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Written By: ScrewU

The following post made me think quite a bit.  It was reminiscent to me of PUR’s preaching.  I think I shall dub PinkedOff as Captain Obvious.  Read her astute post & then we’ll talk about it


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How Does Wrong Reign?

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In story after story that I read either here or on other sites/blogs, directly from current/former consultants or recall from my own past experience, I see a common theme.  Outrage, disgust, frustration, confusion and pondering about how such a manipulative company/bad directors/bad consultants keep coming out on top.  So what gives???  It’s really very easy to identify how and why this happens.  It’s because we, as a large constituency, LET them. 

Whether it be through silence, ignorance, continuing to order/buy, fear, intimidation, unwillingness to make difficult change, or our own non-aggressive demeanors…. it is our inaction to say “NO MORE” that allows wrong to reign.  So even though a director/consultant/company may begin the questionable practices, the question is WHO is contributing to and furthering their  reign?

Each time someone does one of the things below it HELPS the company and/or an unethical director/consultant, often complained about, to have the last laugh… as they drive smugly to the bank:

1.   Purchase a product from an active consultant (bottom line an active consultant is promoting the company every time she purchases or recruits.  Sad, but true, because by being an active consultant you represent the company…  bad and good.  By deciding to be a former consultant you make a strong statement also.)
2.   Smooth over a blatant inappropriate action of a director/consultant;
3.   Witness a lie and do not address it in some way;
4.   Allow a director to buy an order in another consultant’s name for production purposes;
5.   Promote a contest that promotes front-loading;
6.   Choose ignorance over learning the facts;
7.   Turn your back on a former reputable consultant because she chose to leave;
8.   Stay involved or re-sign under someone just so she’ll leave you alone;
9.   Choose silence when you hear your director, firsthand, bad mouth a former or current consultant who you know personally, through your own experience, to be a good person;
10. Ignore your gut and proceed into a situation you don’t agree with, believe in and/or trust;
11. Represent your experience as “it’s wonderful” when it has not been wonderful;
12. Promote any program as less involved than it really is or ‘free’;
13. Recruit someone without informing them of the ‘active’ requirements;
14. Promote any member of your upline if you really can’t stand, don’t respect her or have knowledge of less than reputable practices;
15. Lie about your net income (that’s AFTER expenses, etc);
16. Encourage anyone’s debt or to take a credit card for inventory/events;
17. Encourage/bug anyone to choose business events over their family/friends;
18. Do a kindness only later to try to ‘collect’ on it;
19. Misuse ‘God’ to make a sale, motivate or recruit someone;
20. Attempt to prevent/dissuade//intimidate someone from gaining knowledge about the company, the ‘career’, the programs and/or products;

(Please feel free to add, revise or debate any items on this list)

I realize this is very tough to think about but it is worthy of thought if you, as a reader, REALLY want significant change.  We, as a people, STILL live in a free country and we STILL have the right to stand up for and ‘vote’ for what is right and wrong.  Thank God.

In my opinion, to be silent, look the other way  and/or to support, without speaking out, an unethical company’s or a person’s bottom line eliminates a person’s right to complain. 

Yet, then we have the nerve to wonder how dark power and greedy corporations are born and flourish?  They are born and strengthen every single day through the individual cumulative decisions made to support something not really believed in, to look the other way and through choosing neutrality and/or silence which ultimately allows dangerous powers to be built.

So, how you may ask, do I get out?  You do it consciously… with a well-thought-out plan.  I doubt anyone who understands all of the dynamics would ever expect or suggest that you just suddenly jeopardize yourself, your family/friends, valid needs or your financial circumstances… it is important to protect your interests so that you can become fully free.  Develop your plan to step on out through baby steps (if necessary), be timewise by setting a timeline and decide to get out of your comfort zone and into the FREE zone.

You CAN do it.

I know only this.  It is one thing to strengthen the darkness and corporate/individual greed when you are truly ignorant.  It is quite another to contribute to it knowingly once you have been enlightened.

