Time to vote for anyone but PT again


Written By: ScrewU

Here we go again.  Tracy wants her Pink Truth blog voted as the best ‘business’ blog again.  Didn’t we just do this?  What the hell is going on?  Why does she think this qualifies at a ‘business’ blog since she doesn’t make any money with it *wink wink*.

My vote?  Let’s all vote for the top person so they take an even further lead against Pink Truth.  Were is the site to vote for the worst ‘business’ blog?  She’d have my vote for sure on that one.

TOPIC: Have you voted for PT yet???

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Have you voted for PT yet??? 19 Hours, 29 Minutes ago Karma: 14  Karma+ Karma-

We were nominated for Best Business Blog on bloggerschoiceawards.com.

We’ve gotten several votes, but we need more! The higher we go on the list, the more people who may find us and find the help they need to avoid MLMs.

Please go vote for us. It does require registration and a valid email address, but it’s really quite easy. (Make sure you uncheck the box that signs you up for their spammy emails!)

Vote here:



The Pink Truth will set you free!



  1. Oh my!! said

    ummmmmm….. No.

    What’s up with all the code in the post??

  2. Duh said

    Damn it Screw U. Get your shit together.

  3. Dana said

    Love how she says to uncheck the box that signs you up for “spammy e-mails.” She’s the queen of spam!

  4. ScrewU said

    Gawd… you want me to post AND have my sh*t together? You are so demanding

  5. Dana said

    Not only did I vote, I left the following comment.

    Pink Truth is a business blog the way my friends and I drinking cocktails complaining about work is a business networking group. It’s just a bunch of petty, catty women whining that they were mistreated by a company that expected them to oh, I don’t know, both read and count. Tracy Coenen is a psycotic nut!

  6. ScrewU said

    Dana gets my vote for best business blog voter!!!! Kudos to you

  7. Dana said

    I think I’ll log into PT and go to that thread and complain about the terrible comments some people are making about PT and how that Dana is such a Kaybot!!!!

  8. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, funny pic, but a pic of a CAT with a gun to its head would be more fitting, don’t you think? Ya know how much the fruitcake lurves her some kitties. 😛

  9. Shay the Startfleet Commander said

    There is a Most Obnoxious Blogger award. Can we nominate her for that? 😉

  10. Willie Lump Lump said

    I think there is a ‘worst blog’ catagory, too.

  11. LOL – I went and voted for the blog just underneath PT so it can hurdle past it. Go vote!

  12. pinknight said

    *Shameless Self Promotion WARNiNG*

    I “nominated” my blog for this “honor” in a fun, humorous, if not ironic play of rhetoric.

    Please, vote for whoever you would like, but if the “mood” strikes you and you would like to vote for my blog… After all…

    “We’ve gotten several votes, but we need more! The higher we go on the list, the more people who may find us and find the help they need to avoid Pink Truth!!!!!.

    Please go vote for us. It does require registration and a valid email address, but it’s really quite easy. (Make sure you uncheck the box that signs you up for their spammy emails!)”



    y’all are psycho!!!!! Sleep deprived and psycho!!!

    I haven’t hooked myself up to anything, I just bought a tempurpedic and BAM ZZZZZZZZZ


  13. pinknight said

    Oh yeah, if you want to vote for my site it is here


  14. pppj said

    speaking of being hooked up..

    anyone buy a kirby vacuum that costs a gazillion dollars?

  15. daisygirl19 said

    Yes. I wish I would have kept my $100 Hoover. Seriously.

  16. Heh heh.

    Vote here for worst blog of all time: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/36490

    Vote here for most obnoxious blogger:


  17. why wont it showwwwwwwwwww.

    argh. damn you wordpress for eating anything that has links in it!

  18. Capricorn One said

    If there were awards, I’d submit Tracy’s name for Best Performer in a Chat Room with a Member of the Opposite Sex. Hear, Hear!!

  19. pinktruth is also nominated for worst blog of all time AND most obnoxious blogger

    search pinktruth.com


  20. ruh roh said

    Has anyone noticed in the past week or two that Pink Truth is disappearing from Google “Mary Kay” searches from time to time? Usually, when googling Mary Kay, it’s on the first page, but in the last couple weeks it is not but then reappears. Right now, it’s not. Not only does it disappear from that one, it disappears from all others except “Pink Truth”. Hmmm…

    I just wonder what’s up with that? I know if one tries to manipulate rank, Google will eventually figure that out and I’ve read where they will even BAN sites. Wouldn’t that be ironic, Pink Truth site BANNED from Google. Merry Christmas everyone!

  21. Duh said

    Pink Lighthouse is on the first page!! Go girls!

  22. freefrompt said

    Congrats Pink Lighthouse!

    I searched through page 6 and didn’t see a Pink Truth link in any of that.

    Pink Truth banned from google – -bwahahahahahaha. Even more humiliating is if she’s not banned and her hits are THAT low. I wouldn’t be surprised with very few commenting and everyone keeps saying how hard the board is to maneuver and not many comments.

    Let’s not forget tho there are over 3000 members darn it! That outta count for something! Yeah, several people looked at what YOU, Tracy, personally had to offer and all but 300 left – and most of those are the newbies.

    I wonder if the tables were turned and Tracy wrote articles on a blog similar to Pink Truth. How she would tear apart the numbers and the failures that it has had. Hmmmmm….what would that look like.

  23. ScrewU said

    I think it would look a lot like our blog. Ironic, yes?

  24. Mercedes said

    Please don’t shoot the dog!

  25. freefrompt said

    I think you’re right ScrewU. Now I see why duh keeps you around. 😉

  26. gothchiq said

    gothchiq is a cat person. You cannot blackmail me with dogs. 😛

  27. Duh said

    F U Screw U!! Do you think Tracy has our humor and charm? Her blog would look nothing like this one.

  28. Luanne said

    Congrats to Sandy (aka: fighting fatigue) for “Best Health Blog” number 3:


    You go girl 😉

  29. Luanne said

    I had to chuckle……..over on http://balancedmarykay.blogspot.com/ (I think that’s the right link) move to the very bottom and this blog gets a teeny weenie little shout out lolol I just happened to come across it.

    and congrats to Sandy (fighting fatigue) – she earned number 3 in the “Best Health Blog” position for 2007. Way to go Sandy 🙂

  30. Scam said

    I think pt is on and off the first page of Google because they are updating backlinks – it happens all the time, unfortunately.

    No need to get too excited yet!!

  31. Duh said

    Damn Scam, way to be a Debbie Downer.

  32. pinknight said

    Luanne… you got it!!

    I thought with all the cosmos and martinis being consumed here I would be a millionaire off that link already!!!

    Glad SOMEONE noticed!

    Whatsamatta duh, is scam too “real” to fit in here?

    He always shoots down my best fantasies too. 😦


  33. Mercedes said

    Could we like black out tc’s pic? Sorry-it’s Christmas…*smacks self*

    *waving to tc!

  34. Last night my sister was making my brother make-shift cosmos… with Vitamin water…

  35. Dana said

    So, I just went back to see the voting, and I don’t think Tracy liked my comment. 🙂 But I liked “DuhRules” comment.

  36. Mercedes said

    I like ScrewU’s comment too.

  37. Dana said

    Yes, hers was good too. 🙂

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