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You are all just a bunch of whining ninnies… by Dizzy

 June Cleaver

 Can you believe some tramp had the nerve to email me with this?  I am so utterly insulted, I could spit.

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Captain Obvious


Written By: ScrewU

The following post made me think quite a bit.  It was reminiscent to me of PUR’s preaching.  I think I shall dub PinkedOff as Captain Obvious.  Read her astute post & then we’ll talk about it Read the rest of this entry »

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Such a F’in Hypocrite

Written By: ScrewU

I thought it was pretty bold of Tracy to say in this post that she has nothing to gain from Pink Truth unlike the gal’s upline.  Doesn’t she?  Isn’t she trying to boost both her career and pocketbook from Pink Truth?  Perhaps lowstressnow should speak for herself and not the owner of the site.  She’s never proven to us that she doesn’t make a dime off of Pink Truth.  It would be easy to do, so why not? Read the rest of this entry »

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Written By: ScrewU

This was on the Dear Tracy thread but I felt it needed it’s own post because it was both eloquent and a Goodby Cruel World post.  Thanks Pixie.  Not sure if that was your name on Pink Truth but here we go anyways Read the rest of this entry »

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And I’ll hang around as long as you will let me

Written By: ScrewU 

I was reading this post and noticed how many people are no longer on Pink Truth and who’s been reduced to Guest.  How did she decide that evebichon needed to be a guest.  Why not some of the others.  Just too many folks that have gotten the hell outta Dodge.  Poor High Hopes… just look at her karma.  Now you know thats just not right.  How would any newbie posting think someone could have over 2000 posts and NO karma?  Wisen up chickies and enjoy the perfect country & western song.   *** Well, I was drunk… the day my mom… got outta prison…*** Read the rest of this entry »

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If I had a little money…

Written By: ScrewU

Look at the genius idea at Pink Truth!  What a great use of 10K.  And look, they have Tracy’s approval too.  Yeah, ya think? Read the rest of this entry »

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Yep, still crazy

Written By: ScrewU

Just in case, you didn’t remember how annoying Scribbler was, here is your reminder.  Yes, she does have the capacity to piss off even her pastor’s wife.  I like how she tries to spin the story in the end so it sounds like the pastor’s wife does NOT think she is as crazy as she is.  Enjoy Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Believe the Hype

Written By: ScrewU

I’m so pissed off.  Why is it that PTer’s only suggestion to everyone, regardless of their situation, is to send back their products?  Is it because they are trying to ‘stick it to the man’ by having as many people send back their product as possible?  Read the rest of this entry »

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If ya thought Tracy Coenen was a nut in blogland, it’s even worse in “real life”….by Dizzy


If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to PTLies.  There are two newer threads.  One is a continuation of “Deep Throat”.  The newest thread is about how she is using the word “investigator” which is actually against the law and could result in a $5000 fine.  Oh yes bitches, Tracy is allegedly breaking the law.

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Wanna play?


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

Someone mentioned 20 questions and I thought that sounded like so much fun.  Doesn’t it?  So who wants to play?

I’m thinking of something, can you guess what it is?

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