High traffic & High bidders… Who’s really High?


Written By: ScrewU

Read thru this thread and try not to choke on your rice crispy treat like I did.  Tracy says that business ads on her site are all bidding to get on there because of their high traffic.  Can you picture them tripping over themselves to be on Pink Truth?  And if she were such a ‘high traffic’ site, why doesn’t she come up on google searches except when you do a specific search for Pink Truth.  Do you think she is delusional or a bold faced liar?  I know which one I pick

 I would also like say hats off to the person that smited Tracy.  She had 14 karmas and now she only has 13.  Awwww… how sad 😦  But according to Tracy, people are entitled to smite.  After all, it’s their opinion and they are welcome to share.

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What Are The Chances?! 7 Hours, 13 Minutes ago Karma: 1  Karma+ Karma-
Okay….so I am getting to know the PT site, looking around at stuff, never paid attention to the ‘ads by Google‘ on the left hand column.I swear I never click on that stuff. I see an ad for BeautiControl. I remember seeing it listed in the discussion board. I giggled at how it was kind of ironic that the ad was on the MK PT site.Did I say I swear I never click on that stuff? Well, I clicked on it….IT WAS FOR A LADY IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! YIKES!I am going to have to be sure I am wearing my running shoes when I go to the neighborhood park, if she tries to approach me about it. Better yet a disguise DOUBLE YIKES!
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Re:What Are The Chances?! 6 Hours, 36 Minutes ago Karma: 2  Karma+ Karma-
One of them says ‘Find Out How I make $1000 an HOUR, making money got easier!’Talk about false advertising! A grand AN HOUR?!
Those are really inflated #’s even for an MLM.
TRACY (Admin)

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Re:What Are The Chances?! 5 Hours, 43 Minutes ago Karma: 13  Karma+ Karma-
In your neighborhood…. okay, now I would have called that a long shot.Yeah, the Google ads feature a ton of “business opportunities”. They’re all bidding to get their ads on PT because of our high traffic.We use the money to pay for hosting and support and other little expenses for the site…. so they’re useful to us in that regard. I just hope that our members who read the ads aren’t sucked in.
The Pink Truth will set you free!


  1. freefrompt said

    If she was so worried about the members being sucked in, she’d take the ads off there.

    Which speaks louder to Tracy? $$$ or the concern for her members. Gosh, hard to tell. ROFL

    **STANDING OVATION** to the person who smited the queen.

  2. ScrewU said

    Hahaha… yeah. I’m so worried about my silly readers being sucked in and tricked by the ads that I’m going to keep them there.

    Doesn’t that make her liable for damages? Knowing that someone could be hurt by them yet leaving them there?

  3. Capricorn One said

    “…other little expenses for the site”? Like what–the airbrushing for the old photo of herself that she uses for her avvi? LOL!

    God, I love this place.

  4. Capricorn One said

    Oh, and I LOVE the marywanna poster–great find, ScrewU! I used to have a pair of surgical clamps that I used as a roachclip. They were my pride and joy, and the envy of all my friends. I’m gonna go watch some Cheech and Chong on YouTube now.

    “No stems, no seeds that you don’t need…”


  5. You’re kidding. She actually said that?

    Wow. She’s more delusional than I thought.

  6. It was not me who smited her. I didn’t get a chance to before I was banned. I was hoping that you’d see this post. I *almost* sent this for Shits & Giggles. But I figured you’d have your ways 🙂

    So am I in the negative double digits yet? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  7. Mercedes said

    Tracy sounds more and more like the “Mary Kay” she describes so much.
    Hypocrite! So ready for PT to crumble-such BS. Do I sound a little uptight today? LOL!

    WOOF to everyone and Happy Holidays again…

  8. unbee said

    “Yeah, the Google ads feature a ton of “business opportunities”. They’re all bidding to get their ads on PT because of our high traffic…. I just hope that our members who read the ads aren’t sucked in!”

    OK, let’s assume for a moment that this *is* true. If these advertisers were clamoring to have their ads on the PT discussion board, it would be because they *knew* women who read PT would be likely to click on them and waste their money on another MLM.

