It’s 9:34 PM central time on Sunday.

We’re in chat.  Join us if you dare!!


  1. love to, but i’m off to bed. EST here.

    merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year to everyone!

  2. ScrewU said

    You’re missin drunk screwu!!! It’s fantastic

  3. shit. i missed all the fun!!!


  4. Mercedes said

    Me too! I signed in at 11:30 p.m. CST and no one was there.
    Must have been pased out-lol!

  5. Shay the Star Fleet Commander said

    Dangit! I missed it! :o(

  6. pppj said

    Happy holidays to all,

    As I was reflecting at all that has happened in my physical world, and cyber world this year, I am truly grateful to come to this site and have a laugh. With that in mind I leave you in peace and a mighty funny clip:

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    No one is EVA in that place, and you bitches decided to chat last night? Fucking fuckers.

  8. Duh said

    All of a sudden it works on my computer now. Don’t ask me why. I’ll put up a post whenever I’m in there.

  9. Missed it – I’m a west coaster, and all y’all bitches hit the sack too early for me to have any fun! By the time my day’s over and I’m ready to chat, y’all are snnzing or screwin’!

  10. FANTASTIC vid pppj!!!!!

    thank you! i LOVE a cappella music!

  11. pppj said


    I’m glad you liked it. A high school friend sent it to me and she found it on you tube. The guys are EXCELLENT singers, and so fun! Oh, to be young again!

  12. Merry Christmas and Everything Else to all People of Duh!

  13. Mercedes said

    Merry Christmas princessedamame!

    And to everyone here at Duh!

  14. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Merry Effing Christmas to you bitches. 😉

  15. pppj said

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  16. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

  17. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Any chance that we could set up a chat time in advance, so people can mark it on their calendars? 😉

  18. pppj said

    Well Shay! It is so good to see you. I’ll be there tonight around 10 – anyone care to join little ole me?

  19. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Is that 10 Eastern, Central, ??? time? 😉

    I’ll be there! I am on Eastern Time. 😀

  20. Thanks for the link to that video, PPPJ. That was so funny. 😉 Especially because Africa was my absolute favorite a cappella song in college!

  21. freefrompt said

    Miss PJs is on central time.

  22. pppj said

    Ooops… sorry not to mention that.

    Ya mean, ya all aren’t from da midwest ya know? my cousins ollie and sven are comin’ on ovah after supper…….

  23. pppj said

    fightingwindmills –
    I loved the song in high school as well, and still have the 45 somewhere. Man, I do love records.

  24. freefrompt said

    I finally got to watch the video!!!!!!!! That was awesome pppj.

  25. Curious, along with America the Cat and Three the Dog said

    Missy’s still at that cat spa!

    And for those of you who celebrate it, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  26. Oh my!! said

    Yippee for finally being able to watch a video!

  27. Oh my!! = SheerBlushing said

    Does this one go into spammy??

  28. Shay the PPPJpuppy/Starfleet Commander/Duhpuppy..... said

    Hmmmmmmmmm….not sure I can be there 11 pm EST time…Hubby might want me in the bed, dontcha know…. 😉

    I live in the South. My cousins, Billy Bob and Bobby Sue and Bobby Ray, are comin’ over later….


  29. pppj said

    Hey Puppy,

    I can get in there now….if you can make a noise holler in there.

  30. Shay the PPPJpuppy/Starfleet Commander/Duhpuppy..... said

    Hey! It’s 10 pm in my neck of the woods….heading off to chat in the land of Duh….. 😉

  31. freefrompt said

    Sorry I missed ya Shay. I left at 9:00 cst. pppj and I had a fun chat about organizational paraphernalia. Women can chat about just about anything and have a good time. LOL

  32. Sheer Blushing said


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