Here’s a dilemma

When I checked my inbox this morning there were a whole slew of emails from Tracy to other people.  Probably 10 or 12 of them.  They are some interesting reading.  Tracy talking about people.  Tracy getting upset about the “trash” blogs.  Tracy comparing her site to others.  Tracy defending her actions.  Very interesting.  I really want to post them.   I do.  But I don’t know if I should.

What I saw in these notes more than anything is the level of paranoia and emotion.  It seems that Tracy has no line between her “real” life and her internet life.  This is more than a little worrisome.  I suppose I don’t understand it because I have a family and friends and a life outside of the internet.  When I get up from the computer (the rare occassion when I get up) I’m not thinking about you guys anymore.  Sorry!  I’m not losing sleep.  I’m not crying about what people say about me.  But I’m starting to see that there are some people, like Tracy, that ARE like that.  Or at least they want people to think that.  I’m not sure.

When I sit down to write a post or participate in a conversation online, it’s like a fun little game for me.  I’ve said this before, but it’s like watching and being involved in my own little soap opera.  Mystery!  Intrigue!  Bitch slapping!  It’s all here!  I don’t really see myself as an active participant in the drama though.  I’m more like the person that is packaging it with a nice little bow for mass consumption.  The drama is out there, I’m just condensing it and presenting it to the world.  I don’t start the drama, I just write about it.

In the last couple days, we’ve seen a few feuds come back to the fore front.  PUR vs. Sickie.  PC vs. Sickie.  PUR vs. just about everybody in general.  Now I know that some of you think that Sickie is a “shit starter”, but I have to tell you, I’ve not seen it.  She’s been on this board for more than a month, and I’ve not seen her try to start any drama.  Maybe it’ll take her longer to feel comfortable enough to create some shit, but for now, I’ve not seen it.  It seems to me that the one person that is in the middle of these feuds is Tracy. 

So what’s the point?  I guess I’m just picking on Tracy again, right?  Probably.  What I’m trying to figure out is, is this a game to Tracy (like it is for me) or has the internet totally encompassed her life to the point that reality and fantasy are one? 

For those of you that would argue that the internet is real life, just give me a break.  Not a one of you has even talked to me on the phone or met me in real life.  I could be a 62 year old man for all you know.  All you know about me is what I tell you.  So to think that you can have a relationship based in reality with someone online without ever meeting/talking/seeing that person is ridiculous.  Don’t get me wrong, I have made some great internet friends, but if the internet were shut down today, I’d be sad to never talk to them again, but I wouldn’t be completely devastated. 

If it is a game to Tracy, she’s playing it for all she’s worth:  plotting and scheming and trying to claw her way to the top of the heap.   By starting her own site, she’s succeeded in injecting herself into all the relationships that are created there.  She’s got information on everyone and can make or break a budding friendship.  If she’s playing an internet “game”, it’s reprehensible that she’s masked it as a public service website.  It’s mean, but not necessarily crazy.

If Pink Truth is Tracy’s “real” life though, the consequences are horrible for her.  I asked Julz once why Tracy hasn’t taken Pink Truth and spun it in to an actual organization.  Why is it stuck in internet limbo?  For example, the anti Scientology sites.  They have pictures of pickets and protests they’ve participated in.  They are really trying to make a difference.  But instead of taking Pink Truth outward to a real world organization, Tracy has turned it inward to a controlled discussion board.  The chances of PT making a difference in the real world becomes less and less.

Not only with Pink Truth, but on Tracy’s professional website.  It seems that she’s spent hours upon hours honing an online image.  She’s written pages of text about herself.  What she doesn’t seem to realize is that most people do not see the internet as a reliable source of information.  It doesn’t matter how much she develops her online persona, most professionals are not going to take her seriously based only on that.  I sincerely hope that she spends time networking and meeting people in her community in real life.   I don’t see how she has the time to do it since it seems she’s online 24/7.

If this is Tracy’s real life, she has built her business and her “charity” like a house of cards.  By trying to undermine the relationships around her, she has lessened her influence over people where it really counts.  PTer’s have accused me of steering people’s awareness away from the real mission of Pink Truth.  I have no doubt what their mission is:  to bring awareness to the masses about Mary Kay.  I have serious doubts about what Tracy’s mission is, and as long as her face is the face of anti Mary Kay, the “mission” is in jeopardy. 

So I’d like to know what you think.  Is this all a game to Tracy, or is she really emotionally invested in this internet world she’s created?   


