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Written By: ScrewU

Just in case, you didn’t remember how annoying Scribbler was, here is your reminder.  Yes, she does have the capacity to piss off even her pastor’s wife.  I like how she tries to spin the story in the end so it sounds like the pastor’s wife does NOT think she is as crazy as she is.  Enjoy

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Re: Combatting Fraud in Churches

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I want to apologize for the length of this, but I think you guys will find it an interesting and encouraging read. 

MK has gone unchallenged in the churches and that sickens me to no end.  It pains me to know that there are women who are endeavoring to grow in their faith, and yet the second they leave the pew at noon on Sunday afternoon, they’re out warm-chatting, working credit cards in order to meet deadlines, and telling women every half-truth and silver-tongued line in the book in order to get the innocent to sign a consultant agreement.  And yet because “MK is a godly company that does so much for women!” people are willing to take that at face value and brush it off as being okay.  I am NOT one of those people. 

I’d been leaving PT cards in the church bathrooms on a regular basis.  These cards read, “The god of Mary Kay and the God of the Bible are not the same God” and contained the PT address.  I’d written an article explaining why the two entities possessed radically different characteristics here on PT a couple of months ago, so I wasn’t just throwing about hasty generalizations.  They truly are not the same god! 

Recently the head pastor’s wife came up to me after the service.  She had two PT cards in her hand.  “What do you know about these?”
“They’re mine,” I replied.  Then I told her I was a part of and an author for the Pink Truth community and what PT was all about.
“This is serious,” she said sternly.  “Women who are in Mary Kay have been finding these cards in the bathrooms and bringing them to me.  These women were very upset,” she warned. 
Zing!  I thought.  They should be upset – they’re being manipulated and lied to on a daily basis.
She continued.  “I know lots of godly women who do Mary Kay.  They’re not going to Hell, are they?  They’re not sinning by doing Mary Kay, are they?  They’re not doing wrong by being in Mary Kay, are they?” 

(At this point I was a bit surprised at her slightly forceful reaction to this issue; she’s a busy lady, so I highly doubt she does MK herself, but perhaps she had family or close friends in the system, I don’t know.  At any rate, she appeared to be taking things a lot more personally that I thought she would.)

“Women who do MK are not going to Hell,” I replied.  “But they are engaging in practices and activities that have the potential to make them stumble in their faith or stunt its growth.”
“Now you’re judging.”
“Well, let me tell you why I feel that way,” I replied.  I then told her how I was writing a book on Mary Kay’s dirty recruiting practices, what I’d learned and read about their emotional manipulation, and for the nail in the coffin, I quoted Dacia’s blasphemous e-mail to the masses to her.
“These people are being led to believe that if they don’t sell enough stuff, God is going to look down on them at Seminar and shake his head in disappointment,” I explained.  “If they order enough, he’s going to say, “You’ve done well.”  That is blasphemy and I have a real problem with that.  That’s why I put the cards in the bathrooms – they were there to warn women of faith who are being deceived and hurt by that system!” 
I felt the atmosphere of the conversation change after that – it began as mildly confrontational and melted into a mixture of shock and intrigue.  She took a more supportive lean to the information I’d presented her with, which was fantastic.  She did, however, explain that someone visiting the church might see one of the cards and think the church is against them if they do Mary Kay.  I was cool with that – I agreed not to put the cards in the bathrooms – there’s a thousand other places outside of church I leave them, anyway.  The word’s still getting out and will continue to get out. 

It’s funny; five years ago I probably would have felt anger or a degree of offense, but I can honestly say I wasn’t feeling a single shred of any of that.  I figured the pastor’s wife gave a response typical of someone who has no idea what’s going on in MK.  I have a little saying I use:  “People will initially “blow” because they don’t know!”  (“Blow” meaning “blow their top.”)

It made me feel good knowing that the word got out to someone in church leadership who now knows that MK isn’t quite the godly company it tries to present itself as.  I wish every single church/place of worship in the country knew what a great danger this company is to its female parishoners.