    So Tracy, you’re either lying about that (and you’re really just getting ads because of the content of the site, not because you have advertisers that are specifically “bidding” for your site) OR you are participating in something much more sinister that *directly undermines your message.* Because if you *are* telling the truth, you are helping women get scammed.

    How are the few dollars you get each month worth it in either case? Do you have no integrity????

  9. Duh said

    I thought those ads were based on the content of your blog. Do the companies even know where their businesses are being advertised or does google just pick the site based on content? Does anybody know how that works?

  10. As far as I know those ads are based on content. I have a gmail account and a myspace account and the ads that appear on my gmail are MK/direct sales related and the same is true of the ads I see when I’m on myspace. I presume it is because I get a lot of email about MK and my myspace account is about MK to some extent as I’m a consultant. 😉 I think google is able to track the type of content its gmail users are receiving in email. I’m not enough of a computer expert to be sure of this or to know how it works, but that’s my guess.

  11. Well they sure as hell aren’t sitting around reading the millions of blogs that have these ads trying to figure out the best ones to place them on. Tracy’s brain is in such a vacuum that she forgets there are smart people out in the world that can figure her out so easily.

  12. pinknight said

    I actually did a post on this towards the beginning of my blog. It was one of the big ones that actually motivated me to start a blog!

    HER WORDS (in “about Pink Truth”)

    “The site was founded by Tracy Coenen, a fraud investigator and forensic accountant who investigates a variety of frauds and scams. After seeing thousands of women fall victim to false income claims, misleading marketing materials, and flat-out lies about the business opportunity, Tracy decided to do her part in warning consumers about Mary Kay.”

    And yet the MAJORITY of her ads feature MISLEADING MARKETING MATERIALS!!!

    So which is it Tracy? Are you trying to warn consumers about misleading marketing materials OR expose them to misleading marketing materials?

    By the way, I use google adwords on some of my sites and advertisers do “bid” for a spot on your site, but it is done automatically based on how much they are willing to pay for a click. They “bid” for a site that has 1 hit/month and they “bid” for a site that has 1,000,000,000 hits/day. The traffic of your site is only one component that ranks how much a click on your site is worth.

    You get paid for impressions (how many times someone “sees” your ad) and/or clicks. An advertiser can opt to pay by impressions OR clicks (I think… I have not signed up as an advertiser so don’t “” me on that!)

    The MOST important thing in this conversation is that YOU the SITE OWNER control what type of ads YOU allow on your site. If Tracy really wanted to avoid exposing people to misleading marketing materials she could very EASILY remove the “misleading” ads so that she would not be PROFITING from them!!!!

    What is it they always say over there about FALSE-PROFITS in MK?

    I may have to ask if I can use this screen grab on my blog.

    BTW, how did you accomplish that? It is not a simple screen capture. It is exactly what you would see on the site… links and everything. I am impressed. I must know how you managed this!!!!

    Also in the “about Pink Truth” area,

    “Pink Truth does not offer what some may call a “balanced” view of Mary Kay.”

    I don’t mean to flatter myself, but do you think she is talking about MY site!!!!

    Some other interesting things from the “rules and guidelines”

    – “Copying of posts or messages on Pink Truth is strictly forbidden without the consent of the site owner. This includes copying for the purpose of emailing or reposting on another site. If you wish to share information from Pink Truth with someone else or with another site, please request permission from the site owner first. There is an “email to a friend” feature on most pages which may be utilized by members without permission, although neither the sender nor the recipient of the email is permitted to repost the information on any site without prior consent from the owner of Pink Truth.”

    – “Advertising is not allowed on this site. Pink Truth is not a place for you to sell your goods or services. If someone inquires about a particular product or service, you are welcome to reply. However, blatant advertising will not be tolerated either on the public pages of the site, or via private messaging. On occasion, Pink Truth will permit advertising by selected individuals. This is solely at our discretion and does not mean that you are free to advertise.”

    – “Promoting MLMs or any mlm-related businesses (tools, websites for promoting mlms, etc) is not allowed on Pink Truth. This means there are no links allowed. Violation of this rule is cause for being immediately and permanently banned from the site.”

    – “Promoting websites contrary to our mission is not permitted. We are here for a common purpose (see above) and that does not include promoting or linking to sites that ridicule Pink Truth or our mission, purpose, or people.”