  1. I think Tracy is really emotionally invested in this internet world she’s created – why else would she crash someone’s trip to Vegas and creep them out?

    (Waiting for PRDiva to chime in here…)

    The bottom line is…

    Everyone who is pissed at someone else: Blame Tracy.
    Tired of the drama: Blame Tracy
    Who do we blame? TRACY.

    TRACY is the common theme here… EVERYONE has a problem, and it all gets traced back to Tracy’s bullshit.

    EVERYONE should be able to agree on that. And if you can’t, well that’s because you ARE Tracy.

    PUR – you’d better be concerned that Tracy has personal info on you. She’s famous for demonstrating her investigative skills by proving it with other people’s personal info.

    Anyone want to raise their hands and agree with me?

    Tracy is looney toons. Period, end of story. It’s to the point where I am concerned if we stoke her fire any more, if PT starts to go downhill, we’re going to see her on… and it won’t be for fraud investigating! She’s gonna drink some pink truth kool aid Jim Jones style, and then what?!

    DUH – to answer your question – I think she thinks this is real life. The evidence is overwhelming. I also thinks she jacks off at the idea that she’s got all these women that she hates still trying to virtually fry each other.

    By perpetuating this bullshit, TRACY WINS.


  2. mkrules said

    Duh, I think you should not post those e-mails. Some of these people (take Raisinberry for example) do take this blogging thing way seriously and I think it personally affects them. Perhaps try just to contact the people who she is trashing in the e-mails so they have a heads up in private?

    Oh she doesn’t like the “trash blogs”…wow…you don’t say!

    Unless you see a point to posting the e-mails, don’t do it. I just think it is pointless.

  3. Dana said

    Tracy is crazy. I think that’s the moral of this long-winded blog entry of Duh’s.

  4. Duh said

    The only reason I would see for doing it is to show the level of psychosis that is at work here. Seriously. It’s scary.

    The people she’s talking about in the emails already know that she hates them, so it’s not like they’d be hearing anything new.

  5. Duh said

    “long-winded”? I work and I slave and what thanks do I get?

  6. To post the emails or even send them on to the person she talks about is doing exactly what Tracy did last night in sending TRANSCRIPTS to PUR….transcripts I have yet to receive from PUR, by the way. I still want them and I think I have a right to see them, more of a right than PUR does. Am I wrong about this?

  7. Post them. Expose her for what she really is.

  8. Or post them, but edit out the names of the people she is talking about. How about that?

  9. Not a Bee-liever said

    When the Maven board was first created I held my tongue for a few days and tried to get a feel about how everyone was handling being a Maven. I am interested in eventually contributing to my family’s income, so I thought maybe on-line translation would be feasible for me. I had a small hope that my time spent at Pink Truth translating would “translate” to the real world as volunteer experience. I wanted Tracy to take our professional relationship seriously so I started a new topic which I phrased as a joke “Does being a Maven get us street credit?” and proceeded to, through self-depricating humor, hint at the possibility that Tracy would vouch for me if anyone ever asked about Not a Bee-liever, that awesome PinkTruth translator. I wasn’t counting on her support and I didn’t feel devestated when I didn’t get the support. I do think it is interesting that she never responded to my thread when others did. Some really nice people responded in that thread and sent me supportive PMs. And some of those people still check in on me through email because they are nice enough to care. Take that for what it’s worth. In my eyes it shows that Tracy is concerned about her own business reputation but not the business reputation of others.

    dipshit #1

    I don’t think you should post them Duh. Listen to the voices. LOL!

  10. Duh said

    Yeah, Mrs., but I’m not telling people stuff they don’t already know. In fact I’d heard the “gossip” about these emails before, I’d just never seen it for myself.

  11. **** the StarFleet Commander said

    I think posting them would open the eyes of people who might be “on the fence” about TC’s credibility, etc., but if you DO post them, please edit out names, etc.

    IMHO, exposing Tracy should not hurt the other people involved.

    —– **** :o)

  12. **** the StarFleet Commander said

    One more note –

    If the correspondence indicates a “scary” level of “psychosis” or whatever the case may be, then I believe esharing the emails would be a wise thing. It may help people realize that sharing personal details with TC is not a good thing.

