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The only time it IS appropriate to “regift”.

 According to Tracy, that is.  But her recent story on regifting was just too good to pass up.

Not only does she get a dig in about those dame tree huggers, she also makes herself look like the cheap hoochie that she is.  Priceless!

I’m not quite sure who Tracy’s target audience is with these lousy stories, but COME ON!!  She actually feels the need to tell people that they should rewrap a gift that they are regifting?  I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but it must be a lot more like rural Louisiana than I thought.  (I’m from LA, so I can say that.)  First of all, how do you regift something you haven’t even unwrapped?  Does anybody out there just unwrap an end of the present, peek in and decide, “Nah”, and then tape it up again?

Tracy actually goes wrong in the first sentence of this article.  “When is it okay to re-gift? Always!”  Really??  ALWAYS?  I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s pretty shitty to regift on your mom’s birthday!  How about my 10th wedding anniversary this year?  Is a regift appropriate?  

So if I were allowed to leave a comment on blog entry it would go something like this:

“I guess if gift giving is only supposed to be about the convenience of the giver, than regifting is A-OK.  Too bad that’s not what giving a gift is about!  Especially at Christmas time.  

I have one rule for regifting.  If I have something that I’m not using or don’t want, and I know that someone else will use it/want it, I just give it to them.  I don’t wrap it.  I don’t wait for a holiday.  The next time I see them I say something like, “Hey, I got this from so-and-so and I don’t really need it.  I know you like this kind of thing.  Would you like it?” 

I have yet to have a single person be offended by this type of regifting since it’s not really gift.  How many people do you know would be offended by a regift at Christmas or birthday?  Especially if they spent time and effort and money to choose a nice NEW gift for you?

My God Tracy.  No wonder you don’t have any friends!”

I have to admit that I don’t know if Tracy has any friends.  I’m just guessing.  IF she does, than I feel really bad for them come Christmas time. 


  1. Duh said

    I’d like to add a little aside to this piece. Regifting heirloom jewelry or a family keepsake is OK. Regifting a George Foreman grill…not OK.

  2. daisygirl19 said

    You’re all class, Duh. I mean that sincerely.

  3. ScrewU said

    Tracy picks the most random ass wierd stuff to write about. Who the hell reads her sh*t except us? Really. Someone is paying her to do this? Damn. I think she picked up on Lazy Garden’s techniques on how to get paid to be a giant know-it-all-when-you-know-nothing.

  4. Duh said

    She picks random stuff off MSN and reworks it into a shorter, less interesting version.

  5. ScrewU said

    The very least she could do is pick a topic that BEGAN as interesting and then dull it down. But she starts with some crazy ass stuff that noone gives a crap about. Seriously, does she think she is Dear Abby, Martha Stewart and Miss Manners all in one? When she is clearly NOT any of them.
    Stay tuned for when she becomes Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman….
    Stayed tuned for the next episode

  6. pppj said

    wow. what an interesting article. I never thougth of that before. Um, hello?

    re-gifting a candle that’s not your style OK

    re-gifting diapers – not ok

  7. ScrewU said

    Regifting diapers… OK
    Regifting USED diapers… NOT ok
    See the difference?

  8. pppj said

    smell the difference?

  9. ScrewU said

    Hahaha… wait! I think I smell Tracy’s next article!!!!

  10. Me said

    Thanks, all, for the laughs! Had a rough day today and really needed to read this. Ya’ll made a difference today……

    I don’t know if ya’ll have seen it, but on her Sequence/Fraud blog home page, she has ads for these two new blogs she is doing. How do you know she gets paid for them? I missed the write-up on that!

    Thanks again–

  11. Krysti said

    Hi all! Been a long time since I have checked in on the blogs. First and foremost, I hope all of you are having a wonderful December and getting ready for your holidays without too much hassle. Happy holidays to you all!!! I haven’t gotten into the mood yet, too much going on with family, work, work and family. All is well, but just so damn busy.

    Now, on this topic of regifting, let me just say OMFG! I would never regift anything!!! If I receive something that I do not need, like DUH,I give it to someone who wants it, give it to charity or in some cases exchange it for something I find useful or that I want. There is NO SHAME IN BEING HONEST! Maybe the gift I got will see our next yard sale, but regift??? No frigging way!! If I don’t need or want it, why would I think it’s good enough for someone I would get/buy/make a gift for???

