You are all just a bunch of whining ninnies… by Dizzy

 June Cleaver

 Can you believe some tramp had the nerve to email me with this?  I am so utterly insulted, I could spit.

Dear Dizzy,

     Why do you write such hateful things on that DUH site?  Why are the women so vulgar?  Real ladies don’t need to curse, they should be pristeen, quiet and ready to do anything for anyone.  They should not complain, they should smile and, well, take it like a man.  If we kept things like they were back in the 1950’s this world would me much more peaceful.  A world where a woman knew her place.  In the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.  Yes, I am positive I go against most of the “modern” women of the world, but I am willing to stand up and say women need to be at home.  Working outside the home is useless.  It gives them too much of an opinion and gosh darnit, they should be at home taking care of their husbands and their children.

     What has this world come to?  I weep every night, saddened by the anger on this site.  I have prayed for you.  All of you.  What happened to you ladies that was so bad that you can be so mean to each other?  I will continue to pray for you, that you might receive the Lord’s help to forgive.  I pray that your husbands can take back control and show you what your real jobs are.  For those ladies who are single, I pray that you can find a man because you will never be whole without one.  You NEED men to be whole.  I hope you single ladies are still wearing your chasity belts. 

     I leave you with one last thought.  It’s ok to feel hurt, anger and all those other pesky feelings.  It is quite another to show that you are hurting.  You should keep it inside.  Don’t cry out loud.  Keep it inside.  Show a strong face.  Never show your weaknesses.  All women are weak, but you should never show it. 

In peace,

      June Cleaver

Now I don’t know about all ya’ll, but I don’t think June Cleaver would have said anything like that.  Who do you think this woman is?  What do you think her purpose is?  Why would she send something like that to me?  And for God’s sake, how the fuck did she get my address you whores?


  1. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    june i wuvs u and i misses u. don’t pick on june

  2. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    juen cares and she loves us enuf to write her concern. june 4 president 2008. screw hillary!

  3. Mercedes said

    OK-haven’t read the whole email yet-but did you just receive this email-like recently this evening?

  4. Mercedes said

    I believe june is Llama’s Drama Mama-hmmmmm-and whatever is june doing reading such a vulgar site as duh?

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yes I just recently received it. Why?

  6. Mercedes said

    Just too crazy that you posted this after being so bored just a minute ago.

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    God Mercedes, for a second there, I thought you accused me of *cough* *cough* making up a story?

    I would NEVER *cough* do that! EVER.

  8. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    i thikn it is great that u found something to do dizzy!
    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins


  9. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    dizzy do u have ohter hobbies? bresides collecting letterse from women of the 50s i mean?
    One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins


  10. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    if i keep opsting then you and i could fight and that would cause drama and then u woudln’t be bored anymore. i know its late but r u up for it? i need a new hobby

  11. Mercedes said

    Bless you Dizzy
    Wow-look what came in my contact me box-hope this works:

  12. Mercedes said

    OK-have you stopped laughing enough to pick yourself up off of the floor?

  13. Whoever sent you that, Mercedes, forgot to underline “Be a little gay and interesting”! LMAO! 😆 Thanks for sharing.

  14. Licious said

    This has to be a joke. It has to be. Whoever wrote this is just screwing with us and it’s hilarious!

  15. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    IT’S FOR REAL. I have seen it before. A version of it appeared in the an old cookbook of mine (it was my grandmother’s). And NO I was not the one who sent it.

  16. It might be a little overboard for today’s society, but I don’t really see anything wrong withthe concept of making your husband feel welcome in his own home, esp. if you stay at home.

    Please don’t jump my shit and tell me how hard staying at home is. I already know. But I’m of the camp that says if you stay at home, raising the kids and keeping the house is your job, and the concept of this list is part of that job.

  17. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Someone is yankin’ ya chain. Any woman who thinks like that letter should be shot!

  18. pppj said

    Oh how funny. Man, my dh loves to come home and have crazy debates and talk world events with me.

