You are banned. Merry Christmas.


 As some of you already know, Sheer Blushing was banned from PT.  WoO HOo!  Here’s the post she left on the Pink Truth discussion board:

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, wingnut? 0 Minutes ago Karma: 0  
Well, here I am. Writing my goodbye letter.Since SheerBlushing has been banned from PT, I write as someone else, knowing that this post won’t last long, I’ll copy it for the women of Duh.

I’ve come to realize lots of things in my year on PT. There was a major exodus/banning earlier this year that just didn’t sit quite right with me.

Lot’s of wonderful ladies have expressed a difference of opinion and Poof. Gone! I’m expecting to be banned shortly after the viewing of this letter.

Of these 3000 plus members, how many are active? Aren’t you surprised that for 3000 plus member,s only a handful of new topics are posted daily? How many of these 3000 are regular’s, how many are lurkers, how many are banned, how many have decided that they are over MK and no longer need Pinktruth and how many have multiple log-ins?

I wonder how many other wonderful ladies will be banned by the loose wingnut here for expressing their view? Shay? Pinknight?

one last parting poem:

There once was a guy named Nick
who used to make some of us sick
He fixed the PT site when he had the time
and supposedly didn’t charge TC a dime

Now, Nick liked to play halo and xbox
and some of us wondered, “is he ugly or a fox?”
because Nick was a computer genius tis true
and with TC he always seemed true-blue

So, I leave this missive with a sigh
Knowing to “Nick” I never said, “Hi,”
I could pass him on the street and never know
if he is a star trekkie or believes TC’s blow

Nobody is quite sure why SB was banned.  Was it her participation on this blog?  Who knows?  There’s no rhyme or reason for Tracy’s paranoia.


  1. freefrompt said

    Welcome to the people of duh! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Duh, who drew that picture? 😛
    Maybe I’m not entitled to know the facts. . .

    SB, enjoy your freedom, my bosom buddy.

  3. Shay the Star Fleet Commander said


    Welcome to the People of Duh! 😀

  4. I'll Have a Cosmo said

    Holy Crap! SB has some kahunas! Good for you!!

    HoHoHo ya bunch of Ho’s!!

  5. I thought Shay had already been banned?

  6. freefrompt said

    p-dam you hittin that eggnog early? We’re talking about Sheer Bluhing – not Shay.

  7. pinknight said

    This seems like a good place to ask this…

    For those of you that are banned;

    EVERY time I go look at PT, I get a pop-up box that says “login blocked” or something like it. I have to hit OK, it returns me to my previous window and then the second time it goes through…. (Tracy can you fix that?)

    I am pretty sure that it is because I told my browser to remember my login and password (should have avoided that one!!!)

    Anyway, it is little more than an inconvenience, but wondering if anyone else has run into that and if you were able to overcome it.

    Leaving your answers here may not be the best idea as “someone” might be “listening in”… so if you want to email me, that would be great too!


  8. Sally said

    I also am having truble getting past hom epage ono PT. I left my first post in ages there.. saying I was pouting because wanted to see my karma.. ( which I later noticed was minus) . I no more that posted my comment and I could not get past the main home page..
    I really did not tnik I was important enough to ban so it must be a glitch.
    The only reason I went to pt was the fun girls were there. I no longer need to see news about products.

  9. Capricorn One said


    Welcome to the Land of Duh, SB. It’s much nicer here. The air is fresher, the light is brighter and the bitches ain’t afraid to ROCK!

    Oh, and: SIEG HEIL, TC!

  10. pppj said

    What a fabulous present! You can now type what you want and not worry about offending people.

    Way to go!

    Welcome to duh land…

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly
    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh
    Toast to your cyber friends and be jolly
    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh……

  11. pinknight said

    Everybody Now;

    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh….

    Tis the season to be banned,
    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh
    Stick a fork in me I’m bland,
    duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

    Anyone else on PT… Feelin’ lucky?

    Tis funny to me that the one thing so oft encouraged on “said” site is to “stand up and speak your mind”

    In the middle of a meeting, At seminar, on the Today Show, wherever…

    Even blessed (blessedone), the bastion of even-keeled judgment encourages one and all to “proclaim from the rooftops” the TRUTH.