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“But Mary Kay Corp is going to fold in a few years…”

“That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”


  1. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    By the way, for those of you who didn’t know, Scribbler has NEVER EVER been a consultant. So where is her great expertise? How does she make such blanket statements when she’s never been in ANY of our shoes?

  2. freefrompt said

    Scribbler says: “These people are being led to believe that if they don’t sell enough stuff, God is going to look down on them at Seminar and shake his head in disappointment,” I explained. “If they order enough, he’s going to say, “You’ve done well.”

    I can honestly say that I KNEW God was NEVER disappointed as to whether or not I ordered or sold enough. He was disappointed when I didn’t listen to His calling for my life.

    As to whether I chose to listen to God or not was MY decision. I thought I was doing His will when I was in MK and for a time – maybe I was. None of us will know until we meet Him in heaven if what we did in this life was in His will. We can only do better when we know better. I believe, for MYSELF, that getting out of MK was the “doing better after I knew better”. I do wish that I had gotten out sooner, but did not and have had to learn to forgive myself.

    What I had to come to grips with is that God has not spoken to EVERYONE about their involvement in MK. He spoke to ME about MY involvement in MK. All I can do is share MY MK journey with someone who is hurting in hopes that it will ease their burden.

    I believe that there are NSD/SD/IBCs who misuse God’s word. I also believe there are pastors/priests/brothers and sister of Christ who misuse God’s word.

    It’s interesting to read the viewpoint of someone who was never in MK and their interpretation of “what it is/was like ot be in MK”.

  3. High Hopes has left the Building said

    I have never understood why someone who is not or has been engaged in MLM, specifically MK would hang out on an anti-MK blog site. Has she ever done any MLM? I imagine if you hang out with enough consultants you might feel like you know the business and what it was like, but in all honestly she can’t, she’s never done it. She does not walk in my shoes and hasn’t, so how on earth can she base it on experience? She is going by the stories of others and for me its an issue of credibililty. The entire problem with this line of thinking of hers is that she is only seeing one side of the story, not everyone has a bad experience in MK. I will concede that many people have been burned and had bad experiences, but then again many have had good experiences. In the end the decisions that are made are those of the individual, no one has forced anyone into doing anything, we all make our choices and there comes a time that you have to stop looking for a scapegoat and be responsible or at least take 50% of the blame for what you did while in MK.

  4. DuhPuppy said

    I look at her opinion about MK the same way as I view someone who has never been a Mason telling me how “evil” Masons are –


  5. All I can say is, she’s nuts. There are always going to be people who go straight from church to their next drug deal, mob hit, robbery, insert crime here.

    1. Those in Mary Kay who go to church and then actually lie to people and mislead people to get them involved for the recruiter’s own gain are not unique;

    2. Working credit cards and warm chatting are not sins; and

    2. I’m willing to bet my blog that MOST people in Mary Kay do no such thing.

  6. Dana said

    Also, I think the pastor’s wife showed restraint. There are other ways to spread word than business cards left on toilets! I would have asked her if she was volunteering to clean the bathrooms from now on. Because I’m sure the majority of cards just stay there, and if I were the janitor, I would not appreciate cleaning up Scribbler’s “mission!”

    Also, instead of focusing her time at church on keeping others from “sinning,” maybe she should use her church time to focus on her own relationship with God? Just a thought.

  7. freefrompt said

    That was the part I always had a hard time with Dana. On PT we always talked about how we ‘warm stalked’ in MK, etc. Then out came PT cards and I couldn’t bring myelf to pass them out. It felt like MK again.

    I didn’t just willie nillie throw around my biz cards when I was in MK (where I was TRYING to make $$) so there was no way I was going to do that w/a PT card.

    I DID leave 2 notes for 2 different people w/MK stickers on their cars. I just said “there are some upcoming product changes you might be interested in knowing about please visit **** for more information”.

