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Written By: ScrewU 

It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’ve been busy with life and with doin it so I won’t apologize for my absence.  It happens. 

But my vacation has had to end abruptly.  Have you seen the ‘new’ Pink Truth?  Are all of you bitches banned still or can you check it out?  It is a hot mess.  And by hot mess, I mean FUGLY.  Forget the days that random MK consultants and directors could just happen upon it, be completely sucked in and consumed by horror and fascination.  Gone are the times when simple folk could easily navigate the site and learn the devilish ways of MK Corp.

The new site is confusing.  It does not flow and it’s hard to know when someone has responded to a comment.  It takes a lot of work to read all the comments from one topic and when you do, you still aren’t sure that you read them all.  I know what I’m looking for when I go and yet, I still have problems.  Can you imagine not being computer savvy and trying to glean some information?  So not gonna happen. 

 No more PM notifications, no more feedback for trades but don’t worry gals…. we have avatars now.   Oooooohhhhh….. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.  Isn’t Tracy the one that hates avatars?  And noones karma or post numbers followed them.  So even if you rocked before, you’re all starting at ground zero again.  What about people that worked hard to build up their numbers to become a trusted member of Pink Truth Society?  Too bad Jack.  It’s done.  And my favorite is that if you wanted to keep some information from the old site, you better grab it yourself because it’s not getting transferred.  It’s like we all got labotomies.  Yaaaaaaa!!!!!

So for those of you who were keeping track of the many similarities to Tracy’s Pink Truth and Mary Kay, mark the constant need to change and up end people’s lives as yet another one.  The new site sucks.  Sucks donkey balls.  Big, hairy, smelly, wrinkled donkey balls.  Tracy, if you have any gray matter in your head, you’ll switch back.  The word on the street is the new format is lame and dumb.  Just thought you should know.


  1. Does the discussion board still have a Spanish section? Are all the posts authored by “archive” or does Not a Bee-liever live on? I sure do agree with you, Screw-U, about up-ending people’s lives. But at least for me, getting up-ended was a good thing once I got some perspective. Does anyone know what happened to MaryKayVoices? Is my IP banned or did they take their blog down?

  2. freefrompt said

    LOLLLLLLLL screwU. Tell us how you really feel.

    Ms Windmills, I believe they took MKVoices down. Bummer.

  3. Mercedes said

    I noticed that too FW. Pink Voices does the same thing. Screw U- I totally agree with you about the new site. If I just stumbled upon it today-like I did before-I definitely would not be interested. Of course try to tell that to TC and she will just make it worse, I’m sure.


  4. Guess who? said

    Although it is fun to see what you can learn from the new forum. 😀

    Active topics in the last 24 hours: 41

    Of those, 17 are Tracy’s.


    Wow. About one post per hour? What a hoppin’ board. Not. *snort*

  5. Mercedes said


  6. pppj said

    Oh man…. I guess it’s not that interesting to anyone anymore

  7. Dana said

    I think that one of the primary reasons in wiping out the old board is she’s able to make all questions like “Who are all these Guests that started all these topics? I wonder where this person could have gone.” And all the posts she didn’t like are just gone, and if anyone questions, well, it’s just the new board! All posts are gone only because of the greater good!

  8. freefrompt said

    True dat Dana. Last I heard I was not even SICKNPINK (guest) I went to GUEST (guest).

    I know I’d believe that someone signed up with the name GUEST wouldn’t you?

    Hey someone try that – go sign up as GUEST. LOL

  9. Guest said

    I am doing that now! LOL

  10. That is a bummer about MKVoices. LOL @ Guest!

  11. freefrompt said

    Great job “Guest”!!

    Now we need a Guest2 to sign up. LOL

  12. mkrealist said

    MKV is no longer and will never be again.

    It seems we ALL got LIVES and have started living them. Go figure.

    I have re-opened PinkVoices to general viewership if you want to surf around, but I can’t promise I’ll be posting anything new and exciting on a daily basis.

    In fact, I can pretty much promise you I WON’T be doing that. LOL!!!

  13. gothchiq said

    fo shizzy, mah bizzy! It’s to’ up from the flo’ up!

  14. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ya’ll know that pinktruth is NOT a bashing board, right? ^snicker^

    I read about it in a thread that bashes Me’s blog. Ahh, I do believe they’re on to a ‘fresh’ start. Muahahahahahahahahahaha

  15. pppj said

    hey check my uri now. it’s much better

    thanks for the heads up before.

    did duh ever tell us what she does?

  16. colleen said

    Good to see you here MK Realist i guess its time for everything to wind down……how are the scales coming if you know what I mean?

  17. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Maybe i’m a tard but I dont’ see the change over onPT. But then again it’s been over a month since I looked. TWATeva.

    Nice post ScrewU! I lurve it.


  18. MKRealist said


    I told you, I don’t obsess about my weight. I have no idea how much I weigh nor do I care to find out. I still look nice in my clothes, that’s all that matters.

  19. ScrewU said

    The ‘newness’ is the actual discussion board. It’s a totally different format than she had before and it’s retarded. You can only see one comment at a time and it doesn’t flow. Trust me, you would hate it. It’s really hard to navigate.

  20. LOL LOL LOL said

    And when you go to discussion board to log in, it logs you in and then takes you right back to the stupid blog. Retarded and annoying as hell…

    It’s funny how she is bending over backwards to play nicey nicey now. That’s gotta be quite exhausting for her…

  21. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    she’s probably going to push people away from the discussion board slowly if she keeps changing the site around and making it difficult to navigate.

    keep up the good work, tracy! more people saved from PT makes me a happy girl.


  22. colleen said

    MK Realist I wont mention it anymore ..I didnt mean to offend that is the last thing I want to do to anyone on a blog other than that how are you doing?

  23. Sally said

    I can not imagine any reason for any seasoned NON consultant to be reading PT. at least on a regualr message.
    I was following it to keep in touchwith some lovely ladies.. ( and some of the more regualar ladies such as myself is)

    I no longer care what MK corp does as it shoots itself in the foot.
    HEY! that must be why PT is getting less viable.. It has always followed the lead of MKC.
    I do hope that whoever happens upon PT is blessed with some insight re MKC.

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