Such a F’in Hypocrite

Written By: ScrewU

I thought it was pretty bold of Tracy to say in this post that she has nothing to gain from Pink Truth unlike the gal’s upline.  Doesn’t she?  Isn’t she trying to boost both her career and pocketbook from Pink Truth?  Perhaps lowstressnow should speak for herself and not the owner of the site.  She’s never proven to us that she doesn’t make a dime off of Pink Truth.  It would be easy to do, so why not?


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Re: HELP! What do I say to this MK biotch??

« Reply #20 on: Oct 05, 09:04 AM »

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About  “lies” or “half-truths”……Why would anyone come on here and make stuff up?  No one is making money off half truths here or trying to sway anyone in anyway to make an extra buck.  And if there was no doubt in your mind that what you were doing in MK was 100% fabulous, why would you even be looking at what we are writing here???? 
 Welcome  ladies! 
We really are out to make a difference in this world!  Even for you (lurkers)- & we are not making any money off of you!  If you don’t feel you need us, enjoy yourself at that “Fakin’ It” Seminar 2008!  Looks like a blast!  Pepper

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pinking sheared

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Re: HELP! What do I say to this MK biotch??

« Reply #21 on: Oct 06, 05:44 PM »

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Every time I see someone quote their income, for example, “I did well, I earned $200 a month after expenses” or “$60,000 gross before expenses” for a top SD, I have to laugh.

How many of us would accept $200 a month from a regular day job? I wouldn’t work for that for one week. That’s not enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries in my house.

MK really messes with the math abilities.

Since when is $200 a month or $25,000 a year “executive income” or even a livable wage?


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Re: HELP! What do I say to this MK biotch??

« Reply #22 on: Oct 06, 05:53 PM »

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lowstressnow – You make an excellent point. We have no incentive here to lie. It nets us nothing. On the other hand, the MK upline has plenty of reason to lie and misrepresent. It’s called commission.

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  1. Dana said

    Yeah….. where’s Tracy’s Schedule C? Why won’t she reveal it? Why won’t she ever answer why she did not make PT a non-profit?

  2. Princess Puff said

    Nope the only she is trying to gain from PT is notoriety. She wants to be the big fraud investigator who brings it down. Nothing to gain my ass – now that is utter bullshit if she says that.

  3. Me, but not me said

    Ok, this blog is getting very stale. I was a huge fan, but it’s just not doing it for me anymore. Are you guys just not trying or have you given it all you’ve got and it’s time to retire?

  4. Princess Puff said

    To Me, but not me said. I guess if you no likie you could find another blog to read 🙂

  5. Princess Puff said

    BTW We can’t be dramatic all the time 🙂

  6. Mercedes said

    Maybe because Tracy and PT are VERY stale. LMAO-Splorf-Yo Mama!

  7. Mercedes said

    Oh ya

    Jezebels and Dingleberries!

  8. colleen said

    Even if she was not making a profit off of PT its the way she treats people that is questionable. I have never in my life seen someone who says that they want to help people and then bans them. I will say this Im not a fan of PT but I think it did serve a purpose for those who had problems with MK. I also think that the positive MK blogs (and we know who they are) serve a purpose as well because they DO listen to the questions and concerns of those who are having a hard time and an easy time. At least people who were not treated well did have an internet forum in which to voice their concerns. PT was NOT the first I think Pinking Shears and Pink Lighthouse did a much better job if you will of deprogramming.

  9. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    YO “Me but not me”. The point of this site was to point out Tracy Coenen’s lies. It’s been pretty slow. When PT is slow, we are slow. Got a problem with it? Oh the fuck well. Move on.


  10. Dana said

    So I’ve been noticing on PT not only are posts and comments down, but even karma. Today, a grand total of 2 positive and 1 negative karma have been given! Lame concept anyway, but only 3? HEHE!

  11. eyesicle said

    That’s because Duh is in Jail again…we are the lemmings of Duh, so what do you expect, Me? (but NOT me!)

  12. mkrules said

    Non- haters come to mkrules chat if ya want to…. 🙂

  13. Duh said

    Me or not Me,
    Sorry we’re not living up to your high expectations. I wish I gave a shit what you think, but alas, I don’t. Not much is going on at PT right now, but believe me, when the shit goes down again we’ll be there.

    Or I could just start making shit up.

    That’s an idea!

