The Best Day Ever

Written By: ScrewU 

In honor of my birthday, watch this.  Today truly is the best day ever.


  1. Licious said

    Happy Birthday, ScrewU. Mine was just a few days ago. I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful day.

  2. pppj said

    Happy Birthday Screwu! I lurves sponge bob.

    My neighbor kids dressed up as the characters. The dad was Gary and could only meow while trick or treating.

  3. Willie Lump Lump said

    Happy Birthday Screw U. And Happy Belated Birthday to you Licious. You crazy ass Scorpios, LOL.

    My B-Day gift to you both:

    Don’t act like you don’t know nothing ’bout that. 😛

  4. colleen said

    Happy Bday and much luck to you Screw.

  5. Licious said

    Thank you Willie. Oh hell yea. I know all about that shit. I am a product of the ass whuppin. I’ve had shoes thrown at me. I’ve been whupped with everything from a belt to the shovel from the wood burning stove. I even got the broad side of a butcher knife. For my kids, I don’t spank them all that much but when I do, I prefer the hand. It’s plain and simple and it’s always with me.

    Go Scorpios!!!!!!!

    My birthday present to my self is a tattoo of a small scorpion crawling up my thigh.

  6. mkrules said

    ~*~*~*~Happy Birthday!~*~*~*~

  7. Angie said

    Happy belated Birthday,
    I be loving Sponge Bob.
    I hope it was the Best Day Ever and
    many many more

  8. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Being one also, I just have to chime in that Scorpios rock!!!

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