The real number of PT users.


Here is a print screen of the PT member list.  I listed them in descending order so you can tell that this is indeed the last page.  Tracy was the first member to join of course, so she is listed last on this list.

I’m not on this list, and neither is anyone else that didn’t join after the move to the new discussion board.  So basically, Tracy could be pulling that 2976 number out of her ass.  The question is….

Why?  Why is she so desperate to make people think she is more successful than she is?  She’s willing to lie about her member list, which is easily verifiable. 

I have no idea why she’s allowing this information to be seen.  Maybe with this discussion board, she can’t do anything about it.  I hope that all those new people joining PT see this and take note.  Tracy is a liar and a manipulator of facts.

(The picture above is the one that Screw U was trying to show you guys yesterday.  I dedicate this blog entry to her.)


  1. Me said

    Her explanation is probably that the site is malfunctioning and only shows one-tenth of the membership.

    And she stole the logo from PTLies.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said


  3. colleen said

    Aint that DUH truth…..LOL

  4. freefrompt said

    “Me”, I mean you no disrespect but you have your information wrong on the logo. Tracy didn’t steal it from PTLies. I and several others back in April or so (who ironically, most of them are gone from PT now and quite a few of them post here as well, such as gothie, marvie, jazzy, HH, can’t remember who else – sorry) “voted” per se, on several different logos and we knew that’s what it was going to look like. It wasn’t a big secret.

    We also voted on the layout of the blog, and this layout is not at all what we voted on and that’s ok. Just sayin..the logo was already picked out b4 PTLies came into existence.

    And now I am going to go throw up because I just defended someone who I know would never do the same for me when she knew it was the right thing todo. It’s a truly sickening feeling.

  5. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    You’re not defending anyone, sweetie, just setting things right for the record.
    Now wipe the puke of your chin and move on.

  6. pinknight said

    Hi there,

    Apologies upfront for not adapting to your language here.

    It is not that I have any qualms about speaking the way y’all do or am offended by your conversations here.

    It is simply a matter of self-imposed propriety when representing the blog I have started.

    Duh, you stopped by my site on Nov. 16 and I am just now getting around to introduce myself here.

    I am not sure if you or any of your readers keep up with my site, but I recently answered some questions posed by PT in the comment section of her site. You can read all about it on my site, and you don’t need to tell me how futile it was to do that… I knew before I did it.

    Anywho, the reason I am here is that I was banned. Are you surprised?

    Since I was banned, she (TC) downplayed it with a trite little “script” about how she will not allow her mission and readers to be ridiculed. NO mention of me being banned.

    There are some legitimate questions (posed to me) still unanswered on that site.

    There are also some “if you really are… then…” questions that are obviously aimed at making it look like they “ran me off with their brilliant logic”.

    It was recommended to me (on my site) that I come here and request that any of your readers interested in “aiding and abetting” a “known felon” use their yet un-banned login ID’s to post a comment (on the Questions, Questions, Questions post) to the effect of “looking for real truth is not replying because he was banned”

    If they would further like to “infuriate the queen bee” and recommend a place where actual two-sided conversations about MK are being held they can recommend that the readers do a google search for the phrase “balanced mary kay”. At last check, my site was the first result for that term.

    I recognize that this is shameless self promotion and I am not ashamed of that!

    If this does not appeal to anyone here, feel no pressure. I am just a guy trying to get to the bottom of the….

    sorry, my wife just walked in and well…. let’s just say that those dots represent 10 minute increments of time

    where was I?

    Oh yeah, I really want to create a place that helps people avoid being hurt by MK or PT. I am just a guy trying to get to the bottom of the whole MK/PT thing. What is true, what is exaggerated, what is pure fiction… on both sides of the conversation.

    If you guys want to help out, I would appreciate it.
    If you want to leave thoughts or questions (for MK, PT, TC, et. al.) on my site, you are more than welcome… just try to use your “kiss your mother with that mouth” language so that no one gets offended! (thanks)

    If you don’t, no worries.


  7. pinknight said

    just want to make sure I didn’t get stuck in spam!!!!

    test, test, test, is this thing on?

    test 1 2

    test 1 23

  8. pinknight said

    duh, i wrote a long email that is not “visible” yet.

    my “test” just appeared…

    if you did not get the first one… let me know, I will re post.


  9. HH said

    I remember voting on the logo and layout. Free is right about it being decided before PTlies got it, because apparently there was a ‘mole’ who leaked it. It seems like so long ago.

    Ick I hate it when I get puke on my chin………..particularly pink puke…….

  10. Pixie said

    *Waving to HH!!*

  11. HH said

    **Waving to Pixie!!!!!**

  12. formerlyPLZ said

    ew, pink puke. no more pink pomegrante cosmos for u hh

  13. HH said

    Actually FPLZ, It was more pink ladies that made me splorf or the Tequila puff in Mexico, boy when those suckers explode you are almost dead, they kind of sneak up on ya and they are pink. Ick. But that was a long time ago, now I am a martini purist. No fruit juice, no little bits of fruit or stupid umbrellas, they only poke ya in the eye anyway.

