a bee always runs away whenever she is confronted.

  207. formerlyPLZ said


  208. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    I went to get the mail and missed Sickie and PLZ in chat. Come back!!

  209. formerlyPLZ said

    sorry NCnewb! i got kicked off trying again!

  210. k but if you don’t talk to me I’m leaving *stomps off* bwahahaahahah

  211. Duped said

    Chat won’t work since baby is almost up from her nap. Fucking kids, needing to be *FED* all the time.

    Fart knockers.

  212. Strawberry Shortcake said

    This is very entertaining today. Don’t take all the fun to chat. Some of us don’t have time to chat right now.

  213. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Woooo Hoooo NOT, did you run off and hide????????

  214. Not a Bee-liever said

    I was changing my pad. What exactly is it that I’m supposed to do now? There was a fight while I was gone?

  215. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Yo Not, no one wants to hear what you were doing in the friggin toity……
    Pulease…. TMI!

  216. Duped said

    See I *knew* everyone was on the rag. Makes for some good readin’ yo.

    I didn’t realize this was “Share N’ Scare” time on the board. Hey everyone, look at me, I’m picking my nose!!!!!

    Fart knockers.

  217. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Gross not. And my name is barf, so that tells you something.

  218. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    For fuck sakes Duped just don’t go rubbing it on the wall.

  219. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    WOW! Over 200 comments on this one. Thankyee PUR!!!!!!! *snickers, snarks*

  220. Not a Bee-liever said

    I like PUR, some other people don’t. So what? That’s not a fight.

  221. Duh said

    You see, this is what sucks…

    I can’t go into my own chatroom because my stupid Java program is fucking my shit all up!!! Seriously. I’ve tried everything.

  222. Duh said

    If you like PUR, Not a Bee, than I have to question your judgement. You like that fact that she demeans people on a regular basis? Or has she just not done that to you?

  223. Duh said

    Do you like the fact that she rubs her “power” in people’s faces? What is it? I really would like to know…

  224. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Yo Not, the only problem is you try too hard to try and make the rest of us want to like her. Some people have way more history with her than you do. So then why do you constantly have to push her in everyone’s face? The fight is the constant pushing for everyone to see your side and constantly defending her and bringing it up, when most don’t even want to think about her anymore.

  225. Duped said

    Well, the way you were snarkin’ to Haggie, Not, it certainly seemed like you guys were one “fuck you” away from a good ol’ fashioned throw down. As for PUR, I don’t think you are going to find many on this board that actually DO like her. LOL

    Oh, and I keep forgetting! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS! 🙂 Hope it’s a great day.

    Fart knockers.

  226. Duh said

    Oh wait. Do you like her hypocritical “Gossip” thread?

  227. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I agree with DUH and why don’t you answer DUH’s questions, because it pretty much sums it up for all of us.

  228. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Duped, I wouldn’t rule out the throw down just yet……….

  229. Duh said

    I would think that for someone to be liked, they would have to have some redeeming qualities. It seems to me that the only time PUR is half way pleasant to be around is when you agree with everything she says.

  230. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    See if you don’t agree with PUR and you post something opposed to her view point or carry on a rational discussion with someone else about it she calls it gossip. Bull crap!

  231. Rebecca said

    Duh, you talkin’ about PUR or Tracy?

  232. Duh said

    Ok, here’s my theory.

    Some people will always try to find the best in everybody. The problem with this philosophy is that even the most rottenest horrible people do good things sometimes. So if you are always looking for an excuse to like someone, you’ll always have one.

    It also encourages the rotten people to continue their rotten ways because they’ll always have the Pollyanna’s around to make them feel better about themselves.

    If Not a Bee, Mrs. and others would stop making excuses for these folks bad behavior, they wouldn’t have any friends left, and they’d either die alone or change their rotten ways.

  233. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR and also on NOT’s purceptions.

  234. And that in a nutshell says it all about not a bee….she whines and whines about how you “should” like PUR until it makes you want to SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM your guts out.

    Not a bee makes me dislike PUR more every time she whines about her.

    Not a bee, you are NEW to the PT blogworld and you come around telling OLD TIMERS how to feel about PUR.

  235. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Yah, but Duh in Mrs. case I think it is genuine, because Mrs, will come out with the mystic universe thing and actually teach a lesson or make a suggestion. Whereas NOT just wants to ram PUR at everyone, regardless of their experiences with PUR.

  236. Duped said

    Duh’s comments would apply to both Tracy or PUR.

    Fart knockers.

  237. mkrealist said

    Yeah, Happy Birthday MrsM! What’s your favorite color?

  238. Duh said

    Oh, Mrs. is a Pollyanna too. She can just justify it more eloquently than most.

  239. We love mrs m. LOTS!

    Dontchyou be pickin on mrs duh or a THROW DOWN will ensue. I’m sure I’m bigger than you! If nothing else I’m older. LOL

  240. There are things that I like about PUR. We had some really good discussions once upon a time. As you all know I’m all about grace and hope springing eternal and so on…but the way PUR ended that last bit of the conversation was such a disappointment. I had really hoped that she was going to actually try to be real and true with people.

    My younger brother is an alcoholic, not a “recovering” alcoholic but an “I don’t have a problem” alcoholic. He treats people like crap and then he’s better and then he’s not and then he is….and we all still really love him because he’s family but he is the most f*cked up member of our family and he causes a lot of damage to us all.

    Dizzy did an “intervention” a while back for a few of us…I think that’s what PUR needs…. I’m still glad you came by today but PUR, you gotta lay off the PT sauce, it’s spiked with fear.

    NOT, I think you have a right to be friends with whomever you like and I think too, you can defend whomever you like just be prepared to be in the minority and take some heat for it.

  241. Duh said

    I’m not picking. Mrs. knows how I feel about her hippie ass.


  242. MKR – mrs favorite color is peace. Or maybe mellow. LOL

    Have a great afternoon ladies! Perfect boy comes home in a few minutes and I need to go wash my mouth out with soap b4 he gets here so I stop the sailor swearing.

  243. Oh see…now I typed that really good post and hadn’t seen yours first…there’s my mystical universe thing LOL

    MKR: BLUE!

  244. No worries, Duh. I never take it personally…well, anymore.

  245. Duped said

    Mrs. tries to find the good in everyone and also asserts that there is a chance that those that have done wrong can change their ways. Which is fine – she usually considers her posts carefully and makes sure that her point is clear and concise and obviously her own. As for her faith in PUR and TC, I just don’t think that faith is well placed, but she is entitled to have that. She acknowledges that some have scars that run way too deep to be healed with a single “I’m sorry” and has asked for PUR to give more, whereas NOT seems to be tied up in demanding that others STFU and accept it and pretend all is fine in Care Bear Land.

    I don’t agree with Mrs. all the time, but most times she does make a good point. I wouldn’t clump her in the same category as Not, though.

    Fart knockers.

  246. Duh said

    Awww. Well, Mrs. I’ll pull a PUR on you.

    I’m sorry if I ever said anything that made you feel bad, but I didn’t say anything so if you feel bad I guess your the one with the problem.


  247. You don’t agree with me all the time, Duped?? That’s IT, you’re banned from my blog….oh, wait, I only have like 7 readers so you’re unbanned…

    no one is expendible on my blog….hahahahaha

  248. LOL, Duh…um, you’re forgiven?

  249. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Way big difference between NOT and MRS. Mrs. I can accept her mystic stuff because she is gracious about it and even if you disagree with her she doesn’t poke you. Mrs. also takes into consideration that previous histories that people have had and doesn’t go “shame on you for feeling that way”. NOT you are a totally different kettle of fish, you think just cuz you like her its okay to keep poking the bear to try and make everyone see your side. Stop FUCKING poking okay. I’m getting bruised here from all the pokes and frankly my dear I don’t give a damn whether you like her, love her or want to have to dinner. Just don’t ask the rest of us to sit at the table all prim and proper, cuz it aint gonna happen no matter how much you keep serving the shit stew on a china plate.

  250. Not a Bee-liever said

    I’m really sorry that I have given that impression of putting my opinion of PUR above everyone elses. I didn’t mean to do that. I was trying to have my say.

    *humming* You’re so vain. You probably think this post is about you.

    Point taken.

    Here is my answer to your question, Duh:

    She has done it to me, just not in a way that I would consider unforgiveable. The offenses were very very small scale. I think it’s nice to forgive people. Anyway, since we only know each other on the internet, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” doesn’t apply, in my opinion. There are no actions. Only words.

    I don’t know what all has gone on, so I can only speak for myself. I like her because of who she has shown me that she is.

    I think it’s okay to be glad to be a Maven. I was surprised to be named a Maven, but the way it was explained to me I thought it was something that I could be happy about. It wasn’t anything I accomplished, but it was something that I willingly did. I had a very clearly defined responsibility–translate. Is being a Maven the power that you’re referring to, Duh? PUR will have to speak in her own defense if you think she is abusing her power as a Maven.

  251. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    NO you tard its the rubbing people’s noses in the PT shit. Her attitude and T’s and the way the go around belittling others. That is the power, it is absolute power when you are a bully. When you are a maven there is no power the only person who has that is TC.

  252. Chiming in way late here…

    I generally don’t throw out cliche’s so much, but when it comes to apologies and forgiveness…

    Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Put your money where your mouth is.

    Show me the money.

    You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

    Know what I’m sayin’?

  253. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Follow the yellow brick road…..

  254. Duh said

    OH, so Not A Bee you admit that she’s treated you like shit. And she continued to treat people like shit, and that’s OK with you? Wow.

    Ok. I don’t know what to say to that.

  255. formerlyPLZ said

    Sayz a lot don’t it DUH?

  256. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Mavens have no power. It’s a stupid title. It doesn’t mean anything. They can’t do anything. They are not moderators. It’s not an award. It’s not the Nobel Peace Prize. Or even winning the lottery.

  257. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Plz I guess some people enjoy eating a shit sandwich and will keep excusing bad behavior and keep going back for more of the same.

  258. Not a Bee-liever said

    She didn’t treat me like shit. I let her words offend me. Then she apologized and I accepted her apology.

  259. ScrewU said

    Holy Crapzolies! I can’t even get thru all these comments yet before I post. Let me lay my fine opinion on y’all.

    PUR’s apology is just as I expected it to be. Heartless and meaningless. You can’t be sorry if you won’t even admit that you intentionally did things to people. An apology is an admission of wrong doing. A real emotion. I think that arrogance is too high for that emotion to exist here.

    Someone asked what it would take and here is my answer…
    Nothing. You can’t fix this. At least with me. Maybe some of you are all warm, soft, smooshie hearted people who are quick to forgive and forget and koom-bye ya. Thats ok for all y’all. But for me, PUR doesn’t get to be my friend. Not even a cyber one. Not even someone I joke around with on a blog about whatever. I just don’t gotta like her and y’all will never make me.

    Lucky for me, PUR will continue on with her no having people skills self and we’ll all be pissed at her again in about a week. Oh yeah! That reminds me… that whole me no likey speach goes for CRaisinberry too. So when she finally gets that bitch out of her ass and apologizes too, I will say the same. ..
    Nu Ugh. Me no likey

  260. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Well NOT, her words have offended many and the actions and attitudes she has taken with others, regardless of their feelings. So its great you can forgive her and let her be your friend. I guess I’m not that noble nor do I want to try, because even when you did it just kept on coming. Why do you think there is this about face now????? Maybe it has sunk in a little.

  261. Not a Bee-liever said

    Yes, it has sunk in.

    We must become the change we wish to see in the world. –Gandhi

  262. formerlyPLZ said

    why the hell would you forgive her and keep going back for more? thats all she’ll ever do is treat you like shit, apologize, go to being honky dory then do it all over again! sounds like an abusive relationship if i ever heard one. do you two need a hug or something geez. whatever shit ya’ll are smokin i want some its gotta be strong.

  263. Duh said

    Not a Bee, you let her words offend you? So is she the one that convinced you that she did nothing wrong and the fact that you were offended is your problem? Geez! And how much does her apology mean if she does the same thing to others again and again?

    It’s your choice who you want to be friends with, but you have to seriously look at who you are defending!

  264. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Its an apology with strings it would seem, by apologizing and then as Duh says the fact you are offended is your problem.

    I am tired of us all trying to be your shrink NOT. You aint paying enough, go find a real one.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am getting tired of this with NOT, I think it could go on and on and on and never be resolved. I seriously think you are getting your jollies here and I’m done. Please go away and find a place to sit with your straight jacket tightly done up so you can’t touch the keyboard anymore.

  265. Not a Bee-liever said

    You’re analyzing me when I’ve not asked you to. So, if you want to stop, that would be great.

  266. Duh said

    I don’t think Gandhi meant that we should allow people to run around doing whatever they want and forgive them when they get in trouble.

    And I’m gonna blow a gasket if you decide to start quoting the bible. I really will.

  267. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    How can you not analyze you, your crazy and you don’t know when to give up. Fuck its like driving a needle into your repeatedly, over and over again. And you have judged me and many and we didn’t ask you too either.

    So neener neener neener!

  268. You let her words offend you? Ok…that’s an odd way to make that statement. I don’t actually think I understand that but let me see if I can figure it out…

    Is that like saying about someone shooting you, “I let the bullets penetrate my skin?”

    Or is it more like this scenario…I have friends who have spoken truth into my life and it was really hard to hear but you know, it was TRUE. If I am hurt by that person telling me a hard truth about myself, someone who I know to care about me, speaking truth into my life then I guess that is my stuff…so maybe that’s what you mean but I dunno…that implies a pretty deep friendship, one which would not be easily undone…you know?

  269. formerlyPLZ said

    nope dont wanna stop analyzing. sorry. i’ve gotta analyze this shit if i even want a hope of understanding…

  270. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    All I know is you can’t keep doing shit and keep saying your sorry and then do the same shit, different day and expect to keep being forgiven, because in the end it makes the apology hollow and the forgiveness cheap. Even the powers that be have their limit on forgiveness.

