Wanna play?


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

Someone mentioned 20 questions and I thought that sounded like so much fun.  Doesn’t it?  So who wants to play?

I’m thinking of something, can you guess what it is?


  1. Willie Lump Lump said

    no 😛

  2. Mercedes said

    Can we ask you questions?
    If so…is it a person?
    I love my little 20Q game
    Wassup Big Willie?
    How are ya?
    Tryin to get my 20Q in here…


    Hey i need a new name for a teacher board that doesn’t link me to me or any of these that I use-any ideas? all mine are taken-darnit

  3. Willie Lump Lump said

    Heyyy Mercedes! Congratulations on the clean bill of health! 😉

  4. Mercedes said

    thanks…i am still changin’ doctors and gonna go to the big city for further testing when further testing is required from now on-you just wouldn’t believe all the nonsense and bullshit…%$^%^#5#$##! And to top it off-I just got the official letter yesterday-it says just to get a screening mammo when i am 40-why wait 5 years after all of this? trying to slack off on the cussing-gotta face the kiddies on monday…


  5. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    nope, not a person #1

  6. Mercedes said

    Is it a noun?

    Is it an action?

  7. mkhonesty said

    Is it a cat? (Hope this works)

  8. mkhonesty said

    It didn’t, so here’s the URL

  9. Mercedes said

    I remember that commercial…I think “budweiser” did a salute to the cat herder guy…”Here’s to you Mr. Cat Herder Man-for all the cats you herd and all the scratche you go through…we salute you…Real American Heros”

  10. It is a track suit?

    Nah, withdrawn. I don’t want to waste a question on that.

    Just got back from hubby’s 30-year high school reunion. It was a blast winning the award for having the most grandkids (1). Well, we didn’t have the most, but the guy who did was the guy who put up the prize money, so we took it. I loved all the nasty looks I got for being a gramma – I’m 15 years younger than everyone else who was there. Sweet!

  11. Mercedes said

    You go gramma! I’m not even a mama yet—-aaaahhhhhh!
    boyfriend has 3 “grandkids” (ex-step children’s kids)
    they call him Papa Jedd-aaaawwww

    and i am still web host searching……

  12. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Yes, it is a noun #2
    No, it is not an action #3

    Did I miss a question?

  13. pppj said

    Are you thinking of a person?

  14. Mercedes said

    that was question #1 and the answer was no

    mornin’ sunshine 🙂
    wake up and smell the coffee

    are you still thinking the same thing?? LMAO

    is it tangible?

  15. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Is it tangible? #4
    Does that mean I can hold it? Yes

  16. Will you have forgotten about it by the time we finish guessing?

  17. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    No, I have it written down. My memory isn’t very sharp so I write things down.

    That doesn’t count as a question, does it? 16 more before I win 🙂

  18. No, it was more a question for you, dear Bologna

    Is it pink?

  19. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Is it pink? #5


  20. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Do you own one?

  21. Mercedes said

    Oh-I had a question-but I guess I will wait until Princess Edamame’s question is answered…can you do a easy spell out pronunciation for me -like ScrewU does-for Edamame…please? I almost did it spelling out the word pronunciation-pronunseeashun 🙂

    Princess-I have a job/request for you-on your blog-hehe..how about a list/research of good/easy/healthy/inexpensive/ snacks for children…that I can ask from my parents…I am soooo tired of getting the same ol’ thing and getting what we do not want-chocolate….and unhealthy things…if you are bored-not a real party-type thingy though…:)

  22. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Do I own 1? #6


    I’m so confused. What do you want me to do an easy spelling of? I’m not sure I could handle that anyways but maybe ScrewU can if you let her know what word. Did you have a question too?

  23. Mercedes said

    how do you pronounce edamame’s name? not a 20? question

    #7 is it a food?

  24. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Is it a food? #7

    No (not unless you’re a sick person)

  25. Mercedes said

    # 8 – Is it electronic?

  26. Duhpuppy said

    Is it bigger than a breadbox? :o)

  27. Ed-uh-maw-may

    Mercedes – thanks for the request. I’m always looking for motivation and new ideas. I’ll add it in. It will also help me with my creating own kidlet’s snax. And the party connection would be easy – serve these at a kid’s party!

    In fact, your timing couldn’t be better. My kid’s 3rd b’day party is next weekend – look for an update soon!

    Princess Edamame’s Parties – Now updated slightly less infrequently!! Woooot!!!

  28. I think it is a dildo.

  29. Soooo interesting said

    lol Therapist. Is game over?