    June Cleaver for President? I don’t think so, but I think Wilma Flintstone might be up for it. I think she could balance the budget. Look at how she managed to look cute all the time wearing that same white dress – WHITE dress. She wasn’t worried about spilling on it.

    Man, I better get the house in order.

    By the way, I love how the kids are supposed to look good and be quiet. Too funny!

  19. eyesicle said

    You mean you don’t agree with it?

  20. Mercedes said

    Oh Dizzy-my oh my-lol

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hehehe Mercedes I think your “letter” was better than mine. 😉

  22. pppj said


    not only do i not agree with it – i would fail if i attempted it

    my mom always thought Jackie kennedy had a dream life with jack. they would have nannies do all the yucky stuff and then they could pat the kids on the head…. i dunno I would miss the runny noses, but man, i am glad that my kids are older and i can sleep.

    maybe instead the guy should load up the mom with a nice tall drink when he walks through the door since she has been changing diapers and breastfeeding all day long.

    yeah, try to find an article on that one,

  23. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    O…K!!! I in particular enjoyed that little turn of phrase about “master of the house…exercising his will with fairness, etc.” NOW is when I really need a ROFLMAO emoticon!

    That author obviously has NOT ever come across my abusive as hell ex-husband…for whom a special place in a VERY hot location is reserved, I’m sure! Or anyone like him…

  24. Like I said, it’s not written for today’s society, but I see nothing wrong with making your husband welcome in his own home. And these days, having crazy debates about politics and world events with him is fine, of course! But I see nothing wrong with having the house relatively in order and the kids smiley when DH gets home. Oh to be a SAHM…

    Wouldn’t do the white dress, tho. It wouldn’t last a minute.

    And I didn’t think I had to mention that abusive bastards don’t count…

  25. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    princess, my comment wasn’t directed at anything you said, truly it wasn’t. I was just indulging in having a moment at my ex’s expense.

  26. No sweat, Curious, and I didn’t feel picked on at all. And if your ex is a bastard, have all the moments you want at his expense!

  27. pppj said

    I do think the house runs nicely if things aren’t too chaotic with kids running to every darn activity. I know June had the ladies over to discuss stuff, but I don’t think she was the soccer manager, ward wasn’t the soccer coach, june wasn’t the PTA president, taught religious education on sunday’s, and i don’t think ward was the pta lawyer for the school either. I also never saw the cleaver’s have to make a derby car for the cub scouts. They survived.

    I don’t know why everyone is crazy with activities.

    Ok, off my rant… thanks…
    i feel better now

  28. eyesicle said

    I think when both spouses work, they definitely need to trade off with all the duties. I am lucky to have a great husband. He is definitely a feminist and I love him for it!

  29. pppj said

    Me too!

  30. Yes, eye, when both work outside the home, hubby certainly needs to pitch in, because there is no stay-at-home to stay at home; it’s no one’s job, so it’s both people’s job. At our home, we both work, hubby does laundry, I put it away, he washes dishes, we both put them away, he cleans toilets and showers, I do the rest, I clean the floors, he vacuums the stairs, I do most of baby, he does some, I do all the shopping and he does all the outside, excluding what the gardener does, but including the vegetable and herb garden that I promise every spring that I will take care of 😉 So I totally get the sharing when both work thing.

  31. Mercedes said

    WOW-Can your husband do some classes on sharing the duties of the house? My boyfriend owns a business and he goes in for a few hours in the morning and/or night and then plays golf most every day. He mows the yard, unloads the dishwasher, and drag the the trashcan to the road once a week, and sometimes unloads the dryer and folds the laundry. I work 50-60 hours a week, assist with caretaking of some family members, and do the rest of the housework…when it gets done-hehe.

  32. Licious said

    I’m a SAHM. It’s not easy for me to keep the house clean with a toddler and an infant. It’s not a mess but I’m not Martha Stuart either. The only thing my husband is responsible for at home is mowing the yard, taking out the trash, and until recently he put our son to bed. Lately, however, my son wants me to sing to him and since I can’t deny him my beautiful voice, I put him to bed and sing him a song. I’m happy to take care of the house while he’s at work as long as he understands that I can’t get everything done everyday.