  271. I still think it would have helped if she had said, “Hookers.”

  272. Duh said

    Not a Bee, you are right. You said from the very beginning that it’s ok if we don’t like PUR, but that you can NOT be brought over to that way of thinking. That alone should have told me that you are not using logic and reason to make the decision about who you defend and associate with. You are listening only to your emotions, which is fine.

    But if you can’t back up what you say and hold up under any kind of scrutiny, your opinions really don’t mean that much. Just remember that the next time you say something here and people don’t take it too seriously. That’s just how I feel.

  273. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PLZ, I don’t think there is gonna be any understanding here at all. To my way of thinking its not us who needs to understand.

  274. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said


  275. Oh, I’m so tempted to quote the bible because I REALLY want to see Duh blow a gasket….but I like the bible too much to use it for that…dang.

  276. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Mrs. Just say something crunchy granola, that will be just as bad…ROFL.


  277. formerlyPLZ said

    lol hag-

    i tried to comprehend. i just can’t, why in the world stick so close to someone so abusive. NAB needs to understand but clearly her common sense and logical have taken a sabbatical

  278. You want a hug, Duh?

  279. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Plz, some people like nasty people, or they have this ‘I am a going to redeem their soul kinda attitude’. By sheer will of her opinions she thinks she can find redemption for PUR. Nope not gonna happen. The only person who can find redemption for herself is PUR, no one can do it for her.

    I guess NAB likes to align herself with who she perceives as the underdog, let me tell you in that relationship it certainly aint PUR. NAB you are gonna get eaten alive if you continue picking friends like that. Eventually when you grow up you will see it. Where you the kid in school who everyone picked on? Is that why you are taking her side so forcefully?

  280. Duh said

    Yeah, Mrs. I need some comfort. I think I’m making a difference and getting people to feel good about thinking for themselves and THIS is the kind of stuff I’m up against.

    Really Not a Bee, it’s OK if you like PUR. I just hope you come to realize that you don’t have to like people that treat you bad. That’s all.

  281. Duh said

    DAMN IT!!

    Badly! People that treat you BADLY.

    Mrs. Metaphor 2, Duh 0

  282. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Haggie {{{hugging}}} DUH

  283. formerlyPLZ said

    i think i lurrrves haggie lol

  284. I know, Duh…you try and you try and you try and THIS is the thanks you get for it…have yourself a good cry and get it allllll out. Now, blow….feel better??

    Now get back out there, you have guests.

  285. Just Call Me Shay said

    My ex apologized after he smacked me. After a while, the apologies ring hollow, KWIM?

    Here’s a quote for ya:

    “God hates the man who wears his violence like a veil.” Malachi 3:16

    *grabbing popcorn and watching Duh’s gaskets*

  286. Duh said

    Why are you baiting me!!! Leave me alooooone! I’m going through a rough time right now. You’re lucky I even perform for you bastards!!

    I don’t even have Google ad revenue to comfort my wounded soul.

  287. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Dammit Mrs. if you are gonna let Duh hork into a kleenex make sure its cyber two ply with the antibacteria crap in and that she stops throwing it all over the blog.

  288. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Pressing the imaginary google MK ad button on Duh’s site.

    Hey Duh why don’t we go out for a cyber drink and watch some exotic male dancers instead????? Or maybe you have a friend who’d like to come here and we could have a party?

  289. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    BTW, Me lurves FormerlyPlz too!

  290. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    How can you tell its dinnertime.

  291. formerlyPLZ said

    how can you tell its dinnertime? my kids have suddenly taken up cannibalism

  292. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    And everyone got so quiet. Maybe NAB has decided to tie up her straightjacket good and tight so she can’t touch the keyboard as was suggested and is sitting in a corner rocking by herself.

  293. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Shay, I think you’ll find it’s actually part of Malachi 2:16. It’s the second part one verse in particular that I’m really familiar with too. When I was divorcing my abusive husband, I had part 1 thrown in my face frequently. Which is “God says “I hate divorce…” The people who were trying to minister to me with that verse invariably were not familiar with part 2. Guess they didn’t want to hear that part.

    However, the message is still clear. God’s not impressed with those who feel that they are entitled to abuse others. And neither are most people.

  294. I can tell it’s dinnertime cuz all my lunch WW points have worn off, I’m having a terrible sugar attack and candy in the house *sigh* and *sob* and perfect boy is now at football practice.

  295. Duh, we need an edit button.

    NO candy in the house.

  296. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Handing Sickie some chocolate and a few other goodies to munch on!

    Eat up girly!

  297. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I’ve been asking DUH for an edit button for awhile now. But maybe she shouldn’t give it to us because that could be considered a privilege and if we are bad she could take it away ROFL.


  298. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Sickie, here’s a virtual candy bar for you!

  299. throwinguppink said

    You ladies are killing me today! This is the funniest shit ever…

    At least PUR wasn’t drunk like raisenberry! But what non-apology apologies…

    My money is on Haggie — do I need to bring the schnapps again?

  300. jazzycat said

    Jeez, I get home and it takes me 30 or 40 minutes reading all this. The season premiere of “House” comes on in 3 hours, ya trying to make me miss it???

    Anyways, sorry I’m a “day late and a dollar short” here, but I just have to make note of the fact than when the ever-apologetic PUR had the chance to make things right with Sickie/Happy, she (PUR) suddenly didn’t have a whole lot to say, just have a nice life, basically. Gimme a break. If you can’t stand the heat …

  301. Duh said

    I have an edit button, and that’s all that matters.

  302. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Yo Throwing up ~ can I call ya Gag for short – No kidding. Schnapps, bring it on!!!!

    This whole thing has been like a bad Seinfeld episode, – Whats with the apology????? What apology? You know the one where she apologizes, but doesn’t admit to screwing up in the first place. Maybe it would be better if we were all drunk when dealing with NAB, then she would make sense maybe???? Oh gawd there isn’t enough schnapps in the world to do that.

  303. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Must it be schnapps?

    The high sugar content makes me want to heave!

  304. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Awww come on DUH share the edit button, sometimes in the heat of the shit we look stupid cuz our brains are moving faster than our fingers and we actually thought we typed something and didn’t. Naw on second thought don’t, cuz I be disappointed when you took it away. Kidding DUH! You get goldstars for putting up with a bunch of crazy ass bitches like us!

    Woo Hoo for DUH!!!! Come on everyone now lets do the cyber wave for Duh for having to put up with the lunatics from the PT assylum.

  305. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Curious and the kitty,

    You can have whateva your heart desires as long as it doesn’t make the cat barf up a furball here.

  306. throwinguppink said

    Curious, congrats on the check and we will have some vodka for you. Although back in high school we could never stomach the stuff, and we are getting ready for a good fight behind the school so I thought it would be appropriate to have the vomitous schnapps on hand…

    Haggie, that is the nicest thing I have been called in AGES. Gag… Hmmm, I kinda like it.

  307. Mercedes said

    Well I haven’t read all of the posts-I stopped a few posts after PUR’s apology.

    PUR-do you know what you are apologizing for? Or do you think you can just generically apologize to “everyone” for ANYTHING you might have said, done, caused and it will make it all go away?

    I am glad you have taken this step to come over here to post and I hope this is the BEGINNING of more posts and you acknowledge what your actions may have caused to certain individuals. That is what this place can sometimes be about. Gotta face the people you have hurt if you are truly sorry and accept responsibility and discuss the situation-then move on…all the while, hopefully becoming a better person and learning from previous mistakes.

    I myself have been working on this very same thing-different situation-different sport.

    Pur-you may not even realize what some of your words have caused-or maybe you do…But you and the other party won’t know until it’s discussed and then an apology is accepted.

    I just don’t feel an: “I’m sorry to anyone for anything I might have done to hurt their feelings” sentence solves the problem.

    *the above statements are the opinions of HOOKER Mercedes-a.k.a. Miss Periwinkle


  308. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Vodka’s fine,thanks. Or Scotch, straight. Just not schnapps…

    Missy saves her furballs for my carpeting, so BFTB should be quite safe. I think she considers it to be interior decorating.

  309. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said


    I think the throw down is over for a bit. But should I be needed I can come out of the trailer park at any time and be the cracker should you need it. As for the schnapps, you can mix it with vodka and make yourself an interesting martini.

    Miss Peri, Yes it was a step, but lets hope it just wasn’t an appeasement because she felt she had to do it. She still missed her chance with Sicki and Plz and if she was really willing to put her moola where her chompers are she would have done it here. Your right about the blanket apology, you have to acknowledge the sin before your are forgiven, not just some vague whatever.

    Pouring myself a lurverly drink right now.

  310. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Curious ROFL decorating with furballs. Wouldn’t that be lovely on trading spaces. ROFL

  311. Mercedes said

    Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS – you are too funny-me lurves you. Do I know you? like in another world-hehe-by another name?

    Sickie-Did the WW thing-I was too obsessed with the counting-I have figured out for me to lose weight I just have to not think about it. Last year school year I lost 25 pounds. RIGHT after that, we started the Biggest Loser at school. Great-wait until I lose weight-idiots. So during the game, I decided I would gain 25 pounds and lose 25 pounds-I ended up weighing the same at the end of the game-CRAZY!

    Right now I am supposed to be losing weight-have been for quite awhile-for health reasons-and I am not really that big. Well since I am supposed to and I should be doing this-that would mean I would have to think about it-so forgetaboutit-I can’t lose it-darnit!

    I am stuck at this weight-and of course my cholesterol is 261 and doc has put me on meds-like i need to take one more freakin’ pill-aaaaahhhh!

    chocolate anyone? yummy…

  312. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    You might know me ROFL. I am the phantom of the blogosphere, although not today, I felt I needed to do a little blog WWF. Donning tights and fugly gagstastic costume, prancing in the ring, going for the title belt.

    I am going, I’ve been here long enough today.

  313. I’m lurving me some Mrs. right now, for this one word: “f*cked”

    You go Mrs!

    And Happy Birthday!!

  314. Mercedes said

    Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS – i said that you were funny because of a previous post of yours earlier and you were posting at the same time-jinx!

    The reason I made that statement about PUR is because she missed her chance with Sickie, Plz, Me, and probably quite a few others…

    I don’t know if you ever read the statements she made to me or not-but they weren’t good-especially since the night before I was in chat with her and we were discussing our weekend events-Mine were dealing with 2 suicides within 2 days…and continuing to discuss that there were 3 suicides(I was dealing with) so far in the month of August (at the time we were chatting-barely a 2 week period, I believe). Then the comments of suicide and stuff came up in posts. Pretty cruel to me if you ask me.

  315. PUR said


    I never brought up suicides or repeated things you said in chat. Ever. However, you did repeat what I said. Not fair.

    Stop making stuff up, please. I can apologize for things I have said, but not for things I have not said.

  316. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I’ve read your posts and I agree with you.

  317. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    PUR why don’t you apologize to Sickie and Plz then and not just the blanket apology either. Do you even seen the part you had to play there?????

  318. Just Call Me Shay said

    Zilla –

    You are right: 2:16….where’s that edit button when ya need one????

    Yeah, I had the first part of the verse tossed at me a lot….but I like the second part better. :o)

  319. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Not Zilla, me…and I liked the second part better too!

  320. PUR said


    I apologized to you in public on the PT board, and also in a PM. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to apologize to you. Plz, I am sorry for causing you any embarrassment or shame in my heavy-handed comment to you on your thread that day. I am ashamed that I caused you any pain or embassment. Please accept my humble apology.

  321. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Its pretty convenient that some folks have an edit button on their memories and what transpired.

  322. Starr said

    This is one long-ass thread. Someone said, “a day late and a dollar short.” That is exactly how I feel. The conversation has been all over the place and it all has been interesting. I think Curious was happy somewhere here that she was finally locked out of “In Touch.” Congratulations– you’re moving on, Curious.

    Now I think much earlier Strawberry Shortcake made a comment about Mavens not having any power. I am clueless to what a Maven actually does and what is the point of a Maven?

    Can anyone answer that?

    BTW, Duh there are some good comments on that Meta Thread– someone even mentioned the fact that threads and posts get deleted and that isn’t too cool. (The PT site is running really slow this afternoon- maybe headed for another breakdown?) I also wonder if Haggie was one of the commenters on that thread? Just wondering, that’s all. LOL

  323. Just Call Me Shay said

    Curious –

    Sorry! All of these posts are making my head spin! LOL



  324. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Me too, Shay! It’s been hard to keep up : )

  325. Duh said

    Wait, PUR. You never quoted the conversation you never had with Mercedes and she did?

    I’m so confused.

  326. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Okay PUR that is great that you apologized to Plz. Now what about Sickie. I think of all the people, you really do owe her an apology and to anneszoo. Sickie has held her tongue and been gracious as only she can be. She never outed you to anyone or blabbed any of your business anywhere. Holding your feet to the fire here. If you ever really wanted to live up to your image of nobility now is the time.

    Dang, Starr I have been all over DUH today – I meant the blog not her. I probably commented on a couple of threads, but this one has held my rapt attention, cuz I believe there are true wrongs that need to be righted here.


    Not fair = whine.

    Stop making stuff up = I refuse to take personal responsibility and expect you all to like me.

    Hear our plea PUR = FUCK OFF if you can’t own up to your own shit.

  328. Duh said

    I’m confused about a couple of things actually. Like what the hell do you want PUR? I mean, if you stop making shitty comments to people, than I have nothing to write about. So if you’re here to try and get the spotlight turned off of you, then all you have to do is not be shitty.

    Seems pretty easy to me.

  329. Starr said


    Was it you who said your time on PT was probably going to be coming to an end because you can’t keep your opinions to yourself? Damn I thought you might’ve mentioned something to that effect here earlier in response to someone wanting to know who you were?

    My goodness. By the time this shows up, there are bound to be yet another dozen responses here and it all just gets confusing. Sorry.

    I agree. Didn’t think PUR would be back so soon, but now that she is here, that definitely takes precedence. On with the show.

  330. Duh said

    WHOA! This is starting to get crazy. (Starting?) What we need here is a voice of reason.

    Where the hell is Raisinberry?