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Did you catch that in the beginning?  It’s your fault.   You let those bad people do bad things.  Isn’t that what Kaybots normally say and get crucified?  The bad people couldn’t have taken advantage of you if you didn’t let them?  But let’s move on to each point:

1.  You can not order from either the company and/or a consultant.  Because by doing so, even if you have managed to find that 1 single person who isn’t evil in MK, you are still feeding the devil everytime you order product.  So stop.  Hmmm… but wait.  What happens to all those poor schmucks that were frontloaded?  Shouldn’t they be able to sell that closet full of inventory?  I would think you are actually helping them but I suppose they don’t deserve it.  It’s their fault after all that they were ‘tricked’ into buying it all.  That’ll teach ’em to stop being suckers

2&3 are both things that are never ok.  It’s sad that we still have to teach morals to adults but these are things that are not ok in MK or out.  

4.  Allow a director to place an order in a consultant’s name for production.  I’m guessing that she means without the consultant’s knowledge. And that is unethical.  But isn’t every order for production?  Are there any that aren’t?

5.  Promote a contest that promotes frontloading.  Uh… yeah.  If you think they are being frontloaded, then of course it’s wrong.  Did you need a blog to tell you that?

6.  Choose ignorance over learning facts.  I’m assuming by ‘learning facts’, she’s referring to reading Pink Truth and accepting all that Tracy states as gosple.  I could be wrong on my interpretation but I don’t think she’s saying we are all evil unless we are constantly in a state of frenzied learning.  Because we all make choices to stay ignorant on a bunch of topics.  Know much about astro physics?  Thats my point

7.  Turn your back on a former reputable consultant because she’s left.  Ok, who is she talking to here?  Is she thinking that someone on Pink Truth is shunning those that left MK?  Cuz they aren’t.  It’s more likely that they are shunning those that left Pink Truth.

8.  Stay involved or re-sign to get someone to stop bugging you.  Hey McFly… are you serious?  Who does this?  They are a functional retard if they do and deserve what they get.  If I open my door to the Jehovah’s witness standing on my front porch and invited him in just so he would leave me alone, wouldn’t you tell me I was the stupidest person you ever met?

9, 10, 11 & 12  Listening while someone is talking trash about your girl, ignoring your conscience and lying.  All bad… anytime, anywhere by anyone.  Window lickers

The rest of them… always bad still.  Let me make it clear for those nincompoops that seem to think the world is as stupid as they are… Lying, cheating, stealing and using people are naughty naughty things.  Don’t do them.  Or I will have to spray you with a water bottle.  Now wipe the drool off your chin you slow witted dummies


  1. Me said

    It was all I could do to get past “let wrong reign”!! Struck me as a bit sanctimonious, pompous and trying to sound smarter than she is.

    You are right with your new moniker for her–it’s obvious to anyone with morals and ethics that wrong is wrong no matter where it happens in life–in MK or not. And allowing people to take advantage of you is just that–ALLOWING it to happen. As I have said before, many times, I am an honest businesswoman, to my customers and to my team members. I treat people how I want to be treated. I am successful in Mary Kay. I found out what I needed to know either through In Touch, asking questions, reading or using common sense. It’s really not HARD to be honest and ethical!! I don’t know why they continue to make it sound so darn difficult.

    I guess I just answered my own question. They are not honest and ethical so assume no one else is either.

  2. Blessed said

    Research suggests there is a strong correlation between drug use and crime. Not a difficult concept to grasp, is it? Naw. Yet there are an incredible amount of drug users who have never committed a crime, and won’t, aside from their possession and use of a controlled substance. Let’s consider marijuana (THC), or cocaine if you’d like. They’re omnipresent. Many believe THC & cocaine use by an individual in the privacy of their own home is a victimless crime. The user isn’t assaulting anyone, not steeling, and no burglary has been committed. So what’s the big deal? Why is it still a federal criminal offense to possess and use even a small amount of THC or cocaine in your own home? Many a “private use” drug user can be heard espousing they are, in fact, not only law abiding citizens, but also honest and ethical. You may not agree but you can (at least) understand the foundation of the argument suggesting such private drug use should be decriminalized. I mean, after all, it’s a matter of personal choice, isn’t it and they’re really not hurting anyone, right?