    The **** is for Tracy’s benefit, cuz weez **** in the **** department.

  8. I don’t think it’s necessarily “crazy” to get involved in a cause that you aren’t directly affected by. It seems harsh to criticize Scribbler based on the fact that she hasn’t sold MK. She is, afterall, quite informed about recruiting since she’s amassed all those personal recruitment stories and documents she’s using to write her book.

    Personally, my recruiter was a member of my church and the first skin care class I went to was held in the church. I feel like the whole process was predatory. I accept my responsibility for purchasing an inventory package, but I was misinformed, hurried, and falsly reassured by the association of my recruiter with our church.

    I later agreed to go to coffee with another member of that same church and he gave me the Quixtar pitch. So, again I felt preyed upon. I agree with Scribbler that church should be MLM-free, because I would have liked to make friends and form relationships based on real connections rather than the possibility of “prospering” church members. Yes, I am using “to prosper” as a verb because that is how purchasing something from someone in our church was explained to me once I expressed my discomfort.

    I have stopped going to that church because I felt like it was such a corrupt environment. So, in that way I can sympathize with Scribbler’s desire to stop MLMers from taking advantage of their association with a church.

    To each her own. I know that others have had good experiences, but mine was awful.

  9. I think unless you hand a business card to someone directly, they are litter. So, leaving PT cards lying around is a bad idea. It’s also a little cowardly because if you can’t give it to someone directly, you shouldn’t have bought a darn box full of ’em. I don’t know much about marketing though, so I have to qualify my stance.

  10. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Who else thinks the above words might be more fiction than truth?

  11. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Scribbler may have amassed a large volume of recruiting literature and stories, but that is still only one side of it. I think is more effective to talk directly to someone rather than leaving anonymous cards everywhere, but I can see how doing this will take out the discomfort factor of possible confrontation.

    I gotta say not everyone thinks MK and everything MK is bad. There are some people who are quite happy doing what they are doing and no one has the right to tell them they shouldn’t be doing it. I think it is a personal decision and I think there are ways of disseminating information in positive ways.

    For me I am out and very happy I am and don’t want to go back to it or any other mlm.

  12. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Agreed HH – personally handing a business card is more effective than littering a church bathroom. I definitely would be slightly unnerved about the proliferation of paper cards in a church bathroom.

    It is their decision, not scribblers, to pursue/continue MK/mlms.

  13. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    I don’t care that Scribbler is in the fight against MLM. What bothers me is that she puts her version of it out there as fact. But she has nothing to base that info off of. She has never been a consultant but purports that ALL women in MK are either
    A) victims of religious and emotional manipulation or
    B) the manipulators of women using religious and emotional manipulation.

    But what does she base that off of? Women’s stories that she has gotten from Pink Truth and no where else. She hasn’t taken into account that some women are happy in their little MK lives without any of those things. And yeah, they do exist somewhere.

    It’s the grand generalizations that drive me crazy and her acting as though she is an ‘expert’ when she is not in fact. She really only knows pieces of it. Just because an archiologist finds and studies dinosaur bones doesn’t mean that he knows all about dinosaurs or even knows ALL the dinosaurs. There is still a big piece of the pie unknown to her and she needs to quit acting like she knows it all.

    My personal belief is that Lazy Garden and Scribbler are looking to gain from Pink Truth just as Tracy does. The way I see it, they are just as guilty of the religious and emotional manipulation that the Sales Directors and Nationals are. Same pig, different pen.

  14. I understand your point of view ScrewU.

  15. foreverpink said

    Scribler’s plan is ineffective not only because she is too mentally ill to keep it together, but also because it is totally ridiculous to continue to leave the same cards in the same restrooms and hynmals at the same church sunday after sunday. This makes no sense, the same people are seeing them and they are probably getting tossed so who is she getting the PT word out to? If I were to hand my business cards to the same folks over and over again, I would be an idiot to expect results. It sounds like she is only doing this at her church and I can see the reason for the slight reprimand. At least if she had said that she had done this at several churchs it would make a little more sense. It has become a nusance (sp?) to say the least and the pastors wife IMO was trying to let her know that she was tired of it.