    Again, JMHO and YMMV

    —– **** :o)

  13. Not a Bee-liever said

    esharing? Shay, did you just coin a phrase?
    sorry I don’t know what YMMV is.

    dipshit #1

  14. I hear what you are saying, Duh.

  15. **** the StarFleet Commander said

    NAB –

    It was a typo (esharing), but it does fit, doesn’t it? LOL\

    YMMV – your mileage may vary (disclaimer when mileage claims are made for vehicles)


  16. Not a Bee-liever said

    Oh, clever. Thanks for teaching me that! LOL!

    dipshit #1

  17. Shay the StarFleet Commander said

    NAB –


  18. Shay the StarFleet Commander said

    And, to answer the question, I think that TC is emotionally invested in the Internet world she has created.

    You know, years ago, there were stories of people committing suicide over the fate of the Dungeons and Dragons characters (if the character was killed off, the person committed suicide). Obsession is an ugly thing.

    Now people literally die of dehydration and exhaustion at the keyboard – same thing, different day and age.

    Like it has been said before – some people need to take a break from the keytboard…..

  19. Soooo interesting said

    Yes Mrs. I agree you have the right to see the transcripts, if that is what you want.

    Duh? This blog has comments all over what a crazy wacko bitch Tracy is, but I have not experienced it and do not totally understand why all the opposition. If the emails you received show her in the light most comments are speaking of, I say “bring on the emails!” after you remove names.

    My Mom always said “It takes one to know one.” PUR sure has some serious mental issues, poor thing.

  20. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Duh, My question would be this, are relevant and would it really shed light on anything? If it does then post, if not then save them for a rainy day.


  21. chineseambassador said

    well I can’t figure out if PUR is crazy like Raisinberry, or maybe just under the influence of the big TC.

    SOOO interesting – you’ve never read PTLies? really? There’s plenty of hard evidence right there. Check it out and read some of the archives.

    and I’m sorry I was stirring the pot last night. I thought I was being uber-helpful.

  22. Laura R said

    My .025: If the contributors OK’d their publication on the public blog, then you are covered there, however, if you have doubt as to whether or not to do it, don’t.

    My thinking is that she (TC) will identify who contributed these and harass them more in ways they don’t even realize they are being harassed by her.

    Because you are concerned about the content and obviously realize it’s important enough to share on your “cyber-bully-public-awareness blog” ;), I would take snippets from the mails (those you feel expose the character most) deleting names and writing your summary about each (maybe a little background). That way, you are protecting the contributors, the victims (in the mails) while exposing the character. Use quotes for sure. Just my .025

  23. Soooo interesting said

    Embassador, I have been over to that site for just a bit. Thought it was only geared toward her business. I will spend some time there, thanks for the link.

  24. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Tracy is crazy. SWMNBN, I agree with you.

    Anyone else think Tracy may have doctored the transcripts she sent to PUR?

  25. Duh said

    Another reason I am hesitant to post them in their entirety is because the person who sent them to me has deleted their side of the conversation. I don’t like to jump to conclusions when I’m only getting half the story.

    I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it some more.

  26. Starr said

    You should post them, Duh. However, it is probably best to leave the names of TC’s victims out of them. The victims themselves could be notified on a private basis– just so they know.

    TC spends way too much time online to actually have a life in meat space. No way. If she is banking on PT being some sort of career for her down the road, she is going to have to get her ass off the net and out into the real world. Doesn’t look like she knows how to do that.

    I personally think she is a real creep and though the idea behind PT is a good one, other people who are actually ethical and have their acts together– would probably do a much better job with it.

    Hell, the world is big enough and full of enough capable people already, maybe saving the MLMers, if it is to be, belongs to one of them.

    This woman needs to be exposed, but I guess she is enough of an enigma that it doesn’t make sense to blatantly expose others along with her. That is, unless those folks decide to be exposed.

    Publish the emails, redact the victims’ names. That’s my opinion.

  27. What’s up Shortcake!

    Girl, seriously. We should add Tracy’s picture to the Wikipedia definition of ‘crazy.’

  28. Soooo interesting said

    Well Duh, if the person who sent them deleted their part that changes everything! Emails can be confusing enough as they are, but when one part is gone? They aren’t worth crap. Still debating if you should include them here???? “If in doubt, do without.”

  29. a wise woman said

    Duh you are a smart woman Im with MK Rules dont post them!!! Its a waste of time and even if you did people could see them and still think that Tracy is Mother Theresa. There are people out there who still say that the Holocaust and Slavery never happened although we have documents and film to prove it.
    I think that you have respected the opinions and privacy of others and Im not the brightest cookie in the world but I think you are on the right track by not posting them. The evidence against Tracy has stacked up more than 100 percent.