    Now stay with me here… As with all analogies, this one loses its utility when pressed too far. Let me first apologize for my impending comparison of what IBCs do to a criminal act. This analogy is flawed in this regard. I do not believe selling MK or recruiting IBCs is, or should be, a misdemeanor or felony (well, most days I don’t believe that).

    So why, then, should use of a controlled illegal substance in the privacy of your home be an illegal criminal act? Such drug use is a criminal act because it supports, promotes, and propagates the same infrastructure that provides THC, cocaine, etc., to our children on playgrounds. Such drug use bolsters the ability of drug dealers to prosper at the expense of the many victims of drug use (the owner of the burglarized home, the victim of the assault, the person addicted to drugs, etc.). Whether you commit a coinciding criminal act or not, your mere private use of drugs perpetuates and emboldens the drug distribution machine that victimizes so many.

    Yes, hold on, I’m going there….

    So then, by considering this logic, some could suggest that, even if you never promote front-loading, never mislead or outright lie to potential IBC recruits, etc….. Even if you treat others as you’d like to be treated while promoting the MK MLM, your mere promotion/sale of MK products propagates the machine responsible for injury to so many. You may not agree but you can (at least) understand the foundation of the argument.

    I offer this as just a little something for ya to put in your pipe and smoke on a Saturday afternoon.

    One other thing….


    I hope you’re doing well (sincerely). Since a while back when I was banned from your blog I’m not sure you’ve even read any of my notes. Here nor there I suppose. Stay well.


  3. catarata said

    Weird analogy. A better one would be deciding not to buy Chinese products because you know the Chinese underpay and overwork their laborers, make shoddy products, that many Chinese end up being in massive debt, and etc. Clearly not all Chinese factories abuse their workers, but if the majority do, it may be justified. The overall goal is to make a statement that these practices are unethical and will not be tolerated, thus forcing the Chinese to change their system of labor or go out of business.

    The drug thing still has my head spinning. Were you high when you wrote that, blessed? You can be honest with me!

  4. Blessed said

    Maybe it was a combination of all that caffeine and sun while mowing the lawn…


  5. pppj said

    Well, I don’t shop at Walmart. Due to the fact that they are anti-union and the owner wouldn’t let them form a union years ago I won’t shop there.

    I don’t shop at MK.

    Then again, Blessed, I have never done drugs. Wait – alcohol……that I have done…….nyquil?


  6. catarata said

    ahhh, I knew blessed liked the weed… 😉

  7. Blessed said

    Don’t know that I like’em all that much, spent the better part of today pullin’ ’em (weeds) out of the flower beds.


  8. Me said

    Blessed, I always figured you were on drugs. I have not gotten any notes from you. Today is the first thingi I have seen from you in a long time. Can’t say I’ve missed you. Thanks for the well wishes though.

  9. Blessed said


    You’re welcome. Take care.


  10. bugsythedemongif said

    WTH? Did somebody mention weed?

  11. Mercedes said

    sssssshhhhhhh Bugsy!

  12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Why do people sign their name on their posts? When you post, your screenname that you posted under is already there….

    Weed? Where? Puff Puff Pass


  13. Mercedes said

    I occasionally type my name in a post for personal reasons-just my fyi

    Puff Puff Give

    jezebels and dingleberries

  14. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    lol dizzy, there really needs to be something excieting happen if tha’ts your biggets concern. maybe duh will make osmething up

    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Oh Lord Sixteen you just did that to irritate me didn’t you?

    Someone needs to start some drama.

    I’m bored.

  16. Mercedes said

    Go go go go go go go – Is your Mama a Llama? We need some Mama Drama for our Llama…I need a break from trying to figure out how to do wordpress on my own-aaahhhh!