    Scribler goes no to write “I felt the atmosphere of the conversation change after that – it began as mildly confrontational and melted into a mixture of shock and intrigue”. My interpretation of that is that the pastors wife may have realized that she was dealing with a first class nut job and realized that she needed to relax her confrontational deamenor a bit. When people are fanatical about something, logic is the last thing you need to come at them with.

    It is so ironic that many will criticize MK for mentioning God, but have no problem using the same God to further their cause against MK. Scriblers believes are rooted in generalizations and religiosity. I for one do NOT believe that God will be disappointed in me if I dont place an order, go to seminar or whatever. I do believe that He may be disappointed if I dont try to live up to my potential whatever that may be, whether that is in MK or in other areas of my life.

    The parable of the talents comes to mind when I think of this. The one who hid his talent and did nothing with it was penalized. I think this is what is meant by God being disappointed if we dont take advantage of what is given to us to make ourselfs and lifes better. Many see MK as an opportunity that can make your life better, some do not. But it only matters how each person decides to see it because it is not for everyone. Work it for what it is worth and make the best of it. At least you can say you tried. I think this sentiment has been misquoted and anti-MKers use it as fuel to futher their cause.

  16. High Hopes has left the Building said

    When I signed up with MK my SD and recruiter never ever played the ‘God’ card. It was not a part of our regular unit meetings. If they referred to religion it was faith – I know those are just semantics, but I find it offensive and repulsive to push religion onto anyone. I think it is disrespectful of the other person’s beliefs.

    I understand she is writing a book, editors and journalists are trained to dig into stories and research thorougly, but how can you call this research thorough if you don’t dig into the positive side of pink and are only getting all of your information through PT? I don’t think that is a balanced objective approach to journalism at all and it is slanted and biased. A good journalist will show both sides of the coin.

  17. Rebecca said

    Ura a Ricky Retardo said, “She hasn’t taken into account that some women are happy in their little MK lives without any of those things. And yeah, they do exist somewhere.”

    Waving at y’all! Hi! Me me me! I AM HAPPY in my little MK life! AND I even make a nice profit selling this product. And I am not over-stocked with inventory. And I have to keep ordering because I keep SELLING!

    I do realize that there are radically fanatic anti-MKers who will claim that the only reason that I am happy is because I am in the pink fog and that I only think I make any profit because of the pink fog. However, I am not a weak person, nor am I of weak mind. I am not in any fog. I do know how to do basic math. I got me that fair-to-middlin’ amount o’ horse sense even tthough I ain’t got me no call-edge edge-u-ca-shun that seems to tick off Lazy Gardens so much. (Some of you may remember that bit from my former Fuchsia Blog. 😉 )

    So. Anyway. Thanks for acknowledging that there are some of us who are happy in our MK lives.

  18. Daisy said

    foreverpink, you may not have been around for Scribbler’s frighteningly insane tutorial about how to litter a Target store with Pink Truth cards. It’s around here somewhere. Maybe ScrewU or Duh can find it and link you to it.

    Believe me, she is not just sticking the PT cards in hymnals and church restrooms. (Althought I get what you’re saying– you make an excellent point.)

  19. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    Well, here is one.

  20. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    Here’s another

  21. High Hopes has left the Building said

    I think the PTer’s that slam IBC’s for being *warm stalkers* may want to rethinking giving out their PT cards, its the pot calling the kettle black.

    IMHO if your happy selling pink drek go for it, be happy, if you don’t want to sell it don’t. I mean really how much simpler can it be?

    I think Scribbler needs to get away from PT before and if she publishes her book, and she may really want to extensively research her subject more. I have said this many many times, MK has dudes in suits with law degrees and MK ultimately has way more money that probably Scribbler will in a lifetime and the pink suits wouldn’t think twice about launching a lawsuit for slander/defamation. I’d be careful.