  331. PUR said

    About further apologies beyond the dumb things I have said on a blog/board… I assure you that I am in fact the injured party. I have tried hard to scrub my mind clean of the damaging untrue gossip I have heard about others and have resolved to not participate in further gossip, I only hope you will not listen to or believe unadulterated gossip about me from a former acquaintance. If you cannot see past what you have “heard” to get to what you have experienced with your own eyes in the past and here today, then I cannot offer anything more.

    Separate Point, Separate Issue…

    As for anneszoo, I have accepted her apology for being rude to me, and I have apologized to her for smiting her karma count. If it has been missed, than I apologize a second time for smiting her karma in response to a rude and attacking post.

  332. Mercedes said

    Pur-I never said you brought up what we said in chat-I was upset because of the posts between us-my comment about the “Goodbye Cruel World”…I said to me “Goodbye Cruel World” sounded like a suicide letter…then you or tracy said-we aren’t talking about suicide-I never said we were…I will have to go back and look it up.

    If you read my statement-I said “Then the comments of suicide and stuff came up in posts. Pretty cruel to me if you ask me.” As much as I have come to you for advice-right at that moment I was thinking in my mind that you of all people would make some kind of statement covering my statement-not barking back at me-or I thought you would pm tracy and expain what i had been going through just the night before and maybe she would not have said the things she did-the whole situation got blown out of proportion and BAM-my privileges were taken away.

    Pur-you said “However, you did repeat what I said. Not fair.”
    What did I repeat?

    And about Plz’s thread-if you didn’t like what was going on there-why did you go there? I was really enjoying the thread-especially since it was some of us that wanted to get together to discuss our medical issues-anxiety/depression. That is one thing I didn’t understand about some people coming into threads getting upset about what was going on-especially if the one who started the thread didn’t have any problems with it. If I recall correctly-you didn’t just post once on the thread-you posted more than once-trying to tell everyone to stop being medical doctors here…we aren’t medical doctors here…No one said we were. Just like Mary Kay-People have to take responsibility for their own actions-when blowing their life savings on products-it is their own fault-they were thinking with their own brain. Well-if someone takes some medical advice from a thread on a blog from a total stranger-and something happens-it is their own fault (they need to take responsibility)-they were thinking with their own brain.

    I hope this is the thread we are talking about

    Miss Periwinkle

  333. Mercedes said

    I can refresh your memory if you would like me too-Pur…I still have the posts.
    And my memory might need to be refreshed too on something…don’t know.

    Miss P

  334. **Passing the pitty pot around for the “injured” party.**

    Gosh, PUR, seems to me your nose needs more washing than anything else.

  335. PUR said

    Miss Periwinkle,

    I did not go to Tracy with anything you may have said in a chat because I have vowed to not gossip. It was not mine to tell.

    And I am sorry for accusing you of telling, verbatim, what I said to you in chat. I read it later on this blog. There was one other person in the room so it might have been her. But I forgive you both.

  336. Duh said

    PUR, I have seen with my own eyes you be cruel and dismissive of people’s feelings on several occasions. Please go back and read my posts if you would like to see my opinions about that fact. The fact that you call your statements “dumb” is yet AGAIN being dismissive of people’s feelings.

    Now you are making general comments about “someone” making up “things” about you. Well, if you don’t want to share with us what those things are, I suggest you keep them to yourself and hash it out with that person.

    Now please answer my question and tell us what the hell you expect to accomplish by continuing this conversation?

  337. Duh said


  338. PUR said

    Duh, What I hoped to accomplish was to apologize and seek forgiveness. I am as human as you, and I strive daily to be a better person. I hoped that by coming here today I could face my fear of those who seem to really intensly hate me and who say really awful things about me — and offer my sincere regret for any careless things I have said to provoke such a response. While I think you all have dished it out to me quite visiously, I am actually more pained that I have somehow hurt perfect strangers with my careless words. And I am truly sorry.

  339. RaininOnMyParade said

    What about those you knew you were hurting? Do they count?

  340. Duh said

    OK, now we’re getting somewhere!

    So this is what I think you should do, PUR. If this is truly your intention, then you should go back and reread some of posts I have done that included comments that you’ve made. I think you might get a better understanding of where people are coming from if you have concrete words in front of you.

    I leave all my posts open to comment so post your defense, your apology, whatever you want. If you’d rather email that person, I could arrange that too. But this thread is so hot right now that I don’t think anything you say here will make a difference.

  341. mkrealist said

    PUR says ~ I have apologized repeatedly to the three co-owners of that blog…

    Well, I don’t know how many times you apologized to Suzy or MKV, but you only apologized to me once, and just a few weeks ago.

    Not that that matters cuz I accepted your apology and still do. For the life of me I cannot see how you can truly see the wrong/harm you caused by your behavior on that thread and others yet still consider TC someone to call “friend” or even want association with.

    Now before you think I’m bashing TC, I’m not. I’m just wondering how you can truly accept that YOUR behavior was wrong, but remain blind to and accepting of hers on a regular basis. I have no issue with her as a person, because I don’t know “her.” But I’m aware of her behavior and the behavior of those who try to remain in her good graces. And the latter especially is rather distasteful.

    Maybe one day you’ll see it.

  342. Duh said

    Dang I’m going to miss PUR’s shitty comments. They were fun, weren’t they?

    Everybody’s getting all nice on me. Next thing ya know, Tracy’s going to be over here apologizing. THEN what will I do?

  343. Mercedes said

    PUR-you are not even getting what happened!

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if you told anyone what I said in the fucking chat room!

    The point is this-we chatted the night before the shit went down with me-correct?

    We chatted about what I had been up to-correct?
    I had been dealing with two suicides within two days-correct?
    Chat was on Friday night and shit going down was on Saturday.
    Here is the copy of the posts-please re-read and then come back and talk if you wish.

    AGAIN-I never said that you did go to tracy with anything I said in chat-i was actually hoping at that moment you really should have-then after your post, I realized you must have completely forgotten that we had chatted the night before and what we had talked about. Oh ya-when you re-read-check out your comment about Plz (I also felt a certain sarcastic tone there too).

    I said: Ok-been busy all weekend. I had a difficult weekend-many happenings, so I am not really in the best of moods. Have been reading and catching up. Whew. I see many people just want to close threads. Why? Is it because you didn’t like what people had to say? I thought we were here to voice our opinions and discuss things. Or is that not allowed anymore-or if you disagree-just delete/remove… Why not just close all the threads and start over? Then all of these problems can ~poof be gone~. Walllaaaaah~problems solved.

    You said: Well respectfully, Miss Periwinkle, people come and go all the time on Pink Truth. I have been posting for almost a year and I am just amazed at the number of folks who come here, find what they need, and move on. That is great! I have also seen many changes over the past year, many for the better, in this dynamic and ever growing community.

    If everyone who left in a huff posted a “Goodbye Cruel World” message (this is what this type of message is lovingly called on many of the huge blogs and online communities) then it can get kinda old. Stay, leave, come back, whatever. Other blogs have a field day with these kind of posts. We actually took the time to hear what she had to say and then respond for an entire day because we are so awesome like that.

    Tracy said-quoting me: “Goodbye Cruel World” message-to me that means a suicide letter. What about the others that wrote this type of message-why didn’t “we” take the time to hear what they had to say?

    Tracy continued: It doesn’t have anything to do with suicide. It’s just a term used online for a dramatic post preceding an exit, but typically meant for the drama effect more than anything else.

    I’m not sure what you meant about the “others that wrote this type of message”???

    I said: (quoting tracy first) I didn’t say it had anything to do with suicide. I said “Goodbye Cruel World” message-to me that means a suicide letter.” That means when I see that term or phrase, I think of a suicide letter. I knew what pur meant when she said it. I read somewhere that plz had a post that got pulled. I didn’t even get to read it and now she’s gone.

    (ANYONE NOTICE HOW MY WORDS ARE TWISTED HERE?-sorry commercial break-hehe)

    You said: (quoting me-then tracy-then me) posting: Awwwww… thanks Peri, that’s so sweet of you to keep bringing it up. Tracy already said over here that if one absolutely needs to see it you can ask her to PM it to you: http://www.pinktruth.com/board/index.php?topic=5545.msg74500#msg74500

    Well Pur-if you read my very first post you would know i was having a very bad day-if you would have recalled our previous night’s chat you would know why i was having a hard time-if you recalled the topic of the chat-you would know why i thought of suicide when i say”goodbye cruel world”…and about your last comment…I was just stating that one post got to stay and one didn’t. I was upset that aI didn’t get to say goodbye to plz. Then you reply with your sarcastic tone (that is how I took it). Well about your reply: Tracy NEVER said over here that if one absolutely needs to see it you can ask her to PM it to you. Unless that post got pulled before I got to see it.

    Now read the posts you have posted back to me here on duh and see if you even had a clue of what i was talking about .


    Lord, I apologize for my vulgar language, and please be with the starvin’ pygmies in New Guinea, A-men!

  344. Mercedes said

    Well Foxspirit-I didn’t even get any warnings-just BAM!

  345. Mercedes said

    Duh-to answer your question-SPLORF!


  346. Mercedes said

    Uh duh-you need to go fishing-i just wrote a very long ass book-please

  347. Mercedes said

    I actually wrote it posts ago-haha-i so hope it isn’t in lala land-so much work.

  348. Starr said

    You’re SOL, Duh if that happens- But something tells me that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

    Miss P./Mercedes- I remember reading that thread you were referring to about the depression discussion. You were not over reacting or anything to your perception. PUR did come in there like a heavy-ass cop and threw her weight around going all accusatory about practicing medicine without a license. That was a huge over reaction on her part and it just came out of nowhere. That was really a very blatant example of rude unnecessary controlling behavior that caused hurt feeling and riled up the whole place. That was really too bad. The conversation was very interesting and it does help sometimes to be able to unload about some of that stuff rather anonymously. PUR kicked in the door and started roughing up the occupants for no reason, whatsoever. Nothing bad was going on in there.

  349. formerlyPLZ said

    oh yeah, i’ve seen your apologies. if thats what they are, they’re all copy and pasted from the original so call apology. real sincere. i’ll accept your “apology” although i can’t promise i’ll be able to stomach your presence much longer. you’re the injured party?! were you not hugged as a child that causes you to lash out irrationally? the injured would be those you’ve stepped all over and knocked down.

  350. Mercedes said

    never mind-me forget about refresh button-me so stoopid-loco!

  351. Mercedes said

    formerlyPLZ-Like i said before-if you don’t like a thread-don’t come in on the thread-especially someone else’s thread that they started and everyone else is enjoying. Hey chicadee-Me lurves you…sorry I haven’t been around elsewhere-been really busy with school, grandpa, and medical testing…Love ya! Mean It! How are you? after…

    PUR-What I don’t understand is why do you get to make the comments you do on PT and get away with it but no one else does? Do you not see the double standard that goes on over there? It isn’t just with you-there are others. The whole concept of PT is great-the main board-I loved it-got me some great info before my director even got it. But the discussion boards??? Some wild and crazy shit goin’ on there…

  352. Go mercedes! That’s the way to call PUR on her crap! GO YOU!

    Plz, are you saying PUR is insincere? Stop making stuff up!!!! /end whine.

  353. Mercedes said

    Me lurves you too sickie/happy!

  354. formerlyPLZ said

    sickie, i don’t need to say anything she digs that ditch herself!

    hey mer!! I’m doing alright! been wonderin about ya! glad you’re well!

  355. Mercedes said

    well I guess pur left the building…speaking of leaving the building…I am still at school-not accomplishing school work and it is dark-gotta leave and go home now. Be back in a bit-for sure-to check for any updates.

    Where’s Dizzy?

    I lurves this place and all my Bitches/HOs/Hookers/Hoodrats


    HH-this is for you-Who let the dogs out? WOOF-WOOF-WOOF WOOF WOOF!
    Who let the dogs out? WOOF-WOOF-WOOF WOOF WOOF!

    Happy Birthday Mrs Metaphor!

  356. Mercedes said

    PUR-Oh my-I forgot-there is more to our posts on that thread-refresh everyone here-

    Pur’s last post was:(quoting me-then tracy-then me) posting: Awwwww… thanks Peri, that’s so sweet of you to keep bringing it up. Tracy already said over here that if one absolutely needs to see it you can ask her to PM it to you: http://www.pinktruth.com/board/index.php?topic=5545.msg74500#msg74500

    I said: Uh-you’re welcome PUR! Don’t know for what-or the sarcasm either. I’m sorry-i missed that post-like I said-it’s been a rough weekend and I was catching up on reading posts. YOU of all people here should know what I am dealing with right now. And if one can see the post by asking through pm then why not just leave it up?

    Tracy said: Alright. How about if those who want to keep stirring the pot just stop now. This thread is open for the benefit of those who have something constructive to add.

    I assumed Tracy was talking to me since I also assume you do no wrong. This is my opinion. There were other comments in between-not sure who they were directed at…I do know one comment that I thought was directed at me wasn’t-because the person told me so.


    then Raisinberry said:

    ha ha..how silly…”somewhere”
    Can you say BUSTED?! oops

    Oh well- no matter. Ladies, some force in the universe, be it, dysfunctonal family issues that never got resolved, or “god”, or ratface, or “the force” or your malfunctioning crystals..something is trying to get us to stop revealing the devastation of this MK Opportunity..and it might be STACY JAMES..after all, using the “force” she can bend our minds to start thinking less of each other—thereby insuring her fat juicy commission check, cause none of her new recruits will believe a word we “whacked out” MK consultants are saying!!!!!

    For me I cant wait till this thread is done and gone. Do I care that some “quality” members might have believed a viewpoint that shed ill-light on the mission? yep I do- Will it deter me from telling the Truth about MK- Absolutely not. Want to stay?-great! want to Go? GREAT! Do what you have to do. We have work to do ladies, and if we give One IOTA about the women who come behind us, we will stop this distortion of wisdom, and realize that a whole lot of forces in the Universe would NOT want us to continue..think there isnt spiritual warfare? Sorry-you are a fool if you dont.( IMO anyway…go ahead and hate me for saying lets KNOCK THIS OFF.) There is VIABLE work to do…is there not? How fortunate for all the blogs that PT gets mired down in dissention…Taken out of its impact, by fruitless high school antics, we diminish our cause. Enough. If ANYBODY cares about what happens to the next generation of consultants, tricked by the lies, …let’s focus there…and GOODBYE to dysfunctional drama! The entire “SECRET” crowd is trying to stop us..could they be this effective??? Can you really believe that? Wake up- you are not a cosmic pawn!