  33. Licious said

    And just as a by the way… A stay at home mom is still a working mom. The difference is we don’t get our own paycheck, no sick days, no vacation, no health benefits, and 98% of the time the internet is the only adult interaction I have until 6pm. And having the kids smiley when daddy gets home is not a priority. If they are, great. If not, oh well. So when you say “Oh to be a SAHM” like it’s some kind of dream life (unless I’m taking it the wrong way) just know that it’s not as easy as people think it is.

  34. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    what the hell? LOL

    that is the most oddest email ever.

    what are you doing on the computer “june cleaver” ? shouldn’t you be taking care of your husband and children instead of wasting your time on the internet–especially a place in which you’ve shown you dislike?


  35. gothchiq said

    This has GOT to be a prank. Even on heavy drugs, no one would be serious writing some shit like that.

    Yo, pranksta. Fess up. You punk’d us, now come take the credit!

  36. Mercedes said

    it’s pretty obvious

  37. You know, I thought it was a joke too…but it does smack of something familiar…or someone familiar but I can’t place her, honestly.

    oh well…whatever floats your boat.

  38. gothchiq said

    Oh and just for the record, because I’m a ball busting, strident bitch. I want my partner to make ME welcome in my own home instead of leaving piles of trash and mess for me to pick up when I get home from a hard day of work, rather than playing video games while recumbent on the couch and tossing potato chip bags on the floor, creating mounds of debris everywhere because, you know, even though we have a trash can in each room, it would be too much effort to walk there. I am also sick of finding a sink full of dirty stinky dishes which I did not create.

    Aren’t goths supposed to be meticulously neat and clean, including the men? What the fuck went wrong with mine?

  39. Licious, quitcherbitchin’. I know it’s not a dream life. I have a toddler, and I know it’s a pain in the ass. And I wouldn’t expect that anyone can make the house sparkling clean, and the kids pressed and dressed at 5:59 pm every day. If you read my comments, you would note the following:

    I said that “…raising the kids and keeping the house is your job…” I didn’t say it’s a vacation, I didn’t say it’s fun, I didn’t say it’s easy: I said it’s a JOB. And not every job has benefits, vacation time or great pay. My stepdaughter does it, and I don’t know how. It baby smiling all the time? No. With a new toddler 2 dogs and 3 cats, is the house sparkling all day, every day? No. And she doesn’t wear white. But she does her job, with a smile, and makes her man feel good about coming home. This ensures he, in fact, will come home, no?

    As far as my “Oh to be a SAHM” comment, I know you can have no idea how I meant that, since this is written, not spoken, and since you don’t know me, so I will tell you how I mean it, sincerely: I would love that my JOB could be to take care of my son and husband. I love them both dearly, and they deserve it. I know it would be back-breaking, crazy-making work, but so is my outside job. But the benefits at my outside job are nowhere near as good as a hug and an I Love You from my son and my husband.

  40. foreverpink said

    the only thing that will ensure that a husband will come home, is his OWN comittment to the marriage and his family and the fact that his INTEGRITY is in tact. If he has that, then he will still come home no matter what. We all know of women who keep the house picture perfect and cater to their men.., only to find out that he has the nerve to tip out with someone else, who is often the exact opposite of what the wife is told by society that she must be like.

    I agree with what some have said before, if both husband and wife work, then all chores should be shared or at least there should be an understanding about who is going to do what and when. None of this, “your a woman so your job is..” kind of thing. Lots of men stay at home as well, so even as men and husbands, it can be their job to do the housework and chase after the kids etc. Work as a team. If you are the one there then at that moment it becomes your job.

    But by all means, it certainly is not a capital offense if everything does not get done by a certain time. You will drive yourself crazy fretting over such things. If everyone is fed, safe, homework done, clean clothes to wear in the morning and healthy, then the rest is just a bonus!