  14. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said

    OR, someone from the People’s Republic of Duh who still has posting privileges on PT could start an interesting thread on PT (translation: something like “WTF is going on over here with 2000 members and nobody’s posting??? Where the hell is everyone???”) and see what happens. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe That would liven things up, I think, and give Duh something to write about.

    Not that anyone who posts on this blog would DO anything like that, of course. Just sayin’. 😉

  15. Mercedes said

    Me, but not me -why don’t you get things started in here and liven things up a bit-since it’s so stale?

  16. High Hopes said

    To all my buddies on another blog I am no longer there as of tonight. Fly away home!


  17. Mercedes said

    ?? the place I can’t seem to make it to ??


  18. Cranky from no sleep said

    WTH ????????? HH, what you sayin?????????

  19. Cranky from no sleep said

    yo, HH, email me please

  20. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said

    “another blog”? I’m confused…..

  21. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOLLLLLLLLLL, Dizzy’s comment is CLASSIC! I’ve got some catchin’ up to do.

    Bitches and ho’s on the flo’ yo’

  22. High Hopes said

    Yup Mere the one and the same blog that you don’t visit too much, probably just as well.

    To those who still consider me a friend there I have enjoyed our friendships and online bantering. I have a feeling you aren’t going to get the full complete truthful story either, so all I have to say is don’t believe everything you read, it is only one person’s version. Be careful.

    PPPJ’s Duhpuppy, there was a group of us who left PT and started a closed forum for friends. Anyway it doesn’t matter just I’m not there anymore.

    Kindacranky I emailed you.


  23. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said


    Thanks for the explanation. :o)

  24. pppj said

    There’s my puppy!!!! I missed you!!!! Don’t run away again!

  25. High Hopes said

    Kindacranky Thanks for the email.

  26. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said

    PPPJ –

    Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Nice to know I was missed. *woof*

    I promise not to run away again! 😀

  27. Chaos Tamer said

    HH glad to know I am in good company.

  28. Starr said

    Me or not me-

    A few weeks ago there was a whole-sale PT defection. It was high drama, but unfortunately high drama ebbs and flows. I have noticed over there at PT that there are currently many new gaga-eyed people fawning all over the place.

    History will repeat itself and one of these gagas is going to say the wrong thing and then things will start picking up again.

    Good grief, some folks expect to sit back and be entertained all the time. If things are too stale for you, start stirring the pot and get things riled up a bit. LOL

  29. ScrewU said

    It sounds like you’ve had a change of heart. Would you like to share? We certainly aren’t a ‘safe haven’ like Pink Truth but we are a place where you can speak your mind. Go ahead… purge yourself

    Me but not me
    I can’t help it if things are dull. You could go eff yourself with a cheese grator and liven things up. Just an idea

    Does anyone else have any ideas on how to liven up the joint? Any trouble makers left on Pink Truth?

  30. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said

    *raises hand*

    I can still get in. 😀

  31. ScrewU said

    Well, go nuts in there pup! Can’t you pee on someone’s leg? Bite someone or steal someone’s bone. Taking leash off…. now!

  32. Me said

    Believe it or not, I found something sort of interesting at PT today. There is a discussion about an update in the Robin Dunda case. Tracy said the following regarding the director agreement and those that sign it: “…how do you explain the fact that the sales directors AGREED to have it snatched away with 30 days’ notice? The clause stinks, for sure. Yet they agreed to it….”

    She slipped up. Many, many of those participating in the discussion board are or were directors and here she is criticizing them for being stupid. I wonder how many of the participants will realize they just had their hands slapped.

  33. High Hopes said

    Waving to Chaos

  34. pppj said

    Go puppy go…just remember to come back this time. You can have lots of puppy fun and chew on discussion boards.

  35. Mercedes said

    *waving to HH*


    I have been given many nicknames over time that are related to my real name and connect to the different groups of friends or jobs I have had over time. One of my nicknames is also Mert and this is one of my common sayings-especially when I am with that particular group of friends/family.

    My name is Mert-and I’ll be your friend ’til the end!

    p.s.-I’m not really fond of that nickname (sounds like an old lady’s name-like I should be my granny’s sister or something-no offense to anyone)-only those people call me that-hint hint…I don’t mind Mere at all -hint hint

    I’m glad I missed out on all the ??? I hope you are still gonna be around these parts though.


  36. eyesicle said

    “Me but not me
    I can’t help it if things are dull. You could go eff yourself with a cheese grator and liven things up. Just an idea ”


    Hi HH and CT!

  37. oy…that’s a baaaaaad visual right dere….ouch.