    Regifting something you yourself do not need or want as an actual christmas, anniversary, birthday, etc., gift for someone else shows that you are cheap, lazy, and most of all, not someone who gives a shit. Do I want a gift from someone who doesn’t give a shit?? Hell no. Would rather you just ignore my ass.


    Please do not send me aunt thelma’s 15 year old fruit cake or the cheap toaster you got at your wedding. I got plenty already!

  12. pinknight said

    Subject of Re-gifting aside, did you guys see PT today?

    I am sure there are mixed feelings about Mary Kay on this site (at best), but say what you will about the company, how bitter do you have to be to attack holiday generosity?

    I have writ an extensive and somewhat explosive rant about this post on my blog today.

    Unless DUH provides me permission, I will not directly link to it, but if you click my name on this comment you will be redirected to my blog where you can read just how agitated I am at this nonsense.

    Has she no soul?

  13. pynkmyst said

    ScrewU… “Seriously, does she think she is Dear Abby, Martha Stewart and Miss Manners all in one?” Oh man… almost had coffee comin’ out my nose! Too funny! More like Dr. Laura, Roseanne Bar and Miss Lead!

  14. ScrewU said

    You can link away. We’re not delicate little flowers that must be shielded from all that is not sugary sweet. We’re big girls and can handle it. Link on

    Mysty Baby… Tracy does NOT have the cajones to be Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura is a straight up bitch and doesn’t hide behind a warm fuzzy facade. Roseanne is a good description. Very fitting and I don’t know Miss Lead. Is she a stupid whore? Cuz that would work too

  15. Since Tracy is an expert at giving advice she can help me potty-train my son! What a lucky break!

  16. Strawberry Shortcake said

    I didn’t know people still said “chump” these days.

  17. pinknight said

    To read my “how dare you” rant

    Click Here

    Caution, some religion/religious views are evoked.


  18. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Here is my thought about the PT post concerning MK’s donation. I put it here because I doubt it will last long on PT:


    First of all, even at 1/4 the retail of 2.6 mil, you are still talking $650,000 in products. Nothing to sneeze at, IMHO. I would wager it is about $649,999 more than anyone on here donated, too. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

    My daughter is 9. She would love the bank and lip gloss. In fact, she has ASKED FOR lip gloss for Christmas (not that she is getting MK lip gloss, but that’s another story).

    As far as giving a piggy bank to needy children, it is a BANK, not a mutual fund. You put coins in it, not fortunes. Even needy kids have spare change sometimes. 😡

    Did MK donate discontinued products? So what? They didn’t HAVE to donate squat. They could have trashed the stuff and taken a tax writeoff. They didn’t. Instead, they donated it, and I am sure that if a girl gets lipgloss from MK, she won’t KNOW or CARE if it is discontinued. She will just USE it.

    Why rip MK apart for doing GOOD deeds? 😡 If you are so concerned about these kids, then think about them – are they really going to care about the politics of HOW or WHY they got a gift on Christmas? No. They will simply have something to unwrap and be happy to get.

    JMHO Sorry I didn’t jump on the bandwagon and rah rah with ya, but my pitchfork is in the shop. 😉

    If you really think what MK did was wrong, why not start a PT toy drive for the kids? Just a thought.

  19. Strawberry – “people” don’t say chump. Tracy does.

  20. HH said


    Your comments are very thought provoking. I agree no one should judge a gift and thank goodness they donated to those kids. At least they are getting gifts.

  21. pinknight said

    Thanks HH

  22. Willie Lump Lump said

    “cheap hoochie that she is”

    Damn! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  23. freefrompt said

    Sorry, put this on the wrong thread the first time. Shay your comment went MIA.

  24. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, I just checked out her stupid blog with these dumb ass topics and i really gotta say…….

    Somebody in her family needs to start passing her ass around as the most unwanted X-Mas gift cuz she truly is nutty as a fruitcake.

    And she was prolly the first bitch in line for that .33 cent a gallon gas — don’t lie, you cheap ass biotch!

  25. ScrewU said

    I think people still use the word ‘chump’ but only when referencing a 3 pump chump. Otherwise, I haven’t heard it. And you KNOW I am so in the KNOW.