  17. Mercedes said

    What about over here? Is it any better?

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    There’s a new post Mercedes, try that one 😉

  19. gothchiq said

    so in essence, Blessed, the ethical way to smoke up is to grow your own! 😉

  20. Hey, is this the latest “caption this photo” on PT? lol

  21. Blessed, I thought you were a big PT champion? What are you doing posting here for heaven’s sake? Don’t you know this is where all the bad girls play?

  22. The bad tattooed girls. *nudge nudge* 😉

  23. foreverpink said

    Once again Blessed shows up with her warped sense of logic. She is grasping for the most extreme example possible in order to try and make a point.

    Your analogy is flawed, not only because of the obvious reasons (selling and using mk is not a crime like the sale and use of drugs), but unlike drugs, the use of MK lipstick and foundation will not alter your bodily functions, or cause your perception of reality to change. One of the reasons that drugs are illegal is because of the damages it can cause to others while you are under the influence of the actual drug. Having Berry Smothie on my lips will not cause me to get into a car accident, but having marijuana or cocaine in my system just might. No police officer will run a sobreity test on me to see if I am over the limit for Bella perfume.

    You cannot compare the ideas of running a victimless MK business and so called victimless drug use. Because in my opinion there is no such thing as victimless drug use.Even if you buy your drugs with your own hard earned money, never steal, turn tricks, or do anything illegal for it, and even if you stay in the privacy of your own home to use it, you are still hurting yourself if noone else. But you CAN run a MK business without hurting a soul if you do it right, and it can be done right and plenty of us do it daily.

    You say that our participation in Mary Kay, even though we follow the rules, still on some level supports those that take advantage of so many, just as those that have minor drug habits still on some level are helping drug dealers prosper. Well if you want that analogy to stand, then you should stop buying gasoline, because you are only helping oil companies to continue to hold all americans hostage with their price gouging, and while you are at it, please dont ever fill another prescription from any MD, because you are only helping to fatten the pockets of drug companies that have run amuck while some of the oldest and dearest members of our communities have to choose between eating and getting their meds.

    In other words, there is always going to be someone at the top of any entity, organization etc.. who has questionable ethics.

    You cannot compare apples and oranges. But leave it to you to try to use the evil and complex issue of the war on drugs to explain why you believe MK is evil. I am sure this analogy makes sense to you because you do in fact believe that MK is an evil company.

    I think that you have been smoking too much marijuana. That kind of logic is usually born out of a “good high”

  24. Also by that logic, if you were abused by a loved one you should eschew all past, present and future loved ones, just to spite the one that abused you.

  25. Oh yeah, babe…we bad. LOL

    I’m writing up my post for Mrs Metaphor about my ink experience this week and getting Dave to take a fancy pic of it…it STILL SMARTS tho, FW! ack…

  26. Yeah, I would wait until the scab is gone to take a pic, LOL!

  27. Blessed said


    You do an excellent job pointing out how much of a stretch my drug analogy was. However provocative my intentions purposely were, I have to admit, my drug analogy may have gone too far. Please accept my apology for the offense I caused.

    During the time I was permitted to blog on “Me’s”, (before I was banned) there were a good many personal characteristics ascribed to me by other bloggers there. I never went out of my way to correct any of the characteristics assigned to me, however inaccurate they were. I want you to know, though, I am a “he,” not a “she.” I am the spouse of a former MK director.


    Blessed (yup, don’t know why, just have to keep signing my posts…)

  28. Oh, well that explains why you are hanging out with the bad girls then, blessed…hahahaha.

    FW: Oh yeah…definitely! I’m loving it though…I may actually get another one before too long…hmmmmmmm….Dizzy did say it was addicting.

  29. gothchiq said

    Dear Blessed Dude:

    I hear that hydroponics is the best way to go in cultivation of home-grown recreational foliage. Also, you need some grow lights.

    Hey, don’t bogart that!

  30. gothie…that last line made me literally lol…it’s been a looooong time since I heard that.

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