Tracy is a slime ball.


I went over to PT today to see what there is to see (not much), and I clicked on the User’s List link again. 

Guess what? 

Tracy has hidden all of her users!  Haha!  So now we can’t see that there are only 300 or so users.  We can’t see how many posts they made, and how active (er, inactive) they are. 

Nothing wrong with hiding your users information, I guess.  Well, except for the fact that TRACY IS LYING ABOUT HOW MANY USERS THERE ARE.   Now the newbies can’t click that pesky little link and ask nosey questions like, “Why are there only 300 people registered when it says on the front page of the discussion board that there are closer to 3000?” 

Questions, bad!  Complete submission, good!

So Tracy, you’ve succeeded in duping your members again.  Good for you!  How does one sleep at night knowing that every waking moment of ones life is so damn shady?  I mean, you can’t even run a simple website without lying and manipulating and hiding.  

And BTW, thanks for reading over here.  I know that I’ve broken some of your blogging rules, and I appreciate the fact that loyal readers, like you for instance, are willing to come back here and check for new stuff. 


  1. Pixie said

    *Waving to Tracy!*

  2. Secret Agent Beehive Kicker said

    This is the latest post on PT:

    “If you are having trouble logging into your Pink Truth account and get an error message that you have an invalid ID or password, please email me at I will give you a new password and you should be able to log in after that.

    Also, if you’ve signed up for an account at PT but didn’t get an activation email, you should send me an email. I will activate your account for you if necessary.

    Please send all emails about user accounts from the email address you used when you signed up for PT.”

    Why do we have to email her directly now? It used to be simple enough to just request a new password – not we have to email her and SHE gives us a new password?

    That is messed up.

  3. ScrewU said

    It’s amazing that Tracy didn’t think that anyone would catch on. She must really think everyone is as dumb as she treats them. I’m so glad she changes her site based on what we write. It makes me laugh so hard.

    Score another for Somecallmeduh 🙂 We rock

  4. Lions and Tigers and Banning - Oh My! said

    ROTFL –

    We might see a banning soon!

    Latest post on “Want to clean an NSD’s house….”:


    “…it’s the least you can do since he no longer has a father.”

    Ouch. Kinda harsh.

    This next part isn’t directed at anyone in particular….just my thoughts.

    Why on earth are you ripping this woman’s parenting apart? How in the world is that productive or even desirable?

    Most of us on here are moms. We all make mistakes with parenting. ALL of us.

    As far as her not spending time with her child – you don’t live in her house and you don’t know how her child feels. I don’t agree with women who work 50+ hours a week and put their kids in daycare, but that doesn’t mean I am right or they are wrong – it means we have made different choices.

    As far as her list – it’s not the kind of list I would use, but if she is paying the person, she can make up the list, IMHO.

    Okay, you can commence throwing tomatoes now.”


    Wonder how long that’ll stay up??? 😀


  5. freefrompt said

    Rock on “people of duh”!!!

  6. Misc Person said

    I think she’s lost her ‘mole(s).’ The new scoops aren’t as juicy – I suspect I know who one of them was too – I think one was a former assistant of an NSD.

  7. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    OK, I’m lost. Who is bashing who’s parenting skills? Whuteva.

  8. Duh said

    It depends on who is fussing who whether or not it stays up.

    If one of Tracy’s Ho’s says it’s bad, I’m sure the Queen Bee will leave it up and may actually post about how they shouldn’t say stuff like that. If it’s a newbie, she’ll leave it and not say anything unless they keep “stirring the pot”. Then she’ll ban their ass.

  9. formerlyPLZ said

    Tracy still blows donkey balls. Hard.

  10. LOL that pic is SO fitting

    big bitch is watching!!!!!

    hiya tracy!

  11. ohmyohmy said

    The new PT site is not as user friendly. The default only shows posts in the last 4 hours. You can view posts since last log-on, but you have to click that option EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

    But seriously, how many times can you “welcome” a newbie without it sounding old. How often can you say “Congratulations” after someone gets their blue check? It gets old.

  12. pppj said

    that’s why I don’t go over there anymore. It’s old.

    Also, I have to clean my cookies since I keep getting an error message. I should go on vacation again and see if I can get in somewhere else with my old password.

    Yeah, that’s the reason to go on vacation.

  13. pppj said

    hey anyone live near the Mall of America? I’m thinking of going up before the holiday….I’ve been there before but if any people of duh live there give a shout out to

  14. eyesicle said

    Is that the McGuiver guy that got slimed?