    Tracy said: Amen sister, and with that, this thread is officially closed!

    Amazing how you guys always get the last words-things that make you go hhhhmmmm.


  357. “then Raisinberry said:

    ha ha..how silly…”somewhere”
    Can you say BUSTED?! oops”

    I never never understood this comment…even when it was up there in context…SOMEBODY PLEASE explain that to me….what did i miss back then and even now…..

  358. Oh Hey! Was this my going away party thread?? wow, that was fun…a trip down memory lane.

  359. Duh said

    Yeah, Mrs. Raisin was busting somebody for posting on my blog. They said something like, “I read blah blah blah somewhere.” Well that somewhere was here. What Raisin didn’t realize is that she was busting herself, because how did she know it was on my blog?

  360. Mercedes said

    Oh ya-sorry -I meant to say that at the beginning-that this was your thread-Happy birthday to you-thought I would take you down memory lane tonight.

    Why I Must Go…

  361. Just Call Me Shay said

    That was a thread that was posted/started soon after I found PT – I totally did not understand what all was going on – it was so confusing because I had no idea that this blog even existed, so I had no idea what you all were talking about.

    Mercedes –

    If I remember correctly, I was very insensitive about the connotations you had about the whole “Goodbye Cruel World” statements. I had no idea you had just dealt with the suicides of people close to you. I am very sorry if I made any comments on that thread that hurt you.

  362. Mercedes said

    Is Raisinberry referring to me-busted-reading something somewhere else?

    If so-WRONG!

  363. Mercedes said

    Thank you Shay-I will admit I didn’t care for some of your comments (and I was thinking to my self: Self-who is this newbie talking all big and yada yada) but I did understand that you had no clue what was going on. I am glad you now can see what I am talking about. Earlier on this thread Pur was apologizing for things that didn’t happen. Then I would post something and should would apologize again for something else-I am not sure if she is really reading everything-I mean comprehending everything…of course you gotta know how I write too-just like I talk-5 topics at once full force and speed-hehe. Shay-it’s good to see you over here-and really you had no idea. At that moment in that thread would have been a great time for PUR to actually recall the events of the night before-OR actually would have been the RIGHT time to tell Tracy what we discussed in chat-or to tell Tracy to pm me and ask what we talked about in chat-or something to that effect. Also-everyone always says-just pm Tracy for questions…why doesn’t she just pm everyone else when she sees something that might bother her instead of publically humilating them? Sorry Shay-I am not giving you a test-just my mind going and going and going …

  364. Mercedes said

    Really-everyone-I am leaving this spooky old school now-going home-be back on in a bit if BF is in a good mood-or not-hehe.

    Love Ya! Mean It!



  365. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Now Shay that is how a real apology goes!!! Good for you Baby!

    PUR no one hates you intensely as you state, what it is that we are taking issue with is how you behaved to people. If you constantly rub someones nose in poop and eventually the dog is gonna bite back. Your posts drip sarcasm. Your former acquaintance i.e. Sickie, has been very gracious and has only strived to get the truth out. BTW for the record as I saw it as an innocent bystander, Anneszoo and Sickie or Daisy for that matter weren’t rude to you, you went into that thread like a buffalo in heat with a prickly rash on its ass and started all kinds of shit.

    Just like the incident with Imauzer, Sickie and dickhead worked it out and then you started smiting people, you didn’t do it with words but a boo button instead. Didn’t you think that would make people upset? If it was me I would be so extremely pissed and upset that someone pinhead came in onto something that was absofrigginlutely none of their business and caused shit. You stirred the pot, you treated people like shit and they were fine until you stuck your fucking nose in there. Now if that is not pot stirring I don’t know what is and if that isn’t shitass behavior I don’t know what is. As for the delightful Miss P, I had already left so unfortunately I can’t fight it out for her, but I still think you owe Sickie an apology. Whether you think you do or not, you still owe it. As for people commenting on gossip, FUCK that is what PT is GOSSIP, there is no ethical blogging there. You go after new people and pick the fight with them instead of trying to help them, you won’t try and see their point of view, in your book MLM = evil. NOPE war is evil, incest is evil, murder is evil and stealing is evil.

  366. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Starr – I think that was Semi who said that about her time coming to an end on PT.

  367. Holy shit, Batman! I go to work and miss all the damn fun and fights.

    And I am more than creeped out by the fact that it appears half of us are needing Pamprin at the same fucking time! It’s bad enough my Sis, BFF, DD and I all go through this shit at the same time.

  368. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    At least PUR’s lap dog NAB has gone back to her kennel for awhile.

    Semi at least I friggin admit I’ve got PMS all the time, says so in my name.

  369. LOL Hagz! I lurves me some paxil which got rid of the 365 day a year PMS I had all the time. Now I just get when I am on it. UGH! I just knew that when women hung around each other it was very possible that there cycles were close. But women who chat on the web having the same cycles??? That’s just a little odd for me.

  370. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Well now Semi, I kinda like having pms 365, it keeps me in fine form for dealing with pinheads on blogs. People generally don’t bug me all that much which is great, with the exception of a few morons who shall remain nameless. But all in all its not too bad, most telemarketers don’t call me anymore, religious solictors don’t come to my door anymore. So all in all pass me the pamprin and lets go for a ride.

  371. Being bitchy 365 for me was making the bitch in me ineffective with the kids! LOL. Now that I am not a bitch all the time, when I am, the kids take notice and shape up quick!

  372. Well PUR obviously feels wronged by all this “gossiping” — that’d be CONFRONTING in real world terms.

    That’s ok PUR. You’re right, you’re the victim in this whole mess you created. I feel sorry for you. I truly do.

    I’ll just take my countless friends and count my blessings while you can sulk in your little corner of la-la land pretending you have done no wrong. Best of luck.

    Now I will extend my hand in wishing you peace, wisdom and a great amount of pepto-bismal once you’ve eaten that humble pie you are going to have to swallow whole in order to clear your conscience.

  373. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dizzy is here and is DIZZY from all the damn comments….but here are my comments….

  374. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    First of all, why do you bitches keep stealing my tag line? I used BITCHES first and then someone started doing it. So I changed it to HUSSIES and someone stole it. Now you have stolen my HOOKERS line. God God people now I have to change it again……….

  375. Mercedes said

    Hey Shay-About the whole “Goodbye Cruel World”-to means suicide letter…that was me doing the usual-my ADHD mind-switching and speaking instantly-just stating what that statement meant to me. I was also HINTING to Pur about our chat I thought. I wasn’t in anyway talking about suicide in any of my posts-as I stated later to Tracy-like she also thought I was talking about. Just a reminder…for anyone else out there too.

    Also-this was just the beginning-then I asked Tracy a question on her thread reminding everyone to read the rules. My question was trying to help her out. This is what got my privileges taken away and then I posted my goodbye letter-obviously PT only wants to see SOME of them-right PUR? They don’t have time for all of them. At the end of my letter I asked Tracy to finish the banning process-she actually did. I don’t think she actually did for quite a few others-like a said before-some wild a crazy shit on the discussion boards! Anywho-here is the “question” that officially got me outed:

    My last post on the thread about “Please read the Rules”, I asked a simple question about the rules being edited thinking Tracy might want to put the new last edited date on the rules. I had just read the rules with a last edited date of May 2007 a few days before Tracy posted this thread. I did not appreciate her comment directed to me saying:

    “Yes, Miss Peri. the rules have been revised.
    Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance”



  376. Mercedes said

    I love this bar…I mean this place…everything is on record and in the files-hehe!

  377. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Victim schmictim, you can’t be a victim if you were the victimizer. Your waaaaaay nicer about this than I would be Sickie. I’m going to put it as only Haggie can.

    PUR get your head out of your ass, own up to your mistakes and take a hard look at yourself. YOU aren’t the victim here. Get off the pity train before the conductor throws you off for not having a valid ticket.

    Now I am getting frigging grumpy here, I have been bashing at your sorry ass all day and you still don’t get it. Haggie is gonna start some serious ass kickin here soon.

  378. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    OK, now on to the topic at hand.

    My opinion is PUR is full of donkey shit. The only way I will believe that she is sincere is if she distances herself from Tracy. Unfortunately, whether fair or not, as long as she’s associated with TC no one is going to believe a damn thing she says. No way to change that.

    I think putting out blanket apologies doesn’t work. I think you need to apologize for specific situations to specific people. If it was a one time deal where you treated people badly, then I would think a blanket apology would suffice. But when you’ve been a bitch to many people on a regular, that shit aint gonna cut it.

    Ok, that’s all I could think of right now but I’m sure something else will come to mind later.


  379. Willie Lump Lump said

    Duh, personally, i lurve and agree with #4…:P

    *back to reading*

  380. Mercedes said

    Hey-Dizzy-Again-your memory is lapsing-I told you before-my friends and I always use that term-we say Hooker! to each other when we depart. Anywho-you should be flattered! We wanna be like you!


  381. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Damnit Mercedes….. fine. I will still use my tagline…….but dayum. I must come up with something that no one else uses……


  382. Willie Lump Lump said

    ‘the dealio’ LMAO!!

    *FUCK, how long IS this thread anyway?*

  383. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Dizzy this is exactly what I was saying about the apology thing. You have to do it directly to the person or be specific about what you are apologizing for. But then again I guess she would consider that gossip. This blanket apology crap doesn’t cut it. She has apologized to everyone but Sickie. I also think the only way PUR is going to be whole again is if she leaves PT. I don’t think she ever will, I think it is home away from home to her and I think she feels she has a mission to fulfill.

  384. Mercedes said

    pretty damn long-it’s so long…

    SMACKTARDS! Oh sorry-thinkin’ of a few in particular-hehe

  385. Mercedes said

    She apologized to me-but it was for the wrong shit.

  386. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    DICKTARDS there’s a new one for ya

  387. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Haggie you’re right. What’s with NOT a beeliever or whatever the fuck her name is? I thought she was a friend, is she a foe? I’m so fucking confused with these people……….

    God I think i’m PMSing. Did someone say earlier they had to change their pad?


  388. Dizzy it’s just that you are such a trendsetter…I know, it’s hard to be you….but, them’s the breaks. I think I”ll switch from a Duhbot to a Dizbot..how’s that?

  389. Mercedes said

    She still hasn’t figured it out-unless she has read my recent posts and comprehended them. I have made sense haven’t I? I know I can be really confusing…crazy-anxiety-high strung-ADHD mind of mine-also been with the same type-just 5-6 year olds-lol-all day-hehe.

  390. Mercedes said

    No! someone did not say that-did they? I hope I don’t offend you Not a Bee-but reading your posts lately-they are sure different than what I recall on PT and I am really so confused too…maybe it is because you use vocab higher than my level-I am only in Kindergarten. I don’t know. One minute I feel that you feel one way-then Bam-I get the feeling that you really feel the other way…Sorry Dizzy-I am really gonna steal from you now-but I am really Dizzy from Not a Bee’s Ways at the moment. I do not want to “stir the pot” and if it gets stirred-I dropped the spoon-just confused is all. Maybe we all show our true self more when we come over here-because we feel more comfortable and we don’t feel like we gotta tippy toe around and watch what we say-I dunno.


  391. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said


    Notabee is PUR’s biggest defender. She likes her so everyone else should, blah blah blah blah. It was also Notabee who talked about changing her pad, gag, barf and waaaay too frigging much info there. Like as if the rest of us care if she has her period and engaged in personal hygiene in the toity.

    NOT is not a friend of mine. She is way too labor intensive and a schiztard. She was demanding to know my name, ya as if I am gonna give that to a schiztard stalker like her. She is the NORMAN BATES of the cyber world, I can just see Haggie standing in the shower and then hearing the scratchy music and the shower curtain getting sliced. NO THANKS.

  392. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I wonder if she would donne a diaper and drive to my house. ROFL

  393. Mercedes said

    Dizbot-I am with you Mrs…I definitely wasn’t a kaybot.

    maybe a dizzyduhbot??

  394. Ok, let me explain, no no, there is too much…let me sum up…(love that quote)

    Letsee if I can distill this and tell me if I got it Mercedes…

    For ease of reading I’ll refer to you as Miss Periwinkle..k?

    On my “goodbye” post, Miss Peri expressed her dismay that PUR would refer to it as a “Goodbye Cruel World” post, because in chat, she had told PUR (the night before) that she had a hard weekend with 2 friends committing suicide (by the way, Mercedes, that is a really awful thing to go through, I’m so sorry…). As is reference here: ” I’m sorry-i missed that post-like I said-it’s been a rough weekend and I was catching up on reading posts. YOU of all people here should know what I am dealing with right now.”

    THAT is what she was initially upset about. THAT is what she’d like to have the apology be about from PUR…is that right?

    And THEN…Miss Peri posted on the revised rules thread asking when they were updated or asking maybe rather that Tracy put the revision date. To which Tracy responded thus,

    “Yes, Miss Peri. the rules have been revised.
    Your copying of posts and sending them to trash sites for ridicule is not allowed. I suspect you knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but now it’s spelled out in the rules for you and everyone else. Thanks for your future compliance”

    Wow, now that’s mature, Tracy. Way to lead by example.

    I’m not pot stirrin…just trying to see if I am understanding exactly what the issue is on this particular front.

  395. I make a point in announcing to everyone that I gotta change my tampax everytime. I grab it outta my purse and wave it through the air on the way to the little girls room. The teenage guys that work for me love the fact that I share this information with them. I was being sarcastic, not gross.

    Geez, you could have just lied and said you were getting a soda or beating your kids. We would never have known you lied. I mean if your going to announce that, at least make a video and share it with us like this one:


  396. Willie Lump Lump said

    “nasty piece of cyberland”

    Hag, that’s cyberWASTEland, missy! 😛

  397. formerlyPLZ said


    ROFL! donne a diaper..so much for that drink its all over the comp now.