    I agree with you Shay. PTer’s are stupider than a toothless hillbilly. Their hatred for MK overrides good sense. MKC has given more monetarily and thru product than any of them ever have over there. So how do they badmouth MKC? I can’t rip Bill Gates a new one over his donations being a drop in the bucket compared to his income because… (wait for it)…. HE HAS DONATED MORE IN 1 MONTH THAN I COULD DO IN A LIFETIME!!!!!!
    Seriously, they are effin morons. Don’t like MKC. Easy. Hate them if you want to. But don’t rip on them for making donations to needy kids. EVEN if you don’t particularly care for what they donated.

    Here’s an idea PTer’s… STFU!!!!!!!

  26. freefrompt said

    Hey Willie, you’re hittin awfully close to home on the fruitcake comment. Tracy LOVES fruitcake (not kidding).

  27. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    freefrompt –

    Can’t say I am surprised. I am sure my 2nd comment (about there being nothing wrong with MK donating because of publicity) went MIA, too. LMAO

  28. daisygirl19 said

    FFPT, that explains so much…

  29. Willie Lump Lump said

    Well, that explains why she loves herself so….

  30. Ew. I saw a block of that shit the other day at the grocery store; chunky just like tracy.

    Yes, I went there.


  31. Oh my!! said

    There is something seriously wrong with you if you prefer fruitcake over kids or cats.

  32. Willie Lump Lump said

    That’s fucked up, Mentally. LMAO!!!

  33. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    freefrompt –

    I just checked and my comments are still on PT. 😀

  34. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    ScrewU –

    I totally agree.

    I think it would be stupid of me to say how and how much Bill Gates should donate.

    To say what MK “should” do with their money/donations is just stupid.

    If they want to “do it right,” then start your own toy drive on PT.

    Hell, even start a drive to donate your old MK inventory instead of sending it back for a blue check!


  35. Willie Lump Lump said

    Frankly, tracy reminds me of a big ass block of hog head cheese, but that’s just me.

  36. freefrompt said

    Oh sorry Shay, I was reading the first thread on PT not the third. I seem to be having that problem everywhere today.

  37. Duh said

    Hey Shay! Predictably, your comments have brought on the “How dare you say I don’t donate, I donate too” type comments. Also the people that say that a ceramic bank and lipgloss is not a “good enough” gift for Christmas should ask Tracy what she’s giving the children in her family. At least Mary Kay is not regifting used product.

    My daughter would love that bank, BTW. Even though I think it’s pretty tacky, I can just about guarantee that if she received it for Christmas, it would be sitting in a place of honor near her bed for the rest of my life. Of course, we are getting her tested for learning disabilities, so maybe that has something to do with it? (That’s for you FreefromPT! Haha) Or maybe she’s just a normal 9 year old girl who likes hokey junk?

    As far as the dumb ass comments about this stuff not being toys…
    Um, I gave my then 8 year old make up for Christmas last year. She doesn’t wear make up out in public. She…wait for it….PLAYS with it. She’s also received more than a few ceramic banks (from distant cousins or aunts and uncles mostly).

    One more thing…
    I have NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER heard of a company donating stuff and then saying in the press release, “It’s no big deal. This stuff would have never sold, and we were going to be stuck with it anyway. Give away things that are popular and still have market value?? BWHAHAHA! Who do you think we are? A charity?? The crap we donated today would have ended up in the garbage if it were up to me, but my bleeding heart vice president INSISTED that we give it away. What a douche! By the way, I’m docking his Christmas bonus for the cost of getting this crap to the Toy Drive. Merry Fucking Christmas, Frank!!”

    Can any of the ladies on PT give me proof of ONE, just ONE company that is admitting they are giving needy children left over crap?

  38. Apparently they have “The Great Fruitcake Toss” competition in CO:
    “Then send your own failed version to the town of Manitou Springs, CO, where the hard-core anti-fruitcakistas gather for the Great Fruitcake Toss ( Your offering might not break the record (1,116 feet for a one-pounder). But you’ll still be part of that other fruitcake tradition.”

    go to events — calendar — its Jan 5th 2008.

    I wonder if anyone will make the connection i’m thinking, 😀

  39. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Well, I tried to comment further on PT, but I have now officially been banned.

    So I suppose I will not be able to defend myself or any of my comments.

    How nice for Tracy to ban me so that I cannot give any rebuttal for whatever drivel the PT masses may spew forth.


  40. Duh said

    That’s OK, Shay. Almost all of them read over here anyway!

    Congrats on being banned!!

  41. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Duh –

    That is exactly my point. One that the PTer’s, apparently, cannot accept.