    ….but don’t say anything bad about our site…it doesn’t “hurt our feelings” we just ban ya! hmmmmm…


    MC all

  12. Pixie said

    Yeah wingnut! LMAO!!

  13. freefrompt said

    I find it hilarious that people come here to communicate with Tracy.

    I guess that’s what ya get when you post your e-mail address for MONTHS with “e-mails will not be returned due to the high volume”.

  14. daisygirl19 said

    FFPT- it’s because here Tracy is a captive audience.

    (Or is it captivated? LOL)

  15. pinknight said

    **waving to Tracy**

  16. Mercedes said

    Hello all!
    *especially Tracy*


  17. pinkmomster said

    Since this truly seems to be the spot to get a message to Tracy, I’d like to wish her peace in the New Year. Tracy, the world becomes a wonderful place when you give others the freedom to be themselves. Your actions in 2007 (and before) have driven some wonderful people away from you. Don’t you miss them??? Tracy, with help you can change. Think about it, please.

    ok, back to the regularly scheduled mayhem.

  18. I forgot to give credit from the poem to PPPJ.

  19. Mercedes said

    Hello pinkmomster~Happy Holidays!

  20. Mercedes said


    You are being summoned by Krysti~Semi-Charmed.
    Please go to her site to read your message.


  21. CALLING HH said


    I thought my name might get your attention-lol
    Please read previous message


  22. pinkmomster said

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my old PT playmates. And a big howdy to Mere!

  23. unbee said

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!

  24. freefrompt said

    Merry Christmas people of duh!

  25. pppj said

    Merry Christmas to the duh-ster’s!

  26. formerlyPLZ said

    Merry Christmas!!!

  27. merrrrrrrry christmas!

  28. Merry Christmas to all and safe travel too!

  29. ScrewU said

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

    Thats the only time I’m sayin something nice 😀

  30. pppj said

    Where’s the man with a bag?

  31. Duh said

    It just turned midnight, and I’m going to bed. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  32. Mercedes said

    Merry Christmas to all!

    *waving to pinkmomster*

    p.s. Patch is doing alot better right now! Merry Christmas to me!

  33. colleen said

    Merry Christmas DUH!!!!….and any grinches who may lurk!! I know what TC needs..if the ghost of Christmas past visits her she will change!!! Heck those ghosts who saw Ebenezer Scrooge would change anyone.

  34. Mercedes said

    You are Banned~Merry Christmas!

    Thank goodness!

  35. freefrompt said

    I was just zoomin around the internet and noticed a few commonalities on my friends’ personal blogs – they are all linking to somecallmeduh NOT pink truth (or they simply took pink truth off and didn’t replace it). Now isn’t that sumthin??? ALL of them turned to the darkside….ahhhhhh what a great feeling!

  36. Mercedes said

    Pink Truth? What is that? Never heard of it!


    How are ya chicadee?

  37. Mercedes said

    Oh ya-did see the link here-sure didn’t go there…

  38. Krysti said

    Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I hope all of your Christmas wishes became realities this year!

    I have a couple of vacation weeks on my hands, so I may be by to visit more often. Since I have been back to work, the computer seems to get ignored.

    And, HH, if you are reading….I am in your neck of the woods. Would love to meet you and have a coffee. :o)


    Oh and SheerBlushing banned??? Now that’s something I didn’t think I would ever see. 😉

  39. freefrompt said

    Merry Chritmas Krysti!

    Yeah…about not ever seeing sheer blushing being banned…things are not always what they seem. 😉

    Eventually everyone gets run over by the PT/TC bandwagon don’t they?

  40. freefrompt said

    Of course you could always look up Sheer Blushing on myspace, but I’ll bet it reads more like Accountable now.

  41. pppj said

    Where oh where am I going to put all these toys?

    WWST? What Was Santa Thinking?


    PS Two new pairs of pjs for me and they’re not pink or painting!

