If ya thought Tracy Coenen was a nut in blogland, it’s even worse in “real life”….by Dizzy


If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to PTLies.  There are two newer threads.  One is a continuation of “Deep Throat”.  The newest thread is about how she is using the word “investigator” which is actually against the law and could result in a $5000 fine.  Oh yes bitches, Tracy is allegedly breaking the law.

The thing I find most fascinating about this whole saga is that Tracy has done ALL of this to herself, yet still manages to blame everyone else for trying to “ruin her professional career”.  WHAT professional career?  Would any of you actually pay her to do anything?  I certainly wouldn’t.  Her credibility is slight at best.  What we once thought may have been just bad blog behavior is turning out to be real life behavior.  Now before you go and try to sue me Tracy for slander, remember above I said ALLEGEDLY as none of this has been proven.  However, it doesn’t take a puzzle genius to put all the pieces together.  Your actions certainly speak for themselves that’s for damn sure. 

It’s a true shame; she could have been very successful had she stopped with her endless paranoia and need to control everything.  I imagine it must be pretty lonely in her world.  Nothing but people to sue, cats to kick and dozens of relationships to ruin.  How long can she go on like this before she implodes?  My my, what a mess that would be.


  1. I'll have a Cosmo said

    What a tangled web we weave.


  2. Mercedes said

    Why would a “person” with such “credentials” live in the blog world and do the things she does over the WORLD WIDE WEB anyway? That is my question of the day. Well -not really-been asking them all day-but-that is my thought for the thread……….

  3. Mercedes said

    Oh my-this is her own description of herself? If so-can we say…nevermind…

  4. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Perfect example for all the students out there to never believe what you read on the internet.

  5. Mercedes said

    Well-I must say-on my own teacher websites I do tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even on my own blog I do…except my name…for certain reasons…

  6. Well you can believe snopes.com can’t you? I mean, come on…they’ve saved me from many a nasty stupid email hoax….

  7. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    wikipedia is a good example of stuff that you should use as advisory but not as a primary/secondary source.

    that’s what i meant. i can say i’m part of the CIA/FBI on some website and make myself look credible, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

    that’s what tracy has done here.

    i probably should rephrase it to “be skeptical about what you read on the internet”

  8. Mercedes said

    She is one sick twisted person-she can’t possibly many-if any-real friends. And if she has so “many” degrees what is she doing running an internet forum? Only a cpa? sounds like she is a fraud running a forum during work hours by chance?? Oh never mind-she probably doesn’t have to work anymore-since she is making the big bucks of all the advertisements on pt-especially all of the MK ads-LMAO!

    Hey Mrs…when are we gonna meet up sometime for lunch or something?
    I enjoyed the mid-term-that would have been difficult for me “back in the day for some reason.


  9. gothchiq said

    *shakes head* Oh dear, oh dear.

  10. Pixie said

    According to Facebook, Pink Truth has 4 members, and TC has 5 friends. Speaks volumes, no?


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