  398. Mercedes — ha ha ha — only in kindergarten and her vocab is more advanced than yours

    **laughs out loud and spits Mountain Dew at screen**

  399. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    MRs….great run down, cliff notes version. Good lookin out.

    Now I understand why peeps are pissed. Stupid PUR., Open mouth, insert foot.


  400. Mercedes said

    Mrs Metaphor-You pretty much got it-I had to read the first part a few times to understand. I wasn’t really offended at first about her saying “Goodbye Cruel World” (now that you mentioned it I guess I was-subconciously-hehe). I was just talking and spit out a thought-my thought of what the phrase “Goodbye Cruel Word” meant to me. I thought this would spark Pur’s memory and put a stop to what actually evolved from there…
    Does this make better sense? Basically-she shouldn’t have even posted that phrase-but since she did (she might have forgotten our chat) she should have gotten my hint and pm’d me or something…not let the thread go on and let things transpire the way they did. I do not blame my actions/events on others, but this particular thread was the beginning of the end for me on PT…my big 1 and 1/2 months-hehe

    I don’t want an apology-I want Pur do do what she wants to do and what she feels is the right thing to do-if she understands everything and actually means everything she says and wants to apologize-we might go from there-but I have way too much going on to worry about Pur right now.

    Mrs-is this a little bit better?

  401. Willie Lump Lump said

    “My interpretation:
    “I’m sorry that you guys think I said stuff that hurt your feelings even though I didn’t/don’t remember saying stuff that hurt your feelings, and you can’t make me admit that I said or did anything that should have/could havehurt your feelings or was any way submissive or shitty etc. Will you leave me alone now?””

    Duh, you ho! Give me my brain back!

  402. Soooo interesting said

    THIS IS CRAZY FUN!!! I got down to the 6:41 pm post, yep I was at the end. Then I hit refresh. Holy Crap! I still have a lot to read!

    At one point as I was reading, not much blog experience, I thought “Life sure is funny.” Then I thought….Heck, I should get one!

    Mrs. M……saying PUR should end her comments with Hookers….Thanks for the LOL!!! Happy Birthday by the way. I think we are close in age and isn’t this age is a good thing?

    Duh….(Well, this is the first time I have typed to you directly.) “”WHOA! This is starting to get crazy. (Starting?) What we need here is a voice of reason.
    Where the hell is Raisinberry?”” THAT was absolutely hilarious!

    Sickie? You said after one of my comments that you thought you knew my name on PT. Go ahead and type your guess here.

  403. FormerlyPLZ and I apparently cannot hold our drinks tonight. 😉

    OT but where is HH?? This spitting of my Moutain Dew reminds me that HH still owes me a keyboard for some comments she made on the pole dancing MLM thread at PT way back in June before I quit posting there at all. Something about Mother/Daughter Skank Pole Dancing.

    Post man commeth but never brings keyboard, what gives HH?? (j/k) 🙂

  404. Willie I have been waiting all night for your comments and this is the best you can do? 😛 Get on it!!!!

  405. Mercedes said

    Cry me a river!

  406. Mercedes said

    No doubt-you gave a few others here major hell. wassup?

  407. Sooo interesting…I can’t remember the comment right now – which thread was it on?

    Hell, who am I kidding…I can’t remember my own name at this moment. What an afternoon/evening.

    Gotta go to bed.

    Willie don’t let me down!!!!

    P.S. Mrs, thanks for letting us spend your b’day with ya!

  408. Mercedes said

    Semi~Charmed-did you just splorf? Gotcha!

  409. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Holy shit DUH. I think this thread is a record for comments. Wowzers.

    Yo PUR, if you’re still reading, a little advice fo ya….

    Run from PT. RUN. As fast as you can. You can do it. Many of us have and we’re the better for it.

    And TRacy, I know you’re reading too. I know you want to ban PUR now because she posted on the “enemy” blog.

    Paranoia CHA CHA CHA


  410. Mercedes said

    That cry me a river was to Willie’s interpretation

  411. Merc – splorf splorf splorf! That’s right, I love that word!

    HH – that’s right you sent me some karma for the keyboard. Um, if it’s all the same to you, I would like the keyboard. LOL 😉

  412. Mercedes said

    Well I thought Tracy said you could post on different blogs. People are doing it here daily. She told me personally in a pm that I could.

  413. Yeah well we all know that Tracy bans with no rhyme or reason. She is not fair about it at all. I mean look at me. But then, life ain’t fair.

  414. formerlyPLZ said

    CHA…but who are we to take Tracy’s word for it?

    Must…stop..reading..need bed..

  415. Mercedes said

    Dizzy-you know I wanna be like you-i wanna walk like you-talk like you…

    This is so crazy-I wanted to search the words to that song and I put this in to Google search: i wanna walk like you-talk like you

    This is what came up first-too funny

    Hookers and Blow: An Online Journal: I wanna walk like you

  416. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    PLZ makes a very good point as does Semi. Tracy cannot be trusted. She’s bipolar. That’s my favorite mental word. Not to make fun of peeps that are because it’s not funny. I’ve had friends with bipolar AND MPD so I know what they’re going through. The problem is Tracy can’t admit that she’s crazy.

    Ok, going to watch The Biggest Loser. Have a good night all you………


  417. if only i could get my laptop to work at work. then i could go to sleep at a decent hour and keep up with this shit during the day.

    i do think this is a record number of posts on one thread. the refresh sucks but no one is ever in the chat.

  418. Gotcha, Mercedes…it makes sense.

    Sooo Interesting….yeah, so far my 40’s are a breeze…LOL…actually I think it’s around 45 I’ll panic…”Oh no, now I’m not in my EARLY 40’s…now I’m DEEP INTO MY 40’S and nearing my 50’s!” and then it’ll settle down til 55…and so on and so on…it’s nice to cycle in and out of neurosis, just to keep things interesting.

  419. LOL – Hookers and Blow…..

  420. High Hopes has left the Building said


    I’m here, I’ve just been a little preoccupied. Lets just say we have more than one personality at times. I take no liabity for random splorfings.

    I can only echo sentiments of many here that I think some people need to grow up, apologize and stop acting like twits. I am speaking of two individuals in particular PUR and NAB.

    As for the pole dancing skanks, well I guess everyone has to have a hobby.

  421. Daisy said

    *waving hand wildly*

    Mrs, I know that quote! It’s “The Princess Bride”!

    Wait, still no movie quotes game on this blog? Darn it…

    At least I’m 2 for 2 today.

  422. You all and your movie quotes. I so suck at that game unless it’s from Fast Times Ridgemont High.

    Daisy – since you are 2 for 2, I declare you the winner of the items in PT’s Caption That Photo today. Put them to good use now. 🙂

  423. Ok, so no one will take responsibility for my splorfing. Got it.
    *waving to HH*

  424. in DUH’s chat in another window….refreshing is bugging me now

  425. Mercedes said

    Hey Dizzy-I know I am crazy-and I take crazymeds too. Admitting is the first step-right?

    Mercedes says: I am a crazy and I have been a crazy for 22 years. I did not actually know I was a crazy that long. I have only been medically diagnosed for 12 years.

    Group says: Welcome Mercedes

    Here is a cool site: http://www.crazymeds.org/

    Pur-I know this site is not written by medical doctors-I can read-I will take my chances-I am my own person with my own brain and I will take responsibility of my own actions.

    This site is by crazy people for crazy people…like me-WOOHOO!

  426. Daisy said

    Semi, no! No! I don’t want them! Take them back, please! I promise to never identify another movie quote again! Ever! And I’ll always try to find lines from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to insert into my posts. Just, please, promise me you won’t give me those “Caption that photo” items!!!

  427. ROFL Daisy! Sad thing is when I met my MIL her bathroom items were light purple. I nearly fell over when I saw them in the house. I looked at my husband and said “There is no way in hell your mother is helping us decorate the house, got it?” He did.

  428. Soooo interesting said

    Mercedes-So you shared with PUR some very important news about what was happening in your life and she DOESN’T REMEMBER? Wow, what kind of person forgets that type of information? Amazing….ok, time to refresh….

  429. Daisy said

    pssst… Semi… I wondered what ever happened to you. I just wanted you to know that you were missed.

    I don’t know that we ever had any interactions, but I really enjoyed your posts!

  430. Mercedes said

    I will take responsibility for your last splorfing Semi~charmed


  431. Sooo interesting – Not to defend PUR, because I am not. If someone talks the talk they should walk the walk. At least I can admit my memory sucks shit. I meet and talk to so many people daily that I do tend to forget things people tell me or at least mix them up with someone else. It happens frequently. Kind of like the voices. Hmmmm…wonder if I need crazy pills or at least gingko biloba or st. johns wart.

  432. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    I seriously think that PUR is not being genuine with her apologies. But who am I to judge?

    Also, Mavens may not have admin power, but I know PUR does. She’s moved a thread, so there ya go.

  433. Thanks Daisy. 🙂 That is very kind of you. I am glad to see a lot of you guys have deflected and we are all kind of in the same place again.

    I never went far, just kind of quit posting one day. Since PMs weren’t private, I never told anyone why and I never kept track of personal emails of members, so telling someone that way wasn’t gonna happen for me.

  434. Mavens – no offense to any of you here, but I always thought that was funny. Kind of like that “big girls club” if your purchases were high enough. LOL

  435. Mercedes said

    Sooo interesting: “that type of person forgets that type of information”-OVERNIGHT.

    Daisy-hello how are you? I need to visit the gang-but I would be so far behind-wouldn’t know how to catch up.

    I love Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Teacher: Hey, you in my class?
    Spicoli: I am today.

  436. Eeew, gnarly!

  437. refresh refresh refresh refresh….does anyone feel like hitting DUH’s chat room so we don’t have to refresh???

  438. Mercedes said

    All I need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz and I’m fine!

  439. Mercedes said

    never been there-bf went riding with patch to the store-going to chat…

  440. Soooo interesting said

    Oops, sorry Mrs., you have a way to go to catch up to me in age. 54 here. FYI? 50’s are fabulous!
    Earlier you wrote: “Time reveals everyone’s character….no matter how well you think you hide it.”
    Now those are words from a pretty smart cookie!

  441. Daisy said

    Merecedes– how are you? I miss you, girlfriend! Drop a girl an e-mail once in a while so she knows you’re still kicking, eh?

    Darn it, look what I’ve picked up from HH. I am not Canadian. I’m Utahn. Oh my heck! *snort*

  442. High Hopes has left the Building said

    I’ve been thinking about PT and the whole mess, I don’t think it is ever gonna be fixed or normal. (Rofl I say normal tongue in cheek) I think people hang out there for awhile and get a whiff of the rotten cheese smell and realize that something isn’t right and leave. So I give up, I’m not gonna even try to fix it. Tossing a pink grenade to PUR, hope you like to play catch. The whole thing needs to go the way of the chicken smilie.


  443. Mercedes said

    just a warning-when i was on pt chat my computer would always mess up-don’t know if it was my computer and chat or something else-hhhhmmm

  444. High Hopes has left the Building said

    It means you’ve been Canadianized ROFL. Eh is at least mildly better than huh! Daisy, wouldn’t that be Utahwian???? ROFL.

    *Waving to Semi, Daisy, Mercedes, Lovie, Plz and everyone else I know!


  445. HH if you can come to DUH’s chat with us. 🙂

  446. ok that was if you can, you should come to…. 🙂

  447. Duped said

    Wow – this thread is fucked up, yo. You bitches have talked your fucking beavers off today. It’s been fun – lovin’ reading it.

    Alas, Duped is off…to find greener pastures you ask? Nope. To make a tea and get ready to watch House.

    At least no one stole my tag line…

    Fart knockers. All o’ ya.

  448. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Well you bunch of war ravaged bloghags, Haggie is going to bed, its been interesting to say the least today.

    Please someone promise me you won’t open the door to NAB’s kennel and let her out. K, we’ve had enough drama for one day and PUR being shoved at us. I think I need to go have a shower, and wash off the PT fleas.

    Bags, ho-tards, etc.

  449. Love Friends said

    Lovie waves back to HH. 😉

  450. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    damn bunch a frickin pissants. i am so frickin mad i had to read this damned entire thread just to find out that PUR is still the biggest PISSANT of all! i shoulda just read the end of the book since i had already guessed the outcome pur the victim? ha ha ha ha ha not
    haggie – got extra tights? i’m suiting up

    pur, your behavior still sucks, nd u haven’t changed.not one bit. you are still trying to cover your shit with chocolate frosting. the stink still comes thru. you don;t answer questions – you skirt issues
    1 – you were jealous of sickie and you took every opportunity to get a dig in on her whenever you could
    2 – you thought she had the power thatr u wanted and u did what u needed to do to get it / u were insturmental in getting sickie banned just admit it. still not sure wht it was all about because it is justg a blog after all
    3 – you forgot teh most ipmortant part is you need to have some stinikin people skiills to hold the post of gilligan next to skipper tracy — big OOPS there huh? so now you nearly sunk the Minnow and uyo want help from those you hurt? ppppffffffllllllltttt! figger it out youerself
    4 – you came down like ice off the roof does on a warm day on someone i was having a decent discussion with about an mlm they were thinking of joinging . basically you ruined pt for me by acting like the KGB – showing up out of nowhre uninvited and roughing ohters up
    5 – your gossip thread was most hypocritical post ive ever seen. one hint for yuo – take it down as its the biggest reminder of why people odn’t like you
    6 – y the hell would annzeszoo apolgoize to you?! u were wrong in that situation which was totally uncalled for. she is a nice lady
    7 – u r paranoid as hell and no one knows a freaking think about you except u once sold scrapbooks – woo f*ckin double hoo goin’ right to the cia with that hot ifnormation and be at purs doorstep at 6 am with the bloodhounds “roop roop roop”
    take your potstirring lap dog and go back home to pt until u have a genuine apology
    if you want to fix pt fine good luck. but your meta message woudl be better for a company who actually follows up their words with actions – act consistent with how u say youve changed and then u won’t have to cause these monsterdiscussions. all i read was you want to put sterilzed people in a box where they will perform as instructed. screw that
    p.s. damn, how many posts here duh? all the google ad revenue from all these hits to your blog today ka-ching missed opportunity for pt


  451. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo Virgie, What size tights and jumpsuit ya need, I’m looking for a tag team partner.