    Do we know yet what Duh’s job is?

  15. daisygirl19 said

    “Yeah, that’s the reason to go on vacation.”

    PJ, that was funny.

    Any time the words “Tracy” and “vacation” are used in the same sentence (or in this case, implied), it’s a cringe-worthy thing.

    I think Duh’s job is a pasty-tester. You know, how do they go on, how do they come off, how much (or little!) do they cover, tassels or sequins…

  16. Me said

    pppj, you live in Wisconsin? Why don’t you go drop in on Tracy? Hahahahaha

  17. freefrompt said

    “Me” she did. Why do you think she’s taken up posting here!

    Now you can really hahahaaha cuz I’m not kidding.

  18. MK4ME (BS) said

    Hi all, still around but just busy, question for you freefrompt, is daisygirl, the poor individual that took a vacation with her hubby in Las Vegas and her vacation was crashed?? What a story that was. No wonder she cringes when she hears vacation – poor dear

    Have a Merry Christmas all! BS = Black Sheep

  19. Sally said

    nothing is ever ON SALE at Mall of America.

    but I might consider it……….

  20. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I went to mall of america once. Not impressed, no offense to anyone who likes it.

  21. HH said

    Its interesting to know that even though some folks deny reading here and that it doesn’t matter, that changes miraculously happen over there after the ‘wise ones’ on planet Duh discuss stuff.

    *snort* Yo Plz tell us how ya really feel Rof!

    BTW only 16 more days until Christmas morning. So to all my shopaholic maniac buds, strap on those high heels, head to the mall and do some serious bargain hunting, take no prisoners! Whooo Ahhh! SALE, SALE, SALE!

  22. pppj said

    HH – you wanna wrap for me?

  23. formerlyPLZ said

    you know me hh, never holding back! I always say how i really feel!!

  24. Me said

    pppj, did you really go to see Tracy? Post on my blog and tell me about it! Would love to know–thanks, FFPT, for the heads up!

  25. HH said

    PPPJ send it on over, I just have a couple of eggnogs heavy on the nog and away I go. Who said drunk wrapping isn’t fun, you end you with very creatively interesting looking presents, except when you accidentally tape the dog to one……….

  26. formerlyPLZ said

    *snort* ROFL!!! poor hh’s doggi….no wonder he has that bald spot on his side…

  27. freefrompt said

    The people of duh who live on planet duh. That has a nice ring to it once you stop giggling so hard you can’t breathe.

    Red rover, red rover send pppj right over….

  28. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    I’ve been to MOTA once too and once was enough for me; there’s way too much distracting “other stuff” to make it a pleasant shopping experience IMO. It’s almost like sensory overload, actually.

    But if you can tune out all of that other stuff, I’m sure it’s a fine place to shop. It’s certainly big enough!

  29. freefrompt said

    We go there every year for my son’s birthday (he always brings a friend). It’s not great for shopping IMO. People who don’t live near there are always surprised at how little I buy when I go – but when you hear screaming for 6-8 hours (from people on the rides – it echos through the entire mall) you lose focus pretty quick.

    I went back to the hotel and ordered some things I glanced at (had a better chance to *think* about them back at the hotel). They have free shipping so much anymore that shopping in big places like that is not necessary unless you love to shop in a screaming environment. haha

    I did have a good time, but that’s because it was not a trip intended for tons of shopping. It was intended to celebrate my child and we did!

    Just my 2 cents

    Oh BTW – does anyone else dislike Meredith’s hair on Grey’s Anatomy??? It drives me crazy.

  30. pppj said

    I can’t stand Meredith’s hair on Grey’s. It looks like it needs a good washing.

    Hey Me – Yes, I did meet Tracy last spring for dinner with a few other cyber friends. It was enlightening, and I lost interest in PT after that. She talked about this and other blogs the entire time, and the other people I was with who thanked her for the site since it helped them get out of MK before they were in it too long were just amazed at her outbursts. It felt like a saturday night live skit. I kept thinking someone was going to burst through a wall, and that I’ve been punked or somethin.

    The only reason I like to shop at Mall of America is there lack of sales tax. If you spend a lot it does make a difference. I usually do back to school shopping there. Thanks for the suggestions and advice.

    Hey, anyone have a cure for an 11 year old boy who does his homework and forgets to turn it in?

    what is duh’s job? Perhaps she is the bouncer at a geriatric strip joint.