  42. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    We always clean out toys before Christmas to make room for the new ones. Goodwill LOVES us before Christmas! 😀

    IMHO, these kiddos get waaaaaaaay more than is sane. LOL

    We do a cash-only Christmas, but my Mom always pulls out the plastic. *shakes head* It probably takes her until next Halloween to pay it off! For us, when I go shopping, each kiddo has an envelope with cash – when the cash in their envelope is gone, I am done shopping for them. 😀 Simple and effective! LOL

  43. Mercedes said

    Hey Shay~I love it!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  44. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    YW, Merc! 😀

  45. Have any of you all seen The Neverending Story? My husband got me that DVD for Christmas, for nostalgia’s sake. I remember being really scared by that movie when I was little.

  46. freefrompt said

    I don’t remember seeing it Miss Windmills…but I mighta, I’ll have to google it.

    PPPJ I got some PJ’s too – they are light blue w/a small penguin on the front. Super cute and comfy!

    LOL @ Shay, she’s having an identity crisis with all her names.

  47. pppj said

    fighting windmills,

    I have seen it and I remember being freaked out by it as well. I”m the same kid that was scared by the Last Unicorn (??) and I thought my parents were trying to punish me when they got all the blankets out and forced me to watch Wizard of Oz where I was scared of flying monkey’s.

    I was also worried about Labyrinth although I saw it when I was older. David Bowie was some sort of evil thing and a young Jennifer Connely wished her brother was gone and David Bowie had some muppets or something take him away. She goes to find him and all this strange stuff happens.

    Yeah, I’m glad my youngest watches The Wonder Pets.

  48. Krysti said

    I haven’t been to myspace in so long my login name probably has webs on it! Sounds like everybody received some cool gifts for xmas. I got a very special one, which I am using right now, my new sony vaio laptop! Oooohhh, I lurves it!! I may be able to stay more in touch with everyone now, asuming it works at my work.

    I loved the both the Neverending Story and the Wizard of Oz. Oz was a favorite of my little brother’s growing up and we watched it at least 2 times a day. LOL.

    Well, off to find a rental car so I can go cruise around Vancouver! I think we may head to Lonsdale Quay (mmmm – fish and chips) and head to Delaney’s for coffee.

  49. freefrompt said

    Okay Krysti seriously….ROFL! Go to your blog and UNSPAM in. Jeepers this has been the slowest coming out party I have EVER seen. LOL LOL Poor Sheer Blushing!

  50. How about this?? Mary Poppins. Did that movie freak anyone out?

  51. Curious, along with America the Cat and Three the Dog said

    Mercedes, great news about Patch BTW!

  52. mkrules said

    Ok, and y’all know I love MK…but….does anyone else think the “Friends of Time” are like the adult version of “The Wiggles”?

  53. freefrompt said

    mkrules = SNORT! I love it! ROFL ROFL ROFL

  54. Mercedes said

    Thanks Curious…
    Freefrompt~R U OK? doin’ alot of ROFLin’…



  55. freefrompt said

    Well, Mer, if you saw the Friends of Time “live” you would ROFL several times too after mkrules comment.

    Seriously thinking about your suggestion!

  56. Mercedes said

    Go go go go go go go go go go go!
    You can do it!
    Just do it!
    Just say yes!

    Peer pressure!!!!!!!!!

  57. Mercedes said

    You go girl!

  58. Shay the PPPJpuppy said

    FFPT –

    Ha! Why have the same boring name all of the time? Hehehehehehehehehe

    I love variety….


  59. freefrompt said

    Done Mer! Thanks for commenting!!! Soon I’ll change my name on here to match but I don’t wanna confuse people right before New Year’s. LOL

  60. Mercedes said

    Cool-now you link to your new site too!

    Yeehaw Cowboy! I mean Girl!


  61. Krysti said

    ok, i despammed her comment but I don’t know why it’s going there in the first place. i don’t think i ever blocked anyone before so why would it catch her?K

  62. colleen said

    The Wiggles remind me of the Bugaloos for some reason (for those who remember the have to be 35 or older)

  63. Mercedes said

    Who are the Bugaloos? Were they on Sesame Street by chance?? Of course I am ONLY 35…and didn’t have a TV most of my childhood-except on weekends at Dad’s.