  30. Not a Bee-liever said

    If they just serve to entertain those not involved, then that’s not the right thing to do IMO.

    dipshit #1

  31. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Well NAB this is at least one thing we agree on.


  32. Me said

    I would like to see any that discuss me, if there are any, or my blog.

  33. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    One sided emails? That’s retarded. Why did they delete out their comments and only leave Tracy? I’ll be the first to say Tracy is a crazy bitch, but one sided emails? That sounds fishy.


  34. I have to go with the latter half of the posts and say that edited email conversations are no good for posting. The only thing that should be edited is personal identifying information. If part of a conversation is missing, then it’s not good evidence. JMO

  35. Rebecca said

    Sounds fishy to me, too. One person’s words have been edited out. Tracy’s words remain. Who’s the primary aggressor? Can’t tell. Was Tracy really the primary aggressor, or was the other person? Was Tracy merely responding to the other person? Was the other person actually setting Tracy up?

    To be of any use at all, the entire conversation, both sides, needs to be disclosed. All of it. Not just select bits and pieces.

    My thinking is to not post them. If any email series is posted, the WHOLE thing should be posted. I believe it would be good to obtain the permission of the person being discussed first.

    To any who are sending emails to Duh, QUIT editing out your side of the emails. It makes you look like you have something to hide; makes you look like you are tampering with the evidence; makes you look like you are setting Tracy up. That’s a bad thing to do, even to Tracy.

  36. Mercedes said

    Well I still have that pm from tc stating that it is ok to post on other blogs-when i told pur about me posting over here and pur told me to tell tc about it and ask her what should i do…

  37. parkerposer said

    “I personally think she is a real creep and though the idea behind PT is a good one, other people who are actually ethical and have their acts together– would probably do a much better job with it.”

    Starr, catch up. Tracy copied PC’s blog and stole the traffic after she shut it down, and she has copied nearly everything from the discussion board on Pink Lighthouse.

    The good idea was never hers to begin with.

  38. parkerposer said

    “Well I still have that pm from tc stating that it is ok to post on other blogs-when i told pur about me posting over here and pur told me to tell tc about it and ask her what should i do…”

    You must be joking.

    You need help. Seriously.

  39. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Arrrgh, when is TC going to learn that peeps don’t belong to her??? I thought slavery was abolished??? You can dang well post where ya want. I think I would have told her to go stuff it up her arse cuz no one was asking for permission.

  40. I think only post it if you can tell that Tracy started the e-mail. Then only post the first section – just hers and forget the other parts that follow if you are unsure.

    If the original part of the e-mail (the one started by Tracy) is not relevant to anything then skip it.

    If it proves a point that has been questioned on here b4, then post it. Just my 2.33 cents.

    Everyone knows Tracy is scum.

  41. Mercedes said

    parkerposer: Why do you say I need help? You need to explain.


  42. prdiva4 said

    Hey SWMNBN!
    *raising hand*

    I still can’t believe I left her ruin my Vegas vacation (of course she said I wanted her to go. HA!)

    She kept talking and talking about internet stuff, I felt bad for my hubby because he couldn’t believe how EXTREME it was. She kept talking about Julz(Is that Dizzy?) I know she said she was going to meet with someone on Sunday. Also in Vegas she kept talking about Duh this Duh that and of course I was HOOKED on DUH’s blog after that! That’s where she told me about how she took LJ’s idea of the MK dictionary and that was it for me… Anyway, the whole story is on ptlies. 😀

    After that I went to the main source, PC. Tracy had told me a BUNCH of lies about her(PC) and me so stupid believed them all. I should’ve talked to PC since the beginning, but what the HECK, I messed UP. apologized and Moved on!

    But, Tracy is seriously NUTS! You should see her face when she talks about the online stuff! *UGH*

    SLUT #4

  43. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, isn’t it amazing how everyone finds out about these blogs…..THRU HER???

  44. Willie Lump Lump said

    I SAIDDDDD, isn’t it amazing how everyone finds out about these blogs…..THRU HER??

    *better go thru this time*

  45. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh! Ooops… 🙂

  46. bluehairedbebe/rethinkingpink said

    I want to see anything she said about me. Probably nothing, I was never a “Maven” or “high-ranking”, just a lowly Baroness. But still, you never know w/ her. I say post it if it proves a point that has previously been questioned. I would give people a heads’ up if they are mentioned. Or just post Tracy’s part. Whatever. Just let me know if she’s talking shit about me plz k thx 🙂

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