  38. High Hopes said

    I got it *Mert*. note to self *Mert*.

    Hi Eyesicle – missed ya around lately!


  39. I don’t know what to think of passive income from ads on a blog. I think it doesn’t hurt anybody, you know? I’m not going to boycot a blog that I like just because it has ads, but would any of you? I’m interested in what causes the animosity. Does it affect someone’s credibility and integrity to host ads on their site? I want to know what you all think.

    When I was a member of PT and I heard that people were criticizing TC for earning money in this way, I think I posted something sarcastic like, “Stop taking all our money, LOL.” There are people who earn commission based on how many flyers they can hand out. The people who accept the flyers are not losing any money, so is this a big deal? I’m thinking about the page impressions that I “gave” TC. I don’t feel cheated. I don’t think making passive income from a webpage is inherently wrong, do you all?

  40. You know, for me, the dichotomy wasn’t that the Ads were present but first of all, that they advertised often “how to succeed in Mary Kay” or “secrets of MLM success” and that was just waaaaaaay wrong. Given, she didn’t really have much control over what goes up there BUT if PT was all about the evil MLM then that’s a major problem, yes?

    So, in my thought, it was more about being inconsistent.

    Second, the problem was that Tracy cried “poor” an awful lot and that was kind of strange. I personally did not question the costs of the site and didn’t really care. Yes, I gave her $25 in donations when the donate button went up…it’s true. I suggested that she incorporate as a non profit to lend some credibility but she didn’t want to do that. I *think* that perhaps her costs WERE high (still are, probably) but not because the mission required it, because she wanted it a certain way, to show well and to be a good vehicle in the long run. That is just my opinion on it.

    In general, this isn’t a big deal…loads of people operate this way…the problem comes with the mix messages and inconsistency in behavior. My hope is that Tracy has found some scruples in light of the last year and started to behave in a consistently integrity filled way…only time will reveal that, though…I never want to see someone stuck in their bad patterns, I don’t delight in that at all…so my hope is that she’s matured, at least a little.

  41. TimeWiser said

    Wow; eye-opener for sure! I was actually referred to this site by a dear cyber-friend and ex-PT contributor. I didn’t realize this blog existed and have never written b4 now. WOW! I don’t want to get sucked into this new “vortex” of anti-MK, anti-PT, but I do want to comment…………

    For what it’s worth, I also questioned some things about PT. As follows:

    1) The pro-MK ads that always “framed” the main page. WTF? Why is this OK? Isn’t the point of the blog to “de-advertise” such crap????

    2) Having my PT comments deleted or censored? Weird. I have never sworn or stated anything even remotely unethical. I only merely questioned, and when my questions were censored, I scratched my head in wonderment.

    3) Tracy’s use of the word “cunt” in the online chat room. That happened several months ago, and I never went back after she referenced another woman with that derrogitory term. I don’t profess to be the most diplomatic person in my prose, but “that” word just doesn’t sit well with me at all, when describing anyone, even my worst enemy!

    So, there you have it. My first post, and it may be my only.

    No tomatoes, please!

  42. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    Oh man. I knew she used the C word in emails, but had no idea she used it in chat in front of people who were NOT in the inner circle. BLECH. I still don’t get how she doesn’t seem to understand how she is undermining herself.

  43. Yeah, she had a tendency to let it all hang loose in chat….but then again, so did a lot of us. I don’t use that word, though…in fact, I don’t cuss for the most part. It’s a habit it took a looooong time for me to break, ack. I keep tryin to fit in though…how about this one, Dizzy,


  44. I only have 2 problems with ads on blogs:


    Otherwise, I don’t care – I realize that many people use their blogs to make money, and I hope to with mine someday.

  45. I only have 3 problems with ads on blogs:

    1. When there are so many ads that it has become hard to find the content.

    2. When there are so many ads that the content looks like an ad as well.

    3. When the blog has a “mission” and the ads run directly couner to that mission, as happens on PT. I realise that the blogger doesn’t have a choice on what AdSense ads go up, but if you are really true to your mission, say, anti-MLM, and then see that mainly MLM ads pop up, you either need to canel AdSense (or whatever service) and be true to your mission, or lose your credibility.

    Otherwise, I don’t care – I realize that many people use their blogs to make money, and I hope to with mine someday.

  46. Sorry about the aborted post – I did something stupid.

  47. I agree with you on those 3 points, TimeWiser (welcome to BFBF, whoever you are 🙂 ), and with your 3 points as well princessedamame.

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