  30. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  31. flycat said

    can I just guess? I guess a turd.


  32. eyesicle said

    Any ideas for a Sweet 16 party? My DD is turning 16. She’s pretty down to earth. She wants to have 6 friends over, but to do what, we don’t know. I suggested a scavenger hunt and she actually thought that would be kind of cool. The neat thing is, they can just take pictures of the items. A new twist….


    A question…is it an animal?

  33. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Ok. Looks like I’m way behind.

    Is it electronic? #8

    Is it bigger than a breadbox? #9

    No, it’s neither a dildo or a turd. Those are really good guesses but they aren’t it

    Is it an animal? #10

  34. Mercedes said

    I KNEW it was an animal when you said it wasn’t a food – not unless you are a sick person

    Is it a dog? a bitch dog? lol


    or do you have a pet dog? hope that doesn’t count in the 20?
    of course i gotta go back to work tomorrow and will be behind on the games…

    toodles schmoodles

  35. Duh said

    Does it eat meat?

  36. Eyesicle-

    If texting isn’t an issue for you and the girls (for me, it would be – texting isn’t in my wireless plan), you could do a totally tech scavenger hunt. You could come up with the routine list of items, but text it to each group, one at a time, every 2 minutes or so. Then, they find and take a picture of the item, and each one is a surprise. If not all the kids have a phone, they could be in teams of 2 or 3.

    If you have some drivers in your group, they could do teams, give each team $20 or so, and send them on a scavenger hunt around town, texting instructions for what to bring back and where to get it. And check this list out – chips, dip, pizza, KFC, chocolate – they can bring back the party food and save you the hassle! Losing team goes hungry!

  37. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Nope, it’s not a dog.

    Does it eat meat? #11
    Very rarely and only by chance

    I like the scavenger hunt idea!!! That sounds like so much fun!!! You could do like P-dam says and have the 2 teams pick up items for the party. And have them go to the video store and they have to find some random movie in the dollar section.

  38. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    is it a vulture?

  39. is it a rabbit?

  40. a pink shark?

  41. pppj said


    I did picture scavenger hunts in college – great fun esp. at Halloween time. We had pics taken in front of police cars (10 points extra if cop was in picture), pictures in front of planned parenthood, different bars etc..

    You could do a great twist of places in your ‘hood if people don’t drive, OR I like the idea of them running around and getting pizza, soda, etc… if they can drive with pics all over the place.

    Also – great fun to do some strange monument/thing in your town. What is your town known for? Get pics with that.

    It’s like the Ultimate Race, but with a camera, and really, everyone wins. You could also have 2 different scavenger hunts with only a few places being the same.

    Good luck,

    Question: Can it fly?

  42. Duh said

    Is it furry?

  43. Willie Lump Lump said

    Does it have four legs?

  44. eyesicle said

    No driving, no texting…BUT we do live in a small town where you can walk to most things. Or, many, anyway. We also live in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

    Who has ideas of things to look for?

  45. eyesicle said

    PS–Thanks for all the ideas!!!!!

  46. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Wow, my mind is about to explode… OK, I’ll try to answer the questions…

    Is it a vulture, rabbit, pink shark? NO

    Can it fly? #12

    Is it furry? #13
    Of course, Yes

    Does it have 4 legs? #14

    Ok, here is my super fun idea!!!! If you live in a nieghborhood where you know most of your neighbors, you can have the neighbors have things for them to find in the scavenger hunt!!! Then, they can have to go door to door and find things and I bet your neighbors will get a kick out of them knocking on thier doors to get the clue. Like you leave the clue to the next thing with a neighbor and they have to find it! OH! It sounds like fun!!! I’m so jealous

  47. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Have your neighbors have clues to the next thing that they have to look for or puzzles they have to solve!!!! I luv it!!!!!

  48. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    is it a coyote?

  49. I loved pppj’s ideas wit hget a photo with a cop car, etc. Photo by town monument, photo at library, city hall, end at the town-famous eatery…

  50. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    LOL Bologna, some of your ideas are unique to say the least.

  51. Mercedes said

    is it smaller than an SUV?

  52. pppj said

    What fun ideas. Yes – you can make it like that goofy show where families find clues and each clue takes them to a new one. You can have them run around all over the place. Also – have two teams work backwards of one-another so team A finds number 1 clue with clue 2 written on it while Team B finds number 10 clue with number 9 on it.

    Gee, wish I was 16 at the party.

  53. I’m confused by the fact that it eats meat very rarely and only by chance. Otherwise I would guess it is Tracy’s least favorite evil animal.