  14. formerlyPLZ said

    **blinks at hh** ………………mmm-k……………

  15. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    PLZ……All cosmos are wonderful.
    Pinknight: I was reading all your back and forth posts on PT and they were great! You are obviously very intelligent and care about your wife a great deal. Good for you!

  16. pinknight said


    thanks…feel free to say “hi” over there any time… glad to hear I have some readers here!


  17. colleen said

    Why does everyone always wave to High Hopes? Is she like a queen or something? **waving to high hopes**

  18. freefrompt said

    Colleen, for shame! There is only ONE “Queen”. Don’t be dissin on HH like that!!

    Just kiddin Colleen. HH is just a friendly kinda gal, so go ahead, give it a whirl & wave to her! I bet she waves back. 😉

  19. formerlyPLZ said

    its more fun to poke HH with sticks.

    *poke poke poke at HH*

    WHATS UP, EH!!

  20. colleen said

    free from PT I would Never compare HH to the troll of a queen if you know
    what I mean….High Hopes is a killer queen ..guaranteed to blow your mind!!
    You would understand that if you are familiar with Freddie Mercury and Queen…I love that song **waving to HH and free from PT**

    “whoops there goes another rubber tree plant”
    shes got high hopes..LOL

    ***colleen singing***

  21. formerlyPLZ said

    *waves her lighter back and forth as colleen sings*

  22. pppj said

    HH is wrappin presents so I’ll wave at ya

  23. Willie Lump Lump said


    You bitches are crazy.

  24. YoU AiN't No dAiSY said

    hey DUH – do you check your email anymore?????

  25. Willie Lump Lump said

    Duh doesn’t check shit these days. We’re still waiting for her to post what her new job is. Skank! 😛

    And how come noone waves to Dizzy? 😛

    ***waving to Dizzy***

    or Screw U?

    ***waving to Screw U***

    I would wave to Duh, but her ass prolly wouldn’t check that either.

  26. HH said

    **Waving to everyone!*** and humming – have a holly jolly Christmas, la la la la la……. Sipping eggnog and wrapping gifties. 😉

    Dang I lost the tape, why is it every time I wrap presents I end up with such a mess and lose the tape, scissors and the other stuff needed? I think I am gonna pay to have em done next year.

    So DUH are you ever gonna tell us what you do? Hmmmmm.

    Singing to the tune “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”

    “All I want for Christmas is to know Duh’s job, Know Duh’s job, so I can wish her merry Christmas!”

  27. freefrompt said

    **big waves**

    I do too HH. I produce the biggest mess anyone could make, I swear. I’ve now just gone to gift bags for as many items as possible to detour that problem (slightly). I’m still a mess and not a very good wrapper besides.

    Good idea on paying someone to wrap them next year.

    ‘Night all! 🙂

  28. pppj said

    Hey, I buy 12 things of tape every xmas season as those gremlins called MY CHILDREN take it and make projects with it. Oh yet, tape projects. One day I walked in to my office to find that the little one put tape all over my keyboard to ‘decorate it.’ Oh my yes. Then the middle child put tape from my door with little I love you notes on it. Yes…..

    So, I have taken their obsession with tape and let them help wrap family presents to other members. It is a hoot, poorly done, but my family loves it because they are lumpy bumpy taped up things that my kids worked so hard on.

    So, what’s your favorite holiday song everyone? Also, a big happy Hanukah and Happy Kwanza to those of you who celebrate that faith too.

    “It’s a Marshmallow world in the winter…when the snow comes to cover the ground…it’s that time of day it’s a whip cream day..I wait for it the whole year ’round….”

  29. pppj said

    Hey, I also solved the riddle to duh’s job.

    She wraps presents at the mall. So, some old lady goes up there and says, “WRAP THIS,” and flashes her.

    my guess for the day…any other holiday guesses? a lactation consultant for clarice the reindeer?

  30. formerlyPLZ said

    *snort* OMG pppj. the lactation consultant was too funny!

  31. HH said

    ROF. You crack me up PPPJ.

    I have to say it.


    I’ve never heard of a lactation consultant for reindeer.

  32. pppj said

    I think that’s because Bambi’s mother died. I’m sure they would have worked one in somewhere on Disney, don’t you?

    Hey, anyone see the movie Enchanted? I give it two thumbs up!


  33. Pixie said

    I liked Enchanted! The girls loved it…even hubby thought it was pretty funny.

  34. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    *waving hi to everyone* and I am FINALLY done with my Christmas shopping…

    Curious, *doing cartwheels of joy*

  35. freefrompt said


    Enchanted..really? *running to read the reviews*


    Congrats Curious! What a good feeling!!!! Any hints of what Missy got this year?

  36. formerlyPLZ said

    *steps out of curious’ cartwheel of joy path*

    Alittle happy there huh? Lets just make sure I’m out of the trajectory when curious and missy get dizzy…

  37. Oh my!! said

    Curious, do you want to do my Christmas shopping??

