Written By: ScrewU

This was on the Dear Tracy thread but I felt it needed it’s own post because it was both eloquent and a Goodby Cruel World post.  Thanks Pixie.  Not sure if that was your name on Pink Truth but here we go anyways

  • Pixie said,

    October 15, 2007 @ 10:22 am

    Dear Tracy (what can I say, I’m a sharing kinda gal):

    Funny…this is the only thing I can still do on PT. So, as my actions seem to be limited, and you are the only one who really needs to see this, here I go.

    You are a sad, lonely, pathetic excuse for a human being. I am disgusted by your words, actions and attitude towards those who made your site so successful. Anybody who has a clue about Pink Truth knows you are not responsible for the success, because if you were, this site would be bursting with energy and LIVE bodies, as it was before you went on your paranoid rampage at the expense of anyone with an opinion.

    You try to use your fraud investigation “expertise” (snort) to intimidate others. Public records are just that, wingnut…PUBLIC! You go right ahead and post my address, phone number, property taxes, garbage collection schedule, whatever you can find. In fact, come by and take pictures of my house to post on the internet, and I’ll pose on the front step for you! Yeah, I feel threatened by you, Tracy Coenen.

    Trying to exist on your site is like living in an abusive relationship. You have exploited too many women on your site, and continue to do so by refusing to delete their accounts and posts for your own self promotion. Even when I enjoyed posting on PT, I questioned where the other 2000 members were, as it was obvious that they were NOT posting on a regular basis. I heard and read things on other sites (yay Duh!) that, at one time, made me feel sorry for you. I thought those people were just being nasty, until I learned that everything they said was justified, and deserved! You should feel special…it takes a special kind of dictator to turn that many people against you, just by being a manipulative cunt (I hear that is one of your favorite words).

    You took karma away from me because you didn’t like the person who gave it to me. That was the final straw; I knew then that you were a heartless being with whom I wanted absolutely no association. I know that I am truly “fog-free”, have found true friendship, and learned valuable lessons. I also know you never will.

    Delete my account.

    Fuck you,



    1. I am sooooo glad I am procrastinating. Because when I logged in today and read this, it made me feel so energized! Go Pixie!

    2. HH has left the building said

      Woo Hoo Pix! Welcome to the dearly gladly departed!!!!


    3. Mercedes said

      Me lurves you Pixie! My thoughts exactly! I soooooo wish everyone over there would see this and just boycott the MEGABITCH!!

    4. missfixit said

      Well tell us how you really feel sweetie!

    5. missfixit said

      Well shoot. Apparently I’m logged still logged in to WordPress.

      AKA Holla, CDSS

    6. colleen said

      Oh oh oh my god!!!!!

    7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      LOL this was great Pixie. Welcome to the Bitchfest where there is no dictatorship and anyone can say whatever the fuck they want!

    8. eyesicle said

      BAM! Go Pixie, GO! Welcome. =)

      Shit, Dizzy, what the hell is that on your avatar now?

    9. I notice that Pixie is not deleted at PT, but she no longer has any karma. Received or Given.

      WTG Pixie, speak loud and clear and tell it like it is!

    10. Pixie said

      Aww…thanx guys! (Pixie having her Warhol moment) I’ll be here all week! And yes, I was Pixie on PT.

      Shout out to HH…WOOT!

      Me lurves you too, Mercedes!

      Oh hey, thanx Krysti. I didn’t think she would delete me…takes integrity, right?

      Cripes, is that the best you can do, Tracy? Take away my birthday while you’re at it! Have you ever heard “its the thought that counts”? Wait, stupid question…look who I’m asking. Fucktard. Snootches and smootches, bitch!

    11. gothchiq said

      BUWAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s priceless! Lay the smack down girl.

      *does horrible little pelvic thrust dance*

      Snootchie bootchies! XD

    12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

      Yo Eyecicle, I changed it to say “Happy Halloween”

    13. eyesicle said

      Hey, Dizzy, I like it!

      Go gothie on the thrust dance. I’d probably throw out a hip even tho I am 37.

    14. gothchiq said

      I’m 39. I’m a veteran of dance floor injuries.

    15. Willie Lump Lump said

      I’m STILL moved by this sweet letter. *sniff* Bravo, Pixie. I shall refer you to Hallmark. 😉

      What have the rest of you bitches been up to?

    16. eyesicle said

      Too bad, Gothie, maybe we need to stay out of the mosh pit. Altho, since I have been making that a policy, I haven’t gotten kicked in the head. Coincidence? I think not! =)

    17. Chaos Tamer said

      Way to go Pixie! May I copy and edit the name and forum for someone else? It is so appropriate for DF.

      **doing a TD slam dunk dance**

    18. ScrewU said

      Chaos Tamer
      Are you being serious or facetious? I’m confused. And who is DF? I tried to figure it out but my head hurts

    19. Willie Lump Lump said

      ScrewU, you, too?? Darling Fudgelicker maybe? *shrugs*

      And what’s TD? First thing that came to mind was touchdown or tough dick, but….that just makes no damn sense. LOL

    20. ScrewU said

      I was guessing Touch Down slam dunk dance. Like how football players do when they reach the inzone. You know…. they bounce the ball down hard and do a silly dance. Thats what I pictured anyways. It’s all very cryptic and wierd. I thought Chaos hated us here so I was surprised to see her post.

    21. Chaos Tamer said

      No I don’t hate anyone. I found this blog at a time in my life that was kind of rough and I took out my frustrations here. Sorry.

    22. Mercedes said

      Well-it looks like the staleness is about to wear off ScrewU. I just have some weird feeling that some action is about to erupt…

      WOOF-who let the dogs out-oh no-am I gonna start that again? singing all night? aaahhhhh


    23. Mercedes said

      Biting tongue – biting tongue-but this letter doesn’t fit that forum-tourettes-tourettes-sorry-I’m out-I put myself in timeout. for an unlimited amount of time……

    24. pppj said

      hey willie

    25. Willie Lump Lump said

      hey pppj

    26. pppj said

      Willie – we do have something in common. I loooooove sponge bob. We do wicked imitations around the house, and I’m Gary.

    27. I love that episode of spongebob about the frycook games…at the end…YELLOW! PINK!

      (these were white when I bought ’em…)

    28. High Hopes said

      PPPJ Your Gary? ROFL……

    29. pppj said


    30. HEATHERBURTON said


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