    Back to Christie, I think she should listen to her heart and do what is right for her.

  22. Daisy said

    Thanks, ScrewU. The stalking one is what I was talking about. 🙂

  23. pynkmyst said

    Surely the MK *dudes in suits* are no match for TC’s attorney?!?!?! I mean come on! And surely since Scribbler is such a good friend TC will *recommend* her attorney to her *BFF* the Scrib… maybe even *pay his/her fees* before turning on Scribbler and forcing her to send all book profits her way for nonpayment for her legal support services and a loan.. oh maybe she will even get double the dough if everyone buys the book through the book store link on her site! Isn’t that how the story goes? Or was that another thread? SSDT? (Same sh*t different thread?)

    Ooooooohhhhh feeling sarcastic today….. dang.

    DUHs fault.

  24. High Hopes has left the Building said

    You can bet your butt that if anyone every launched anything against Scribs and her book, Tracy would be running away faster than anyone. She probably has some stupid disclaimer somewhere on the site that absolves her of anything and everything.

  25. freefrompt said

    Tracy told me that if she doesn’t like Scrib’s book, she’ll just say that the **** name will not be allowed to be used anywhere in the book.

    **** is Pink Truth for all you not familiar with Tracy’s and my secret **** communication.

  26. Ura Ricky Retardo said

    Oh, here’s another one too:

    Just in case you needed some more. Crazy has been going on for a while

  27. foreverpink said

    I think Tracy would do well to distance herself from Scribler and people like her. They make her look even worse than she already does. If TC is attempting to change her approach and her rep, then people like Scribler will cause her to lose any chance of credibility because she is so over the top obsessive about stopping MK as if it were the devil himself. No one will take her seriously with Scribler around.

    Thanks Daisy, I do remember some of those lunatic rantings from previous post. You are right they are frightening. I think they even made one of the “Mavens” raise an eyebrow. But something about her recent post made me think that she was passing out those cards sunday after sunday in her church to the point that it became a nusance and someone had to say something about it. No wonder she is so wild about the idea of passing out PT cards, she has never been a consultant so she does not know that that version of “warm chattering is not always well recieved. If she had done it as a consultant she may not be so wild about doing it now. I know its not my favorite thing to do. I would rather work off of referrals and fish bowls. She is a real trip..

  28. Well speaking as someone who never sold MK but got really involved in PT I can say this….the stories of the women in MK are very engaging…the stories on PT are interesting and touch upon common threads in my own life. I was not “sucked into” an MLM exactly, I sold Stampin Up, and I liked it…in fact I still like it and still order it from my good friend in Chicago. I had to get out though because having access to the stuff was like a crack dealer getting into their own stash…bad business.

    Regarding the cards though…the question that comes to me is this…just what made the pastor’s wife come up to The Scribbler and confront her with this? ack…

    Sorry, Scribbler, I just think it’s one thing to be passionate about a “cause” and another to come off as obsessive and the card thing works more toward the latter rather than the former, you know?

  29. What What said

    I have said it more than once in the past, but I will say it again – the Scribbler is crazy and scares the shit out of me. I wish I knew what she looked like cause I may dress like her for Halloween.

  30. FFPT, How does Tracy have any authority to say that PinkTruth will not be mentioned in the book? It would be a source to cite. I thought any author could cite a dang source without the source owner’s permission. Or am I mistaken?

  31. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    fighting windmills – in Tracy’s world, no one can cite anything pink truth without her permission. but in reality, yes, you can cite a source as long as you 1. quote it properly and 2. cite it correctly.

    i should just write a book about pink truth’s two faced realm.

  32. eyesicle said

    ” I for one do NOT believe that God will be disappointed in me if I dont place an order, go to seminar or whatever. I do believe that He may be disappointed if I dont try to live up to my potential whatever that may be, whether that is in MK or in other areas of my life.”

