Care to explain?


Circle your answer class: Scary/Pedophile/Mormon (it’s the teeth) teacher enjoys teaching and often stays after class to help students learn more about his favorite subject. 

raisinberry said:

  It is so true what you all are saying. I still shake my head in disbelief that I actually sat under this so called “teaching” without standing up and saying..why would you drive a wedge between a husband and a wife? Why would you demean a woman’s husband by teaching a 3 prong cash-check-credit breakdown to hide it from him? I didnt ever use that..but my people were in “classes” where it was taught..and we all just looked on. GOD! How did we stand there and see all of this and say “GOD FIRST”, too?
How can this mind-takeover ever be explained???

I have an explanation.  If you’re weak minded and always agree with the people around you instead of thinking for yourself, this can happen to you.  If you think that everything you do is the right move and that you are above reproach, this can happen to you.  If you quote God and manipulate the bible to mean whatever you THINK it should mean, this can happen to you.  

Anybody else have an explanation for Raisinberry? 

Ya know, the PTer’s need to stop asking questions they really don’t want the answers to.

For extra points:  What’s his favorite subject?


  1. Biomechanical Engineering. (extra credit question)

  2. Duh said

    With hair like that? No way.

  3. Extra credit : Social Deviance

  4. Duh said

    Is that a trade school class or somethin?

  5. Duped said

    Extra credit: Geography or World History

    As for Raisinbran (I don’t know who said that, but it is just too cute to not use), I give up trying to explain things to her. *eyeroll*

    Fart knockers.

  6. Daisy said

    Oooh, oooh, I know!

    Extra credit: Theater Arts

  7. I took social deviance for my bachelor’s degree. It was some of the most fun I had in any college course!

  8. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Social deviance, wouldn’t that be Tracy?????


  9. Duh said

    I didn’t notice this before, but that guy looks like my high school boyfriend. Haircut and all.


  10. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Duh, did you get this picture out of your high school year book?

  11. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Actually this guy looks like one of the Biology teachers at my old HS, who asked me out on a date about one week after I graduated (I was 16 at the time).

    What a freakin’ creep!

  12. Not a Bee-liever said

    Ewwww Duh. Your high school boyfriend looked like that? I’m sorry. And Curious, ewwwww to your high school teacher as well. That is way creepy.

    My guess is the guy in the picture is a history teacher.

    Tactfully signed,
    dipshit #1

  13. Duh said

    Yeah he did, NAB. But he had a really big dick so it didn’t really matter what he looked like.

    I’m kidding. I never saw his pee pee. I’ve still never seen one. I do it in the dark.

  14. You know, Duh, I gotta add, from personal experience… I had a boyfriend in high school and I thought he had a big dick, too. But then, I graduated, went on with life, and about 5 years later through a strange series of events, I happened to get the chance to see it again. It wasn’t so big, actually, it was on the small side.

    Sorta like that really big hill in your neighborhood when you were a kid… it magically straightens out as you grow older.

  15. jazzycat said

    Wheww, I’m glad “dick” and “pee pee” aren’t censored.

  16. Not a Bee-liever said

    Duh, you don’t have to see it to distinguish if it is really big or not. Are you sure you guys were doing it right?

    Were his eyes asymmetrical like this guy’s? I find him hard to look at.


    Not so tactfully signed,
    dipshit #1

  17. I went to high school with this other guy named Richard. He had a naturally big head on his shoulders (he now lives in Houston and works for NASA.) Anyway, we all started calling him Dick (nickname for Richard) but our Catholic high school didn’t like the zeal we used when calling it out. When we got banned from calling him Dick, we just called him Head.

    The name has stuck ever since. Gotta lurve me some Head!

  18. Starr said

    raisinberry said:
    TimeWiseWasted…I am not so sure it is “used and abused” for orders, from most Directors. If somebody is working the career path-they get the attention more that just ordering consultants do, and when they stop, the hunt for the next one to move up begins. We were always trained to keep moving people up. Yes ordering manipulation is part of it,but 200’s and 400’s dont keep a unit afloat unless there’s 40 of ’em. The exact same thing is done to Directors. Our NSD’s have very little to do with us if we are not “accountably calling in and moving up”. I cant remember ever being called by my NSD in times of trouble. Not once. Her focus was on who was working on National or Exec Senior…or cadillac. Matching their time with your effort is a neat little manipulation trick of dangling a “carrot” in hopes you make a run for it. Its all just a trickle down. The hilarious thing about it is, it is said to us all with an air of superiority, as if to say, My time is too valuable to spend with the weakest among you…

    Off topic but, has anybody else who has come out of the fog, started to think how RIDICULOUS our “titles” were?