  41. Left the Freakshow said

    okay, so here’s the deal …

    i’m a cranky, crazy old woman who has raised her kiddos (now 30 & 26) and sent them into the cold, cruel world! i worked outside the home and was a SAHM, too … it’s ALL hard, but it can be done! so, one kiddo got married and had the good sense to give us a grandkid … then the youngest one moved back in … WTH?! fine, get back on your feet … you got three months! youngest moves out … then mom moves in (alzheimer’s … very sad … i miss her) … then she has to go to a care facility … then two young married kids need a place to live while looking for an apartment (these kids are not relatives, they’re friends of our youngest … God, I’m a friggin’ saint!), so they’re here for 4 months … in the meantime, married kids move in w/baby (so now we have 6 adults and 1 baby under our roof) … so grandma helps w/baby and kids for six months (who knew a baby could be so much fun) … then young friends fine a place and move out (ahhhhh, more room) … mom passes away (did i mention that i miss her?) … then, oldest kiddo and family move 1/2 way across the US of A (um, WTH!?) … THEN youngest kiddo is back while looking for a new job and a place to live … I’M PUTTIN’ A FRIGGIN’ REVOLVING DOOR IN!! … he finds a job, he gets his own place … FINALLY dh and i are empty nesters … *crickets chirping* … man, it’s quiet around here … too quiet … gotta get a job!

    moral to the story? hell, i don’t know, i told you i was cranky and crazy!! but, i CAN tell you this … kids grow up FAST! be their parent and enjoy ’em whatever stage of life you’re in!! the payoff is … GRANDBABIES!!

  42. Left the Freakshow said

    hmmm? i barely mentioned dh in the above diatribe … well, if i’m a saint, then he’s Super Saint b/c he has to put up w/me AND everything else that’s happened to us! damn, i’m lucky! shh, don’t tell him i said that … he’ll get a big head!

  43. LOL, Left the Freakshow. I’m packing my bags to come over now.

  44. foreverpink: “tip out” I love that phrase! And a strayer will stray, and a non-strayer will not, but someone who is on the fence is far more likely to come home if it’s a happy, don’t you think? If my DH strays, I’d rather it be because he’s a bastard (which he isn’t), than because I pushed him.

    freakshow: You said it – you ARE a friggin’ saint! And yes, grandbabies do make it all worth it. You get to spoil them, play with them, and give them back when they cry.


    The 32-year-old grandmother (really!)

  45. Mercedes said


  46. Left the Freakshow said

    hey, fighting, come on down, girlfriend! there’s plenty ‘o room around here! i won’t even give you too many chores … at first! lol!

    princess … hey, at least you’re young enough to keep up w/the grandkids! told my dh on my last visit that i wouldn’t go back again w/o reinforcements! evidently, i’d forgotten how active 2 year olds can be … and how chatty!

  47. Keep up?! I can barely keep up with my own 3 y/o! But I do my best, LTF, as do we all…

  48. Mercedes said

    Calgon-Take me away! Please!

  49. I’m grateful that my children are chatty, though. Their questions and their silliness make my days interesting.

    You all are chatty and generally silly and interesting too, though I doubt my husband would appreciate me staying at home and carrying on with you all if it weren’t for the children. Yeah, I said it. 😀

  50. gothchiq said

    Is there any sadistic person here who would like to take Mr. Gothboy for a week and train him to do his share each day without bitching and procrastinating? I must not have what it takes (great strength, hypnosis talents, a cattle prod…)

  51. pppj said


    I don’t think he could handle all the kids at this house. I would glady nag him for a full week and I’m sure the kiddo’s would get a kick out of making Goth boy into their slave.

    After a week at my house – your home would be pure heaven to him.

    I dunno. Hide the xbox? Try putting cheerful post-its all over the house, “You can take out the trash you really can” and just annoy the hell out of him with it. I think ones on the bathroom would be cute – don’t be afraid use windex.