    I see where you are coming from, Foreverpink, but there is so much emotional and spiritual manipulation in MK. Stacy James and Linda Toupin are prime examples. They make it sound like if you stalk enough people and pray enough, you will be queen of sales and can quit your job. I know that’s not true, but there are a lot of vulnerable people out there and MK and other MLMs pray on them. I don’t think this is what MKA had in mind at all. My area is so saturated that I cringe when someone tells me they are an IBC now. I am not ugly to my friends about it, but I tell them to look at Pink Lighthouse.

    FP, you seem to have a healthy attitude about your business, but many poeple don’t. There are many frontloading directors out there.

    I find that I agree with fighting windmills.

  33. freefrompt said

    I have no idea fightingwindmills. I didn’t say Scribs can or can’t cite **** in her book – Tracy said she wouldn’t let her use the **** name if she didn’t “approve” of the book.

    That wasn’t my original point, but YOU make a GREAT point! Of course if Scribs uses **** in her book without “permission” then of course she’ll be banned from **** and in Tracy’s world she acts like that is equal to chopping off someone’s limb. Scribs can limp and laugh all the way to the bank.

    I agree with MFBT – bwahahahah permission – where have I heard THAT before?

    Personally, I’d be p*ssed if anyone stashed business card around at the church I attend. That causes more work for janitors, volunteers, etc. and takes away from where the $$$ and/or time could go – to the homeless, missionaries, etc.

  34. freefrompt said

    Morning eyesicle!

    I agree with you. I believe MKA would be saddened by the depth of the deception and misuse of God that some NSDs/SDs/IBCs are using to attain worldly possesions.

  35. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Placing business cards in particular places has become an ineffective means of “getting the word out about MLMs.” Why, you ask? Let’s use Scribbler’s joyous adventures of proliferating PT cards everywhere as an example:

    [note: we are beginning at the beginning of her adventure, when she first started this tirade.]
    1. She began placing business cards in a church bathroom.
    2. People come across these for the first time, I bet 1/10 people actually looked at these for more than 5 seconds; the rest threw them away.
    3. Scribbler created a routine basis of placing these in the bathroom when the ones before would disappear: she probably assumed people were actually taking them home and “finding out the truth.”
    4. People would see them again for the [second time? third time? fourth time?] and throw them away because the cards now have become a nuisance.
    5. Scribbler replaced the stash.
    6. People started complaining about the littering and began a cleanup crew. I bet one particular person who was sick of the littering found them all and threw them away, thus anyone new to the church that went into the bathroom, and would have been a prospect of seeing this for the first time, will never be exposed to these cards.
    7. Scribbler had a talkin’ to by the Pastor’s wife, thus ending the tirade of the bathroom.

    You see, she ruined it. And she still is, according to her, “there’s a thousand other places outside of church I leave them, anyway.”

    If you’re going to “spread the word” about “the truth,” then do it effectively, not excessively.

  36. foreverpink said

    Eyesicle you are right. There are those in MK that use the spiritual angle to their advantage. But there are folks like that in many areans not just MK. But its the ones who do it in MK who are giving the rest of us a bad name. I have a solid Christian foundation and that helps to be able to spot someone who is using manipulation. Some televangelist are so obviously phoney to me, but yet they still have massive followings. It can be the same in MK or any arena where there is someone leading. You just have to separate the good from the bad and do what you know is right. I have always said that just because there are
    false prophets out there it will not stop me from praising God or going to church. I will just change where I worship if I feel someone is not inline with Gods word. And just because there are women out there who are working their MK business the wrong way and frontloading others and doing other unethical things, it will not stop me from being in MK and working my business the right way. I will just align myself with a team that I know teaches selling and customer service first and foremost.

