Amnesia anyone?

Written By: ScrewU

So many changes and so little time.  Let’s count all the things you aren’t supposed to remember were there before. 

On the main discussion board home page, you used to be able to see how many members had been online in the last half hour.  You got both a number and the actual names.  No more.  If I had to take a wild stab and figure out why, it would be so people couldn’t see just how little traffic Pink Truth is getting.  Her numbers have been way down and it must have been embarassing to her that the whole world could see just how pathetic her traffic has become.  Please forget about that though.

Tracy has also started showing her posting numbers again.  Who knows why.  It’s just one of the new changes that strangely look just like they did on the old Pink Truth.  And her title of Queen is gone.  Perhaps she doesn’t want to let the newbies on the site know about her power crazed online self just yet.  I suppose we should just forget about that too. 

Also, on the profiles, you can no longer look up when someone joined or when they were last logged in.  Interesting…. you want my guess?  I’m so happy you asked.  I think that once again, it’s embarassing to Tracy that people are looking up these ‘members’ profiles and seeing that they haven’t been on for months and months.  But yet they are considered part of her 2600 strong?  You’re not supposed to remember that either so go ahead and start the labotomy.

Last but certainly NOT the least of all, is her deletion of Mavens.  Big surprise there (if you can’t hear the sarcasm here, then you just don’t know ScrewU at all).  Maybe it was just way too much work deleting all the Mavens that were fleeing the scene?  Or just too hard to replace them?  It’s got to make you feel pretty crappy to have them constantly leaving.  Did you guys get your concussion yet so you forgot about them?  Tracy’s hoping you did.  That must be why she posted this on the Maven’s Board and not on the general board for all to see.  My favorite is when she says that Maven’s are no longer necessary.  Like they ever were.  Whatev


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Thank you!

« on: Yesterday at 04:58 PM »

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with the Mavens Project. I appreciate all you have done to share the responsibility of running PT. We’re up and running with the new site and the Maven role no longer seems necessary. Thank you again for helping during the transition, and be assured that I will still need some help from many of you as we continue to grow.

 Luv U


  1. Left the Freakshow said

    “They’re coming to take me away, haha,hoho, hehe … to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time!”

    Thanks, ScrewU, for reminding just how transparent Queen FW really is! Pathetic! I’m really glad I left the freakshow!

  2. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla said

    Left the Freakshow I’m so glad you remembered my title for TC Queen Fuckwitt. I think this is a pathetic attempt by Queen FW to gather back her control *cough* and me thinks she doesn’t trust the mavens, cuz many of them have turned tail and run and are having fun here. ROFL. I think she really screwed up when she engaged in all that crap over the last few months and she alienated some of her biggest posters, they kept the bloggio moving and a groovin and alive. Without em it is a pathetic discussion board. And this past week has seen a big contributor disappear into the nether world PUR, that had to hurt, it seems they are dropping like flies. Keeping members alive that have left sucks too and for the sake of making PT look like a fun happenin’ place – NOT!


  3. pppj said

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Mercedes said

    Too bad you can’t really see who the true members are and remove/black out the ones whe are gone. Then everyone could really get a true member count of PT.

    Miss Periwinkle

  5. High Hopes has left the building said

    Hey Peri!!!!! How ya doing girl?

    Tracy would never black out the members who have left or been banned, it gives her credibility in her eyes to have a high number count, because then to the world she is making a difference in the war on mlm/MK. Its not about truth, Pink or otherwise.


  6. Well since it’s only a “handful” of troublemakers that have left in the last few months anyway what’s the harm in blacking them out…bahahahahahaha.

  7. High Hopes has left the building said

    I guess your right Mrs, but some of us “troublemakers” were big posters on that blog and kept it lively. I still don’t think she will black them out, because I think the blog is a hurtin’ unit. She is just waiting for the next batch of big posters to come along, someone probably will and then they will leave and the whole cycle will renew itself. Can you define handful? 10, 20, 50, 100 or everyone???? Bwahhhahahah


  8. Duh said

    WHo the hell is Bangbros?