    Dad is great…give us the chocolate cake…and TV…and…

  64. Mercedes said

    Googled Bugaloos~nope don’t remember them.

  65. freefrompt said

    Pretty slick huh Mer?? Shay even commented! Go me!! 2 comments already. LOL

  66. colleen said

    Oh well I guess you have to be 39 plus!! Im 43. The Bugaloos were british bees they flew around the sky and sang!!! They were on NBC it was a kids program in the 70s I know somebody on this board has heard of them. It was one of those Sid and Marty Kroft productions like

    Sigmund and the Seamonster and Lidsville and all that horrible stuff…with
    Witchiepoo and I cant remember the rest of these characters. I liked cartoons better like the Flinstones and Bugs Bunny and the Jetsons. The Banana Splits were the only thing I liked that were not animated. I dont know what people see in Scooby Doo that is one cartoon I tried to like and dont.

  67. Mercedes said

    We watched Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and I loved the Smurfs…and we watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street.

  68. Curious, along with America the Cat and Three the Dog today said

    I definitely remember Witchiepoo (and HR Puffenstuff) but I sure don’t remember the Bugaloos…

  69. pppj said

    I loved Captain Caveman. and Schmoo. Man, I loved schmoo

  70. Mercedes said

    Captain Caveman-yes!

  71. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Wow, scary, I use to love HR Puff ‘n Stuff, with witcheepoo, and remember that talking flute? -That was a long, long time ago!

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very Happy (and safe) New Year!

  72. Eureka said

    Hi everyone, just wanted to wish you all a happy new year.
    I tried to do so on pink truth, but surprise!!! I’ve been banned from even logging in. funny stuff.

  73. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Many thanks to Trixie, Tasha, Noel and America (the Cats) and Three the Dog for co-posting with me out over the past few weeks…Missy the Cat ihas finally returned home, and so have I! Darned if that Dorothy wasn’t right…there’s no place like home!

    Waving hi to all you wonderful folks and a very Happy New Year to one and all…

  74. Mercedes said

    Eureka! How are you? Good to see you here…Most of us are banned too-we wouldn’t have known it anyway-lol!

    Welcome back Curious, along with Missy the Cat!

    formerly Miss Periwinkle

  75. Eureka said

    hello mercedes/miss periwinkle

    good to hear from you! any other old friends on this board? I remember curious!

  76. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Hey Eureka! I remember you too; good to see you here!

  77. Mercedes said

    IF you haven’t been here before…there are so many here! Many of us have different names-but some of us still have the same name too.

    So glad you are here! I added your site to my blogroll!


  78. pppj said

    Eureka – Great to see you as well,

    Curious – welcome home! Enjoy the calmness of being home before you head back to school with the kiddo’s.

  79. SheerBlushing said

    Hi Eureka! Welcome to the land of Duh. Where the banned people congregate.

  80. SheerBlushing said

    Oh, hey… Did you get to see my post on PT?

  81. pppj said

    hmm…. I prefer ‘where the enlightened come to congregate.’

    happy new year’s eve!

  82. Mercedes said

    I like that too~pppj

  83. SheerBlushing said

    pppj, you are so right on that.

  84. Eureka said

    I hope you ladies had a fabulous new year and have started 2008 out on a positive note.
    I created a discount code for you at
    Enter ‘gomag’ during checkout for 15% off.
    Now that I know I’m enlightened instead of banned, I feel much better!

  85. Sally said


    i need to enlighten my body..after all those Christmas goodies consumed while reading thes blogs.

  86. Sally…ROFL!

    Cool, Eureka, I’ll go look now!

    P.S. I changed my name (again), I’m formerly FreeFromPT.

  87. Duh said

    Damn it, stop changing your name!! I can’t keep up.

  88. LOL At least this one is CLOSE. 😀

  89. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    I need to lose a few more pounds before I can wear one of the bra sizes on Eureka’s site, darn it! Almost there, though…and those straps are SO cute, what a great idea!

    BTW I’ve also added you to my blogroll, Eureka. Now off to the gym to get rid of a few more pesky pounds…

  90. Tigger said

    Does anyone know where Havarah went to?

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