    Real men clean toilets on the commode. hmmmmm I’m sure the others can think of clever ones for you. then invest a buck in post-its and have at it.

  52. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    All you bitches cracked me up. A few of you caught on and realized what the 4-1-1 was on this post.

    I was bored.

    I totally PUNKED your asses! HAHAHAHA

    The letter was fake yo. I totally wrote the whole thing. I thought I was sarcastic enough that you bitches would figure out I made it up.

    Good times!

    BTW, I completely disagree with anyone who thinks that what “June Cleaver” said was true. I think BOTH parents (if there are two) should give EQUALLY in the relationship. Yes, if you’re a SAHM then that is your “job”, but like someone said, it’s not an 8 hour job like one might be outside the home. It’s a 24/7 job with no vacation, sick time, etc. So any husand/father that works outside the home needs to give 100% when he gets home. None of this bullshit that mom has to do it all. Fuck that. And if mom works outside the home and dad is staying at home, then the same thing. Mom needs to give 100% when she gets home. Alll this bullshit about the husband not helping out is sooooooooo tired. It takes two to make a baby which means the two should raise it yo. Unless you have artificial insemination. That’s a whole other issue LOLOL


  53. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said


    sheesh, i’ve been punked.. at least you have the decency to tell us you wrote that hate mail, unlike SOME PEOPLE THAT LURK.


  54. Mercedes said

    Word-Dizzy! And if one works more than the other-the other can do a little more around the house since *cough* he is around the house more *cough*
    For some reason-I work at least twice as much outside and inside of the home around this place…and his family keeps saying-“you guys should hurry up and get married and have kids”…..

    p.s. for all those that were punked-re-read the first seven posts after the June Cleaver letter…especially #7

    Yo Mama!

    oh-and mine wasn’t an email either…it was an email forward-I was just joining in with Dizzy.


  55. BluehairedBebe said

    Yo, Princessedamame,
    Unless you were joking, this SAHM sometimes wants to go to work for a few days to get some rest! My job is 24/7 and due to one child’s medical issues it’s pretty darn hard! I have that child to take care of, and my others, then I get to deal w/ all the Dr.’s, insurance co’s, etc. on the phone while I’m wiping somebody’s poopy butt and taking requests hollered from the next room for more cheesy quesadillas. I agree w/ pppj about not over-scheduling. I’ve worked full-time before, and I do think doing that is easier than this. It’s all in the mind… the adult interaction (or lack of), the repetitive housework, having to be your child’s “nurse”/”psychologist”/everything all day long in between appointments, etc. I suppose everyone has their own perception but I think even hard manual labor would be easier to deal w/ than what I have on my plate daily as a SAHM. *stepping down off soapbox now*

    How have you all been!? Been awhile!
    Queefers!! 🙂

  56. I picked up on this clue. LOL Dizzy.

    BluehairedBebe, what’s up girl? Good to see you again. Do you need a mama merit badge to make you feel valued? They have badges for poopy butt moments and for doctor’s appointments and many others. They made me laugh, and I chose the nursing badge for myself. See my blog for the details. LOL!

  57. gothchiq said

    I don’t have any children, but I might as well: Do they make badges for poor overworked, underpaid women with their last nerve frayed from taking care of stroppy goth boys?

    If he throws one more tantrum I swear I’m going to fuck him up. Like hardcore.

  58. Gothie, Yes, there is a tantrum badge that would suit you. 😀

  59. Mercedes said

    hey fightingwindmills-can I have a badge for poopy butt moments as a Kindergarten teacher? I’ve had 2 so far this year and 6 wet accidents…So much fun to monitor and adjust-especially with this group.

  60. Oh, gross. Yes, you deserve a badge, too. 😀

  61. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Then my sister deserves a badge from when her first child decided it would be fun to take his poo and smear it all over the bathroom walls, and everywhere else he could think of. Maybe that’s another reason I don’t have kids yet. 😉


  62. Licious said

    Is that a boy thing or do girls do that too? My son went through a phase when he painted his carpet and walls with his poop. His record was three times in one day. I’m just wondering if I should expect the same from my baby girl.