  9. Starr said

    I have always thought that PT is a list for short-timers. It’s useful purpose (yes, it does have one) is to inform those who are looking at getting out or want info about MLMs. Once a person has gotten over the shock and worked through their stuff, it is normal to move on to something else. If you get stuck in bitterness, anger, and regret- just to name a few- you end of stalled and stunted.

    Now I have come to observe in the past few weeks that perhaps there is at least one of those types still contributing in a large way on PT. I saw a side to RB that she had kept a bit guarded until she went a little whacko here a week or so ago. PT– the way that TC has it set up– is really only a temporary stop for those who need info and advice to get it so they can get on with life.

    PT is not a community for long-timers. We have all seen what happens to those who have over-stayed: they crash and burn and then disappear from the place.

    I just have to laugh at this whole situation as it is obvious that the PT “hotshots” pay attention to the criticism waged at them over here. All these recent changes have been the topic of much discussion in some fashion over here. Apparently, TC has taken some of this quite seriously in order to clean up her place over there. LOL

  10. Me said

    “Keeping members alive that have left sucks too and for the sake of making PT look like a fun happenin’ place – NOT!”

    She is “keeping members alive”?? Does she post as other people that used to be active members? Sort of like she accuses directors of doing with inactive consultants…….

  11. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    HH – but that doesn’t matter right now. No one can call her on it. So why not get rid of the blacked out members? It doesn’t really matter either way.

  12. Not a Bee-liever said

    LOL bangbros! Like I really want to go to a porno site with a .info domain! LOL!


  13. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Duh – porn site? LOL that’s what it sounds like.

    Did you get my email? about if it’s just me or not?

  14. High Hopes has left the building said

    Me, I would know if she is posting as me or not, I can’t log in I get an error message of access denied contact administrator or something like that. My little mole friends tell me that I am still on the board as a member. But in the end it doesn’t matter anyway, I contributed mostly silliness, with the occasional bit of seriousness.

    I agree with Starr, after I signed on and got the lay of the land it was starting to get boring after a few months of flogging the pink cat to death. Honestly how much can you really rant about MK and let it consume you. Sometimes you need to know when to put the stuff in the trash and have a bonfire and move on.


  15. Mercedes said

    Really-if you are done with MK, then be done with MK already-IMO.
    IMO-the more one talks about MK-the more they are not done with it and not ready to move on…like an obsession or something.
    About this bangbros crap-their theme is like mine aaaahhh and they have linked a post to this site???? crazy crazy

    WOOOF! right backacha HH!

  16. High Hopes has left the building said

    Now some would say that we aren’t letting go of MK here. Yup we have we are just letting people know about the Evils of PT and the evil blog mother there.

    *Waving to Mere!*


  17. Not a Bee-liever said

    Just watched the video. It reminds me of Pearl Jam. I mean, uh, it doesn’t remind me of anything. Why pick such a sad video, ScrewU? I need to find a happy place with happy music.

  18. Mercedes said

    This isn’t a happy place? I’m so freakin’ happy right now it’s un-BEE-lievable!

    FYI-for anyone that knows the dealio…Test came back cleario!!!

  19. High Hopes has left the building said

    Woo Hoo Merecedes I’m so glad!!!!


  20. Mercedes said


    Did ya get that? ROFLOL!

    Yes! Me too! I’m so excited!
    That I just can’t hide it!


    me Woofs you!

  21. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    awesome Mercedes!! Glad to hear that it came back clear!

  22. High Hopes has left the building said

    Mere, its not Christmas yet! Silly nut!

    I’m glad your test was clear!!!!

    So everyone don’t be shy touch your boobs!!!!

  23. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    Every song can’t be happy. This song is here because it doesn’t remind us of anything. See? This is Audioslave Doesn’t Remind Me. Not Pearl Jam. Although I could see why you think that, it has more of a STP (Stone Temple Pilots) feel to it. Both STP and Audioslave rock. PJ, used to and then they sucked.
    I’ve explained previously that I wished life had a soundtrack and this is the song that I’ve picked for this post. Cuz it goes together. See? See the connection? See why I am so awesome?
    If you are needing a happy song, you can listen to this one:

  24. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    Forgot to say congrats to Mercedes. Glad it came back good news.

