Who are the moderators on PT?

In response to Tracy’s post below, someone asked, “Who are the moderators on PT?”  Unfortunately that question was deleted before my mole could grab it.  So maybe one of you guys could ask Tracy. 


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Re: The Pink Truth Meta Thread

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Hear, hear, Rachel.

I do appreciate the input and the suggestion to lock instead of delete. But for each person who believes that is the best way to handle it, there is another person who thinks we should delete instead of lock. And then there’s the person who thinks all threads should be open into infinity.

So I can’t say that there will ever be an “absolute” with regard to this issue. It will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  I, too, wish that those administrative decisions wouldn’t have to be made. I wish that those who are unhappy with the site would just not visit, rather than try to create discord. But that is only a dream.

The best way to deal with those who don’t believe that PT should be around… is to continue on with our mission. To help others, to communicate with our friends, and to let those who are unhappy be miserable without our participation. The drama is not worthy of our attention.

I am receptive to suggestions on how to improve. And there have been plenty of suggestions that have been accepted and successfully implemented. I would love to hear your constructive ideas. I don’t care to see drama-causing threads that really don’t help.

I am not receptive to personal attacks on me. I am a human being who makes mistakes, but I try to learn and do better. I do what I believe to be fair. Being “fair” doesn’t mean that I always offer explanations about my every move. There are situations that occur behind the scenes, and frankly don’t need to be discussed publicly. I will do what I feel is best to maintain order and continue with our mission. Yes, there are times that I and the moderators have to make difficult decisions with regard to members on PT. We don’t enjoy those, but we do our best to evaluate the situations and handle things the best we can.

I administrate the site in a different way than I used to, primarily because my vision and purpose with the site has changed since starting the site over a year ago. We are at a place that I never imagined when I started PT/MKS a year ago. We have helped far more women in a year than I ever thought we’d help in a lifetime.

PT is here to stay, and my hope is that it can get to a place where we don’t have to talk about deleting and locking threads. I hope that our members can contribute positively and constructively to the site without my intervening. But make no mistake – I will take action when members abuse our site, our rules, and our members. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed positively to our success.

It’s odd because every SINGLE discussion board I’ve ever been on the mods have the word “moderator” under their name.  That way everybody knows who is making the decisions.  Why doesn’t Tracy want the PTer’s to know who the mods are?


  1. Duh said

    BTW, the ONLY person that thinks posts should be deleted is Tracy. She should do a poll, but I haven’t seen one person say, “Yes, delete these posts.” Unless they’re saying, “Yes, delete these posts, but only after I get to read them.”

  2. Not a Bee-liever said

    Anybody can hit the “report to moderator” button and request that a thread be moved or that information be edited out. I have done it. Anyone can do it. It doesn’t make you a moderator. Unless I have been lied to there is only one person who has the final say about a request like that. There are Mavens who have assignments to take care of things within certain boards. For example I used to take care of the Spanish boards. But I was never, to my knowledge, referred to as a moderator.

  3. I agee with everything Tracy said in part of her post. My, er, comments, in caps (I don’t mean to shout, I just don’t know how to put in italics).

    “I administrate the site in a different way than I used to, primarily because my vision and purpose with the site has changed since starting the site over a year ago.” YES. YOUR “PURPOSE” USED TO BE A QUAINT PLACE WHERE PEOPLE WHO FEEL THEY HAVE BEEN BURNED BY MLMs COULD HANG. NOW, YOUR PURPOSE IS GOOGLE AD CLICKS AND PAGE VIEWS.

    “We are at a place that I never imagined when I started PT/MKS a year ago.” YES, A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE REALISE HOW PSYCHOTIC YOU ARE. IMAGINE THAT.


  4. Strawberry Shortcake said

    NAB, Mavens can’t do anything that moderators can. In all the forums I read (and I read a lot) the moderators can move posts, edit posts, approver new members, do behind the scenes changes, etc. All I can see that the Mavens do is chat in a secret board.

  5. Not a Bee-liever said

    Maybe sometimes the titles are interchangable like the chat moderator gets a Maven title so it is confusing. I thought that Tracy was the administrator and that meant she was the moderator. But sometimes the “s” on the end of the words administrator and moderators confuses me. Is there anyone who knows the answer to Duh’s question, “who are the moderators on pt?”

  6. Princess, her goal has ALWAYS been Google Ad clicks and page views… long before she named it Pink Truth it was that way.

    Yes, she did imagine it a long time ago, because she tried to manipulate PLH into being what she wanted, and when she couldn’t get her way, she decided start her own board.

    Don’t think for a minute that she hasn’t had large dreams, the comment about helped far more women blah blah is just propaganda.

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    blah blah blah waaaa waaaa waaaaa

    Tracy is bitch

  8. My gut feeling is that the Mavens watch for particular behavior and report it to Tracy if it is breaking the rules. The Mavens have their own sections that they are in charge of helping with. (For Example: SheerBlushing is (or was) in charge of MySpace matters.) Tracy receives reports from her Mavens and then Tracy makes the decision to lock, delete, remove privileges, whatever Tracy feels. That said, Tracy is the only moderator.

  9. Mercedes said

    Bunch of BS to me-If they really want PT to be what they “say” they want it to be then -take away titles-take away post counts-take away the Karma bs-allow free speech-allow discussion-allow debates-do not delete-do not delete-do not delete-do not change rules often to fit your needs depending on your cycle…yes you can have rules but be reasonable.

    I’m drunk again
    Excuse the hiccup

    (singing-not drinking-but I believe this school year is a test-might be drinking again real soon-lol)

  10. SEMI – are you here?

  11. Shay the StarFleet Commander said

    Krysti –

    So what you are saying, basically, is that the Mavens are like when the teacher goes down the hall for a minute and leaves a kid “in charge” of the class. The kid has no powers – he just tattles on everyone who misbehaves.

    Kinda like that?

  12. Mercedes said

    Shay-From what I am reading-your description sums it up! Good analogy!


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