Challenge for Tracy.

Tracy (aka Pot) is throwing out a challenge for Mary Kay(aka Kettle).   

I have a challenge for Tracy…

Tracy, I challenge you state on the PT blog how many people are actual members of your discussion board.  I challenge you to tell everyone how much it costs you, in actual money (time doesn’t count), to run Pink Truth.  I challenge you to state and show proof of how much you’ve made through ads, donations, and the sale of merchandise from Pink Truth.

I challenge you to let the readers decide if your previous manipulations and lies are worth it for the PT cause.  To quote you, “But at least they’ll have the real information rather than some trumped up numbers.”

How Tracy can point a finger at ANYONE being shady is beyond me.  I guess she justifies it by the scale?  Lying about millions of dollars and to millions of consultants is so much worse than lying to 50 people about a couple hundred (or less) buck, right?



  1. Me said

    That will go unmet like all the challenges I have issued to her. I’d like to challenge her to be a decent human being for 60 seconds. One minute. One. That’s it, just one.

  2. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    Well, the number of PTers should have gone down by one. 😀

    Not that Tracy will come clean about any of this. 😉

    Great challenge, Duh!

  3. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Inquiring minds want to know what the amount either retail or wholesale of the amount of donation, PT or Sequence Inc, is donating? How about TC, herself, does she even get away from the computer enough to drop a few pennies in the kettle as she walks into a store??

  4. daisygirl19 said

    I think she probably does all her shopping online.

    The internet seems to meet all her needs. 😉

  5. MK4ME – i say no, she’s permanently attached to her computer.

    I bet she gets about 4 hours of sleep of so, she needs to keep tabs of her minions, i mean members, at all times.

  6. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    oh my bad, good point dg19and MFBT, but then I guess we also know she “regifts”. Can’t you see all the spreadsheets she must have with banned addresses, banned people, people being taught a lesson, and know who gave her what and when so she can make sure she doesn’t regift to the person who gave her the gift,

    And I bet she clicks on her links so she gets $$ for buying her presents too.

  7. Me said

    “…and know who gave her what and when so she can make sure she doesn’t regift to the person who gave her the gift.”

    I don’t think she has a spreadsheet for that one. Who in the heck would give her a gift in the first place?

  8. mom and dad?

  9. daisygirl19 said


  10. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Okay, point made, guess one wouldn’t need a spreadsheet for that! 🙂

  11. Pixie said

    NO corporation EVER tells what their donation is really costing them…why would MK? And what a retard…keep issuing MK challenges, Tracy…why would they waste their time on you? Its a huge corporation…what makes you think YOU are going to turn them inside-out??? Your sad little site? The dozens of people posting and commenting? Think about it…if MK Corp has somebody reading PT, then they’re reading all of the related sites, including this one, and know you’re really not a threat at all.

    Oh, and I’m sure one of Tracy’s many personalities will find time to send her (self) a little something for Xmas.

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