    Isn’t it funny that we all seem to have the same perception of what has gone on and someone else thinks they are the freakin victim. I like your comment about the pot stirring lap dog, that one needs a muzzle or choke chain or something. Everywhere she goes there is nothing but PURanoia and its seem pretty coinicidental that PUR shows up, what did NAB send her an invite or email or pm? As I have said before no one else needs to apologize cept for PUR. I just about spit fire when PUR said she accepted Annes apology. Gossip bwah hooey, its just an excuse for not engaging people when they call you out about the bad behavior that you inflicted on someone else.

    AGAIN Grow-up and own up to your shit. You ever notice that PUR the phantom would just poof up out of nowhere on the blog when she posted, you never saw her online, thats because when your a stooge of the great PT you can be hidden and invisible, is that so the hounds won’t sniff you out and find out what kind of havoc you are reeking? Pffffft.

    Shit, I went to bed and now I have insomnia.

    PISSANTS I like that word.

    Virgie I’m reaching my hand out to tag ya, Go ahead do the flying scissor kick now.

  452. Mercedes said

    First Raisinberry-if that was her-then Pur-if that was her-not enough room for anymore on this thread-just kidding.

    Waving to HH-WOOF!

  453. Holy cow – I watch the new Law and Order and look what I miss. This was better than HBO comedy.

    Semi this is for you-

    What is this fascination with truancy? What is it that gets inside of your heads? There are some teachers at this school who look the other way at truants. It’s a little game you both play. They pretend they don’t see you, and you pretend you don’t ditch! Now, in the end, who pays the price? YOU!

  454. Pixie said

    Damn…I miss all the good stuff.


  455. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ok, finally finished reading all comments….and here are my intelligent thoughts on this same shit, different day debate:


    WES-SYEEED!! *throwin’ up the ‘w’*

  456. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Virgie, I posted a wonderful response and it got poofed into the cyberwastland.

    So what size tights do you want, do you want em with sparkles or the wonder woman? I’m always looking for a good tag team partner. I’m tagging you and you can do a flying scissor kick! I hope the PUR and her yappy lap dog have decided to catch the south bound pity train to Patheticville.


  457. Willie Lump Lump said

    FUCK, what a gabfest you bitches been on…455 comments! STFU already!! 😛

  458. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    well haggie funny u should ask. i’ve always wanted a pair of big ass purple tights with big frickn star on my rear end. matching purple danskin pixie shoes and a rhinestone studded sportsbra would fulfill thevision. there i cast my vision pam shaw would b so proud

    sory but last scissor kick pulled the groin out of whack but still do a mean bruce lee / walker texas ranger flying kung fu pretty well

    haggie and virgie the fightin pms tag team champions of the world

  459. PUR said

    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins,

    I did not share my MLM or product with you or anyone else on a public or private forum. Along with my name, address, phone number, etc. Interesting that you should think you know me. I wonder who fed you your information? Hmmmm????

    1. No, not true.

    2. Again, nothing further from the truth. Whatever happened between her and Tracy we’ll all never know for sure. There is much history between them that waaaaaay predates my active participation on PT. I had nothing to do with her almost instantaneous departure from the Maven list, nor her removal from various boards soon after, or “privledge inturruption” (if they ever were, I do not know for sure) or “banning” (if she was, again I do not know beyond what she claims — my understanding is that she left, right? I don’t know!) or whatever else you have been told. Absolutely, 100%, NOT TRUE! And what the heck “power” did she have??? No one has special powers on PT. *shrug*

    3. I am not some sidekick. I am pretty sure there are no “sidekicks.” Sorry. And to your other point I realize I have demonstrated an occasion lack of people skills, and I sure have heard about it here and there as well! Yes, people do call me on it. I am working on getting me some of those skills. Thank you for the opportunity to have my faults examined critically.

    4. I hear you, and while I do not recall the specific incident I offer you my sincere apology at this time. I am sorry for offending you.

    5. I was sincere. I shared that topic on the prayer thread. My way of asking for wisdom, guidence, and enlightenment. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Please. I learned a lot from other members on that thread, and I am becoming a better person because of it.

    6. I am a nice lady, too. We’ll agree to disagree. Too many hurt feelings mixed with things I do not control — like how long, or if, a topic should be stickied or resurrected from deletion.

    7. See above. Thank you for destroying my life with your careless words of REPEATED GOSSIP. I thought the only rule of this blog was to not out people? Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

  460. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh yeah…Mercedes, yoo hoo….Um..waaaaaaht?? 😛

  461. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    PUR – bullshit. your info was on another blog (ptlies?)for maybe one or two days and you continue to blame sickie. plenty of people saw it and nobody here outeed you. destroyed your life? thats overdramatic you act like your personel file is on google why?

  462. Mercedes said

    Willie~I was doing the same thing-maybe she is still figuring it out. yeah-that’s it.

    Did anyone say Pur was outed?

  463. PUR said

    What the heck are you talking about? How did it possibly get posted? Hmmmmmm? You repeated gossip even if it was posted and pulled. I did not share that information. It is gossip told by a gossip, one who should know better. And I did not blame Sickie. You did.

  464. PUR said

    It was private info, told in extreme confidence. To be posted on a blog. How nice.

  465. PUR said

    Duh, will you please remove any reference to my MLM product. That information was never intended for public consumption. Thank you.

  466. PUR said

    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins,

    It is just not right for you or Sickie or anyone else to decide what private information of mine ought to be shared on a public forum like this. You are making this personal beyond personal.

  467. Daisy said

    Uh, “gossip”… You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  468. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    i thot you were leaving you really are still impossible and still twist things to pin them on others. make amends with those whose online lives – you – destroyued and maybe u will become a better person. but do it personally since the amout of estrogen investde in this entire thread must be wrth a fortune on the open market goodnight

  469. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Like PUR who the fuck cares about a scrapbook MLM. Do you the think ummmm shall we say *Remember this* – (only scrapbook MLM I know of) police are gonna find you by a fucking stupid screen name of PUR. LIKE get a grip. How much paranoia do you have. Sickie didn’t out you, you asstard apparently you did that yourself at some point in a chat room with a couple of people in it. Get your facts straight about Sickie. Lack of people skills, honey you don’t have any period. You are deficient in people skills.

    Go back to your vortex of PT doom, you still don’t get it and I don’t think you ever will. PT tard……

  470. Mercedes said

    I didn’t know Pur was in an MLM? How bizarre. If this is true-I did not know until she asked Duh to remove any reference to her MLM product. If this is true-It came directly out of Pur’s mouth-if this is Pur. Sorry-I am thinking out loud as usual. So if all of my statements are true-then this is a fact.

  471. PUR said

    I pin it on you. You repeated gossip. Knowing not what you even did.

  472. Rebecca said

    I LOVE Schnapps. Especially Peppermint Schnapps. It’s green. Way cool! Ooooh, add a little Chocolate Schnapps and ya have a Grasshopper. The clear Choc. is best, you keep that nice green color. The brown Choc Schnapps tones down the green, makes it a wee tiny bit tannish, slightly less green.


  473. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Sickie never outed you. She didn’t. You are wrong there. She has been asked by many what your MLM is and has always said she wouldn’t tell, because it wasn’t for her to share it. Her I believe.

    Again get your facts straight.

  474. Daisy said

    Maybe I’m wrong, because, to be perfectly honest, I could never make it through the gossip thread without my eyes glazing over, but to my understanding, gossip is a purposeful retelling of information. You can’t gossip “accidentally”. Correct?

    I don’t want a lesson. Or even examples. Just a simple yes or no. “Yes, Daisy, you are correct”, or “No Daisy, you are wrong”.

  475. Mercedes said

    Pur-when you talk on here-you need to reference who you are speaking to-because it sure looks like you are pinning things on me-and as far as I could tell a few posts ago-you are not acknowledging me at this time.

    You need to make yourself clear-or at least type the name of the person to whom you are talking to-please and thank you.


  476. Willie Lump Lump said


  477. Mercedes said

    Hey-Duh-after you fix the comments for Pur…do you think Tracy will unban me-give me my privileges back-I wanna go back? Yeah-for my friends too?

  478. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    ROFL Mercedes!!!

    As far as DUH fixing the comments, I think she should let it stand. Who gives a flying rip about what MLM Pur is in. Hells Bells, its not like is the nuclear code key for crap sakes.


  479. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ay, you know what’s fuckin’ amazin’ to me? 474 posts later and PUR still hasn’t said shit!

    All i read is how SHE’S the victim *wah wah wah, boo fuckin’ hoo*, but fuck the fact that SHE was the biggest bitch around to so many and still hasn’t gotten a taste of anything she actually dished out! So, i ask you….

    What the fuck is SHE whinin’ about??


  480. Mercedes said

    Willie~I can’t read all of your icon-what does it say?

  481. Willie Lump Lump said

    *I’m not crazy! My reality is just different than yours*

  482. Mercedes said

    Love it! May I borrow that sometime?
    Even though I have already admitted that I am crazy and I am on crazymeds and all? My phrase is I live in my own little world. But it’s ok, they know all me here.

    Good One!

  483. Willie Lump Lump said

    now, it says:

    *My imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems* ~cough~ PUR ~cough~

  484. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Willie, she aint ever gonna get it. She places all of her angst and victimhood at Sickie’s door and frig Sickie doesn’t have anything to do with it. She did this herself. Then her friggin yappy lap dog Notabee, has been trying to defend her all day long. Ick! And that is even after NAB admitted that PUR was a bitch to her. Like what gives? Some peole just like to wear the hair shirt and she has a large hot pink neon V (for victim) on her chest like the scarlet letter or something. Maybe she should get the scarlet A, but make it stand for Asstard. She is going to continue whining.

    PUR Go back to PT and play there. No one wants your poison pen here anymore. You want to come whining here, don’t think you are gonna get any support. YOU STILL NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO SICKIE.


  485. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Oh here is a new one, Skankazoid. I think I’m gonna have to use that one for awhile. Hmmmm yup liking skankazoid.

  486. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ahh, but my favorite

    *Shut up you fucking BITCH! Face down, ass up!*


  487. Willie Lump Lump said

    Heh Heh! PUR may wanna borrow this one from me sometime soon..

  488. Mercedes said

    I just had to re-read this thread-just for shits and giggles.
    Maybe Pur doesn’t gossip.
    She is just good at verbal abuse-like I said before about Tracy and now Pur-and I mean this in the oh so helpful way-They fit the definition of a bully. I just went through a seminar about Bullying and I think of PT-Tracy-Pur (I didn’t think of her as a bully at first) and Not-a-Bee: the shoe is almost fitting you too-so sorry.

    Just an FYI: This is a clip from a blog called Life after Bullying-a site for dealing with bullies at the workplace-IMO I feel this can apply anywhere to anyone: http://www.lifeafteradultbullying.com/1616/index.html

    The definitions of a bully are:
    1) To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
    2) To make (one’s way) aggressively.
    3) To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation.
    4) To provide persistent, unwelcome behaviour.

    Projection behaviour and denial are hallmarks of the serial bully. It is believed by some that bullying is present behind all forms of harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, persecution, conflict and violence.

    What bullies fear most is exposure and being called publicly to account for their behaviour so they can go to great lengths to keep their target (victim) quiet from misdirection when it is reported to using threats of disciplinary action, dismissal, gagging clauses and fear.

    Despite the façade that such people put up, bullies have another side to them. What complicates matters is that the bully may not be aware or acknowledge to themselves they very often suffer from one or more of the following:

    # Low self-confidence
    # Low self-esteem
    # Feel insecure
    # Seething with resentment
    # Bitterness
    # Hatred
    # Anger
    # Envy
    # Jealousy
    # Inadequacy
    # And may have a wide range of prejudices as a vehicle for dumping anger onto others.

    A person may not always aware that they are bullying, however the outcome of bullying behaviour can cause the following conditions in their target.

    # Sleep disorders
    # Poor self esteem
    # Lack of ability to cope with even simple jobs.
    # Hypertension
    # Eating disorders
    # Nervous conditions
    # Low morale
    # Apathy
    # Depression
    # Impaired personal relationships
    # Removal of self from workplace – psychologically, physically (sick leave, stress leave, resignation)
    # Drug Abuse
    # Self Harm
    # Suicide (successful or attempted)

    And no I am not saying that it is the bully’s fault if some of these things happen-one is responsible for one’s actions-but the bully’s actions might have played an important part.

    I have to research this stuff for school-just thought it was interesting that I am researching for school and I felt in my poinion that it applied here-too.

  489. Mercedes said

    in my poinion-lmao-my opinion
    crazymeds-hehe-not-actually gotta go take ’em


  490. Mercedes said

    Willie-Face down, ass up! That’s the way we like to —-

  491. Mercedes said

    Freekazoid-Freek show-baby, baby-on the dance floor-just a freak show

    sorry-daisy does movie clips and I break out in tunes and why am I still up?

    Can anyone with children-preferably 5-6 year old boys explain why they might climb stall walls, crawl on the bathroom floors, want to be in stalls together-even when one is pooping, sit in a urinal, scoop water out of a toilet, moon each other in the bathroom?

    Help Me!!!!!! This is what I am dealing with so far this year-and it started weeks ago. This is just part of my classroom management problems I am having…

  492. People, People Who Need People, Are the Luckiest People... said

    If the MLM is the nuclear code key, please inform us immediately so that we can take responsible meta-action to remove this information and make this blog a safer, friendlier, friction- and plutonium-free place to share our thoughts and concerns. Because, with such rapid growth in postings there have been — without question — growing pains (and some unexpected PITA visitors) from technical and interpersonal skills challenges with general site maintenance blah blah blah, as well as various minor and major mistakes, miscommunication, and missteps along the way as Duh’s blog posters may have allegedly stumbled here and there. This sort of thing can result in any range of reaction amongst members and new posters alike from the minor annoyance when you are just trying to log in to read the latest posts, to a major breech of trust when it is not clear what the heck is going on and begin taking things personally, but the point is to have less — to zero — incidence or reason for friction in the future. How can we, the posters on Duh’s blog do, be, and communicate better?

