Ass Smoothie

Someone googled this and found my site. 



  1. daisygirl19 said


    That’s what you get for mixing your blog with your career.

    ‘Fess up already.

  2. HH said

    Duh at least they are finding ya!

  3. Oh my!! said

    Spill, Duh… Are you giving out Ass Smoothies at your new job??

  4. Mercedes said

    OK-we have waited long enough-what do you do now for a living???
    Please do tell!

    *waving to HH & Daisy*

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I want an ass smoothie. Will it take away my cellulite?

  6. HH said

    Waving back to Mere!!! Hey how is the pupkins this morning?

  7. Mercedes said

    HH-Grandpa is dog sitting today while Jedd and I are at work. I hope to find out something today or tomorrow. I have updated on my blog-if you haven’t read…I believe you have though. Going to get the kiddies from gym…


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