    MK is doing it, so it must be horrible! *gasp*

    “Don’t try to confuse me with the facts – that all businesses do this! No! Must. Ban. Dissenter.”


    I’m banned.

  42. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Thanks, Duh! 😀

  43. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    *waves to Tracy*

  44. Duh said

    Unbeelievable just stood up for you Shay! She commented on PT about how the older girls don’t get as much stuff and somebody STILL said that Mary Kay was being inappropriate. Those people over there must share one brain cell or something.

  45. Welcome shay to the dark side 🙂

  46. freefrompt said

    Darn it duh! Now I’m gunna have to tell ’em what frickin genius you are after THAT comment just for me. ROFL

    Shay, you did a nice job defending your position.


  47. daisygirl19 said

    Myspace Funny Picture Comments & Graphics

  48. daisygirl19 said

    Darn, it didn’t work. Oh well. Welcome to the dark side, Shay. 🙂

    We have cookies. 😀

  49. freefrompt said

    Cookies? PASS ‘EM OVER!

  50. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Where are my cookies? 😀

  51. mkrules said

    Here is an uplifting re-gifting story:

    In July, my mom gave me a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $25. I always mean to go by there, but never seem to. It has been in my purse for months now!

    So….we always do an “angel tree” at my work during the holidays. This year hubby and I got a basketball for a lil boy. (No, not a re-gift…hang with me here!) Then I decided I wanted to do another, so I went back and saw one for “Mother 42 yrs old, gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond”. I went in my purse and got the one from Mom and proudly re-gifted it. 🙂

  52. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Thanks for the support, Ladies. I wish I could defend it further “over there,” but that is not to be….


    Just have to defend it here…..and they all read over here anyway. 😀

  53. My daughter would love lipgloss and a ceramic bank, too. I’m glad you said something, Shay, even if you did end up banned. Your being banned was their loss, not yours. As if I even needed to point that out . . . 😆

  54. see i think that’s the proper way to re-gift something. kudos to you, mkrules!

  55. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    mkrules –

    That is cool!

    FW –

    I have been tempting fate for a while now on PT. Guess I finally crossed the line. 😀 But at least I spoke my mind.

    Too bad Tracy is too cowardly to allow real discussion on her blog. It is a pity.

  56. Duh said

    I hope you took the gift card out of the little envelope that said:

    To: MKRules
    From: Your Loving Mother

    Otherwise you would be breaking Tracy’s Rule for Regifting #4.
    Faux Pa!

  57. mkrules said

    LOL @ Duh!

    Yeah, I taped it on the angel and “forgot” to mention it was a re-gift. 😉 I mean, this was the after-thought angel after all!

    Honestly, though, if you are needy…why would you ask for that? Just sayin’…

  58. Me said

    As far as I know, there has been no proof that the lip gloss was discontinued product, except by the PTers themselves. One said it and they all ran with it.

    And I have to thank ya’ll again for the laughs. Too funny!

    The fruitcake toss thing was just too much—I’m still laughing over that one!

  59. Me said

    And Willie: “Well, that explains why she loves herself so….”


  60. Maybe they’ll break a record this year with their fruitcake toss? 😉

  61. Willie Lump Lump said

    “Maybe they’ll break a record this year with their fruitcake toss? ;)”

    Better have umbrellas on hand at that there fruitcake toss cuz it’s gonna rain fruits and tracys. 😛

  62. unbeelievable said

    “One more thing…
    I have NEVER, I mean NEVER EVER heard of a company donating stuff and then saying in the press release, “It’s no big deal. This stuff would have never sold, and we were going to be stuck with it anyway. Give away things that are popular and still have market value?? BWHAHAHA! Who do you think we are? A charity?? The crap we donated today would have ended up in the garbage if it were up to me, but my bleeding heart vice president INSISTED that we give it away. What a douche! By the way, I’m docking his Christmas bonus for the cost of getting this crap to the Toy Drive. Merry Fucking Christmas, Frank!!”

    Holy crap, that was the funniest thing I’ve ever read! Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

    And PS, I just stole the article from pinknight’s post. His? (You’re a he, right?) post was very well researched. It seemed like he thought the same thing that I did: “Lip glosses for kids? That’s kinda weird” but instead of doing what I did (“ooh, Kitchen Nightmares is on. Later, Pink Truth!”) he researched the topic and found out the real truth (those lip glosses are targeted at teen girls, who often get completely left out of charity toy drives).

