Miss Popularity

It seems that Tracy is allowing comments after all!  In a shameless self promotional display, Miss Coenen has this to say on her Sequence blog:


Oh, did I mention that the comments are up to 200? 

I’m actually happy that some of Tracy’s work is being read and discussed.  The comments are some what interesting.  I didn’t read them all.  In fact, I stopped when I read number 70.  Sharon says this: “I looked at more than just this little blurb about it, and looked up the city.”  What a revolutionary idea!  Getting your readers to do the research for you!!

So we have established that Tracy is very good at reading MSN and other news sites, choosing interesting stories, giving a short synopsis, and stating her opinion.  Wow.  All that education, and yet no original ideas.  Hmph.  Seems like a waste.  I mean, I learned how to give a book report in the third grade.   


  1. freefrompt said

    So she blogs on her sequence blog about her other blog. What good is that?

  2. trying to spread the plague, i mean her name.

    make her seem like she’s some credible source that is important to listen to her opinion.

  3. Me said

    I find it very interesting that she promotes honesty on that site regarding buying gas at a price people knew to be incorrect, yet she lies like a dog on PT, Sequence and every other place she can find to post her words of wisdom (term used loosely).

  4. daisygirl19 said

    “trying to spread the plague, i mean her name.”


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