  25. Mercedes said

    Thanks HH, MFBT and Ura-LOL
    Everytime I say the word happy now I start singing that song-I’m so happy…
    ScrewU-ever since you said Mr Screw I am always thinking of Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge-sorry-but I do now. It kinda fits ya know-some of your posts…especially taunting little children and stuff. Me lurves you ScrewU!

    Like HH said-don’t be shy-touch your boobs
    or-Feel Your Boobies at
    I learned about that site from Semi~Charmed-Krysti


  26. Not a Bee-liever said

    I’m glad you got good news about your boobies Mercedes. Looks like you are enjoying your fall break. 🙂

    Of course you’re awesome, ScrewU. I didn’t mean to imply that I wanted you to pick a different song for your post.

    I didn’t think it WAS Pearl Jam, but it REMINDED me of Pearl Jam. Because I was thinking about that line, “thoughts arrive like butterfles. . . he chases them awayayayayay” when I saw the child with the toy airplane. Back when Pearl Jam was the shit, I had the impression that Even Flow was about a retarded kid. But I’m reading now on the internet that it’s about a schizophrenic homeless man. ???

    *Off in search of happy songs*

  27. Holla CDSS! said

    WOOT on the boobs Mercedes! Had a little scare with that a while back, it was miserable waiting it out. So glad you had a happy ending!

    Not A Bee, is that Ani in your avatar? It’s so tiny, I can’t really tell. I don’t know you so for all I know, you could look like a teeny-tiny Ani DiFranco.

  28. ChineseAmbassador said

    don’t forget – there used to be a chat room, too, but that’s gone now. Probably because it was common knowledge that TC was reading the transcripts, saving them, and then using them later to hurt others.

  29. ChineseAmbassador said

    oh – and now the whole site is tighter than fort knox – you can’t read anything, post anything, view or use PMs, give karma, or anything else without registering and jumping through tons of hoops to “prove” to her paranoia that you love her and her site. You can’t even comment on the blog without registering now, right? (or has that changed?)

    If I stumbled on a site like that, and found out what a pain in the ass it was to join up and comment, I would just go somewhere else.

  30. Not a Bee-liever said

    It is Ani. Oh no, I’ve “outed” myself! LOL!


  31. I’m curious – can any of you moles out there tell me if formeravonlady (me) is still shown as a member, or if my posts have been deleted or “****’d” out? I don’t know if it will be easy or hard to track, since I haven’t posted since May, but the simplest way might be to check the Creative Memories threads – I posted quite a bit on the earlier ones. Just curious, thanks.

  32. Jaime Sommers said

    Hey, Princess Edamame….. yep, your posts are still there.

  33. Shay the Duhpuppy said

    Princess –

    You are still a member. Can’t see any posts that have you XXXXX’ed out.

  34. What a twat! I didn’t even ask to leave – she booted me, yet thinks “highly” emough of me to keep me as a member, but not let me in? Reminds me of a song…I’m curious now when “my” latest post was…

  35. lol – emough…emuff…e-muff..oh TC

  36. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Someone check to see if my old name is still showing as a member…Neverpantyhose. I rarely posted so I know none of my comments would be there.

  37. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Congrats, Mercedes!!! That is AWESOME news!!!

  38. Mercedes said

    Thanks Holla CDSS and Curious and anyone else.

    Just got back from Blue Monarch and now updating my teacher website.

    I think we should all bombard tc with requests to be deleted and see what happens-lol.

    I also think that alot of these stories here should be placed under different tags-some examples might be: tracy coenan, pink truth, mary kay, ethics, sequence inc., and so many more…so when people are searching under tags-BAM-they can find more of the truth…and wipe her face out of the picture-LMAO!

    Just my opinion…

  39. jazzycat said

    Glad to hear it, Mercedes! ((hugs))


  40. Soooo interesting said

    dizzy…don’t see you over there as neverpantyhose.