    Many women, their friends, their pets, their tv dinners and loved ones have sought out Duh’s blog for information and support on issues related to Pink Truth in the last year+, and I think together we can do even better. It is near impossible to be all things to all people. I am not thinking we can accomplish that or even try. I hope that we can hear from anyone who really gives a flip and learn how to best serve a majority of folks who have been negatively affected by Pink Truth and/or its constituent body.

    There are opinions among members about what exactly makes Duh’s blog a uniquely wonderful resource that brings people to check it out regularly. Some stop by for a short time, find the information they need, and move on. And that’s awesome! Some stick around and lurk or participate, and that is great, too! Folks who have been around from the beginning, to those new members who just signed up yesterday, have something to contribute about what makes this place special.

    As in anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. So what features do you like best, what could be added to, what level of direct communication do you want to see, and how can Duh’s blog be more welcoming to newcomers and comfortable for participants?

    I look forward to your comments. Have a nice day! 🙂

  493. Mercedes said

    OMFG! I have had to pee forever and I have needed to go to bed forever-this is it! ROTFFLMFAO…and about to piss all over myself!

  494. Mercedes said



  495. Mercedes said

    Don’t forget-their imaginary friends too-and their pads-

  496. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Shit, you all are chatty. Is this the longest Duh comments in history?

  497. Paranoia Cha Cha Cha said

    Mercedes –

    As far as the bathroom behavior of 5-6 year old boys:

    They are fascinated with all bathroom-related bodily functions – both their own and those of others. I don’t think they grow out of it until they are 30. Good luck.

    —–Shay :o)

  498. Paranoia Cha Cha Cha said

    Man –

    This thread is sooooooooooo long! LOL

    —–Shay :o)

  499. I personally like the movie quotes from one of my favorite movies…..

    Customer: It says one hundred percent guaranteed, you moron!
    Brad: Mister, if you don’t shut up, I’m going to kick one hundred percent of your ass!


    Spicoli: Hey bud, let’s party!

    Spicoli: Aloha, Mr. Hand.

    Brad: Hope You had a hell of a piss, Arnold!

    What a great flick!!

  500. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Whaaaat the hell. PUR you’re a liar. Of course you have privys and administrative powers. You’ve moved a thread. You’re hidden on the “Who’s Online” list AND you’re Tracy’s ass muncher.

    Nice try.

  501. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    People, People — are they a “different type of people,” the luckiest people, in the world ?


  502. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ALL SO MUCH for standing up for me – those of you who I don’t even know and you know me — THANK YOU!


    PUR – are you calling me a liar? Do you think all these people here are lying about their privileges being revoked too?

    Well, Miss PURfect, let me tell you something; the one thing I learned from PT is to have documentation to back up my facts. I’ll be sending info on my privilges being revoked to Duh for her to do with as she sees fit.

    As for your stupidass MLM – you were on two different conference calls where YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU and YOU outted your MLM. The first one was early last winter. There were 6 of us. Remember that???????

    The second one was early this spring with an entirely different set of people. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU and YOU outted your MLM yet again.

    YOU YOU YOU YOU and YOU need to get your facts straight.

  503. formerlyPLZ said

    you know sickie, I adore you to death. So that being said, lets drop it on this “victimized” whiny ass wench. She too caught up in her “I’m so perfect” attitude. You’re better than her Sickie, obviously. I’m just getting so tired of PUR and NAB thinking their shit don’t stink. Their noses are so high up in the clouds I hope they don’t drown when it rains.

    Hm, time for a midol

  504. 503 comments? geez!

  505. It’s a deal Plz! I adore you too.

    I’ve both e-mails onto with the info. She can do with it what she wants.

    Just a word of advice PUR, when you call someone or insinuate that someone is a liar, be sure they don’t have documentation to back it up what they’ve said, cuz frankly that’s GOSSIP.

  506. gothchiq said

    Still in an MLM eh? Dude!!! They’re all the same! How’s someone going to heal from their MK losses if they just have another MLM sucking them dry?

    This defies logic.

  507. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    It’s actually hilarious. PUR wrote in response to someone who’s a Passion Parties consultant:
    Here’s what PUR said:

    Welcome to Pink Truth, Toy Lady.

    I see that you are happy with your MLM, however please know that you are welcome to participate here as long as you are not attempting to recruit the members here at Pink Truth into your MLM.

    Thank you for sharing some highlights of the PP career plan, however PP is not a whole lot different than any other MLM. The pie might just be sliced a little differently, but the pyramid structure is the same. If you stick around PT a while, you may see the eerie similarities amongst all the “pink” MLMs out there that prey upon women and our desire to work a flexible schedule from home for that elusive pie-in-the-sky unattainable unlimited MLM income “potential.”

    Funny. Why? Because if that’s the case that MLM’s “prey upon women and our desire to work a flexible schedule from home for that elusive pie-in-the-sky unattainable unlimited MLM income ‘potential,'” how come PUR hasn’t realized this for herself?

  508. Daisy said

    I don’t think PUR is still in an MLM.

    I was in a chat conversation with her once last spring, where she couldn’t resist telling EVERYONE how successful she had been in her MLM… how high up the chain she’d moved, how she recruited and broke records right and left, and how she left it all behind.

    (I don’t know why you did that, PUR. Sure, you never divulged your MLM, but it didn’t make me admire you any more to know that you left your MLM at the top of your game, rather than just at the beginning.)

    So, you were so careful to guard your MLM, but you know how it goes… “Loose lips sink ships.” Because of your prideful boasting about your success in MLM “X”, I know exactly who you are: someone who was associated with MLM “X” and recruited a lot of people, had great success (by your own admission) and walked away. Did you hear that? I don’t have a CLUE what your name is or where you live. And I don’t care enough to go looking. I simply don’t care.

    All I’m saying is, if you were so worried about keeping your identity a secret, you shouldn’t have blabbed that info to the chat room. I wasn’t there when you revealed your MLM (and every time I asked Sickie, she refused to tell me), but I WAS there when you told everyone you were at the top of the company. Maybe if you had kept it quiet, and just said you were associated with MLM “X”, you wouldn’t be in this place, worried about being “outed”.

  509. This is some crazy stuff.

  510. Daisy says: I don’t think PUR is still in an MLM.

    And of course I cannot confirm or deny that. I have seen no documentation. She “says” she’s not still in an MLM. How does anyone know for sure? We don’t. We’ve seen no proof.

    Infact, PUR, let me ask you this:

    1) You constantly tell/told people that when they leave MK to tell EVERYONE about it and if they are directors to take their units with them. Did you do that when you “allegedly” left your MLM? Did you tell your upline why you were leaving?

    2) You tell/told everyone to send back product – “boxes are cheap” is your mantra of choice. Did you send back product when you “allegedly” left your MLM?

    Are you just talking the talk or are you walking the walk??? Pretty hard to lead by example if you aren’t doing what you tell others to do.

  511. Sorry Plz…I can’t hold up to my end of the deal. You’re just gunna have to love me through it. I have had a few issues of my own to with the way PUR hands out advice and since she came here and brought up all this crap, I think it’s time to call her on some of them.

    If she doesn’t want to take responsibility, that’s fine. She just shows her true side every time she dances around the responsibility part.

    If she asks me for a specific apology for something she thinks I did, I’d be happy to hear it and will apologize for MY part in it.

  512. Fox Spirit said

    **warning soap box to be followed by foul language I normally don’t use**

    Ok, I have been listening to this fight go on, and I really should stop reading because it just angers me. It angers me b/c no matter what is said, “the injured party” whose “life we’ve destroyed” can not see how her own actions and words effect others in this way. Bringing it to even more firey of a discussion is the fact that “the injured party” insists that using her own words to show where she is wrong is gossip, so she can’t listen to it. TECHNICALLY, most things on any blog would be gossip, since it is “chatty talk” which is one of the definitions Webster uses. If you are THAT concerned, leave the blog world. Or, at the very least get off your high horse.

    Since you feel the need to apologize, and you obviously have no way of knowing how to do that in an acceptable, non offensive manner to those you are “trying” to apologize to, let me help. Repeat after me:

    “I am so sorry. I have stepped on and back stabbed so many people that there is no way I could make an individual apology to all of those people who I have caused undue grief to. I admit I am a condescending, double talking, backstabbing cunt, and I am working on being less evil. Please forgive me, because I had no idea that my careless, hurtful words and flippant actions have hurt so many people. I am further sorry that when I was faced with the atrocities of my own behavior I felt the need to run/hide and defend myself because I couldn’t see myself as acting like that. Now, I have come to realize that I may never have the ability to convince you that I am truly sorry. As a way of showing that I am sincere, I am going to stop being a condescending bitch. To all of those I have personally offended, I invite you to please talk to me via email.”

    Yep, that might work for some people, but only if you meant it. I would probably go further than the “I’m sorry, but really you should pity me b/c I am the injured party” type of apology. Agh, I was going to let this all go unsaid, and would you believe this is the kindest thing I have written in response? *This* is what made the cut PAST the censorship.

    **end of rant**

  513. Daisy said

    *blink, blink*

    Foxy, you’re my HERO!

  514. Duh said

    I’ve posted Sickie’s emails to Tracy proving that she did in fact lose privileges. Let’s move the discussion up there, shall we? This thread is too long!

  515. JustWait said

    Yo Mercedes! TROLLOPS is MY LINE!

  516. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Wait. So PUR never sold MK? She was one of those crazy over religious *Do you see how nice I am?* ladies? If she’s anything like the CM people I know, no wonder she acts like she does.

  517. For the record, when I’m wrong, I say so. In the case of not-a-beeliever, the way I interpretted her asking me was about cats against PUR was that it was something that PUR had led her to believe.

    Since then I have come to the understanding that is not. I apologize for any harm or confusion this may have caused.

    Thank you.

    ….carry on…..

  518. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    DAYUM………you STRUMPETS sure have been busy since last night!!!!!!


  519. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Sickie, You gotta know your loved!!! You have class.

    PUR if your still lurking own up to your stupidity.

    NAB fuck off your still a dipshit.


  520. formerlyPLZ said

    LOL i’m still diggin on Haggie

  521. In one of PUR’s rants….

    >7. See above. Thank you for destroying my life with your careless words of REPEATED GOSSIP. I thought the only rule of this blog was to not out people? Thanks a lot. Goodbye.<

    Wow, you give a lot of power to people on the internet if you can claim that they are “destroying (your) life with (their) careless words…”

    Things like this get said by people who have 0 self esteem.

    And then at the end, you say, “goodbye” like you have in so many other posts?

    Grow some nads and stand by what you say, already.

    (OK moving to other thread now…)

  522. Duped said

    “7. See above. Thank you for destroying my life with your careless words of REPEATED GOSSIP. I thought the only rule of this blog was to not out people? Thanks a lot. Goodbye.”

    Okay, first – what about all the gossip YOU have spread about others. I am not even going to MENTION the gossip that TC or her other fudge lickers do. I can count at *least* 5 people on this particular thread that you have belittled, gossiped about, demeaned and degraded. I guess it’s only bad if they are gossiping about YOU, not the other way around, huh?

    Secondly, I have not seen any “outing” of you on this blog. I don’t know your name, I don’t know where you live (and frankly, I don’t care). I have not seen one person out which MLM you work(ed) for, as in “PUR works for so and so, and here is the proof.”

    Talk about being a fucking drama queen. You trying to make others feel guilty for holding YOU accountable? Fat chance, lady.

    Go on then, go and pout in the corner and pretend we are all “destroying” your life. Jesus H. Christ lady, it’s the FUCKING INTERNET. WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY (aside from those YOU chose to share that information with). Get a grip and walk away from the keyboard then. Why stick around places that make you feel “destroyed”???? That’s just fucking RETARDED.

    Fart knockers.

  523. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Ummmm PUR, you of all people demanding that people play by the rules?? Gasp, you certainly don’t, you lurk around PT, disturb the shit pile by posting inflammatory comments dripping with sarcasm, particularly when the issues have been solved. You smited people and caused crap because of it. So how in the hell can you demand people to play by the rules, when you don’t?

    PFFFFFT ~ wet fart in PUR’s direction.


  524. PUR said


    Specific apologies I am looking for:

    Please apologize for emailing Tracy the whole scoop on my MLM not even days after I first shared that info with only you. You were the first person to befriend me and you asked me your 10,000 probing questions and you swore you would never tell a soul. I was so worried about Tracy knowing anything about me, or my personal information because I did not know her and I wanted to only participate on PT anonymously. Turns out she didn’t need super sleuthing skills, she had you. I want nothing more than for you to tell me I am 100% wrong and that email does not exist. Then I would stop beating myself up for being such a miserable judge of character for trusting you.

    You were so friendly, so warm and seemingly caring. You are a total people person. It was easy to be flattered that you cared to get to know me. It was easy to talk to you. That was my choice to share my story with you, and I thought you were a friend, but it was not my choice for you to tell Tracy of all people when I did not even KNOW HER! She still does not even know my first name or telephone number unless YOU told her. Did you? You always facilitated any communication between Tracy and I and now you have made it into something it isn’t.

    Also please apologize for holding all my info over my head all this time and threatening to spill the beans about my life. I am astounded at how you have a knack for figuring out a person’s one thing and seizing onto it and leveraging it for all it’s worth. The fact that you would threaten me like that makes me think it is true that you DID tell. I just did not realize at the time you had already spilled the beans to the one person whom I never wanted to know anything about me, eons before I privately (PRIVATLY!) told anyone else. So how can I know that you have not told many?