    Picture a regular job. Imagine the Secretary walking around with a name badge that says, “Future Senior Administrative Assistant to the President”

    How the heck did we accept this ridiculous system of titles?


    Starr says:

    Jeepers, Raisin — you are now wholly accepting PT’s silly titles.
    YOU are a freakin’ Maven!! Aren’t you? LOLOL.

    I think the woman is definitely still operating under major delusions. She compartmentalizes this stuff to the point she can’t see the proverbial forest through the trees.

    And I used to admire this person–somebody whack me upside the head, PLEASE!

  19. Shay the Star Fleet Commander said

    I like the title “Future Star Fleet Commander” myself.

    After that, I will be “Future Master of the Universe.”

    They have a nice ring to it.

    If I ever have my own message board, I plan on using these titles. Everyone feel free to be envious of me.

    Signed –

    —–Shay :o)

  20. Shay the StarFleet Commander said

    Starr –


  21. Starr said

    Thanks Shay SFC– I needed that!!

    BTW– did you see the additional material on the Meta Thread on PT– Tracy dissed you. Someone brought up your farewell thread and then everytime your name was mentioned in subsequent posts, TC did the ***** thing wherever “Shay” was originally.

    She called you a pot-stirrer, I believe. But I really like “Shay the Star Fleet Commander” much better. What do you think?

  22. Shay the StarFleet Commander said

    Starr –

    I did not see that, but I cannot say I am surprised. LOL

    I think “Shay the StarFleet Commander” has a MUCH nicer ring to it. LMAO.

  23. Shay’s name is **** too? LOL LOL LOL Shay welcome to the **** club.

    How many letters are left on PT? P and T.

  24. Shay the Pot-Stirring StarFleet Commander said

    Starr –

    You know, I noticed that before on another thread, where the “offending party” could not be mentioned, so I kept seeing “****” over and over in posts.

    It’s like she is trying to erase all traces of someone once they cross her.

    Kinda like my mom cutting my dad’s face out of all of the family pics after the divorce.

    You know, healthy stuff like that. Stuff that sane people do. (NOT.)

  25. **** the Pot-Stirring StarFleet Commander said

    LOL @ Sickie

  26. Daisy said

    ****, I think you are a riot.

  27. Not a Bee-liever said

    P and T


    dipshit #1

  28. Shay = *****

    Awe, Shay you are now named asterisk. You will always be known as ****.

    ~ Hussies!

  29. Willie Lump Lump said

    Woo Hoo, I lurves me some *****!


  30. mkrules said

    By my count, you’d only need 10 people ordering 400 to make production or car production. 10×400=4000. 40×400=16,000=Caddillac prodction. This goes back to what I have always said…”sucessful” is a relative term based on individual goals. Sorry for the MK lesson, but it needed to be corrected.

  31. gothchiq said

    I think his topic is Abnormal Psychology.

  32. Mercedes said

    ok-what’s with the *****-is it code or something? am i lost? i know i am. I am surprised dizzy didn’t comment on the mormon thingy-or did she?

    waving to dizzy-one ex-mormon to another

    zoom zoom zoom

  33. Not a Bee-liever said

    Because people with access to PT say that Tracy has replaced “shay” with “****” in the meta thread.

    *waving to Mercedes* Are we cool? Do I owe you an apology?

    dipshit #1

  34. gothchiq said

    I never check anymore. Has my name changed to ********? Or @$#%&^*#? LMAO

    …and there’s a creepy doll
    that always follows you
    It’s got a ruined eye
    that’s always open…

  35. Not a Bee-liever said

    Maybe I am Not a ***-******

    I wonder if my profile still says, “Si tienes preguntas en español, puedo ayudarte” because at this point, “no puedo ayudarte, lo siento mucho.” LMAO

    Shay, your comment about your mom cutting out your dad’s face from the family pictures is so sad. This is sad, sad behavior.

    dipshit #1

  36. **** the StarFleet Commander said

    NAB –

    Mom had a weak moment…LOL

    I am happy to say that they got over the divorce and are happy, healthy productive citizens once again. LOL


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