  41. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    its hard to find someone when they have no comments

  42. mkrules said

    Any non- haters that wanna chat…come on…

  43. Mercedes said

    speaking of the opposite of no comments-notice that tc is posting a lot more now-so she can get those numbers up of hers…i guess she had to really prove that she is The Queen. Wonder if her karma is legit or if she is loggin’ in under all of us non-Pt’ers and giving herself karma-lol …or under other names-hehe

  44. Not a Bee-liever said

    Neverpantyhose, you are there and in August your account was still active so I gave you karma. My karma to you was, ” You say what you want, when you want”. You have around 3 posts if I remember correctly. I found your posts in the MySpace thread in the middle of the general discussion pages (the thread where everyone is like “Yeah, add Erin to your MySpace friend list!” and then, “OH no, I didn’t know Erin was a troll, sorry guys! Delete, delete, delete!” LMAO!)

  45. Mercedes said

    I don’t understand-I thought you left NAB. you still on at PT? and can give Karma and stuff? hhhmmmm

    Some wild and crazy shit yo! Yo mama!

    Anywho-…back to building new websites…had to take a commercial break.


  46. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dude, it was in August. I can’t do that kind of harrassing karma graffiti anymore. Sorry!

    P-dam, your karma had been disabled when I tried back in August or else I would have given formeravonlady a karma boost too.

    I’m all about virtual ass kissing through karma boosts.

  47. NAB – I can’t believe you’d try to harass me by giving me karma!! (j/k)

    Thanks for the thought. I guess I’m good enough to sit at the piano, but not good enough to play.

    Sorry, Mrs. M., that was a crappy metaphor…

  48. Mercedes said

    hey princess~i thought that was good 🙂
    NAB-sorry-I thought you meant you just saw her still on and karmafied her.


  49. Mercedes said

    speaking of mrs, i gotta go check on my mid-term assignment…
    i sure can’t get this website assignment going…whew!

  50. Mercedes said

    I got a B-and a chance for an A with a rewrite…rewriting now

  51. Not a Bee-liever said

    Sorry about the mixture of present and past tenses. I meant, in August when people were playing the disrespectful harrassing graffiti karmifying games, I looked for Neverpantyhose and found her in the MySpace thread from May. I should have just kept my wits about me instead of asking to be banned and I might’ve still been able to play those karma games.

    Of course, me talking publically about the MySpace thread will probably get it deleted. 😦

  52. formerlyPLZ said

    This exactly the stupid shit I got tired of at PT. Hello genius, if you’re starting to suck CHANGE SO YOU DON’T SUCK ANYMORE!!! But I don’t expect Tracy to grasp that kind of sane person knowledge.

  53. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo Plz, Ya gotta be sane to grasp sane person knowledge. I’m thinking PT is a bunch of messed up insanity. The levels of paranoia over there are huge, with having to register to be able to post or do anything, but then again when you register it boosts her numbers don’t it. So I guess Queenie realizes that if people are leaving more than staying she has to keep her numbers up somehow.


  54. daisygirl19 said

    Wait, there isn’t chat there anymore?

    How will she ever *communicate* with Fortunate Son?

  55. Mercedes said

    No you didn’t just say that! LMAO!

    Craisy Daisy!

  56. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Now that is funny in a sick sort of way Daisy! I wonder if she has reached out and touched someone ROFL. Poor fortunate son RUN LIKE THE WIND CHICKADEE!!!! RUN, you don’t want that pink vampira sucking your life’s blood out of ya cuz then you’ll be an evil blog zombie forever enslaved to the Queen. RUN RUN RUN!

    Poor SuzyQ, is she still on PT or did she leave? Hope she left. Save your offspring Suzy get a big wooden stake and silver bullet. Or hang some garlic around your puter screen, apparently vampires don’t like it. Or better yet hang it around fortunate son.


  57. Not a Bee-liever said

    MFBT, do you want me to throw some guesses out here as to your PT screen name? When are you planning on outing yourself and/or going out with a bang?

