Caption that Photo Oct 31


Written By: ScrewU

Yes, it’s another wierd picture.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure


  1. pppj said

    Hey, something new is up~ thanks!

  2. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    you’re alive!

  3. Pinktruth Repellant said

    Tracy is always posting the same boring shit

  4. Huh? bizarre….

  5. mkrules said

    Probably supposed to mean us “kaybots” only see our world in “pink”. Man, if I could only think for myself! *eye roll*

  6. *pink eye roll*

  7. flycat said

    Homeopathic pink eye remedy? What will they think of next? If your eye is running, pink and nasty don’t mess around. Go straight to the doctor because you might need an antibiotic. What this has to do with Mary Kay I have no clue. Is she implying that people don’t clean their skin care class supplies?


  8. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    anything with pink must be related to mk. i mean, seriously.

    the only thing i can think of with this is: “all you see is pink fog? pink eye remedy will help” and that’s not even that funny.


  9. Willie Lump Lump said

    the only thing i thought of is the pink eye you develop when you read
    Tracy’s bullshit. 😛

  10. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  11. pppj said

    Pink Eye Relief. When you don’t want to pay $5.00 for ‘free’ training anymore

  12. Princess Puff - not smoking PT weed no mo. said

    Maybe they should it PINK Truth Relief – when you no longer are in the PT fog drinking PT cruelaid – you pop that in your eyeball and you no longer see the validity of whining about MK and being a victim anymore. I agree with Flykitty – don’t be messing around with goopy pink eyes – ewwwww.

    I think we could create a PT relief and give it oh a lovely color of say Puce – with the instructions to Tick the blog owner off so you will be banned, its just as much a contagious disease as pink eye. Yo Screw baby can your create a lurrvely picture of this for us to caption our own photo?

    Ranting Lunatics club.

  13. gothchiq said

    Huh? A conjunctivitis remedy? This is not a MK product. Non sequitur much, PT?

  14. mkrealist said

    CruelAid ~ that’s funny!

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