    I am NOT making any of those up!!!!! They are ALL word for word from Pink Truth… Oh-no… I just brake the rules!!! Waiting for lightning bolt.

    better get some screen shots before I post this…

    Ok, were good… Go ahead and change em TC 😛

  13. pinknight said

    Oh yeah, my original post if anyone wants to see it.

    Behold – the Duplicity of Pink Truth!!!


  14. ScrewU said

    I have crazy mad skills. Thats how I am able to copy exactly what is on the page. Mad skills.

    I think Tracy should specify on her ‘rules’ that advertising is not allowed EXCEPT if she is making money off of it. THEN it’s ok. Thats the key there.

    Tracy truly does become more and more like MK everyday. Just a more ghetto version

  15. Mercedes said

    Hey ScrewU~Mrs. Scrooge-jk
    You got that right-Tracy=MK-lol
    How are ya? When you going to come visit me?
    Hope all is well!

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Hey pinknight–if you have a PC you can download a program called Print Key. It takes a picture of your entire screen shot when you click on the print screen button (I think). I have it at work, but not at home. I don’t use it real often so I hope my info is correct. 😉

  17. pinknight said


    I can easily print a screen…. I even have a program (snag-it) that scrolls and captures the whole window I am looking at (very handy).

    But it just saves an image of what it sees.

    What ScrewU has done is SO much better. It has all the original links… almost as if she copied the source code… but only the relevant parts??? It is VERY nice… Mad Props ScrewU.

    Now seriously, howdydodat? You can email it to me if you don’t want to post it here. balancedmarykay@gmail.com

    Pretty please!!!

  18. Duh said

    Since I am fully aware of Screw U’s mad computer skills, I can about guess that she right clicked and “selected all” and then right clicked again and “copied”. Then she came over here, started a new post, right clicked one more time and “pasted”.

    I know that’s pretty technical, but I’m sure you guys can do it too if you try really, really hard.

  19. pinknight said


    i guess that would work too…. I just tried it with this thread here on my blog and it seems like it is viable…

    well i feel pretty dumb…

    the ol’ copy and paste eh?

    And I thought I was going to learn something cool today 😦

    Well I guess I did, thanks duh.

  20. Good to know. Sometimes when I do that it doesn’t copy it exactly. Like, it does text only. But then I’m no computer guru. 😉

  21. Oh, and I’m on a Mac at home. 😛

  22. Duh said

    Did you guys notice that Screw U was avoiding answering how she did it? Haha! She thought she was smooth, but she got roughed up like sandpaper. She thought she was hot snot, but she’s really just cold boogers.

  23. pinknight said

    Nice Santa beard duh…

    how the **** do you “whistle” on a ******* comment?**

    **I am happily married and not “whistling” in “that way”…. “the other way”…(sorry I have been reading this site long enough that I know I have to disclaim that)


  24. ScrewU said

    You are such a whore. How could you sell me out like that? Damn you!

    Actually, Duh is giving me far to much credit by saying that I even hit select all. Wasn’t my answer more awe inspiring though? Now you feel like someone has let the wind out of your sails. That’s why when my daughter asks me how automatic doors open and toilets flush on their own, I tell her magic.

    Do you go around telling small children there is no Santa Clause too, Duh? Big, dumb, jerkstain. Merry effin Christmas

    ps Duh eats boogers

  25. Duh said

    I like them on toast.

  26. pinknight said

    That’s why when my daughter asks me how automatic doors open and toilets flush on their own, I tell her magic.

    Wait…if thats not… well how do they open and flush?

    Now Im not gonna be able to sleep at night..

    Duh, I may be in need of your services after all.

  27. pinknight said

    Oh, come on…. I didn’t want to block quote the whole thing…. I closed it, I swear.

  28. ScrewU said

    Are you in need of her booger eating services? Cuz what else is she good for. Got more bubbles to be burst?

  29. Mercedes said

    LOL-too funny!


  30. Willie Lump Lump said

    Wait! There’s no Santa Claus????? Aww Fuck!! Ya’ll sure know how to kill Big Willie’s dreams. Now, how the fuck am i supposed to get over this one?

    Yeah, Merry Effing Christmas you ho ho ho’s!

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