    Haha, I just laughed out loud again when I re-read Duh’s comment. Priceless!

  63. “Better have umbrellas on hand at that there fruitcake toss cuz it’s gonna rain fruits and tracys. :P”

    i’m thinking a bomb shelter might be better

  64. pppj said

    Yeah, they can toss their fruitcakes all they want.

    Here in WI, we have an eloquent version of that. You know what I’m writing about WI girls of Duh..oh yeah…the annual cow-pie flinging contest.

    My guess is that someone in cyberworld might have a killer arm to fling that poo.

    Too bad the contest was in September:


  65. pppj said

    Shay, my puppy, way to go. I am proud of you.

  66. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    PPPJ –

    *woof woof* 😀

  67. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    Ya know, more than one person commented on where MK “should” have donated the lip gloss (women’s shelter, etc.).

    Who wants to bet that if MK DID donate to said charity, then the PTers would be jumping all over them anyway.

    Because the MK empire is evil, dontcha know? 😉

  68. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    Sorry I am late with this –

    WTG, Unbee! 😀

  69. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    Shay, Someone over there respects your right to your own opinion.

    okwithoutMK said:

    I understand your point. But when I think TOY Drive, I think TOYS for both boys and girls not breakable banks and lipgloss designed for women. It’s just not appropriate- no matter how generous the donation. It’s like giving Tonka Trucks to homeless men at the mission. MKC has made a ton of money off the backs of thousands of women. Instead of bragging about a $2.6 million donation of poodles and lipgloss, why not donate $200,000 worth of children’s books? This is just my opinion. I can understand and respect your point of view too.

  70. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Having a pj/lazy day today as it is snowing and the roads are horrible, thanks for the laughs today. I have even lol ed a couple of times and the kids just look at me,(yup, the school’s closed today) – so we all stayed in pj’s and sweats with the tv/movies and blankies!!

    Thanks for the entertainment!!

    Shay and unbeliv… it must feel great speaking your views even if it got you banned. Congrats

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  71. Me said

    Have they not noticed yet that it is actually called a GIFT drive and not a TOY drive???

  72. unbeelievable said

    I’m not banned, and I don’t think I will be. After all, I just pointed out a fact, I’m not attacking anyone or inciting mass chaos.

    And I’m not a drama queen, unlike some people who don’t post here very often anymore!! 😉

  73. pinknight said


    yes i am a “he”

    i am honored that you used my research and that it “stuck”

    i am glad that you were not banned

    i was also “looking for real truth” from a couple days ago… i did get banned!

    anyway, i don’t think they ‘got it’… thanks for tryin though


  74. pppj said

    Hey Unbee.

    Good point! Where is our favorite “Drama Queen” and what in the world does DUH do for a living?

    Ok, I think she takes porno pictures of snomwomen. That’s it. Or she could work at a all-natural naked tree farm.

  75. colleen said

    yes what does DUH do for a living?

  76. freefrompt said

    Yeah where is our favorite drama queen?

  77. Willie Lump Lump said

    WE have a drama queen? 😛

  78. WHO ME???? Yeah, it’s allllll about me….alllll about me, babe.

  79. I thought TC had given up banning…Shay, what took you so long to get banned, woman?

  80. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Mrs. M –

    I dunno. I can’t believe I got the boot for what I got the boot for, of all things.

    I get the boot for trying to enlighten the PT masses about standard business practices. LMAO

    *shrugs* I like it better here among the heretics anyway. 😉

  81. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Actually, I guess I was treading on thin ice, now that I think of it. I jumped on a thread blasting the parenting choices of an NSD (I think it was an NSD) and criticized the lynching, and it wasn’t taken too well by the PT masses. I didn’t see it, but someone said my karma took some good hits. LOL


    The moral of the story, boys and girls, is that GOOD little lemmings do not get banned….

  82. pppj said

    Man, this makes me want to go to starbucks and see if i am banned….

    nah…..I make my own coffee.

    Hey, maybe duh works for starbucks? Could it be a new flavor mocha-nude size GRANDE with skim milk?

  83. colleen said

    Shay cant you see that they ban you if you are more intelligent than they are.
    Come back to the pink side…LOL (Just kidding) yes Im pro MK but here on DUH’s board and for the most part the pro mk boards intelligent people will let both sides speak. I think you have to have some intelligent discourse (and fun of course) to prove a point but TC has a closed mind and from what I can see a closed heart. But I meant what I said it seems like if there is a hint of truth to anything positive regarding MK or there is a chance someone can make it poof you are gone.