  38. pppj said

    Even my 11 year old son loved Enchanted. It basically talks about how disney true love kiss isn’t exactly reality. BUT…there is a happy ending, and did I mentin McDreamy is in the movie?

    gotta love mcdreamy…

  39. freefrompt said

    I wondered what your son thought of it pppj. I watched part of the trailer online.

    I saw that mcdreamy was in it. I thought, well at least I’ll like it. LOL

  40. HH said

    Rofl I didn’t know cats could do cartwheels, talk about a furballs flying……. 🙂

    Curious just don’t spin her too much, nothing worse than cleaning up cat barf – EEEEEEEWWWWWW!

  41. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    *waving back*

    Oh I’m so damned happy I can’t stand it! My USUAL Christmas shopping routine involves my still being in the malls on Christmas Eve at 4 pm, thinking WTF am I going to get for this or that person. If anyone else here can relate to this, you know that this hugely sucks. Anyway, for me to be done this early is nothing short of miraculous.

    We didn’t do the cartwheels as a duet so Missy is fine, no kitty barf to clean up!

    Missy is getting a trip to the kitty spa for Christmas for a haircut. Also some shrimp for her Christmas dinner and a catnip toy or two in her stocking.

  42. formerlyPLZ said

    hm kitty barf and furballs. what an interesting and colorful upchuck….

  43. HH said

    Give Missy a couple of shrimpies from Aunty HH and a scratchy behind those little furry ears!

    My doggis barks a hello, she is going to the doggis parlor soon too!

    Anyone heard the jingle cats rendition of jingle bells yet this season?

  44. freefrompt said

    Curious be sure to take a “before and after” of Missy. LOLLLLLL Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Jingle cats…not yet….I wonder if it’s on u-tube. Link…anyone got a link for jingle cats?

  45. formerlyPLZ said

    *to the tune of jingle bells* meow meow meow….meow meow meow…meow meow meow meow meooooooow. meow meow meow meowmeow….

  46. freefrompt said

    *thunks head hard* Ohhh! LOL Thanks for picking up the slack on the slow one.

    Great, now I’ll have THAT song in my head the rest of the night.

  47. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    My DH gave me the Jingle Cats album for Christmas one year; it usually gets played at least once during the holidays…and today just may have to be the day.

    (humming) meow meow meow, meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow!

    And Missy sends her thanks to Auntie HH for the extra shrimp!

  48. Oh my!! said

    Plz: Have you been watching too much Elmo? Are you singing the “Meow Song”?

  49. pppj said

    Hey there –

    I have the woof woof version of jingle bells. Little one sings it around the house.

  50. formerlyPLZ said

    Aw shit. Screw Elmo that little red…thing…There’s a meow song, oh please don’t let my daughters find out, I’ll lose my mind.

    Oh wait…already happened…nevermind.

  51. HH said

    Being Dog person I could probably stand to listen to jingle dogs.

    I am so glad we are through the tickle me elmo stage, it used to scare the heck of the dd.


  52. freefrompt said

    We never did buy a tickle me Elmo. We sure went through the Barney and Teletubbie phase – and I lived to tell about it. oyyyy

  53. Mercedes said

    I don’t have children but have been around children forever and will be forever-lol. Love Elmo! Sorry freefrompt-I am not a fan of Barney or Teletubbies at all. oyyyy is right-lol!

    *woofing to HH*

    Patch needs doggy lovers to pray for him right now. He’s not doing well at all…


  54. freefrompt said

    Oh no what’s wrong with Patch?? 😦

  55. Mercedes said

    Hey girl! I began typing over here to tell you about Patch and it was so long I just cut and paste into a post on my blog-you can check out the story there. Thanks for asking 🙂


    p.s. I may add more to the story in a bit

  56. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Missy the Cat hopes that Patch will feel better soon!

  57. Mercedes said

    Thanks Curious and Missy! Much appreciated. So how old is Missy?

  58. HH said

    Maggie the doggis has put her furry paws together to pray for Patch.

    *Woofing back to Mere!**

  59. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Hey Mere, how’s Patch doing today?

    In answer to your question, Missy will turn 22 in April; definitely a senior kitty girl! She’s presently the equivalent of 103 in human years and her vet says she’s still going strong (she had a physical right before Thanksgiving).

  60. Mercedes said

    Awwww-how sweet-thanks Maggie!
    Missy-you go girl-22 years old-WOW-amazing!
    Curious-I have posted Patch’s progress on my blog-if you would like to read the details.
    Short version-he went to the vet today and had to stay all day to have many tests run. We will find out the results in a day or two. If Jedd and I have to work at the same time-Grandpa (my dad-Patch’s grandpa) will be staying at the house. I just don’t want Patch to be alone right now. Much more details on my blog.


    p.s. isn’t it amazing how animal lovers bond? And how our animals are like children? I don’t have children of my own-but Patch is my 11 year old son and I am a part-time mom to 15 Kindergarteners Monday-Friday…does that count? LOL


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