Bad Blogger. Bad, Bad Blogger.


  According to Tracy, I’m just wasting my time blogging.  I have to admit that I’m not the most consistent blogger.  But unlike some people (um, Tracy I’m looking at you), I blog when there is something to say.  I’m not going to say the same thing over and over again.  If I don’t have something new for you guys, I don’t blog. 

There’s not a whole lot going on over at PT lately.  Since the point of this blog was to point out the idiocy that was going on there, and it seems most sane people have noticed it, you’d think my job is done.  For now, it is I guess.  Why not close down the bitchfest?

1. Even though we aren’t hopping like we were during the mass exodus from PT, I think that most people that know about us check in once in awhile at least.  I like for everyone to be able to keep in touch if they want.

2.  There’s a sucker born every minute.  I’m sure that with a little time, Tracy may be able to build up her readership again.  When she does, we’ll be here.

3.  I don’t wanna.

If you want to read Tracy’s opinion on the subject look here:

 I don’t know why she thinks she’s such an authority on blogging though.  Quantity does not equal quality, I’m afraid.   Her most successful blog, PT, probably has about 12 – 15 consistent commenters.  Her business blog barely has any comments at all.  I’m sure it’s making her tons of money and isn’t a waste of time at all.  OH NO!  I’m not saying my blog is all that great, but you don’t see me writing articles about running a successful blog, do you?


  1. Willie Lump Lump said

    Aw shit! Somebody done died and named tracy the fuckin’ blog queen?

  2. Willie Lump Lump said

    Queen blogger says:

    “It can take a year or more to see real results from blogging, so it’s important to be committed for the long haul. If you’re not, then it’s just a waste of time. Why spend your time blogging regularly for three months and then quit?”

    Good point. And a year later, we have seen PT’s real blogging results now haven’t we?

  3. I check in from time to time, and like today, I am occasionally rewarded with something new and fun. You are right. There is no point in saying the same thing over and over and over. That is what FAQs are for.

    What is your job?

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracy is a tard, we’ve established that. I just hoped she’d learn something by now. But no. Figures.

  5. Maggie said

    So I guess I’m wasting my time since I don’t blog everyday. No, I’m not, I have something she doesn’t have, a life away from the computer!

  6. pynkmyst said

    WOW! A whole new way to fail in Mary Kay… by being failure as a blogger… maybe we will see images of blog sites that they can all tear apart… “eeeewwwww look at that blog… that theme is SOOOO nasty… makes her look all fat and stupid… I would never be caught dead in a blog theme like that”

    Whatever…. how the heck can you fail at blogging? I mean really… how do you fail at posting your random thoughts … uh… randomly.


  7. pynkmyst said

    Oh and by DUH! I don’t mean that I am DUH… only you know… like… “hello DUH!” Awww… effff’it You know what I mean.

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL Pynkmyst!!

  9. I can’t believe QF gave tips, and credited them to their real author! WTF? Why didn’t she just plagarize them?

  10. Capricorn One said

    Hey, guys~

    I’ve posted over at PT and have been lurking here for a while. Everything you say is absolutely true! I’d noticed weird discrepancies over at PT, like missing posts in threads and references to things that weren’t there. This kind of shit bothers me, so I began looking around, found this place, and started reading.

    Wow. You don’t want to believe that somebody you think is a good guy really isn’t, but the evidence is there and it’s way overwhelming. I actually stuck up for her in one of my few posts (I was really a nobody over there, and thank God for that hee hee)! Anyway, seems to me that you ladies (can I say bitches? Please??) are the REAL Pink Truth. Keep doin’ it. I’ll be around. You rock.

  11. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    Hey Capricorn! We’re all bitches, ho’s and skanks! LOL! Now sit back, relax, enjoy.

  12. Only if we can call you “Capri-bitch”! 😉

  13. Capricorn One said

    Why, thank ya, ladies. And now,if I may (ahem, ahem…)

    BITCHES n HOS n SKANKS OH, MY! This really IS the Yellow Brick Road!

  14. Capricorn One said

    @princesse: Or Bitchy Cap. I surely have answered to much worle that that.: P

  15. Capicorn One (Nice lunar reference) There are a lot of missing posts because most of the heavy contributors have moved on. They have been ‘Guested’ or blanked, but still show up in the numbers I’m sure.

    You got questions, you want the truth, ask it here, don’t get sucked into the PT crapper, because eventually you end up with all the other turds out in the sewage treatment plant.

  16. By the way Capricorn one

    You for got SNATCHES

  17. Capricorn One said

    @AssRat~Sorry, my meds were kicking in when I wrote the last one.