  84. Oh my!! said

    Shay, Yesterday your karma was at -22. Now it’s -21. We can only change karma every 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours! We have no way of leaving Karma reasons anymore. (I just gave you some positive karma, so now it’s -20) 😀

    Sofedup also came out to help:
    I understand Shay’s point….but I also understand the other views. This may be a coping mechanism…and who are we to judge? But these things do seem awfully extreme. And last time I checked not making a child responsible for picking up their own things isn’t exactly great parenting (ps-no idea how old her son is…..I’m making the assumption that he’s old enough). I can understand having people clean your house..heck I would have someone clean my little condo if I could afford it! I even understand having someone help with meals…especially if it would put dinner at a late hour by the time you came home, prepared it, sat down to eat, etc. I understand that a lot of people have demanding jobs that require being outside the home quite a bit because most of them do NOT have much of a choice otherwise. But the point here is that this is a top representative for a company that touts being able to be home and put your family absolutely first. And no matter what amount of hired help you may have that will never replace actual time spent with your family. They talk of all the free time you will have. They make it sound like you’ll be a stay at home mom with a class here or there and just raking in the dough.

    Now, if she is using all this help to free ALL non-mk time so she doesn’t have to spend it cleaning when she can be with her son, then it might be justified. And I’m sure most of us can’t make that call. But that list IS a little excessive on the OCD…someone who makes a list like that CAN”T be a pleasure to work matter how diligent you are.

  85. Are you kidding me? I think that’s disgusting that so many people gave you negative karma for our comments, Shay. Those people who slammed you ought to be ashamed of themselves. Believe me, when they see the light, they WILL be ashamed of themselves.

  86. that should read “your comments”….my fingertips are numb from practicing guitar…hard to type.

  87. that should read “your comments”….my fingertips are numb from practicing guitar…hard to type.

  88. pppj said

    man, if only i could give you positve karma shay.

  89. Shay the Starfleet Commander said


    I really don’t know what to say.

    The karma score really won’t make me lose any sleep, but – OMG – why dis someone for simply pointing out that MK is doing is a (yes, I will say it again) STANDARD BUSINESS PRACTICE!

    I guess it just disturbs me to know there is a group of individuals “out there” that has such a pack mentality that they will do something like that. Wow.

    I have voiced my opinions on threads on PT before, but never knocked anyone’s karma. Having a difference of opinion is one thing. Making it personal is another, IMHO.

    Oh, MY!, Mrs. M, PPPJ (love typing that), colleen, everyone else – I appreciate the luv! 😀

  90. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    That should read “that what Mk is doing is a” Oops!

  91. Mercedes said

    WORD! Shay! What you said!


  92. gothchiq said

    It just depends. I regifted a brand new silver plated coffee service because I hadn’t used it and didn’t have anywhere to put it, and I knew someone who would really love it. It was expensive/good quality, and I gave it to him for Xmas. He used it on a regular basis and enjoyed it.

    Now regifting things that no one you know wants or that are of no value is another story. Donate to charity or throw away.

  93. gothchiq said

    As far as MK… I do think that lip gloss for a toy drive is, shall we say, a mismatch. Now if it were a cosmetics drive, that would be another story!

    *wonders how many kids will be putting lip gloss on their dogs this holiday*

  94. They could put the lipgloss on the piggy banks you know.

  95. pinknight said


    I love that on this site, people of varying opinions can speak freely!

    If you go to the MSNBC article talking about the event, it is more of a gift drive than purely a toy drive.

    They are asking for items that include toiletries and cosmetics specifically by name.

    The age range they are trying to help goes all the way up to 18.

    I would have loved to mention this on PT, but alas, tis not allowed.

  96. HH said

    Rats I missed this all. Shay, good for you for sticking up for this. I am sorry your opinion was bashed and given negative karma. So for what its worth here a karma smile 🙂 , I have donated to a lot of toy/gift drives and what I have noticed for the older girls is they want make-up and hair goodies, older boys want warm clothes. So who are all of these women to judge. Now if it was Revlon or Lancome donating no one at PT would have made a fuss. All I have to say about this is GROW UP!

    1,000 karma points to Shay!


  97. gothchiq said

    *can* we have a cosmetics drive? XD

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