    Also, please apologize for lashing out at me repeatedly on this forum and on Pink Truth right when you knew that I was stressed and worried beyond belief caring for a family member with cancer (don’t even go there, just apologize.) You have shown me no compassion whatsoever after all the friendship and listening and being there I was for you whenever you needed to talk on your terms. Right when I needed a friend and shared deeply personal things with you, you turned on me for good and blamed me for your own sour relationship with Tracy. I don’t even know what all happened between you two!

    Please apologize for spreading untrue stories that I was behind all your troubles getting along with Tracy, and for causing people who once were friendly with me on PT to shun me like a leper.

    I never realized until just now how you were never really a friend to me even from the very beginning, and that makes me feel sad. I valued our friendship, and cared for you as a person — faults and all. I mourned the loss of my friend. Turns out you never were one to me. I am the butt of your jokes. If you could apologize for this and stop doing it, I will readily forgive you.

    And finally, a hopeful request for a lasting peace:

    Please stop talking smack about me, Sickie. I have been a friend to you. I trusted you. If you cannot stop blaming me for all of your troubles, or at minimum just apologize to me for the nasty things you have said here to wound me like only you can, then just let us please just bury the hatchet, agree to be cordial and do no harm to each other, and call a truce in order to walk our separate ways in peace.



  525. formerlyPLZ said

    Damn you friggin PUR i just splorfed my drink on my comp. Hey, wench you owe me a new comp now.

    On the serious side now. STFU PUR, your victimization ramblings are getting old FAST. Oh they were old to begin with.

  526. Duh said

    I wonder if either one of you ever realized that all the bad stuff between you stems from Tracy.

    On Sickie’s side-
    Sickie blames PUR for Tracy not like her anymore.

    On PUR’s side-
    PUR blames Sickie for telling Tracy things. Who told you this, Tracy? I wonder if she sent you a copy of that email, or did she just expect you to trust her.

    You see, what I’ve come to realize is that Tracy has a lot to do with poisoning these relationships. She says something innocently and then sits back while the shit storm flies.

    If this is NOT the case PUR, please correct me. But it seems to be Tracy’s M.O. I have questioned people that haven’t spoken with Tracy in MONTHS and they STILL have negative feelings for other people. The only thing they have against them is stuff that TRACY told them, and they don’t even realize it.

  527. Thank you PUR for responding. As I said, I will apologize for MY part in whatever you think I did. Therefore, this is my sincerest apology.

    As far as things that I did NOT do, you will have to come to grips with that on your own.

    I believe wholeheartedly you were my friend. I never thought it would EVER come to this. EVER in a thousand years, EVER.

    I’m sorry that you feel I have held information over your head. I apologize that I threatened you ONCE on this board, please forgive me.

    P.S. Now is the time to look at YOUR part in this.

  528. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said


    Sickie isn’t talking smack about you. Stop whining. I’ve known sickie for awhile and she doesn’t even mention you. When anyone asks questions she declines to answer them. You really see yourself as a victim on every level don’t you? What about the pain and hurt you cause?


  529. Duh said

    “As I said, I will apologize for MY part in whatever you think I did.”

    Now now, Sickie. We just blasted PUR for apologizing like this, and here you are doing it too. You can’t apologize for things someone thinks you did. You can only apologize for things that you’ve done.

    If that’s your sincerest apology, you’re gonna have to try harder.

    Now I have some questions about this situation even though it IS none of my business.

    Why the hell did Tracy even tell PUR that Sickie told her that? If it happened and Sickie did spill the beans, why did Tracy feel the need to go back and tell PUR?

  530. Thanks for calling me on that duh and normally I’d agree. In this case I have to say that this might just be a give and take situation. PUR might have to take a step into the apology herself for me to go further.

    Sorry if I’ve disappointed.

  531. Duh said

    Don’t worry about disappointing me! Worry about disappointing everybody on Team Sickie!

    No, I’m kidding. Shit happens. Let’s just try to keep our wits about us. If you did something wrong, admit it and apologize. If you didn’t, don’t apologize for it. It doesn’t do any good.

    I hope you guys can work this out between you. It just seems to me that once again you guys are being manipulated into hating each other for the sick entertainment of someone else.

  532. Duped said

    I have a feeling the big ol’ TC used you both as pawns and played you against each other. Like Duh stated, it is painfully obvious by the past couple of posts I have read from both PUR and Sickie.

    It’s a shame that someone like TC does this to others. Can’t you see that TC enjoys watching the shit hit the fan between two friends??? From the sounds of things – she thrives on it.

    You know, I think you may need to reevaluate your friendship with TC as well PUR. It seems she is using you just like she used Sickie. It will only be a matter of time until someone else joins the ranks of her “friendship” and she uses you against that other person.

    Sickie – don’t apologize for something someone else thinks happened. Please, only apologize for what you know happened. You are a better person now that you are free, and you no longer have to stoop to apologizing for random things others say.

    Sad case, all around this PT and TC.

    Fart knockers.

  533. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    I totally agree it can’t be just a one way street here with PURinator demanding atonement when she isn’t willing to atone to Sickie herself, because she still is admitting to the deed her actions brought about.


  534. Rooster said

    well, I’ve finally come to this…Duh may be totally right..at least about this. I was coming to this as a possibility myself. It seems that Sickie and PUR feel that the other has hurt them deeply, and their explanations both involve good ole TC. There have been some skirmishes that we have seen that were bad, but methinks the root cause needs to be laid at the feet of Tracy, the fraud PERIOD.
    PUR, you really need to think about this…REALLY think. Don’t go all defensive here, explore the possibility that this could be true. That Sickie didn’t tell Tracy private info….that PUR didn’t say whatever to Tracy. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, I am really starting to hate that name.

  535. Willie Lump Lump said

    Daisy, i thought it was ‘Loose lips, piss drips’. 😛

    Huh. Oh well.

  536. Rooster, I think there’s some validity to what you are saying. There’s a common denominator in a LOT of things ’round these parts and MOST start with the letter T.

  537. Not a Bee-liever said

    Thank you for setting the record straight, FFPT/Sickie/Happy. I accept your apology and acknowlege that my choice of words is partly to blame for the misinterpretation. I’m sorry that I wasn’t more careful.

    Tactfully signed,
    dipshit #1

  538. jazzycat said

    Sickie/Happy said: “There’s a common denominator in a LOT of things ’round these parts and MOST start with the letter T. ”


  539. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh FUCK!! Haven’t read the comments yet, but…..Tracy’s dumb ass one-liners and talkin’ in circles makes me throw up in my mouth every fuckin’ time i read that shit!

    Ok, BITCH!! If she doesn’t “have it straight” and “that’s not what happened” because you “saw what happened”, then WHY THE FUCK can’t YOU clarify?? You say she “ought to get her facts straight” but then you say she’s “not entitled to the facts”?? BITCH, whooooooo are YOU?? You really take your bitch ass wayyyy too fuckin’ seriously!!

    I mean FUCK, I’m no Sickie fan by any means but FUCCCCCCKKKKKK, you get on my last nerve with all this childish bullshit you pull! You remind me of that kid Eddie Murphy talked about in Delirious! He’s got an ice cream cone and he taunts the other kids with it ‘I got some Ice Creeeem, I got some Ice Creeeeem and you can’t have none. Wanna Lick?? SIKE!!’

    The dumb ass power you have on PT is your fuckin’ ‘ice cream cone’ and you know what? I’ll be glad when a bitch knocks that shit outta your hands! Looks like Duh will just be the bitch to do it, too!

  540. The one and only Sally said

    DUH you are ASTUTE!

  541. Mercedes said

    Damnit-try ot get a new line so i will quit pissing off dizzy and boom i take someone elses-it has been one hell day-my kids actually did it-one in particular-she pushed me so hard-i left the cafeteria and by the time i got to the workroom-tears were streaming down my face and words were just coming out…Thank goodness my school BFF was there to help me out-and fix me a bite to eat-since i had about 7 minutes to gulp down my food and calm down.

    Sickie-I was so glad that others defended you too-I was about to post that sickie was in the bed and all should wait for her to get back to defend herself then the Hadzilla/godzilla ro something came into the house-hehe.

    whoever i took trollops from-sorry

    i really don’t cuss much-but this last month has been difficult and my dr. is pissing me the fuck off-of course his office was calling me as i was walking down to the workroom. Breakdown city-i don’t do that-that is how difficult and UNDISCIPLINED this group-FIVE of them are.

    Right now-I don’t give a flying fuck whosw workd I fucking take because i am not in any kind of mood to be discussing “word stealing” at the moment.

    Wor to all of you bitches and hos and skanks and sluts and hoodrats and hoochie mamas and puntas and cunts and…YO MAMA!

    Love ya! Mean it!

    Lord, I apologize for that one there, and be with all the starving Pygmies down there in New Guinea, Amen!

  542. Mercedes said

    sickie-i couldn’t ever find any good reads about our “friend” to catch up on…???

  543. Mercedes said

    Hagzilla/bitchzilla-you are way too cool and you are having WAY too much fun! You go girl-tell it sista!

    r-e-s-p-e-c-t…la la la la la la la la

    that’s how rumors get started-started by the jealous people-they get mad-
    sorry-singing bs again

  544. eyesicle said

    Blah, blah. It was like a Stacy James email…couldn’t concentrate enuff to read the whole PUR post. Sad, but true.

  545. Just got home from work (long day) and although I skimmed these posts, not really read, I have to agree with Sickie. The common denominator is TC. She is the first to cause the stirring of the pot by the backstabbing ways she has.

    Now, quit apoloigizing everyone and get on with it! Life is too short for this crap. Let’s have fun while we are here!!

    ~ Krysti (as I have changed to since last night in chat.) Gonna fix that on WP right now.

  546. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yo Willie,

    I lurve your fucking style!


  547. OT, but I gotta bitch/vent/whine for a minute.

    The neighbors are having a “happy hour” Friday right during dinner rush at my store. I want to go, but obviously, Friday night dinner is a must do shift at my store. I am sad. I want to go and party.

    Rant over. Feeling only slightly better. Mixing vodka and cranberry now to make me smile.

  548. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Haggie is shaking her head at all of the shit that has gone down over the last two days. Its like having bad sex, no one is satisfied and you realize you would rather have eaten a cheeseburger or a chocolate bar instead of putting up with it. ARRRRRRGH.

    Semi can ya pass me one of those cranberry drinky dealios please, I think I need to have a little somethin somethin.


  549. No prob Hagz. They are quite nice….Stohli’s Raz & Cranberry no fruit….lazy and I don’t like lime really.

  550. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Thanks Semi,

    Man that was smoothio, I think me could luuurves those little drinkies.

  551. Here’s the deal PUR. I gave you an apology. A weak one I admit.

    You have done nothing to take responsibility for what you have done and you have spread LOTS of rumors about me on the PT discussion board. So much so infact that you said “we’re not going to say because it would embarass her”. HOW is that NOT a rumor/gossip?

    I can’t promise you that I won’t say anything about you on here because frankly, you have given no “word” that you will knock it off on PT.

    Got it? Good.

  552. Willie Lump Lump said

    Thanks Dizzy. Tracy’s just so fuckin’ annoying….

  553. Marvie said

    PUR, I answered you via PM b/c you PM’d me with your questions! I ASSumed you did that b/c I hadn’t gone back to PT to read your questions to me and Foxy … as I told you, I left and had no intention of going back! Here I was thinking that you really wanted to know my thoughts about the PT boards … I even waited a few days to respond to your PM b/c I wasn’t sure where things might go … then I figured, what the heck, you deserve answers to your questions! So, let me just clarify this one point … YOU PM’D ME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS AND I RESPONDED VIA PM! Why do I feel like a huge idiot … again?!!

    Also, it’s taken me HOURS to read through this thread … so, this is what happens when someone goes away for a week? Oh well, I had a great time w/my kiddos and my baby girl … no amount of blog drama can take away the warm fuzzies I got goin’ right now!! Please feel free to carry on my little blog divas, I will enjoy reading your witty, well-spoken responses! Mwah!

  554. Marvie said

    Oh … Sickie and PUR, just so you’ll know … Tracy is likely gettin’ fat off of the discord she’s caused in your relationship (PLEASE, NO FAT JOKES … well, okay, maybe a few) … she simply will not allow anyone in her life to have something she doesn’t have and in this case that’s a meaningful relationship (even if it is a cyber relationship). She has played both of you like fiddles … she is one sick puppy and the longer you hang around her, the sicker you get! Sickie, you’re gone and that’s been nothin’ but good for you … PUR, I suggest you get the heck outta Dodge … but don’t get sucked back into the disease-infested PT swamp! Own up to your mistakes w/o pointing fingers at the other one OR expecting them to make the first move … the high road isn’t easy, but it’s worth the journey!

    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system!

  555. mkrealist said

    Marvie, I 100% agree with you. And good for you for enjoying time with your family!

    I keep tellin’ ya’ll, you will appreciate BlogLand MORE if you leave it behind for a while.

    …hint hint…nudge nudge…

  556. Mercedes said

    Pur-I thought you came here to “apologize” and you are telling sickie to apologize? Whatever. I have never heard her threaten to spread your info-I didn’t even know your info. I do know you don’t share your info-you made that clear in chat THAT FRIDAY NIGHT…if you remember the things we discussed that night. I believe Sickie has been very calm during this whole process and she hasn’t really had much of anything at all to say about you since I have known her. Really-she has had really nothing to say about you at all. I thought you were leaving a long time ago-not that i would want you to go or anything. You are just really confusing.I don’t know your name-don’t really give a rat’s ass. I don’t care if you are in an mlm-or was or wanna be or whatever-yada yada. I don’t care where you live. Get over yourself-WE do not give a shit about your personal info-get over yourself! Come over and play-when you realize who and what you are and you realize what and who tracy is and when you can fess up to your doings-IMHO.

    Oops-stress relief-gotta go home-been on phone with yahooligan’s parent. Did get a very nice call from a parent from last year-such a nice angel kiss-and so needed. Be back in a bit.


    Bet no one has that word!


  557. Mercedes said

    p.s.-I think Pur is ignoring me…hehe

    C’est la vie


  558. Duh said

    God Hates Da Boys Dat Stick Gum Every Where Inside

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