  18. Capricorn One said

    I know I’m kind of making a big deal of this, but I really resented the artificially-imposed “ladylike” behavior at PT. I mean, what are we, six? It’s very similar to the artificially-imposed ladylike behavior of the MLM it purports to want to destroy, isn’t it?

    I’m just sayin.

  19. Hi and welcome Capricorn One. I didn’t realize that I didn’t like that/resented that until I came here. Being on this blog makes me want to wear a tanktop with C-U-N-T written on it. So, uhm, anyway, yeah.

  20. Assylum Rat said

    It never used to be ladylike. There was a lot of cyber fur flying, it was only after the blog owner was getting trashed at the other blogs that there was a miraculous gentleness that all of a sudden appeared, except for chat where there was cyber sex talk — Ewwwwww

  21. Capricorn One said

    Wow. Can you say “hypocrite”?

  22. formerlyPLZ said

    uh yeah that cyber sex talk still haunts me. ew..i just had a baby barf. This is a low shot buuuut, like i give a flyin rat shit: hadn’t this dude seen a pic of psycho wench?! ew…baby barf again.

    btw the only thing T is an expert on is creating an elaborate internet life!

  23. Assylum Rat said

    Obviously he doesn’t care what she looks like or the fact that his mother was on there at the same time while all of this was going on. Now that made me do a giant barf in my mouth. 😦

    Why in hell does anyone invest that much on a ‘cyber life’ when gritty real life shit is more fun. And yet we still visit here, I guess it is because it is gritty and Duh lets us swear with abandon!

  24. formerlyPLZ said

    huzzah for swearing with abandon!

    Oh the whole his mom was in the room with them was so disturbing to me. *gag*

  25. Capricorn One said

    I heard about that, too. Jesus. I don’t care if my momma is on the other side of the fuckin world but still in the same chatroom when things are getting “intimate,” the second I realize it I am SO outta there. I mean, that’s almost like incest!


  26. Incest doesn’t even come close, this was torture. If it had been any two other participants on the forum they would have been banned or given a blog spanking at least. It is too creepy that a son would talk like that with his mother online and that the other *ahem* adult didn’t have enough class or integrity to shut it down and stop.

    Still makes you feel icky and get a bad case of the creepy crawlies. Ick I think I need to have a shower.

  27. gothchiq said

    I don’t like censorship. I don’t like being told to watch my fucking language. I’m a nasty girl.

    ‘Cause tonight, living in a fantasy,
    in my own little nasty world.
    Tonight, don’t you want to come with me,
    Do you think I’m a nasty girl?

    Though, I am NOT so nasty that I would chat sexy with a guy right in front of his momma. Come ON. I may have a slutty mouth, but I’m not a retard!

  28. Capricorn One said

    Yeah. My view of perversion is a pretty narrow one, too–things like bestiality, heavy S&M, handling little kids, that kind of shit. And incest, of course. Who the hell would ever have thought that in the 21st century we’d be dealing with something called “cybersex,” much less a by-product of “cyber-incest”? [[shudder]]

    gothchiq, I always enjoyed your posts over at “That Other Place.” You put your own unique spin on things, and I can appreciate that, cause my friends are always using words like “unique” to describe me.

    I recognize quite a few of you guys from TOP. You hardly sound like yourselves! Everybody is free and open here and not afraid to call a turd a piece of shit. I sure do love me some First Amendment, and I sure do love me some DUH!!

    BITCHEESSSSSSSSS!! (Man, that feels good!)

  29. Cap…unlike posts in “the other place” we can actually say, PinkTruth here…over there, if you reference any other site, eg: or it gets either 1)pulled or 2)bleeped out. Fun, huh?

    I get over here much anymore but I always think fondly of you all..

  30. mkrules said

    Speaking of sexy chat…Duh, what are you wearing? LOL

    JUST KIDDING, FREAKS! Just a lil joke to amuse myself.

  31. pppj said

    Hey Cap,

    Welcome to the fun zone.


  32. Capricorn One said

    Thanks, guys! Yeah, I know I’m free to name the Other Place but I’m almost paranoid to do it after all the shit I’ve seen here. But fuck it:


    So there.

  33. Shay the Duhpuppy said

    Speaking of blogs – how does one achieve the high honour of being placed on the blogroll?

    *bows to Duh*

    Your Royal Duhness, may I humbly request that my lowly blog be placed on your blogroll?


  34. formerlyPLZ said

    while pink truth is crap…i think:

    (as we can see from her chat room action)

    Sorry, I feel particularly snippy today

    U DA HOE!!!

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