Somebody’s been a busy beaver.

Nope, not me.  As if!

It appears that Tracy has become a minor celebrity in the blogging world.  She is now blogging for WalletPop which is some blogging forum sponsored by AOL that features blogs about stuff that has to do with money.  I’m sure it will be a big hit.

Check it out here:

If you notice on the right hand side of the screen, Tracy is in a race to be the most prolific blogger on the site.  Yesterday she was 4th or 5th.  Today she’s second.  I’m quite sure that by tomorrow she’ll be first.  Apparently, once again, Tracy is more interested in quantity than quality.  Her articles are basically just fluff and have nothing to do with her area of expertise. 

Who wants Tracy’s advise on picking out jewelry?  OH ME, ME!

And now Tracy has announced on her Sequence blog that she is blogging for yet another AOL sponsored site.  Obviously, AOL has no interest in building readership for these sites.  It would be interesting to know how someone goes about becoming a blogger for one of these sites.  Maybe you guys can get on that and share with the rest of us.

P.S.  I’m not sure that Tracy has control of editing comments on these other sites.  Anyone want to test out that theory?  A very Merry Christmas to the person who gets a link to my blog in the comments! 

I’d do it myself, but that would be just too lame-o.


  1. daisygirl19 said

    Okay, so I clearly need to get a life…

    I added a comment. It disappeared. It saved itself in my blog profile. The link disappeared. I tried to add a new comment, but I’ve been blocked.

    Censorship is alive and well. Oh well. At least she couldn’t wipe my comment confirmation out of my inbox.

    For your viewing pleasure:

    Please activate your comments by clicking this URL:

    Confirmation Link

    The comments below will be added to the post titled “Britney Spears and company spend like drunken sailors for the holidays”:

    Your comment:

    Abe, that was almost… comprehensible. Good job.

    Tracy, why did you pick Britney Spears to highlight? Does she remind
    you of someone you used to know?

  2. Duh said

    Merry Christmas Daisy! LOL GREAT comment!

  3. freefrompt said

    Go Dais!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

  4. daisygirl19 said


    It was my pleasure. 😀

  5. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Wow, i’m so shocked that Daisy’s comment is no longer there. GASP

  6. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    Did TC volunteer for this crap or do you honestly think she was “recruited?” Since when is she a fucking expert on everything? Puuuuuuleeeeese.

  7. LOL Daisy!

    Gosh, TC’s busy.

  8. pppj said


    I’ll raise you five and get a life.

    I posted your comments for you using my name.. Heck….I just stole your line, but hey at least it made it to the screen there.


  9. daisygirl19 said

    PJ, you’re the best! Is your comment still up?

  10. HH said

    PPPJ Hate to tell you this its been poofed. Seems like she is still a huge fan of the delete key! *Snort* As for the most recent post about lying that is kinda calling the kettle black if you ask me, when she can’t even be truthful about the number of PT members she has. ROF, SNORT, SNICKER.

    Waving to Daisy and PPPJ!!!!!!!!!

  11. ScrewU said

    Did you notice her latest ‘article’ is about money and relationships? Hmmm…. maybe I’m just behind the times, but what the eff does Tracy know about relationships? Me thinkey she talking about things she know nothing about. SHOCKER!!! Since when does that happen?

  12. pppj said

    How funny. That is completely funny that she deleted it. Oh, to live in WI on a snowy day and be by the computer all day long.

    funny stuff.

  13. daisygirl19 said

    She certainly is prolific. She wrote six articles just today. How on earth does she find the time?
    trying… so… hard… to… keep… a… straight… face…

  14. freefrompt said

    Six articles? LOL Maybe she’s studying for a typing test.

  15. Duh said

    It’s easy to write six articles when you’ve done no research, interviews, etc. that would make it informative.

    It’s all a numbers game for Tracy. It’s not about substance.

  16. daisygirl19 said

    Or maybe she just steals them from somewhere else, changes a few words, and slaps her name on them?

    I KNOW I’ve read the re-gifting article before, with the same four reasons, and it wasn’t written by TC. It was on the AOL main page earlier this fall. Tracy’s was a readers’ digest version.

    Lame. The concept, the writing, the author…

  17. freefrompt said

    Daisy to fit in around here the word would be lame-o. ROFL

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