    There will always be those that take advantage of others. The problem with TC and PT is that she wanted her readers to believe that we all are like the bad seeds. I know she is trying to change now, because I really think that she underestimated her opponents and let her arrogance get the best of her. Instead of allowing a equal forum, like the one found on some other boards (pink lighthouse etc) she fostered an enviornment where women can stay bitter and angry about their business decision and not take responsiblity for their own actions etc. That type of enviornment breeds the fanatics like Scribler and others. She is paying for it now as many who supported her have turned against her. She began using the same manipulation tatics that she accused MK of, only in my opinion she was worse because she was claiming to help people.

    What we found was that it is not MK that was the cause of many womens problems, but rather is was the fact that they were so willing to follow anyone who validated them. Thus they traded the so called cult of MK for the cult of PT. That is a personality trait, and is in no way exclusively reflective of a faulty MK business plan.

    I have not always agreed with some of the things that Linda Toupin has said, but I do admire her work ethic. I do not agree with the way Vernalla Benjamin runs her unit (military style IMO) but I agree with her work ethic. Work ethic is the key to anything, and there is no crime in thanking God for giving you strength to follow through with any goal.

    Women like Scribler and others completely ignore that some of us are working our business on our own terms and loving it, we are not being taken advantage of and we are making money. We are not all in debt and we are not all under directors who bully us into making large credit card orders. We do not believe that being in MK is the difference between heaven and hell or that it is the key to salvation. Listening to Scribler you come away with the believe that consultants are being told these things and I just dont believe that they are. She is terribly misinformed and has taken the religious manipulation to the extreme. But in her twisted mind, she must have interpreted things this way and now she is spreading that garbage to whoever will listen.

    I have been at this game a long time and I know when I should order and when I should not. I share this opportunity and recuit others if I chose. If I can do it, so can someone else, simple as that. Its not always about frontloading and recruting. If I never recruit another soul, I can still make money. The good side of MK is not a “fake in the pink fog” ideal like TC would have many to believe. This is why I am so adamently against PT, because it was not and is not the whole picture of Mary Kay.

  37. pppj said

    I think leaving PT cards in a church is just plain wrong. The last thing I want to see – or have my children see – is a PT card, a democratic card, or republican card, a right to life brochure, a planned parenthood card, or anything else in the BATHROOM. If I wanted to check out brochures or literature I would head to the bulletin board not a bathroom.

    Also, I think leaving cards at Target is moronic as well. Let’s just litter a bit more, shall we? Most people don’t use MK, and won’t ‘get it’ anyway. If Scrib wants to make a point she should put them on those pink pepto bismol cars and leave well enough alone.

    Honestly. Who cares? Before I was involved in MK I never thought of MK, or any other MLM. I have too much to do.

    I am heading out to shop today, and am hoping that I am warm chatted. I just LURVES when that happens to me! I especially like it when the IBC is so nervous! My thought is always, ‘Ok, you tell me I look great…but i need a makeover? So, what am I doing WRONG? You want my honest opinion – I hate your lipglosses, and they cost too much. Rimmel is much more fun and cheap.”

  38. gothchiq said

    OK, this is getting really tackylicious: Neither MK activity *nor* anti-MK activity belongs in a place of worship. Churches/temples/synagogues are for one thing: Worshiping the deity in which the congregation believes. Other personal agendas, politics, sales, and campaigns of all types do not belong in a house of worship! That’s so far beyond gauche. That shit is just disrespectful. BLECH.

    Anyone trying to do either pro- or anti-MK activities in a pagan circle is likely to get bashed in the head with the cauldron.

  39. Daisy said

    Gothie! Glad to see you back.

  40. Starr said

    Amen, Gothchiq!

  41. colleen said

    Forever Pink ..Im shocked at the number of people who try to use God as if though he is a slot machine!!! I like your viewpoints!

  42. colleen said

    What happened to our poor little MK Rules? I went to her blog to post and WordPress said it was archived or suspended for terms of service!! I hope someone didnt report her. She even had a disclaimer on the blog at one time saying that it didnt represent the views of MK Corporate! She said months ago they have visited her blog so I cant imagine it being shut down for something anti MK ….what do you all think. She never hurt a fly!!! She is so PRO MK I couldnt even see them telling her to take it down unless someone got mad that she copied a file or something her blog promoted MK more than any other blog I know of with the exception of some other ones (Shades, Myst and others) ..I hope she is not upset she does NOT deserve this. The blog is not totally down so Im assuming someone reported her or corporate saw it and they are asking her to change something. She put so much work into it I cant see corporate being ticked about this.

