Only the Shadow knows….


Written By: ScrewU 

Tracy claims that Pink Truth has 2970 registered users.  But when you click to view all the registered users, there is far fewer.  Most of the ones that are actually registered have never even posted.  But here is the last page of ‘members’

*****  Alright…. wordpress is making me way pissed.  I cant get it right now.  So eff it.  I’ll figure it out later.  The ending number is 391 though.  Thats it.  391 users are listed out of 2970.  Where did all the others go?   You figure it out Duh******


  1. Duh said

    What an insightful post!


  2. ScrewU said

    Better than yours, whore! Trying to fix it. Stupid computer

  3. Duh said

    Whatever. Jealous.

  4. ScrewU, you didn’t just give away your super secret PT identity did you? Insta-ban. LOL!

  5. Oooh, a fight!!! I love fights. Maybe I’ll stay home and not go to exercise class so I can see this one unfold.

    Or not.

  6. ScrewU said

    Hahaha…. do you think that the Red Baron saw it? You think she watches us 24/7?
    And pray tell, Duh… what am I jealous of? You & I both know who rocks the house. Whore

  7. ScrewU said

    And PS… WordPress sucks ass cuz I can’t fix it. Maybe I’ll just post the last page. It’s too hard otherwise

  8. I don’t know if the Red Baron saw it, but that was an exciting flurry of activity. I’m sorry that the computer is giving you a hard time, ScrewU.

  9. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, which one of you bitches signed up as ^pookie^ and ^get real^? LMAO!!

  10. Strawberry Shortcake said

    That’s because anyone who ever registered at PT is counted. Doesn’t matter if you are banned or not. And she probably made up half the users.

  11. Duh said

    Suz, go ahead and go to exercise class.

    I’m going to a concert tonight. And I’m not looking back.


  12. Oh-My! said

    If I understand correctly, this number still counts Duh and all who have been banned and not black out.

  13. I wonder if I’m still there. SINCE IM BANNED! LAWLZ

    thanks tracy for closing that PT door!

    Duh, I have a topic in mind for the blog, even though you are kinda laying low for a while due to PT sucking mucho sweaty balls.

  14. I wonder if I’m still there. SINCE IM BANNED! LOL!

    thanks tracy for closing that PT door!

    Duh, I have a topic in mind for the blog, even though you are kinda laying low for a while due to PT sucking mucho sweaty balls.

  15. freefrompt said

    MFBT you are banned? When did that happen?

  16. damnit, why did wordpress post the comment twice? odd. i corrected something after it told me that “oops! not working. try again later” so i didn’t think it went through because it told me it didn’t. arg, but it did.

    anyway. yes, i have been banninated. but tracy, i’m still not your original mole! LOL nice try bitch!

    FFPT – a while back. i dont remember when but not too long ago. i’ve been so busy with tons of stuff it actually didn’t bother me. all because i commented on how something wasn’t working and she banned me. hobag. just trying to help and all i get was a swift kick in the ass because i’m “conspiring against the supreme ruler and questioning her authority or lack thereof. noticing her imperfections of her board which apparently goes against the invisible rules of being a proper mindfucked sheep.”


  17. freefrompt said

    Ever gunna come out of the closet MFBT?

  18. Duh said

    Oh-My, That number also includes the several times I made up new log ins. So there’s at least 3 or 4 of me on there.

    MFBT, I have a hard time writing on request. It just makes it seem like homework. If you write something yourself, and it’s deemed worthy by the Bitchfest panel of judges, I’ll post it. Just send it to our email.

  19. that’s what i meant. i’ll write an essay.

    ffpt – eventually.

  20. Mercedes said

    Yeah-there is about 3 of me over there too-of course we don’t post anything-lol!

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