  63. Pixie said

    Hmm…I have 2 girls and they “ewww” over flushing poo, let alone having it touch their person ANYWHERE. But my neighbor’s boy threw poo on the ceiling. Of course, she has spawned the Devil…throwing poo is the LEAST of all the bad things he’s done.

  64. Mercedes said

    Pixie-how old is your neighbor’s boy? He sounds like he would fit right in my group of Kindergartner’s this year-lol. I actually do have some really good students-but I have a group of boys-4-6 depending on the day and 2 girls…total of about half of the class that are out of this world-unbelieveable!

  65. pppj said

    Man, my kids are looking good. It is so great to have all kids at school getting a great education!

    I am more the psychologist over here with nasty girl problems in third grade. Oh, the horror of third grade girls.

  66. pppj said

    Did I mention third grade girls can be cruel? Why, oh why, didn’t Judy Blume write for younger girls? We need the book Blubber now, and unforuntately, it’s over her head.

    I do like that book, and the way that it shows ‘what goes around comes around.’ Also, I do remember the girl (linda?) was picked on not because she was so different but because of the way the kids COULD bully her. I dunno.

    Tie ’em up to the flagpole!

  67. I’ve been lucky, perhaps – my kid never painted with his shit. Plus, he just started peeing in the potty on (rare) occassions. The trick for him was to give him some privacy, then he’d pee. So I’d say, “Hey Nick. You sit on the potty for a minute or two, and Momma’s going to give you some privacy.” I’d come back a couple of minutes later, he’d have peed, and he wouldn’t want to get up. He’d play on the potty chair a while with a toy. And I’d say, “Hey Nick, watcha doin’?” And he’d say “I’m priving my seat.”

    Hey Bebe – good to read you. Yes, I’m fully aware that working full time is very often easier than staying at home. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna do it 🙂

  68. You know, Judy Blume just had to do revisions to two of her books: One (I forget which) because no one knows what a mimeograph machine is, and the other (Are You There God…?) because no one uses sanitary belts anymore – not even little girls with Down’s Syndrome and their sisters.

    And all you relatively new kids – don’t flame me; check the archives here first.

  69. pppj said

    princessdamame – i remember reading judy blume the first time around and wondering what a sanitary belt was, and I was too chicken to ask my mom so i thought it was an old fashioned thing.

    Wow – love the mimeograph machine.

    Maybe I’ll write to Judy Blume and see what good books she can write for a third grader. The babysitter club is too nice compared to the cut-throat on the playground.

  70. OMG, pppj!! (still fun to type!)

    I completely forgot about The Babysitters Club!!

    Sweet Valley High, anyone? All 200-something of the originals?

  71. flycat said

    LOL I must be old. I remember loving the smell of that purple ink from the mimeograph machine. I am not old enough to remember the sanitary belt though. 😉


  72. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    LOVED Sweet Valley High! Who would you be, Jessica or Elizabeth? I must admit I am probably Lizzie.

  73. I’m Lizzie on the outside, but with a touch of Jessica on the inside – which is probably why it had such appeal – I bet everyone has some of both.

  74. pppj said

    I was Elizabeth with grades, but I was the Jessica cheerleader. Anyone read the later editions when they’re in college and Jessica gets it on with someone? Man, that is interesting reading to say the least! Thank God it wasn’t with Bruce Patman!

    Also, I always wished I could be Lila Fowler and have the clothes and money. Man, oh man, to be Lila Fowler. She was sooo much cooler than Liz’s best friend…what was it……hmmm….never liked her…eunice? What was it?

    By the way, what was up with Stephen their older brother? Was always waiting for him to come out of the closet.

    good times

  75. pppj said

    PS Are you ready to be jealous? I have the Sweet Valley High Board game at my house when you can pick to be Liz, Jess, Lila, boring best friend, and date cool guys like Todd or Bruce.

    Somehow the game always ends up at that pizzeria with that gooey cheese.