  43. eyesicle said

    Fp…not trying to poke at ya….but, many in MK say they are trying to “help” people but they aren’t. Howeever, I do agree with you and I have seen many MK people who aren’t like that. I am sure you aren’t either. I haven’t got that vibe from you. You seem like a very kind person. I am not anti-PT b/c of some of the things that were exposed abpout MK. I htink it needed to happen. I am anti-PT b/c they paint EVERY MK prrson with the same brush. Also, what you said about trading one cult for another. Very valid point. The main thing about TC is the control freakishness (is that a word?) and the fact that she uses manipulation and intimidation to make her point. She just wants control and power, IMHO and I didn’t like what I was seeing. I didn’t have a horrendous experience regarding MK. I didn’t lose $, or if I did, it was very little. I just bought into the pathetic dream of having a unit and was able to realize it couldn’t really be done ethically in my area b/c of the oversaturation. I decided to forgo my discount because I could always buy it at that price plus shipping on the trading boards. Plus, can help ppl unload some of their excess inventory. A win-win situation! LOL! I am finding things that work better now anyway, because I find the products aren’t the same anymore after the lawsuit. Bummer, because I lurrved me some Classic Basic #3!

    I like that we can co-exist peacefully on this board! I also like that we can disagree and have a civil discussion and move on.

    People of Duh unite!

    P.S Good morning to you, too Sickie! =)

  44. eyesicle said

    PSS….I will watch out for flying cauldrons, Gothie! =) Good to see ya!

  45. colleen said

    The people of DUH should be running the governnment we get along better than the Democrats and the Republicans..LOL

  46. the Democratic Republic of Duh

  47. Mercedes said

    ok-just got home-still haven’t read much-looks like work-hehe
    did see comment about a blog being suspended and made me read terms f service on wordpress…i am so confused…we have free speech but one can still get in trouble for it looks like so much…gotta go back and study some more..and how do others-ahem-ahem get away with it if this happens?

    Oh-sorry-just me-as usual-thinking out loud.


  48. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    lol “Duh for President”

  49. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    throw a cauldron at me, you witch! lol hope u r doing well gothchiq

  50. colleen said

    MK Rules blog is back YAY!!!!

  51. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said


  52. Help, Help! I'm being repressed! said

    Hi Gothie & pppj-
    i agree that polical flyers, business advertising, etc have ABSOLUTELY no place in a house of worship. I came out of church one day to find a local polician’s flyer on my car and was LIVID. For him to assume that I supported his agenda just because I went to church was offensive. Even more offensive was the fact that they invaded my privacy and took advantage of the fact that I went to church to try and capitalize on that. Plus they violated the sanctity of my worship time. I made a VERY nasty phone call to his campaign headquarters. His “people” claimed that it was not condoned nor was it standard activity and that it was done by an overzealous (and misguided) volunteer . He still lost my vote. Well, not that he had it to begin with.
    Anyway, Let church be church! (or a pagan circle stay a circle)

  53. foreverpink said

    yes eyesicle, i agree with everything you said!

  54. eyesicle said

    =) FP!

  55. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    eyesicle says, “…they paint EVERY MK prrson with the same brush. ” saynig that is pretty much doing the same thing you accuse them of though. are you saying that EVERY pt’r paints EVERY MK person in the same light? even thoguh most of the good posters have left there, i think this is a sweeping generalization

  56. eyesicle said

    16…you are right. That was a generalization. I should have said TC paints them all with the same brush.

  57. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    got it and i must agree!

  58. gothchiq said

    *brews up a witchy batch of pumpkin muffins*

    Nom nom nom!

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