  54. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    No, it isn’t a coyote.

    Is it smaller than a SUV? #15

    Well, when you figure out what animal it is, then I can explain that better. But no, it’s not a cat either.

  55. pppj said

    Ok just to remind everyone:
    an animal that eats meat only by chance
    bigger than a bread box
    smaller than an SUV

    Question: Does this animal live in water?

    Question: Would you find this animal in a zoo?

  56. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Does this animal live in the water? #16

    Would you find this animal in a zoo? #17
    Yes, not all zoo’s but most I bet

  57. Mercedes said

    My guess was going to be monkey-it fits the description-except for 1 thing:
    A monkey doesn’t have 4 legs-it has 2 arms and 2 legs
    If the arms were counted as legs-My guess still stands as monkey

    I probably shouldn’t tell ths if this is the correct answer-but at school my name is Miss Mer….. the Monkey LMAO!

    #1 Person? No
    #2 Noun? Yes
    #3 Action? No
    #4 Tangible? (That means I can hold it-correct?)Yes
    #5 Pink? No
    #6 Own one? No
    #7 Food? No (Not unless you are a sick person)
    # 8 Electric? No
    # 9 Bigger than a bread box? Yes
    10. Animal? Yes
    11. Eat meat?-only by chance
    12 Fly? No
    13. Furry? Yes
    14. Four legs? Yes
    15? Smaller than an SUV? Yes
    Live in water? Nope
    In a zoo? yes, not all-but most-i bet

    NOT A : dog, bulture, rabbit, dildo, turd, pink shark, coyote, cat

  58. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Nope, not a monkey. That was a good guess though.

    You have a monkey name? Do the kids love that? I bet they do

  59. eyesicle said

    Hey! Thanks for all the ideas…now she is saying NO scavenger hunt…bowling.


  60. Mercedes said

    Yeah they do…they each have an animal name too..what ever their name begins with-their animal name begins with-for example: Sally the Snake-Johnny the Jaguar-Annie the Alligator…

  61. Mercedes said

    Oh I so don’t want to ask another question and get closer to the #20 questions-I just wonder when someone asked is it an animal-aaaahhh-now we gotta break down the animal family-and that might help-mammal-marsupial-

  62. eyesicle said

    Is it a kangaroo?

  63. Mercedes said

    that is what i was wondering too
    or-is it a panda?
    panda bear fits the description

    It’s a panda bear-gotta be a panda bear-eh?

    this is the longest 20 questions game i have ever played-lmao!

    #1 Person? No
    #2 Noun? Yes
    #3 Action? No
    #4 Tangible? (That means I can hold it-correct?)Yes
    #5 Pink? No
    #6 Own one? No
    #7 Food? No (Not unless you are a sick person)
    # 8 Electric? No
    # 9 Bigger than a bread box? Yes
    10. Animal? Yes
    11. Eat meat?-only by chance
    12 Fly? No
    13. Furry? Yes
    14. Four legs? Yes
    15. Smaller than an SUV? Yes
    16. Live in water? Nope
    17. In a zoo? yes, not all-but most-i bet

    NOT A : dog, bulture, rabbit, dildo, turd, pink shark, coyote,

  64. eyesicle said

    Helllloooooo…Bologna….don’t leave us hanging!

  65. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    YAAAAA Mercedes!!!! You got it!!! It’s a panda bear! How did you know?

    Do we want to play again? Is it Mercedes turn to think? I’m so excited you guys got it 🙂

  66. ‘Bout time someone got it after more than a week. 😛 Impatient me usually plays this game in under 5 minutes!

  67. eyesicle said

    Yeah, you think of something, Mercedes!

  68. Mercedes said

    Oh me-Oh my-OK-here goes…thinking now…that I don’t want to be thinking…aaaahhhh. Got it!

    On your Mark-Get set-GO!

  69. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Is it a noun?

  70. Mercedes said

    Yes-I’m leaving work and going home-be back on in a bit-gotta have one of those things that are bad for you and get out of this building…spooky in here-lol

    #1 Noun-Yes


  71. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Yaaa!!! I got one. Ok, is it a person?

  72. Mercedes said

    #2-Nope-not a person

  73. Mercedes said

    Wilie-love the sponge bob

  74. Mercedes said

    I’m tryin’ to find the beverly hillbillies theme song on youtube-i can’t find it-darn-it-gonna put it on my blog. anyone know where to find it by chance?

  75. eyesicle said

    Is it an inanimate object?

  76. Mercedes said

    #3 Nope-not an inanimate object

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