  76. High Hopes said

    HH *waving to the girls*

  77. pppj said

    waving back

  78. Mercedes said

    I just gave my SVH books to a student that loves to read…she just left our school and went on to the middle school and is always reading. I gave her 3 boxes of SVH books and various others from “back in the day”. My mom worked at K-Mart back then and she would get them for a quarter. 🙂

  79. mkrules said

    My grandma used to get them cheap at garage sales for me. I read most of the SVHs and all the Babysitters Club. I used to love to read, and still do when I make the time for it.

  80. Mercedes said

    That is how I am, mkrules. I mainly read to the children, teacher magazines, and on the computer now. 🙂

  81. flycat said

    *waving back to HH*


  82. unbeelievable said

    Ooh, I loved the babysitters club! My favorite ones were the ones where they all went on trips to Disneyworld and to summer camp. I always wanted to be Stacy!

  83. High Hopes said

    Waving to Flycat!!!!

  84. Bruce Patman!!! Lila Fowler!!!

    The nerdy friend was Enid. And yes, I’m a nerd for remembering this.

    My friend and I wrote a “novel”, and named the main man “Todd Patman”, because we couldn’t decide who to use. Todd’s sensitivity…Bruce’s rugged good looks and manliness…

    Oh, to be 13 again…

    If only I could be a 13 year-old SAHM….

  85. 🙄 p-damn you are cracking me up

  86. MK4ME (BS) said

    Showing my age here for sure, I use to have all the Nancy Drew books (a few Hardy Boy) Mysteries and also passed on to me from my mom were Trixie Beldon and Donna Parker, so take that you yung uns!!

  87. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Wow, Trixie Beldon! That brings back memories…

  88. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    The Sweet Valley High tv show was NOT good.

  89. pppj said

    I never saw the sweet valley high show. Darn.

    I wrote a paper on the lesbian tendencies of Bess and George in Nancy Drew. I don’t think it got any rave reviews but it did have an A for original.

    I remember Friday nights when my mom would take us to the library and I’d get 6-7 Sweet Valley High’s.

    Hey, anyone remember VC Andrews? Do you know there is a new book out secrets in the attic? VC Andrews wrote a great twisted triangle.

  90. mkrules said

    LOL, I tried to write a baby sitter’s club type book when I was about 10 years old. I cut pics from the yearbook to make a cover then trashed when Mom said I’d have to get their permission!

  91. mkrules said

    VC Andrews…I read a few of them. The other ones I liked were (can’t remember the name) scary ones about a haunted house where the guy got his arm stuck in the disposal…LOL, that is all I remember. And another where a vampire was in the girl’s room at night…same series.

  92. unbeelievable said

    I remember those, MKrules. The garbage disposal part was so scary! And wasn’t the girl sort of attracted to the vampire? In fact, I think the vampire’s name was Eric! or Erik! (I may be confusing him with my Ex who also sucked – not blood but money, time, my self-esteem, etc!!!)

  93. Oooooh – perfect Halloween fodder – never read those ones!

  94. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    I kinda think vampires are hot.

  95. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    What with the biting and all.

    Not so much with the sucking out all the blood.

  96. mkrules said

    Unbeelieveable! Yes! Erik I think! LOL. I used to love those books. And Mary Higgins Clark…still do in fact. And some John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks for fun reading.

  97. Ok, getting back to the post at hand here….sorry, those of you pining for your lost puberty years…lol

    Julz, so…if you said in your post, ” Can you believe some tramp had the nerve to email me with this?” and then you tell us that YOU wrote the ’email’ doesn’t that, sort of following logic, make YOU the tramp? hmmmmm?? You called yerself a tramp is all I’m sayin’.

  98. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    You know Mrs…it’s funny you say that. I figured that’d be the first clue that I totally wrote the email LOL. But yes, since I wrote the letter, technically I am calling myself a tramp. But at least I’m a beautiful one. 😉

  99. But of COURSE you are…beautiful, I mean…hee hee.

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