  58. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LOL Notabee. Go ahead and guess, but i doubt you’d guess it.

    I like being a mole though, it’s fun. It’s like being a spy, CIA agent, undercover cop, etc.



  59. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    i dunno, it seems kind of pointless to out myself now that i think about it. i mean, i wasn’t a big contributor so it wouldn’t be SHOCKING or do some damage to the forum because i’m a “huge contributor.”


  60. Mercedes said


  61. Mercedes said

    oops-sorry still working on webpage and was in all caps

  62. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    um, dunno? maybe in a post or two ? i’m not sure, i get really confused as to who’s who on here.

    you’d probably recognize my name, but that’s about it? i wasn’t “close” to anyone like … pur is to tracy [or was]. ya know?

  63. Incognito said

    Since Tracy is letting people post questions and be all open and stuff, people should start asking “certain” questions for the newbies. Like who is so-and-so or where did__________ go? Or – I liked what **** said, why can’t I give them karmaelectra? Catch my drift?

  64. Mercedes said

    I was Miss Periwinkle – I was only there maybe a month and a half…lol

  65. Mercedes said

    NAB seems like a pretty good investigator too and keeps stuff filed away in her memory. I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t figure out a few of the people here real soon.

  66. skankzilla/bitchzilla said

    Speaking of amnesia, where oh where has Willie gone? Do I have amnesia, and I really never heard of Willie or remember Willie? It is beginning to feel that way. Come out-Come out-Wherever you are!


  67. MFBT – I thought you outted yourself here once. Am I nuts?

  68. eyesicle said

    Hey, maybe we could call Fortunate Son over here, LOL!

    Yeah, where is Willie?

  69. Not a Bee-liever said

    MFBT, can we play 20 questions?
    Answer yes or no:
    Do you have more than 100 posts at PT?
    Are you a college student?
    Are you a mom?
    Did you post in the “Changes at PT” thread?

  70. Mercedes said

    I am still waiting for that reference page that names our names here and references our names here to our pt names for the ones that want to out our pt names…wink-wink

    I am still waiting with My Cat Came Back – for that cast list…a post dedicated just to outing ourselves…

    unless I already missed it LMAO!


    Dizzy-you likey my siggy line? Original? I gotta good story behind that one too that I think will have you LYAO –

    Yo Mama!

  71. Colleen said

    Congratulations mercedes Im glad that you are happy and healthy!!!

  72. Willie Lump Lump said

    *waving to the bitches of Duh*

  73. Mercedes said

    thanks Colleen~me too~so glad! still continuing the fight for a cure though

    waving back to willie


  74. Mercedes said

    darn it i knew that wouldn’t work

  75. Pixie said

    So, I was digging around on PT today, ya know, for shits and giggles…and I found a comment by erin (blacked out) in a thread about a dead pool. Wonders never cease…


  76. Mercedes said

    ooohhhhhh really

    i think that a boycott should happen really soon-muuuhahahahahahaaaaaaa

    BTW-anyone know anything about webhosts? me so confused and tired of research…

  77. Mercedes said

    pixie said snootches



  78. Pixie, what do you mean “a thread about a dead pool”? I don’t know what a dead pool is. Is that a dumb question? Am I supposed to get it?

    Oh, and I have a new name and a new blog. Check it out.

  79. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    edamame – no, i didn’t.

    Notabee – we can play selective 20 questions:

    Do you have more than 100 posts at PT? yes
    Did you post in the “Changes at PT” thread? i’m not sure; probably? i don’t remember. what was the post about?

  80. MFBT, Maybe I should just email you my guesses. I have two guesses.
    The “Changes at PT” thread is the one where Tracy wanted to explain why some people had decided to stop posting and what the new forum rules were at the time. You can see it here in parts 1 2 and 3.

  81. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    fightingwindmills – JUST figured out who you were. go ahead and email me, i’ll tell you if you get it right.

  82. Both of my guesses were wrong. So that sucks. You are still undercover, MFBT.

  83. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    dundundun. i’m incognito! 🙂

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