  31. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Meredith needs to decide on what she wants! Have you all watched Private Practice? I lurve that show.

  32. freefrompt said

    I think if she cut her hair that would help relieve some pressure and let brain cells through and maybe then she could decide what to do.

    I’ve watched Private Practice. It has a lot of my favorite actors/actresses in it.

  33. Me said

    pppj, I’m sure my blog was one of the topics of conversation! I have a hard time deciding what she is like in real life. The image I have of her is an overweight slovenly pig who only gets up from her computer to go to the bathroom. Wild eyes, unbrushed hair and teeth–you get the idea. Sort of a mad scientist image with hair extensions and a big belly. Junk food containers and take out containers all over the place….. *shudder*

    Mall of America has no sales tax? Wow–that might make it worth screaming kids.

  34. Mercedes said

    Me-that is exactly how I image her…awhile back some of us determined she doesn’t use the bathroom much at all-watching how quick she can take posts down-lol…or maybe she just has the computer set up in the bathroom-LMAO!


  35. Sally said

    MInnesota does not have a slaes tax on clothing.

  36. Sally said

    no sales tax, either.

  37. daisygirl19 said

    My biggest pet peeve about Meredith’s hair is how she pulls it back in to the straggly ponytail, but leaves the sides down. How do they not get in her way? Come on, Mere, give a girl a break. Either clip those suckers back or move the ponytail up an inch so they stay in it.

    I’m Daisy, from PT, by the way. “Daisy” was already taken on WordPress, so I had to improvise. I have no vacation stories that include Tracy, but I was witness to the chat room fiasco, which still haunts me.

  38. pppj said


    Sorry to disappoint, but she looked nice. She has good hair, and her teeth were nice too.

    The only crazy thing was that she kept talking about the blogs that bash her, and it was unsettling as I had my former mk teammates there that wanted to thank her for the advice sickie (now freefrompt) gave her. She talked badly about a lot of people on PT (no not PUR), and she was just outspoken, loud, and carried the entire conversation by herself. It was an eye-opener. We all left and called each other that night claiming that was the most unusual dinner we’ve ever had.

    Hey shout out to daisy—–

  39. daisygirl19 said

    Shoutin’ out to my girl PJ…

    Oh, I am SO not gangsta. *snort*

  40. Mercedes said

    Hey Daisy! How are you doing? Happy Holidays!


  41. daisygirl19 said

    MERE! Wow, it’s like a reunion. How have you been?

  42. HH said

    Shouting out to Daisygirl19!!!! Woot!!!

    I guess when all you do is live vicariously through your computer and that is what you have built your life about, somewhere in there it becomes reality and it will be all you can talk about. I think it was T’s common thread with you guys and it would be hard to engage in the small chat of reality regarding life. If you don’t have one you can’t talk about it.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Kwanza and every other celebration out there.

    Yo DUH are you going to give us all a little Christmas presie and tell us what you do, we have been begging ya to let us know for months. Come on in the spirit of the season tell us.

    Are you a condom inspector at a all night condom factory? (See the guesses are getting more and more off the wall) 🙂


  43. pppj said

    I think Duh saw this on the job at a nursing home:

    Ole and Sven, the old retired Norwegian boys, lived at the Old Retired Norwegian Home.

    One afternoon they were sitting on the front porch looking at the sunset and talking about this and that. Lena, who lived there too, was standing around the corner and heard the boys talking. Being a mischevious lady, Lena decided to play a trick on the boys.

    Taking off all her clothes, she ran around the corner and raced past Ole and Sven as fast as she could run.

    Ole and Sven watch in astonishment as Lena runs past. Finally, Ole asks, “Vasn’t dat Lena?”

    Sven replies, “Yah, ay – ay tank so…”

    Ole says, “But, vat vas she vearing?”

    Sven shakes his head and says, “Yah, ay don’t know, but vatever it vas, it sure needed ironing!”

  44. HH said

    ROFLMAO *Snort*

  45. daisygirl19 said

    HH! Good to see you. Happy everything, right back atcha! LOL

  46. Oh my!! said

    PPPJ, hee hee!!! Very funny!!

  47. chineseambassador said

    okay “Sven and Ole” jokes are Minnesota staples, dontcha know! You from around there?

  48. Oh my!! said

    Me. Nope. I’m a Southerner ish. I live south of I-80.

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