Mrs. Metaphor’s getting old.

Happy Birthday!!!

 I hope you get lots of patchouli incense.


  1. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Happy Birthday Mrs!

  2. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Happy Birthday, Mrs! Hope you’re having a great one!

  3. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Happy Birthday Mrs. M!

    I do lurve ya! I kinda like patchouli!

  4. Starr said

    Happy Birthday, Mrs!

  5. Just Call Me Shay said

    Happy Birthday, Mrs!

  6. Happy Birthday girlfriend!!!!!!

  7. I assume YOU’RE the one with the balloon, Duh…lol

    Well, thank ya. I appreciate that! Old, bah…merely beginning a brand new decade. 40 is the new 26, doncha know.

  8. Just Call Me Shay said

    Mrs. –

    I will be 40 in January – right behind ya!! :o)

  9. folkwoman said

    Happy b-day, Mrs.!
    Duh, my boys just loved that clip.

  10. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Happy Birthday Mrs. I’m 53 you baby STRUMPETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    NC Newbie, I’m right behind you…I’ll be 53 in a couple of months

  12. Mercedes said

    Happy Birthday!
    Mrs-Hope you had a great day!

    Whew-I gotta get goin’ on having some children-soon.
    You guys will be grandparents and I will be having a baby-hahahaha!

    My dad’s birthday was yesterday…
    Of course he is alot older than you-he turned 58.

    Now-my older brother will turn the big four O in February…so he is right behind ya…and I am behind him…and I got a younger brother.
    We were all born in leap years and next year is a leap year. How old am I??

    Hey Mrs. How ’bout them Vols? Finally! Go Big Orange!

    Happy Birthday-again!

  13. Duh said

    I’m almost 30. Almost. Am I the baby?

  14. MKV said

    Well, I’ll be 41 in 2 days. (Yes, I’ll be expectin’ something) I’m older than YOU, Mrs.????? LOL. But I don’t look a day over 39, I swear.

  15. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Not to worry………I can keep up with the best of the baby STRUMPETS!!!!!!

  16. Just Call Me Shay said

    NCNewbie –

    Did you just call me a BABY strumpet??

    I love it! I am usually the oldest poster on a board….LOL

  17. Maggie said

    Happy B-day Mrs. and a wish for many more to come.

  18. Holla CDSS! said

    Happy Birfday Mrs!!!

    Not the baby Duh, I am holding onto 28 until the 15th of October. Then the final slide into my 30s begins.

  19. RaininOnMyParade said

    Happy birthday mrs metaphor.

  20. NorthCarolinaNewbie said

    Yes Shay……….I’m 53, so that makes you a BABY STRUMPET!!!!!!! Until you get my age, you can’t be a BIG GIRL STRUMPET WITH BIG GIRL G-STRINGS. *snickers and snarks*

  21. Me said

    I’m 54—am I the senior one here?

  22. Me said

    As I look back over the comments, I don’t see mine that said Happy Birthday to Mrs. M–so I’ll say it again–Happy Birthday!

  23. Wow, you guys are old enough to be my big sister…or maybe you were the teenage babysitter I had that watched R rated movies and let me stay up on the couch! Bad, babysitter, bad.

  24. jazzycat said

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. M. !!!

  25. Just Call Me Shay said

    NCNewbie –

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….I love not being the oldest on the blog. I want to be just like you when I grow up…..LOL

  26. unbeelievable said

    I will sing Happy Birthday to you like they do at Pappasitos (anyone else know the restaurant?)


    *take sombrero off wall that has been on 5000 heads today, plunk it on Mrs M’s…*

    *putting on bored, unenthusiastic voice (not b/c I don’t love Mrs M, but I am trying to make this authentic here)*

    Hey, baby, que paso? *Clap* *Clap* *Clap-Clap-Clap*
    It’s your birthday, we all know. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap-Clap-Clap*
    Happy Birthday que paso
    From all of us at Pappasitos!!

    *Unenthusiastic whooping*

    Never have a birthday at Pappasitos, okay? 🙂 If you come to my next of the woods I’ll bake you a cake though (granola even if you want!)

  27. Did you know that the song Happy Birthday is copyrighted? Yeah, that’s why Pappsitos and Chi Chi’s and Chuck E Cheese can’t sing it…they have to make up their own or pay the usage fee. It’s true. Google it. 🙂

  28. Mrs. M,

    I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday! I guess I can’t sing it for you because it would cost money and well, I spent my money on a Dyson! Boy, that’s a great vacuum.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday. 🙂

    ~ Semi

  29. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy BIRTHDAY dear Mrs……….
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I was singing it out loud.



  30. Watching the trainwreck from the outside said

    Hope your birthday is just wonderful MrsM! I too am coming up on 40 in August. Can’t wait.

  31. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    i’m early 20s.

    happy birthday mrs!!

  32. Happy Birthday to you!

  33. Damn! There are some young’uns here. I am 36 just a couple of weeks ago and so far, no big difference except I need more wrinkle cream…need less sun…um….the list could go on, but you get the idea.

  34. Happy Birthday Mrs M!

    32 here, and a gramma already…thanks to the miracle of “stepping”

  35. Mercedes said

    coll beans SC-we are about the same age, but you are the older one-teehee. I will be thirty-cough in April.

  36. LOL mercedes, I’ll be 30-cough in March.

  37. Dana said

    Happy birthday, Mrs.

    Anyone over 30 is old. In about 3 years, I am sure I will not feel that way. But for now, that’s my cut-off. I used to say people born in the 80s and later were young, everyone else was old. But I’ve developed a more liberal stance.

  38. eyesicle said

    Chiming in late…Happy B-day, Mrs. Sending warm, fuzzy granola thoughts your way….(I am 37…)

  39. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Screw U Dana. I’m 33 going on 34 and fuck the 20s. I wouldn’t go back there if someone paid me. I lurve my 30s!


  40. Dizzy – Funny you should say that, I was a firm believer at being stuck at 29, but this year I decided, FUCK THAT! I will be my age, be proud of it and have fun. I don’t care if everyone thinks I am too old year wise to be me. I am smart and responsible for me and my family, and that is all that matters. 🙂

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